• Show Date: 21/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Billows Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lancashire & Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Lancashire & Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club Championship Show

at Margaret Everton Centre, Stafford County Showground.

Having been a founder member of the L&CESSC in the late 1970’s, and a past Secretary & Chairman for them and now an Honorary Life Member of the Club, you will likely understand that it is a Club that is still very much close to my heart. So I was extremely delighted to be invited to judge at their 40th Anniversary Show and it gave me the greatest of pleasure to judge the exhibits entered under me. The L&C President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman and Officials had everything running smoothly with lots on offer to the exhibitors to celebrate their ‘Ruby’ show. Special thanks also to my very able and efficient stewards who kept the show on track. The day was somewhat hampered by a very slippery ring surface, which resulted in some nasty falls and meant that once this had happened, movement was a little restricted to the safer areas of the ring.

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Puppy Dog (5, 2)

1. Wilson & Connor’s Pinereoch No Stunts Larrie.

Young l/w, smart puppy dog just coming up to 11 months old. Lovely head, which was not overdone in any way and had a gentle masculine expression. Strong bone overall, good length of neck into well laid shoulders and level topline. Straight forelegs and well-defined hindquarters. He moved well and was handled and presented in super condition. Best Puppy Dog

2. Such’s Carlyquinn Captain Ross

Very nice l/w 9-month-old puppy dog. A bit more of him overall than the one standing first and likely still in the ‘getting it together’ stage of his maturity. Good neck and shoulders, front and rear angulation, supported overall with strong bone. Beautifully prepared and presented and handled well albeit he tried to give his handler a tough time when demonstrating his enthusiastic free and easy sound movement.

Junior Dog (6,4)

1. Chandler’s Elazlan Tribal Craft

Young b/w dog of great quality, just out of puppy at not quite 13 months old. Masculine head of good proportions with a gentle kind expression. Great angulation front and rear and not overdone in any way. Super bone and feet. Moved steadily and with drive.

2. Tracz’s Beresford On My Way With Acregate

L/w fourteen-month-old dog, another of pleasing quality, heavier made than the first. Plenty of substance and strong bone throughout. Good overall outline and presented well. Very enthusiastic on the move and quite the handful for his handler, but still covered the ground well.

Yearling Dog (1,1)

Graduate Dog (1,1)

Post Graduate Dog (2,1)

1. Claydon’s Nineoaks Bring Him Home

L/w/t of just over two years. Balanced head of gentle kind expression, good length to neck, ample shoulder placement with level topline and pleasing tail set and carriage. Generous depth to chest and ample bone but slightly down on his pasterns today. He took a while to get into his stride on the move but once he did he showed a steady easy movement.

Mid Limit Dog (3,0)

1. Morgan’s Dexbenella Frilled To Bitz

3-yr-old l/w dog who presented the best outline in the class today. Well defined head, would prefer a shade darker eye, had good length to neck and to body. Deep chest, strong bone, nice legs and feet. Was steady on the move and covered the ground well.

2. Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Draconis

Coming up to 3 years old this b/w perhaps thinks he is still in the puppy stage, because today he gave his handler a hard time in the ring and seemed to make it difficult to be shown at his best. Nevertheless he is a well put together dog of excellent type with good shape & definition to his head. Nice angulation front and rear but could perhaps do with a little more muscle definition to hindquarters which would enhance his drive on the move, however he did move soundly when he eventually settled.

3. McDonald’s Kennair Rough Diamond.

Limit Dog (5,0)

1. Calvert’s Calvdale Ever Thus JW

20-month-old l/w male with so much to like about him. Lovely balanced outline, great depth to chest, nice length to neck flowing into well placed shoulders and level topline. Excellent proportions to head and gentle yet masculine expression. Plenty of substance to bone, including super legs and feet. Good width behind and he really showed himself off well on the move.

2. Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Dofida

B/w male, litter brother to 2nd in the mid limit class and clearly the one with the ‘sensible head’ on today. So much to like about this quality young man who had lovely proportions to his head, with pleasing definition and such a kind expression. Great substance to his body with correct angulation front and rear and well-muscled hindquarters which, once he had settled, enabled him to really drive around the ring using his tail well.

3. Topliss’ Sandylands Stand N Deliver

4. House’s Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot

5. Green’s Kennair Diamond Geezer

Open Dog (3,0)

1. Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Lockdown

What a very smart young man this 2 ½ year old l/w dog is. For me an easy winner of this class as he exuded all things that I look for in an English Springer. Presented and handled beautifully, the words style and presence to his make-up comes to mind. Loved his head proportions and definition, displaying a kindly masculine expression. Good body length to height ratio with super bone and substance. Moved with drive and covered the ground so well.

2. Ainsley & Nicklin’s Daenerys Blood Of The Dragon

At just over 3 years old, this l/w male was well made and clearly had plenty of substance. Appeared heavier overall than the one standing first but still had desired angulation front and rear and balance to framework, albeit up to size. Was rather erratic in hind action today and this seemed to affect his movement overall.

3. Graham’s Peasblossom Valentino

Champion Dog (3,1)

1. Eyeington’s Sh Ch Meadowdale Daisydale Lightning Bolt. (b/w)

DCC & Best in Show & Best B/W

2. Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Night Train. (l/w). RDCC

Oh my goodness, what a fabulous duo of top-quality dogs and I would have been happy to give either one of them the first prize, so I had to make, what I found to be, a tough decision. Subsequently, this class gave me the Dog CC and the Reserve DCC, and it was such a close outcome. Both dogs were presented and handled to perfection. Outlines showing off their well-balanced framework and super substance. With good neck length, well placed shoulders, great depth to chest, straight fronts and correct not overdone front and rear angulation - they both had it all for me. Great ratios in relation to head proportions and pleasing definition as well. Movement on both was easy and free and very sound. So what was it that made my decision – it was the eyes – both dogs had the right size, shape, depth and colour and ever so kind expression that I was looking for, but today I was transported into the depth of those eyes on the dog standing first.

Veteran Dog (2,0)

1. Rose’s Westaway Dream Angus Of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)

Quality l/w 7 ½ year old dog with plenty of substance and is well balanced throughout. He has a super head and expression, with good proportions & definition. Lovely length to neck into well placed shoulders with level topline. Well defined rear angulation and nice tail action. He was a little unsettled going round the ring and at times did not always give of his best movement.

2. Taubman’s Meonstoke Hawthorn

L/w 9 ½ year old dog with not quite the overall substance or balance of the one standing first. He was presented and handled well, and I found him to have the most pleasing head with kind gentle expression.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,2)

1. Smith’s Melverly Vignette.

What a gorgeous baby girl at almost 9 months old. Such a beauty and one I would have gladly taken home. She also appeared to have an amazing resilient temperament too, when there was an unfortunate mishap in the slippery ring and both her and her handler found themselves in a heap on the floor. Thankfully both parties recovered well and very quickly with no harm done to either. She is so well put together, presents a super outline and has fabulous substance for her age. The most wonderful of feminine heads with correct proportions and definition and such a kind gentle expression. For one so young she had amazingly powerful hindquarters with good width which enabled solid sound movement that was a pleasure to watch. I had no hesitation in awarding her Best Puppy Bitch, and Best Puppy in Show

Puppy Bitch (7,3)

1. Savell’s Petranella Tipping The Wink

A l/w young lady of almost 10 months who had a certain quality and style about her that was hard to ignore. Such a delightfully feminine expression with lovely head proportions and definition. So well put together, with great front and rear angulation, well boned with good substance to her body makeup. She held herself well and presented a most pleasing picture in this class and when moving soundly around the ring.

2. Cokell’s Carlyquinn Morwenna

L/w quality bitch of similar age to the first. Slightly taller in build yet she still demonstrated a balanced outline of good well-placed proportions and required angulation. Extremely well presented with a sweet feminine head and expression. Just preferred the clearer definition on the head of 1, nevertheless she was a very nice young bitch.

3. Rose’s Pinereoch Amethyst Of Rosannoch

4. Unwin’s Allenies Lady Marmalade

Junior Bitch (5,2)

1. Ainsley & Nicklin’ s Daenerys Red Priestess

2. Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Daenerys Moondancer To Cherishym

At just over 12 months old this pair of l/w litter sisters had so much to like about them and will likely change places many times as they grow together and move through the classes. I found both to have quality feminine heads with soft gentle expression, with good length to neck, well placed shoulders & level toplines. For me, the one that stood first presented the better body shape on the day, with more depth to her chest, but both have time on their side. Strong hindquarters on both, which were used well showing sound movement.

3. Weyman’s Spuffing Prosecco

Yearling Bitch (5,2)

1. Corbett’s Trimere Time Flys

Gorgeous headed top-quality l/w bitch who is just under two years of age. So feminine in her expression and she has such a well-proportioned pleasing head, on to a neck of good length and a level topline. Correct shoulder placement and well-developed hindquarters. Great bone and feet. Really showed herself off well both standing and on the move. Well-presented and handled.

2. Weyman’s Spuffing Prosecco

Well-presented bitch of 17 months that looked a little immature overall next to the winner of this class. Feminine head of good overall shape, however, I found her stop is a little too much for me. She wasn’t moving at her best today, perhaps not enough strength in her hindquarters which would have given her more power and drive.

3. Field-Enticott’s Baudelaire Harvest Sun

Graduate Bitch (8,3)

1. Conrad’s Strathnaver Starstruck

At just over 2 years old, this eye-catching dark liver bitch was presented in immaculate coat and condition. She displayed a very nicely balanced outline with good angles front and rear. Moved beautifully and with drive. A balanced length to head but perhaps a touch overdone in flew for me.

2. Ainsley, Nicklin & Gardiner’s Barecho Cover Girl (Imp Swe) naf taf

This 15-month-old l/w bitch presented a pleasing picture with nice overall balance, however, I found her to be up to size and a little masculine in appearance. Did not appear to want to settle on the move today.

3. Kibby’s Trimere Taylor Maid At Pinhays JW

4. Weyman’s Spuffing Prosecco

5. Field-Enticott’s Baudelaire Double Sunset

Post Graduate Bitch (6,3)

1. Conrad’s Strathnaver Starstruck

2. Kibby’s Trimere Turn Back Time JW

At 20-month-old, this L/W/T young lady had lots to like about her. She has a feminine head and expression, with a lovely overall shape to her. A little down on her pasterns today and perhaps needs a shade more strength to her hindquarters which would give her more of the desired drive on the move.

3. Weyman’s Spuffing Prosecco

Mid Limit Bitch (2,0)

1. Taubman’s Meltarose Madeleine At Meonstroke

Liver & white 3-yr-old who presented a balanced outline standing and on the move. Good proportions and definition to her lovely feminine head. Nice length to neck and well angulated shoulders which really enabled her to show off on the move – a very steady and easy free mover, using her strong hindquarters.

2. Lillie’s Freeway Fortune

Another impressive bitch, l/w 5-yr-old, with similar attributes to 1 but not quite as steady on the move as her today. She has so much to like about her and was beautifully presented in excellent coat and condition.

Limit Bitch (4,1)

1. Dobbin’s Donarden Gin Fizz

A 3-year-old l/w bitch of great quality with so much to like about her and in my opinion she exudes class. Lovely feminine head and gentle expression, she is extremely well put together and presents a fabulous outline overall both standing and on the move. She has plenty of bone and substance, good height to length ratio and displays sound true movement.

2. House’s Gleadsbury Dynamite

Really pretty headed l/w 4-year-old bitch, well made and nice neck and shoulders with strong rear angulation which carried her soundly around the ring. Just didn’t have the va va voom of 1 today.

3. Lillie’s Freeway Remembrance

Open Bitch (7,1)

1. Ainsley & Nicklin’s Daenerys Winds Of Winter

At almost 6 years old, this quality l/w bitch was presented in very nice coat and condition. Had a most pleasing feminine head and expression with good definition. Correct angulation front and rear, well-muscled throughout with super bone and substance. She gave her all on the move and presented a lovely picture both standing and when going around the ring.

2. Calvert’s Calvdale Flutter JW

At almost 2 years old, this young l/w/t bitch projects great quality and has so much to like about her. She presents a fabulous outline, has great length to height ratio. Very pleasing front and rear angulation. Lovely bone and substance and presented in first class coat and condition. Would prefer a shade more definition to her head. She took a little time to settle in her movement today and sadly didn’t quite give of her best.

3. Cunliffe’s Ir Sh Ch Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf

4. Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium JW

5. Madsen, Jenson & Brix’s DK Ch/SE Ch Siegars A Beautiful Mind

Champion Bitch (3,0)

1. Wildsmith & Brown’s Sh Ch Trimere Tickle Me Fancy. BCC, Reserve Best in Show, BV.

Three beautifully stunning quality bitches in this class who each truly deserve their existing titles of Show Champion. I would have been happy to give any one of them a first prize, but today it was the turn of this gorgeous l/w bitch. She so belies her 7 years, is splendid at every angle of her make-up, right down to her tight compact well-rounded feet. In my opinion, and the reason for her awards from me today is that when she moved around the ring she was able to fully demonstrate classic text-book true ESS movement which was such a joy for me to watch. She was at one with her handler – they are clearly a team. This bitch was a delight and a great pleasure to go over and did not disappoint at all.

Both first and second in this class had the most feminine of heads with clear definition and the gentlest of expressions. Slightly arched necks into well placed shoulders with super fronts and well-muscled rear angulation. Correct body length to height ratio, both moved soundly, used their tails well and were presented in the best of coat and condition. As mentioned earlier, my first place’s movement was sublime and I had great pleasure in making her my class winner, and ultimately awarding her the Bitch CC, Best Veteran in Show and Reserve Best in Show.

2. Smith’s Sh Ch Melverly Lil Dancer. My overall thoughts about this most delightfully feminine 4-yr-old l/w bitch are incorporated into comments in the Iast paragraph. Additionally, she moved soundly and with drive around the ring holding her excellent profile and was presented in tip-top condition. Suffice to say I was delighted to award her the Reserve Bitch CC.

3. Chandler’s Sh Ch Elazlan Right Of Reply

Veteran Bitch (4,0)

1. Cunliffe’s Chanangel Falling Leaf JW VW

So much to like about this 9-year-old l/w bitch who was shown in super condition. Very feminine head and expression with wonderful definition. She moved beautifully and given her age, she showed herself off to full advantage displaying a pleasing outline overall. A pleasure to go over.

2. Watson’s Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder

At 8 years old this top-quality l/w bitch presented a lovely outline, with great angulation front and rear. So very feminine in head, kind, gentle expression with good proportions and definition. Held her level topline on the move but found her to be carrying a little too much weight today which affected her overall movement.

3. Conrad’s Peasblossom Rumours At Strathnaver

4. West’s Meonstroke Cherry Blossom At Grosbreuil