• Show Date: 29/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Baverstock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Thank you to Leeds Ch for inviting me to judge at one of my favourite shows and to my 2 stewards Philip & Hazel who were extremely organised and worked well together and the exhibitors for giving the opportunity to judge their dogs.

I was looking for dogs with good leg length, stamina and body condition all finished off by the beautiful pyrenean head and expression.

All were excellently presented, had double dews and correct dentition.

On the downside, several had extremely dirty teeth to the point that the breath wasn’t pleasant, dew claws also needed attention and please watch the eyebrows curling round into your dogs eye.

PD (1/0abs)

1.Hopkins - Polar Light Royal Salute (Imp USA) BPD

7 months old and developing well in body, deep chest, head still needs time to alter as rather course at present with loose flews & eye rims. Good size and shape with correct angulation. Moved by crabbing around the ring as he was far more interested in something outside but has time to settle.

JD (0/0)

PGD (1/0)

1.Thompson - Madrasleibha Croaghaunb

Nearly 4 years old, a tall upstanding dog with a heavier head than I would like for his body. Had a good eye shape and colour but eyelids a little loose. Has a strong neck leading into a good body on strong legs with just enough bone. Move okay from the rear but front could be tighter for his age.

LD (0/0)

OD (3/0)

A very good class and could change places on another day

1.Kenyon & Ward - Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna JW – CC & BOB

Tall boy who has the most stunning head, there is no coarseness, tight lips, beautiful eye shape and colour giving a superb expression and neat ears all in the right place and excellent pigment to match. His body condition is spot on with deep chest, well muscled and adequate bone. He moves with steadily with purpose and soundness but I would like to see him move just a touch faster so that he stretches himself more.

Couldn’t deny him this class, and his crowning CC and eventually BOB. Was pleased to hear he was also shortlisted in the group. Congratulations.

2.Pollard & Maggs - Ch Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche – RCC

Another super looking male with an attractive blaireau head, good eye and expression but looser flews than 1. Excellently presented and handled and moves freely around the ring with style due to his correct construction. Lost out on winning today as felt he was lacking some body condition compared to 1 which showed in his topline, but a worthy champion and pleased to award him RCC.

3.Cubello - Night Owl


SBD/B (2/0) Both females in this class

1.Harris - Febus Hardknott – BSB

Just 2 years old and she is going to be a tough contender in the future when she matures, gets her coat back and her handler gains more confidence. Light feminine frame and moves so true and steady if a little sluggish at times, holds her topline standing and on the move. She is elegant as well as pretty with her blaireau head markings, correct head shape, super pigment and lovely eye and expression. Correct body for her age and frame. I seriously considered her for the RCC but she got bored and fidgety. Her time will surely come.

2.Hopkins - Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho

Different type to 1 but no less feminine. Pretty girl, lighter in eye colour but doesn’t detract. Her topline isn’t as strong. Well made body and she is in good condition. Correct angulation. Sadly she was moving very wide in the front today and throwing her elbows out and turning her feet in but she can certainly cover the ground with her tail up and she has a lovely side gait.

PB (1/0)

1.McBain & Holmes - Polar Light Pride Of Americal (Imp USA) NAF – BPIB

What a sweetheart! Litter sister to the PD but she is far more developed and together. Attractive head with excellent pigment and eye. Solidly built body but not overdone too soon, standing a bit high in the rear end today but that’s expected at this age, good angulation with strong legs and neat feet. Moved very well and was shortlisted in the puppy Group. Well done.

JB (0/0

PGB (1/0)

1.Harris - Febus Hardknott – See 1 in SBD/B

LB (4/1 abs)

1.Bowker & Gibson - Febus Anapeou – RCC

Still a youngster but a lot to like about this girl. Stands proud. Loved her head, attractive blaireau markings, her eye shape and colour are correct and neat ears in the right place. She has a mischievous glint in her eye. In excellent coat, another with the body condition spot on today, and muscled, moves light on her feet and covers the ground well.

2.Hopkins - Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho

See 2 in SBD/B

3.Thorne - Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay JW

OB (2/0)

1.Flounders - Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni – CC & BOS

Mature 6 year old with the prettiest of heads, no coarseness, correct head shape and feminine, nothing loose. Eye slighter lighter than 2 but doesnt ruin her expression. Strong neck leading to a good solid well made body, slightly longer cast than 2 but when stood correctly she is in proportion. Feet could be neater. Took time to settle on the move today but finally it clicked into place and she showed she what she could do. CC and her 3rd, Congratulations.

2.Tadd - Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan

Another mature lady at 5 years. Similar type to 1, nothing coarse in her head, darker eye than 1 and excellent pigment, tight lips. Holds her topline standing and on the move, strong neck and deep chested body, neat feet, but today didn’t want to be in the ring and it showed which sadly cost her as lots to like.

VB (1/0)

1.Thorne - Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay SHCM SHCEX VW - BVIB

One I have done well for before, now 9 years old and in excellent shape, a credit to her owner. Feminine but the fill under her eye has started to go, strong neck and deep body on good legs with correct angulation front and rear. Her coat was too soft although superbly presented, she covered the ring with power and drive but she lacked her sparkle today in the breed ring that I have seen before.

Pleased to hear she was awarded Veteran Group 3 – well done.

Judge: Yvonne Baverstock