• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: William Mee Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Northern Counties Dachshund Association

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Northern Counties Dachshund Association

I was pleased to be asked to judge at this show, all exhibits were shown in good condition.

Tried to use my judgement on weight but a few where a little too over weight, also found there were a few dogs with loose elbows.  

Veteran Dog/Bitch

1st Weston and Johnson, Ecotyne Firewitch, well-proportioned Black and Tan bitch, feminine head, nice eye, moved well keeping level top line and giving perfect appearance at all times.

2nd Broads, CH. Neertanauf Sea Magic J.W. ShCM, Lovely 12-year-old dog, good body proportions level standing, dentition perfect.

3rd Metcalfe’s Metadale Ariadne.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Gordons, Allerbachs Tiger Moth, cream 6 months baby nice head and eye, ribbing and front good. Plenty of time to mature. BPD

2nd Phillips, Summerview Hello Hugo, Black and Tan male head, ribbing good, nice tail set, stood level.

Junior Dog

1st Mitchell’s, Bronia Maverick, Cream, lovely head and dark eye, good front leading to good ribbing and keel. Level on moved and stood, good tail set and hindquarters. CC & BOB.

2nd Hall, Hall and Borsuk, Cliffmere Rustler, Black and Tan, moved well and while standing keeping level. Nice head, nice hindquarters, good ribbing.

3rd Mayson and Nichols, Charpurdy’s the Viscount.

Yearling Dog

1st Woods, Wildstar Washington, Pleasing head and eye, good reach of neck, giving nice ribbing and keel, correct hind quarters, moved and showed well keeping top line at all times. RCC.

2nd Pooles, Findowrie the Fusileer, Black and Tan, nice front good ribbing, nice hing quarters, moved well and standing standing keeping level. Condition good and well presented.

3rd Broads, Bronia Wolfgang Puck.

Postgraduate Dog

1st Drady, Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko, pleasing head and eye having good reach of neck leading to good front and ribbing. Nicely placed hind quarters, a nice pleasing type.

2nd Yates, Lyndarlea Just Brian Of Irisdax, Head and eye good, Good ribbing and keel, good hind quarters. Moved and showed well in perfect condition, just preferred the movement of 1st.

Limit Dog

1st Browns, Garbosa I’m A Dandy, Good head and eye, good front leading to good ribbing and keel. Balanced hindquarters, keeping level stood and moving.

2nd Wallace’s, Ralines Just Jiles, Head and eye strong, good front, ribbing and hindquarters good, presented perfect.

3rd Pooles, Findowrie Mister Mckye.

Open Dog

1st Woods, Ch Wildstar Wrobinson JW, Strong head and front, good neck all leading to good ribbing and keel. Hindquarters perfect, moved well.

2nd Weston and Johnson, Ecotyne Devils Advocate, Nice head with correct eye, good font and ribbing, kept top line stood and on the move. Presented in good condition.

3rd Woodvine-Shane’s, Hanishan Fire Cracker.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch

1st Yates, Lyndalea Just Brian of Irisdax.

2nd Gordons, Allerbachs Tiger Moth.

3rd Pretty’s Jaxrubydax Brighten Myday.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Pain’s, Tolberg Here’s To The Future With Ravensbeech, 6 ½ month old baby, lovely body, good ribbing and keel, level stood.

2nd May’s, Coco Sparkling Snowflake. Immature young baby, needs time.

Puppy Bitch

1st Dalton’s, Zilcan Crème Caramel, Lovely head, good neck leading to good front, ribbing and hindquarters good, showed level, promising future. BP.

2nd Pain’s, Tolberg Here’s To The Future With Ravensbeech.


Junior Bitch

1st Shutt’s, Donnadoon Oh My Diana, Pleasing head and eye, good reach of neck. Ribbing good, nice angulated hindquarters, moved and stood level.

2nd Mitchells Bronia Chaka Khan, Same remarks as one, just preferred 1st on the move.

3rd Holtom’s, Rivendell Osha.

Yearling Bitch

1st Holtom’s, Rivendell Osha, Moved and showed well, nice head, ribbing good.

2nd Stephani and Fletcher, Walnutfarm Demelza, Lovely construction, moved and showed well, slightly overweight.

3rd May’s, Custard and Jelly

Postgraduate Bitch

1st Hall, Cliffmere Edith, A pleasing head and eye, good reach of neck, ample chest, ribbing good, firm top line leading to well angulated hindquarters.

2nd Grahams, Jadag Razzamataz, Nice head, good front and ribbing, level top line, well angulated hindquarters.

3rd Siggee, Ensigynes Glaciarium.

Limit Bitch

Woods, Wildstar Wrolanda, shown perfect, feminine head, lovely eye, good front assembly leading to good ribbing and keel, moved well keeping level toploine.

2nd Masons, Crownlake’s Queen Bee JW, Similar remarks as one but preferred front assembly of 1st.

3rd Pooles Findowrie Miss Mcfee.

Open Bitch

1st Dares, Darsoms Zynala, Lovely head and eye, good reach of neck leading a good front assembly. Ribbing and keel good, well set hindquarters, moved and showed well keeping level. CC.

2nd Mason’s CH Tolberg Beez kneez at Teckeltown, Feminine head, nice front, ribbing and hindquarters good. Nice on the move, level at all times. Very well put together but preferred 1st. RCC.

3rd Mitchells, Bronia Day Dreamer.

Bill Mee.