• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vonnie Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/11/2023

Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club

Breed: Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Special Award
Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Special Award 09.09.2023 My thanks go to the hard-working committee on an absolute scorcher of a day. Thank you to the exhibitors who stayed despite the heat, making sure that their dogs were cool and comfortable allowing me to have the pleasure of going over some super examples of the breed. Junior 3 (0) 1. Swaby’s Kiltondale Hot Favourite For Marsby 13 month slate bitch I have judged previously as a puppy and pleased to see her growing into herself with more substance, yet retaining her femininity. She has a balanced head, kind eye and excellent dentition. Good front assembly with length of upper arm and lay of shoulder. Correct length of rib, strong topline and balanced rear angulation to match. On the move, she is light on her feet and flows around the ring. As always, sympathetically handled with a quality coat coming through to finish her maturing picture. 2. Jones’ Clanwillow Crystal Bay At 7 months the baby of the bunch but a real sweetie. Correct head with a super dark eye to match her coat she is nicely angulated front and rear with a pleasing depth of chest and length of rib. Settled on the move she showed both composure and confidence. Just needs to tighten up behind. 3. Steele’s Rocpen Juro Twill Post Graduate 8 (1) 1. Rivers’ Orora’s French Silk At Merrimak JW Headed this lovely class of girls. At 23 months of age she is another I have judged before and like 2 she is maturing beautifully. Strong balanced head with a dreamy enquiring expression, correct pigmentation and dentition. Muscular slightly arched neck flowing into well laid shoulder, excellent length and return of upper arm with a super deep chest, length of rib, strong loin, good croup and tail set. She is in fit condition, well-muscled thighs, correct stifles and nice low hocks which allow her to move freely and effortlessly. Excellent length of stride with feminine yet powerful drive from behind. She genuinely could go all day come rain or shine. Beautifully handled and presented as always-absolutely love her. 2. Bird’s Irisaddition She’s All That With Bridus JW Last judged this pretty slate girl as a puppy and she’s retained all her qualities and attributes to grow into a lovely young lady. Good balanced head, dark eye with a super expression. Nicely arched neck into a good lay of shoulder, lovely deep chest, good length of rib, strong topline and loin into an equally good rear with nicely muscled thighs, neat hocks and correct tail set. She is both workmanlike in her attitude and movement yet does not lose femininity. Preferred the reach of 1 today. 3. Jay’s Talraz Song Of Summer. Open 8 (5) 1.Nolan’s Talraz Nuts In May VW At 9 years pleased to finally get my hands on him after admiring him from the ringside and can now appreciate his qualities. Strong, masculine brown who commands attention as soon as he entered the ring. Broad flat head with strong muzzle and underjaw, excellent dentition and lovely eye colour toning with coat, there is no doubt he is male without being overdone. Super chest and length to height ratio with correct angulation in both front and rear. Excellent topline and strength of loin with correct length of rib which showed both in profile and on the move. Not flashy, just workmanlike whilst sympathetically handled to get the most from him. Presented in super coat, he was another who powered around the ring with lengthy yet light strides showing breed type, he was a pleasure to watch. 2. Bowden’s Subessen Heart Of Hearts 4.5 year old quality slate bitch. Elegant girl who has excellent merits throughout. Portrays a lovely outline both freestanding and on the move and putting hands on did not disappoint. Feminine head, super eye toning to coat and excellent dentition and pigment. Correctly constructed throughout with pleasing angulation both fore and aft. Well laid shoulder, deep chest and correct rib with strong loin. Correct stifles and neat low hocks. I liked her overall shape and movement, shown in fit hard condition supporting breed type. Just lost out to the showmanship and presence of 1 today. 3. Jones’ ESP CH Clanwillow Amazing Grace JW WW-22 Vonnie Newton (Alkibia)