• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vivienne Rainsbury Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

English Ibizan Hound Club

Breed: Ibizan Hound

English Ibizan Hound Club

Special Awards Classes at the Championship Show, 18 June 2023

Some very nice dogs on show, but I was a little disappointed with movement overall.

Junior (3, 1 withdrawn)

1. Mrs J Morris' Jazz A Master Plan Baltas Vejas Anharbn

15 month old mainly white dog, correct square outline, narrow across the front and well ribbed back to short couplings. Nice head proportions with well placed mobile ears, and eyes of correct shape and good colour. Correct mouth and strong jaw, Good front assembly, but I would prefer slightly more return of upper arm. Well muscled across the loin with not too much angulation in rear quarters, one of the few with well developed second thigh, resulting in light yet driving movement, reaching in front with slight hesitation of footfall.

2. Ms R Sayles' Baltic Rush Breezy Bee

Looked balanced standing, but lacking in prosternum. Decent head proportions but a little too much stop and rather round in eye. Not quite the drive of the dog on the move, nevertheless a very promising youngster.

Open (5, 1 absent)

1. Miss V Woodcock's Ch Abbotsoak Any Dream Will Do

5 year-old chestnut/white dog, presented a very nice outline when his handler persuaded him to cooperate, and who was moved at the correct speed for him to display the typical Ibizan movement. Good head, with parallel planes and good balance, well placed thin and mobile ears. Correct mouth. Narrow across the front, with steep, short shoulder blades and enough return of upper arm to show a prominent prosternum, well ribbed back and ribcage ending a couple of inches above the elbow, shown in good muscular condition.

2. Ms S Hall's Ch,Gib Ch, Ir Ch Afilador Pandemonium

A different make and shape to the dog, but tall and finely built, narrow throughout and well proportioned. Showing her age a little with greying around her muzzle, but well conditioned. Nice head with correctly shaped and placed eyes, but ears a little low set. She was a little too deep in the brisket for perfection, and a little soft in front pasterns, which affected her movement, rather close coming and going.

3. Miss V Woodcock's Abbotsoak Grease Lightnin

Litter sister to class winner, and of a similar type, but a little heavier in bone, and deeper in brisket. Front construction good, with correct erect pasterns, and well angulated quarters. Lost out on movement which was erratic and lacked lift and drive.

4. Miss V Woodcock's Abbotsoak Matilda, made up a trio from the same litter, with many of the same attributes as her sister and brother. Lost out today on movement, which was too high and extravagant in front and close behind.

Junior Handlers

1. Jessica Woodcock

The only youngster displaying her skills today, but this young lady could hold her own in any company if she concentrated a little more, and got herself and the hound ready to come into the ring. Lead on the wrong way up, which meant she did not have proper control, but she stayed calm and patient when her Ibizan played up on the move, and quietly corrected the issue. Taking a few treats into the ring would have helped Jessica keep the dog's attention, but she didn't get in a flap, and made a good job of handling a less-than-cooperative dog. Well done.

Viv Rainsbury (Judge)