• Show Date: 17/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vivien Phillips Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/08/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Deerhound


Thank you to WKC for inviting me to judge once more at this well run show and my very efficient stewards who helped keep up the pace through the 4 breeds I was judging.It is only a couple of years since I last judged this breed, which due to a Club weekend gave a very different entry. Today I found several exhibits rather heavy with loaded shoulders and lacking the athletic and elegant hound outline I was looking for. Having said this I was very pleased with my main winners. I apologise to the Deerhound Club for being unable to pose for photos at the end of judging , but had 3 more breeds to complete

Veteran Dog no entries

Minor Puppy Dog (1) Sandells Packway Blue Moon 7 month old with a pleasing head and nice small ears. Good legs and feet. Ribbing sufficiently long. Correct shape in profile . He moved rather close coming and going, but he is a baby

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 3507 Sharp’s Humbiehounds Pirnmill At Coronach . Good head, eye and ears on this 11 month youngster. Strong correct length neck. Well let down in ribbing of correct length, and good filled in front . strong legs and feet. Moved extremely well with parallel hindquarters. Best puppy. 2nd: Packway Blue Moon 3rd McPherson & Paterson’s Antonius Vertragus The-Ngong-Hills (IMP FRA)

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: Sharp’s Chuilinn Faolan At Coronach upstanding youngster with correct head planes and ears. Well filled in forechest and sufficiently let down. Ribbing could be a tad longer. Good outline and shape . Moved a bit close behind. 2nd:Wilbraham’s Ardlancien Idris this was a very shaggy young man which gave the impression of a shorter neck. Good feet. Ribbing was OK rather narrow in hindquarters and a little over angulated so moved close behind.

Post Graduate Dog. (6 Entries) Abs: 2 1 dog withdrew as he was unsound. 1st: Smith’s Claonaiglen Comgarida at Julam Head OK. This dog has a good neck ,shoulders and feet. . Well let down. Moved quite soundly. 2nd: Brodie & Owen’s Fritzens Zareef at Wolfscastle (Imp Ger). I found this dog’s head rather feminine. Good neck, shoulders and feet. Sufficient ribbing. Over angulated in hindquarters so he dipped down slightly on the move. 3rd: Peach’s Kilbourne Oscar Wilde

Limit Dog. (6 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: Peach’s Quantistico Guiseppe to Kilbourne NAF. Loved this 18 month old young male as he entered the ring. Looked as though he was totally capable of galloping uphill on a Stag! Lovely head and eye. Good small ears. Correct length of neck ,shoulders and feet. Well filled in forechest. Strongly boned legs and ribbing goes well back into strong loin. Parallel hindquarters, he moved extremely well. CC . His second apparently, Must have a bright future. 2nd: Heathcote and Finnett’s Hyndsight Talk On The Street . 2 year old upstanding dog. Good head and nice small ears. Eyes just dark enough. Sufficient bone and good shoulders… feet could be tighter. He has a very good outline and correctly angulated hindquarters.. moved well in side gait, a tad close coming towards me.

3rd: Tannant’s Sorimsway Mr Sleepy Hollow

Open Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: Heathcote & Finnett’s Ch Hyndsight Sinnerman. 3 year old upstanding male of super type. Pleasing head and good small ears. Correct neck and shoulders. Well let down and ribbed.. Very strong hindquarters which he used well on the move.. Res CC 2nd: Taylor’s Ch Ormanstar Dark Shadow Another upstanding male of 3. I Preferred the head of my winner. This dog has a good neck and shoulders, feet could be a tad tighter. Correct outline when stacked. A little too much angulation behind and not quite the drive of the winner.  

Veteran Bitch. (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st Llewellyn’s Kilbourne Mistress Martha at Matahari. Two seven year old ladies here. Neither moved with a lot of drive.., The winner has a nice head and eye. Good neck and shoulders, Feet could be tighter and white on toes did not help the look. Well ribbed and let down and pleasing outline. Best Veteran. 2nd: Seymour-Jackson’s Kilbourne Lucy. Pleasing head and eye. Correct ribbing and outline. But she was weak in hind movement.

Minior Puppy Bitch no entries

Puppy bitch No entries.

Junior Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: Peach’s Kilbourne Devon . Lovely 13 month youngster. Sweet head and good ears. Good neck and strong legs and tight feet. Sufficient depth of brisket for age. Good outline standing and on the move. . Moved well coming and going with correct angulation behind.

Post Graduate Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: Llewellyn’s Kilbourne Ocean Blue of Matahari This bitch is up to size. 20 months Head planes correct but, could have smaller ears. She is well angulated, with sufficient depth and tight feet. Her ribbing goes well back. Moved the best in this class. 2nd: Edwards’ Quantistico Lucia To Kilbourne Pretty youngster of 18 months, Smaller than the winner, litter sister to my dog CC winner . Of similar type. Correct shoulders and ribbing. Tight feet. Strong hindquarters which she used well on the move. 3rd: Jones’ Quantistico Gina litter sister to 2nd.

Limit bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: Helps’ Beardswood Verbena Super feminine bitch, just what I look for in the breed. Lovely head and eye.. good small ears. Well made throughout and in strong muscled condition. Correct shoulders with strong legs and tight feet. Lovely outline and good angulation behind. Moved with a powerful spring in her step! Loved her. CC , her 4th I understand and BOB.2nd: Constantne’s Kwaricott Kaleginy Bettinsoli. This bitch is a lovely type . Larger overall than 1st. Lovely head and eye, good small ears. Correct angulation front and back and well let down and ribbed. Good mover if a little closer in front than the winner.3rd: Cannon Wickstead Kilbourne Opal’s Fire to Abayomi.

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: Heathcote & Finnett’s Hyndsight All I Have To Do Is. Lovely type bitch with good head and lovely small ears. Eyes just dark enough. Good shoulders and front. Ribs go well back. Correct hind angulation. Moved powerfully round the ring with good drive.. Res CC 2nd: Constantine’s Cotherstone Serenade at Kaleginy. Another nice type bitch with a good head and ears. Carrying too much weight today so looked heavy in underline. Correct shoulders and tight feet, Well ribbed. Good parallel hindquarters which she used well on the move. 3rd: Brodie and Owen’s Wolfscastle Soul Sister