• Show Date: 29/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Stakes classes

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Stakes (Hound/Terrier) (23)

1. Hamilton’s Lu Ch Alishamar Roxane JW (Imp Bel). Saluki. This mature bitch presents a very elegant picture, and she is so well balanced throughout. Beautifully proportioned head with dark well shaped eyes and a gentle yet aloof expression. Straight forelegs, good lay back of shoulder, deep brisket with nice hind angulation. It was on the move that she scored highly, moving true and effortlessly. She certainly gives the impression that she would have the endurance at speed.

2. Spain’s Ch Talanors Diamond Tornado. Manchester Terrier. Handsome chap and pleasing for size and type. Masculine wedge shaped head, lovely ear set and dark almond eyes. Straight front legs, deep chest, good tuck up and well bent stifles. Well marked thick glossy coat with clearly defined thumbprints. Moved out smoothly and true.

3. Parson’s Ch Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW. Rhodesian Ridgeback

YKC Members Stakes AV Hound (4,2abs)

1. Sampson’s Dapperdiva Milk and Honey JW. Whippet. Elegant girl with a shapely and balanced outline. Beautiful head, very feminine with a lean skull and bright expressive eyes. Good depth of brisket, straight front legs, strong loins finished off with well angulated hindquarters. Shown in gleaming coat and great body condition. Scored on the move, sound and accurate with impressive side gait with good froward reach.

2. Freudenreich’s Rangali Shimmy Jimmy. Basset Fauve De Bretagne. Another super dog of great quality, compact and well balanced in construction. Appealing masculine head with good furnishings aiding his expression. His neck fits nicely into his shoulders, firm level top line and high set tail which he used well at all time. Shown in harsh jacket and fit condition. He held himself well on the move moving out with good ground covering stride.

YKC Member Stakes AV Terrier (5,2abs)

1. Hiam’s Carradine Arfa Pint JW. Cairn Terrier. Looking at the catalogue after judging, I see that I judged this young man when he was just 6 months old. He has matured into a quality dog, keen and alert with a pleasing outline. Masculine well balanced head with neat ears. Good length of neck into well laid good shoulders, nicely ribbed body, level top-line and well set tail. Well developed hindquarters which enabled him to move freely and with ease around the ring. Harsh coat well groomed jacket.

2. Ednie & Cameron & Jenkins’ Cameron Blazingjacks. Jack Russell Terrier. A very appealing 10 months puppy bitch. Lovely feminine head with neat ears and dark eyes with a keen expression. Well proportioned body and she was easily spannable. Decent neck and shoulders, secure top-line and well set on and carried tail. Good coat texture and presentation. Moved out confidently and held her outline in profile with a good ground covering action.

3. Jenkins & Hewitt’s Twinan Barefoot On The Beach. Jack Russell Terrier.

Junior Stakes (Pastoral/Utility) Dog (14)

1. Revillas Rodriguez’s Crystal Eye's Wam Bam Boom at Khumbila (Imp Dk). Lhasa Apso. Classy male who caught my eye straight away. Liked his balanced head, with good fall away to back of his skull, dark oval eyes, and aloof expression. His neck flows nicely into well laid shoulders, he is well ribbed back, with strong loins and an immaculately presented coat of good texture. Sailed around the ring with a free and easy jaunty action.

2. Purse’s Twybrook Charming Prince. Kooikerhondje. Appealing young man with a masculine head framed with ears held close to his head and dark brown oval eyes giving a kind expression. Good straight forelegs with well developed chest and ribs. Carrying an excellent well marked coat with feathering on legs and breeches. Gave a good account of himself on the move, using his tail well.

3. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Smokin Storm. Tibetan Terrier

Junior Stakes (Pastoral/Utility) Bitch (18)

1. Hartwell’s Chavell Bonjour Maisie JW. Briard. An eye catching girl with pleasing proportions giving her a lovely balanced profile. Super head and expression with good balance to her muzzle/skull. Good fore chest and legs, level top-line and good angulations front and back. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Came into her own on the move with her easy ground covering action.

2. Flower’s Serenlas Chloe. Collie (Rough) . Very feminine tri colour. Lovely head and dark almond eyes, neat well placed ears which she used well, all giving her a pleasing expression. Decent reach of neck with good length of back and well angulated fore and aft. Shown in very good coat. On the move, she drove of from well let down hocks, giving an easy yet powerful action.

3. Townson & Pardoe’s Sophtspot Phantasia for Daymadals. Dalmatian.

YKC Members Stakes. (Pastoral) (9)

1. Gibbons & Blyton’s Wispafete Light My Fire. Australian Shepherd. Gorgeous red merle girl, very feminine and presented in immaculate coat, such an attentive showgirl too. Well balanced head, with good reach of neck, flowing nicely into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest, moderately angulated front and back with well let down hocks. Effortless movement with a light and easy stride.

2. Johnson, Jacobs & Johnson’s Willowthorn Dream Gazer JW ShCM ShCEx OSW. Shetland Sheepdog. Mature boy, with a lovely head piece, almond dark eyes, neat well carried ears and a gentle intelligent expression. Good legs and feet, nicely arched neck, well laid back shoulders and level top line. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Gave a good account of himself on the move particularly in profile, just a tad close behind going away.

YKC Members Stakes (Utility) (10)

1. O’Connor’s Susu Rewrite The Stars. Tibetan Spaniel. Very attractive young man, such a show off too. Liked his balanced typy profile. Lovely headpiece, dark eyes and good ear set with slight lift enhancing his expression. Good front and correct hare feet, well set on neck leading to level top-line and tail carried over his back. Super coat presentation and condition. Moved very well with an impressive side gait.

2. Graham-Weall’a Steyndal Moon Stone among Phidgity. Dalmatian. Well made boy with a well spotted coat and well muscled and conditioned too. Balanced masculine head, good eye colour and expression. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Straight strongly boned front legs, standing on round cat like feet. He has a good body with well made quarters. Very good side ground covering side gait showing good reach and drive, just a tad close behind going away.

3. Furse’s Loveliwithy Kiku Tsubaki. Japanese Spitz.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)