• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Val Palmer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/09/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Pekingese

Bournemouth Championship Show 12th August 2023

I would like to thank the Bournemouth Committee for this appointment, and the exhibitors for their entry some travelling a great distance apart from one slight hiccup in the afternoon (I am a great believer in Karma) I had a great time with a bunch of friendly exhibitors and their dogs I thank you all special thanks to my overworked steward Preston it’s not easy stewarding a champ show on your own with more than one breed hats off Sir.

This is a breed close to my heart having owned and rescued many Pekingese over the last sixty-plus years.

I was pleased to see some exhibitors breeding away from heavy coats Pekingese with just the right coat moving with the typical peke movement are a pleasure to see.

I was shocked at the size and coats on some exhibits I was also surprised to see some had high honours, I had another shock when I asked an exhibitor why their dogs were shaved underneath only to learn it was so they could walk. To my mind, that means the coats are inhibiting the dog and its movement and coats should be bred shorter as the breed standard states Not excessively coated.

Overall some breeders seem to have taken on board the updated standard Some have never bred any that need to follow new rules others should take great heed if they love this breed, as we all should remember in countries like the Netherlands our pekes are now a banned breed and a lot of other countries on the continent are making laws and looking very closely at brachycephalic breeds.

Overall I thought there were more with an envelope head than not, eye size has improved less white showing, we now have more defined chins in the breed fronts are better than rears they need some work, Most dogs had clean teeth shame on those that did not, remember dirty teeth can lead to bad hearts, tail set and carriage were good overall.

Puppy Dog 4ent1ab

1st: SHAW, Mr J & MEE, Miss W J Pekehuis Dare To Dream What a cracker lovely balanced envelope head dark eyes open nostrils with a defined chin, short thick neck, wide front deep chest well-sprung ribs close fitting elbows clearly define waist firm back end level top-line good coat for 10mths moved out well BP BPIB

2nd: EVANS, Mrs M Edgwarebury Heaven Sent TAF Nice pup 8mths old good black coat, open face soft expression good head shape nicely open nostrils defined chin, wide front good spring of rib sound rear moved well just lost on age. 

3rd: WEST, Mrs C W & ROGERS, Mrs C A Caronians Aramis Cong

Junior Dog 1ent 0ab

1st:THOMAS, Mrs A Meritorous Forever Dreamer My write-up starts Gorgeous and he is, lovely envelope head defined chin melting dark eyes correct wide nostrils strong neck of correct length leading to well-placed shoulders close fitting elbows good spring of rib neat waist level top line strong rear well muscled throughout moved well One to watch I think RCC

Post Grad Dog 1ent0abs

1st: THOMAS, Mrs A Meritorous Welsh Whisper Liked this lad head lovely dark eyes both head and eyes a good shape wide nostrils defined chin strong neck good front close fitting elbows neat waist strong rear well muscled throughout good quality harsh coat he moved well.

Limit Dog 3ent 0 abs

1st: SHAW, Mr J & MEE, Miss W J Pekehuis Imperial Liked this dog a lot lovely headpiece melting dark expressive eyes firm defined chin good deep chest sound ribs neat waist firm rear very well muscled moved well.

2nd: OADES, Mrs B Brentoy Max Power Nicely put together just a tad on the larger size for me balanced head nice dark eyes would like less fold as the hair obscured part of his eyes firm defined chin very strong neck good front well-sprung ribs firm rear well muscled throughout moved well if very steady.

3rd: FITT, Miss STEPHANIE L Leostela Perceval Le Gallois (Imp) Fra

Open Dog 5ent 0abs

1st: SHAW, Mr J & MEE, Miss W J Ch Pekehuis Apollo Oh my what a beauty write-up starts Stunning dog could end it there. loved him super shaped head with look at me eyes of the correct size and shape big wide nostrils the correct envelope head with a very defined chin strong neck of the correct length leading to super front tight elbows one of a few dogs to have his foot feathers well sprung ribs neat waist well muscled rear all wrapped up in the correct coat well handled moved out extremely well. CC BOB

2nd: MORLEY, Miss E & HITCHCOCK, Mr R Ch Lizlanmor Mr Mercury JW This lad had many qualities about him he was bigger than I like and drowning in coat so much that when the owner flicked his tail up over his back it covered his eyes having parted the coat off his face I found a lovely pair of very dark eyes again partly obscured by the hair on the fold lovely well-defined chin good front tight elbows correct rib cage for depth and length Moved OK 

3rd: OADES, Mrs B & EVANS, Mrs M Brentoy Zander

SBD/B 3ent 0abs

1st: WEST, Mrs C W & ROGERS, Mrs C A Caronians Aramis Cong Lovely expression dark eyes strong neck plenty of muscle nice straight back well balanced moved OK.

2nd: MORLEY, Master Lance Klerkshof Trinket at LizLanMor This little bitch had a young master who I am sure we will see with more confidence and a smile in the future the peke has a pretty feminine face and lovely eyes nice envelope head short muscled neck level top line nice size she left some coat at home but had enough very happy little girl great temperament even when I had to pick her up from the ground as her young handler had a problem with her lead so laid back it was nice to see moved OK

3rd: FITT, Miss STEPHANIE L Leostela Perceval Le Gallois (Imp) Fra

Puppy Bitch 5ent1abs

1st: THOMAS, Mr G Ralshams Sunset Lady by Jonsville Write up started Oh so feminine and she is, Lovely shape to her head gorgeous dark eyes wide open nostrils good short strong neck leading to correct front nice tight elbow for one so young good spring of rib correct firm rear level top line she moved like she owned the ring one to watch RCC 

2nd: THOMAS, Mrs A Meritorous Love Of My Life Very torn in this class here age lost out but if there was two first this young lady would have it I have a soft spot for blacks they are a devil to keep black so hats off your young lady was black to the roots lovely envelope head super open nostrils as expected in a black, super dark eyes and strong black pigment good front spring of ribs correct level topline firm back end moved out well

3rd: ROGERS, Mrs C Ralshams Lady Madonna

Junior Bitch 0 ent

Post Grad Bitch 2ent 0abs

1st: FREDMAN, Mrs K Edgwarebury Phoebe Liked this bitch liked her size and compact shape lovely black coat correct shaped head defined chin and two black pools for eyes with a look at me attitude nice front deep chest well sprung ribs showing a nice well-muscled rear Moved well

2nd: FITT, Miss STEPHANIE L Kentwone Sakura China Larger bitch lovely dark eyes well-muscled neck of correct length nice front good ribs Moved OK

Limit Bitch 2ent 0abs

1st: EASDON & MARTIN, Messrs A & P Yakee Wandering Star She is definitely a star lovely envelope head two beautiful dark eyes defined chin correct front close fitting elbows well- sprung ribs neat waist well-muscled rear Moved-out well personally I would have liked less coat but it’s a fine girl under that coat looked at her hard in the line up.

2nd: PENMAN, Mrs Stephanie Jonsville Floral Design at Dragden Splitting hairs in this class I found this bitch to be more slight than one she had a nice head with lovely dark eyes defined chin nice front well sprung ribs neat waist well muscled throughout Moved well

Open Bitch 3ent 0abs

1st: EASDON & MARTIN, Messrs A & P Ch Yakee Dear Prudence This girl was my take home lass she is beautiful and such a showgirl she owned the ring. Beautiful head lovely envelope shape gorgeous dark eyes wide nostrils defined chin strong well muscled neck correct front lovely rib cage level top line well muscled rear Moved out well CC

2nd: MORLEY, Miss E & HITCHCOCK, Mr R Ch Greyport Rosebud at Lizlanmor Left the ring no write-up.

3rd: Rogers Mrs C Ch Klerkshof Sara at Raishams

Veteran Bitch 0 ent

Judge Val Palmer