• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tracy baoyles Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/08/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: German Longhaired Pointer

National Gundog Association


German longhaired Pointer

Due to the downpour halfway through judging, a quick dash had to be made to the indoor rings, this unsettled some of the youngsters. There are some weak rears creeping in, and some with a lack of drive, never a good thing and will need to be watched.

V D (1). 1 Thompsons ES Ch/IR Sh Ch/LUX/NED Ch Sarscottah Arris IR JUN Ch CJW 16 CW 17 Euro W21 RSCE W20 WW20 8-year-old, good bone, masculine head without being course, everything in the correct place, continues to move freely, just carrying to much weight today res BD.

PD (1). 1 Gale Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice 8-month-old, good head, and eye placement, has the correct reach of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung with the correct depth of chest, ribbed well back giving the correct height to length ratio. Moved out with drive, coat correct at this stage of development.

JD (1) Roberts & Kent - Sarscottah Dalglish a lot to like here, up standing dog developing nicely, head of the correct proportions, ears well placed, moderate length of neck, into well laid shoulders, front straight with a well-defined sternum, ample bone, and well ribbed, correct tail set, moved with reach and drive. BD

SBD (1) Gale Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice, as puppy.

ND no entries

GD 1: 1 Byrne Caldera Coeur de Neige Well grown with good bone, slightly broader in skull than I would prefer, neck of correct length, decent shoulder placement, would like more fill at the front, well sprung ribs, short in loin, moderate bend of stifle, well-muscled steady movement.

PGD no entries

OD no entries

VB 2: 1 McMinn IRCH Lux CH Sarscottah Ava mit Tallis Smart bitch good bone, balanced head, eye shape as it should be, well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, good length of body with strong rear assembly moved with easy flowing movement. 2 Smart Cadanbyrig Evening Breeze feminine head, moderate length of neck, not the shoulder angles of one, correct length of body and at 12 years old moved out with purpose.

PB 3: 1 Thomson Sarscottah Eclipse a very promising puppy full of breed type and quality, balanced head and correct eye, strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders, ample bone, straight front, good sring of rib reaching well back, correct rear angles, tail set correct, for one so young she has all the making of a top winner and I considered her for higher honors BPiB. 2 Smart Cadanbyrig Snow Dancer decent head proportions for a youngster of this age, height to length ratio correct, enough spring of rib, balanced angulation, moved well. 3 Connor Cadanbyrig Ice & Roses at De Melvilles

JB 3: 1 Smart Cadanbyrig Snow Dancer as puppy, 2 Thomson Sarscottah Delux very unsettled today she has a decent head a dark eye giving a soft expression, very balanced all round, strong rear moved with drive. 3 Speck Sarscottah Du Specktacular

SBB 1: 1 Connor Cadanbyrig Ice & Roses at De Melvilles feminine head with a soft expression, good length of neck, into well-laid shoulder, straight front, would prefer more depth of chest, and a little bit more of her all round, moved soundly.

NB no entries

GB 2:(1) 1 Connor Caldera Crimson Glory at De Melvilles feminine bitch good bone, balanced head, soft expression in a nicely shaped eye, straight front tight elbows, ribbed well back, well bent stifles, effortless free flowing movement with plenty of reach & drive resBB.

PGB 2:(1) 1 Smart Questor Layla at Cadanbyrig Feminine head with a soft intelligent expression, forelegs straight leading to tight feet, well sprung rib, moved soundly.

OB 3: 1 Thomas & Taylor & Richards Sophisticated Lady another quality femine bitch, well boned, deep square muzzle, dark well shaped eye, good length of neck flows into well-laid muscular shoulders, well filled front, good depth of rib, short loin and sloping croup carrying tail correctly, moved freely with drive, BB & BoB 2 Thomson Es/cz Ch/Ir ShCh Sarscottah Charizma Ir Jnr Ch Lux Jnr Deu jnr W/jnr17 WW 17/18/20/21 Typical head with a soft expression, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest with a good spring of ribs, strong loin & very good rear angulation was not particularly happy today.3 McMinn Lux Ch Uptown Girl Hela Van De Boterakker to Tallis (Imp Bel)

GCD/B no entries


Tracy Boyles