• Show Date: 09/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

East of England Championship Dog Show July 2023

Griffon Bruxellois

PD 1

1st: Selby, Allen and Whitehead’s Zilcan Monkey Business, 10 months. Super for head, eyes and finish of foreface. Correct neck; square in outline. Admired his angulations, particularly his front assembly. Body was well ribbed. Hindquarters were well made with good turn of stifle. High-set tail. Promising width to rib cage and strong short lions. Excellent coat texture for age. Moved very well. In the challenge he stood away for breed type and delighted to award him his first CC after two RCC’s I was told. CC & BPIB.

JD 1

1st: Hughes & Meaden’s Rydellan’s Rogue Prince, 13 months. Expressive head, OK for neck. Enough bone. Body still to mature and he appeared a touch leggy. He retained a secure topline; high set tail. His super rear angulations proved excellent rear drive and propulsion.

LD 4

1st: Meaden’s Beaunorne Nadal At Topmead. 2 years old and a very eye-catching smart youngster. Coat of good colour and texture, true front built on strong legs and correct feet. He moved out well front and back, and demonstrated typical profile when moving and standing. His head qualities are particularly impressive and contains super dark, round expressive eyes, pleasing width to muzzle, good turn-up to underjaw all finished with neat ears.

2nd: Spurr’s Zilcan Gin Ricky JW. Clearly another excellent young dog. Square in outline with good arch to neck. Cobby body with well-made forequarters. Super body and rib cage. Short strong loins. Harsh, well presented coat. On the move he had adequate forehand reach and rear drive was purposeful. Close call.

3rd: Pott’s Adreen Secret Affair

OD 7,1

1st: Martyn’s Donzeater Royal Agent. This dog screams breed type and presents the required square outline complimented by great bone and substance so he is strongly built throughout. Body is well ribbed with short loins. Well-made front assembly and hindquarters. Correctly sized rounded head with open features, super nostrils and well turned up foreface all resulting in such an impressive expression. Coat was harsh and well presented. Initially he was not the most outgoing but on the move, he held his tail and was accurate both front and rear. Unfortunately however, in the challenge he both frustrated and disappointed me as he completely went to pieces and despite several chances, he failed to cooperate so very sadly could not be considered for further honours.

2nd: Baranova’s Am/Rus Ch Harpersband Make A Killing Ew. Quality head giving the desired expression. Particularly admired his eyes. Coat of good texture and well presented. Sturdy legs and correct feet. On the move, he was alert, assertive and rather flashy displaying a decent length of forehand reach which I fully appreciate can give great appeal. Notwithstanding, I felt that the class winner demonstrated greater adherence to the fundamental requirements of the breed standard being small, cobby, well balanced and square in outline.

3rd: Gullon’s Ch Barnfall Sunshine JW OSM

VD 2

1st: Swinge’s Balthazar Johnny Angel. 8 years and presented in beautiful condition being a credit to his owner’s care and attention. Appealing head containing lovely eyes. Medium neck, correct lay of shoulder, good chest and secure topline. Despite his age he moved like a youngster and was accurate both coming and going. He is square in outline, has super bone and a well ribbed body. I appreciate veteran class winners often get overlooked in the challenge but today was delighted to award this mature gentleman a well-deserved RCC and BVIB.

2nd: Oliver-Barratt’s Risethor Laidbackjack . Appealing smooth 8 ½ years old and alike 1 was presented in great condition. Attractive head, well laid shoulders, well boned legs. Well ribbed and strong loins. Moved steadily.

MPB 3,2

1st: Wood’s Furlishous Made You Look. Feminine but with ample bone and substance. Pretty, well balanced head with excellent finish. Square in outline; cobby throughout. She held a secure topline on the move and was accurate both coming and going. Very promising.

PB 6,1

1st: Suggitt’s Aptrick Dolly Mixtures JW. Almost 1 year old and I thought her quite lovely. Head of good size, dark nose and definite stop. For her age has width to muzzle and good chin. Beautiful dark eyes, aiding such a feminine expression. Body has good depth to chest with plenty of width, enough bone all through, short backed & stocky. Moved really well. Must have a promising future.

2nd: Whitehead and Selby’s Zilcan Sparks Might Fly. Smooth, 10 months. Perhaps a touch larger than ideal but well proportioned throughout. Super head containing lovely eyes and good finish to foreface. Clean over the neck and shoulder, elbows well placed, good legs and feet. Steady mover.

3rd: Omre’s Admiravel Ela Bonita

JB 3

1st: Hugh’s Beauborne Pussycat Doll. 13 months old, Smooth and full of breed type. She is compact and sturdy. Balanced head giving typical expression. Enough neck and well laid shoulders. Well ribbed. Super coat which was well presented. Moved true out and back.

2nd: Suggitt’s Aptrick Buttersky. Another nice youngster. 15 months. Similar comments apply. Loved her overall shape. She moved very well but not yet the maturity or the confidence of 1.


1st: Gullon’s Barnfall Tilly Trotter. 2 years. When standing she produces the correct outline and is decidedly square in appearance. Appealing head qualities, especially those eyes! Well bodied with good chest and ribbing. Held a secure topline. A touch close going away. Super forehand movement. She is in excellent condition.

LB 4

1st: Selby, Allen and Whitehead’s Zilcan Blazing Away (TAF). Another young 22 month old quality smooth who was lovely to examine. I particularly liked her balanced head and finish. Correctly placed neck. Well bodied. Super balanced bone throughout. Impressive rear angulations. On the move she was careful and accurate. Presented in excellent coat.

2nd: Oliver-Barratt’s Chinaskys Queen Grande. Smooth. Mature at 3 ½. Nice head with good turn-up, fair front, well ribbed cobby body and of ample bone. Tight red coat. Impressive profile movement but not quite as precise coming and going as 1.

3rd: Hughe’s Beauborne Liberty

OB 8

A wonderful class to judge

1st : Barney’s Ch Celleine La vie En Rose. This beautifully proportioned 3 year old bitch is of true breed type. A lovely overall size she has a well boned front, balanced head, neat ears and dark expressive eyes to boot. Super for neck and shoulders, ample width in front. Super for ribs and short strong loins. Firm in body; secure in topline. Tail well set and correctly carried. Excellent textured coat. She was true on the move and demonstrated exemplary rear movement. Totally unexaggerated and just screams Griffon Bruxellois. CC and BOB

2nd : Gullon’s Datrio Chickadee. Another beautiful smooth. 2 years. Absolutely super head and expression. Well boned. Scores in size and outline. She is beautifully balanced all through, especially her well constructed fore and hind quarters. Tail well set. On the move she is careful, precise and smart, holding a secure topline. Amongst a top quality entry of bitches, I was delighted to award her the RCC (one of a few I learnt afterwards). She is a worthy champion and hope that she secures her crown.

3rd : Omre’s Se Ch Admiravel Power Dress Nord Jv-Nord V-19

VB 1

1st : Swinge’s Ch Baltthazar Tainted Love. 7 ½. Still demonstrates all of her champion qualities. Gorgeous head and eyes. Presented in super coat and condition. Well proportioned, super body and bone. Produces that typical profile of the breed when standing and does not disappoint on the move.