• Show Date: 09/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Pomeranian

East Of England Championship Dog Show – July 2023

Judges Report - Pomeranian

MPD 5,1

1. Firth’s Pommelchi Aston Martin. 8 months old. His head portrays such a lovely expression and contains beautiful almond shaped dark eyes, correct muzzle and dentition. Short neck. Good depth of chest, level topline with short loin, well ribbed, high set tail in full plume finishing off such a classic look. Super coat for age. He is a very mature showman for his age and moves superbly. BPD & BPIB.

2. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Wild To Fly The Bear. 6 months old quality baby of good size and shape. Lovely eyes and good mouth, small well set ears. Body is well ribbed and short coupled. Beautifully presented coat of correct texture. Moved well for age.

3. Pickering’s White Mouse Prince

PD 4

1. Zizzi’s Klassna Pinot Noir. Black 9 months and a lot to like. Super balanced head which gives typical expression, especially from those super eyes. Neatly set ears, correct dentition and length of muzzle. Straight front and well ribbed. Moved well in all directions, particularly when going away, which just gave him the edge over 2.

2. Lovell’s Pawsamy’s Sweet William. 9 months. Another lovely baby. Appealing head of correct proportions. As yet, not quite as developed as 1 but similar comments apply. Already a confident showman, going forward. As they progress, I suspect these two lovely youngsters will frequently change places.

3. Nuttycombe’s Rubyanlo Hot stuff

JD 6,1

1. Gooch’s Lireva’s Well Fancy That for Cassibawn. 14 months. A little beauty, nicely coated for age. His head and muzzle is so well proportioned giving a most beautiful expression. Well placed attractive eyes. Good dentition. Short neck, secure topline and well held tail. Straight forelegs and neat feet. He moved impressively in all directions.

2. Holman’s Altina Alabama True Romance. 12 months. Impressive showman. Muzzle is a touch shorter and wider than 1. Ears of correct size and well-placed. Super eyes giving the desired expression. Correct bite. Excellent coat for age and being of correct texture. True, accurate mover.

3. Beinarovica’s Born To Win Junassminis (Imp Lva)

Yearling Dog 2

1. Berrington’s Altina’s The Bronx at Sarasate. Impressive 14 month old presented in top condition and in good coat for age. Appealing dark eyes giving such an endearing expression. Ear set OK. Good for neck and shoulders. Short compact body. When standing he presents such a lovely shape and this was maintained on the move.

2. Firth’s Altina Samson. 20 months. Lovely for type, especially his beautiful head, giving a lovely expression; neat, well placed ears. Good dentition. OK for neck and shoulders. Super textured coat. High set tail. On the move he looked impressive in profile but perhaps not quite as precise as 1 going away. Presented in A1 condition.

Graduate Dog 1

1. Gooch’s Lireva’s Well Fancy That for Cassibawn. 1st in Junior

Post Graduate Dog 4,1

1. Van De Burgt & Strange’s Norvanik Gold Rush. 2 years. Appealing Orange of correct size. Excellent dentition. Appealing eyes with dark pigmentation and small well placed ears all aiding such an attractive expression. Body was compact and well ribbed. Tail was high set with an abundance of plume. Beautifully conditioned and moved well.

2. Pickering’s Tenarwyn Celtic Legend. Was unplaced in a very strong Junior class but at 8 months old was giving a lot away. In isolation he is a very nice puppy with an appealing head which is well finished and has good dentition. Black coat of ideal texture for age. Nicely bodied. Naturally a tad immature when moving but this will settle.

3. Hills Sharhazlah Luvs A Dare Devil

Limit Dog 7,1

1. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Flyin Black In Time JW. 2 years old. An eye catching black, presented in top condition with abundant coat of correct texture. Eyes dark and appealing. Correct dentition, neat ears carried correctly. Fine boned but not lacking. Clean front and straight legs. Enough neck, shoulders well placed with compact in body. Portrays a very attractive picture when standing. He holds a secure backline, high set tail and an attentive showman. RCC

2. Pike and Carter’s Reta’s Sex In flames at Breezelyn. 2 ½ years Smaller framed, black coated boy who, although somewhat different in type to 1, is also so very correct. Really appealing head properties containing gorgeous alert and intelligent eyes all producing such an appealing expression. Balanced in boned, neat straight front legs, compact body and tail high set. He stands attentive and four square. Accurate and stylish on the move. Close call.

3. Thompson’s Izumrudny Svet Talisman for Good Luck at Oraysha (Imp RUS)

Open Dog 6

1. Holman’s Altina’s Henry Higgins. 2 ½ years Orange sable dog. He is a fine stamp of a dog and from the outset, oozed ring presence. Glorious headpiece contains a fine muzzle, correct dentition and is correctly finished. Dark expressive eyes aides this lovely expression. Correct short neck into well laid shoulders. Well ribbed compact body. High set tail and lovely textured coat. Moved precisely in all directions. In the challenge he put on a superb performance which certainly influenced my decision. CC

2. Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch Lireva’s Wildest Dreams. 23 months old. In abundant coat of correct texture. Very masculine in head but not coarse. Appealing dark oval shaped eyes which were bright and vigorous. Correct dentition, neat ears well set. Correct short neck into well laid shoulders. Compact body, well ribbed. Maintained his profile and shape both standing and on the move.

3. Sparrow’s Sueacres Kiss of Love to Casarow JW

Special Beginners Dog 2

1. Beinarovica’s Born to Win Junassminis (Imp Lva). 12 months old. 3rd in a strong Junior Class. Attractive youngster sporting a beautiful coat. Balanced head containing dark eyes and good pigment. Moved smartly.

2. Burrows’s Oraysha Perfect Harmony. Well grown for 11 months. Attractive head containing super eyes. Mouth OK. Good for chest and ribbing. Presented in lovely condition. Moved steadily.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3

1. Pike & Cater’s Mi Misuzi’s Final Fantasy for Breezelyn (Imp Nor). 7 months old and really impressive. Beautifully balanced head, containing lovely eyes and finish to foreface. Extremely impressive to examine having correct neck, ample ribbing and short level back. High set tail. Moved superbly. Must have a bright future.

2. Soulsby’s Trenarwyn Legend On Fire. 8 months old petite, feminine and very well put together. Balanced head; eyes of good shape but appeared a tad small but this may have been due to the light. Secure topline, high set tail. Super ribbing and short coupling. She moved soundly but occasionally a tad excitable in front. Super coat.

3. Hill’s Trenarwyn Catherine Wheel at Sharhazlah

Puppy Bitch 6

1. Davey’s Klassna Dream Dream Dream. 9 ½ months and so much to like. Gorgeous head. Super for body and conformation, especially her front and rear angulations. Lovely coat texture. Short, level back. Well ribbed. High set tail. Moved superbly in all directions and has a confident determination which I found quite compelling. Clearly one to watch.

2. Gooch’s Paavali’s Private Dancer. Another lovely one. 10 months old and of lovely disposition. Excels in head qualities. She has a sturdy body with rounded rib. Short backline. In lovely coat with high tail set well plumed. Moved really well and when standing created an impressive overall picture. Close call.

3. Thompson’s Oraysha Little Miss Perfect

Junior Bitch 3

1. Cawthera-Purdy’s You are my Sunshine. 17 months. Lovely colour. She is of ideal size. Head headpiece is finished with correct ratio of muzzle; excellent dentition. Her dark expressive eyes create the sweetest of expressions. Head framed by well set small ears. Correct for body. She moved really well. On the stand she cannot fail to impress.

2. Berrington’s Altina’s Broadway Baby. 13 months and perhaps giving a little away to 1 in maturity, but clearly there is a lot to like. Well pigmented head contains dark almond shaped eyes and is neatly finished by correct definition of muzzle. Small ears, correctly placed. Well-made body being well ribbed with short loins and a high set tail. Super coat. Moved steadily.

3. Cregg’s Edkbangels Zennia

Yearling 3,1

1. Simmons’s Sueacres Legend of the Fall for Petitpom JW. So the quality goes on! This 2 year old is beautifully balanced and is of an ideal size. Beautiful head. correct neck above well constructed shoulders and front assembly. Her conformation is impressive so no surprise therefore, her movement was likewise. Presented in wonderful coat and condition.

2. Slough’s Spananpoms Heavenly Lass. 22 months old chocolate. Notwithstanding she was out of coat she examined really well. She has a sweet expression, is very well bodied and overall impressive to examine. Alike 1 she moved beautifully and has wonderful personality to boot!

Graduate 4,1

1. Moores’s Klassna Tell Me More with Chibaya. Very pretty girl and presents such an attractive profile when standing. Head containing appealing dark, well shaped eyes and overall the headpiece is beautifully balanced. Small well set ears. Upon examination, her body was compact with a good round barrel, level top line and high set tail. Moved very well and was so attentive to her owner. Shortlisted for the CC. Later won the Best Special Beginner Toy Group and went on to win Reserve Best SPB in Show – Congratulations!

2. French’s Norvanik Rumour Has It at Bincombefarm JW. She was so smart and compact giving that required square shape. Head containing a gentle expression and a wedged shaped stop. Good for pigment and a pleasing ear set that complemented. OK for body and ribbing.

3. Cregg’s Edkbangels Zennia

Post Graduate 4,1

1. Soulsby’s Trenarwyn Ebony Firekraka. Black and presented in beautiful coat and condition. 2 ½ years old she is well made and a beautifully constructed dual purpose bitch. Super to examine, being sound and true on the move.

2. Beinarovica’s Lex Fati Janassland (Imp Lva). 2 years and smaller in statue than 1. Appealing head which was balanced. Nicely bodied. Presented in beautiful coat. Moved OK.

3. Reeson’s Lilrosa Exclusive Love For Mylriver

Limit Bitch 5,3

1. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Gloria Swanson. The perfect size for a bitch. She is so beautifully but together. Such a pretty sweet head with an excellent stop and gorgeous dark almond shaped eyes. Dark pigmentation contributing to that melting expression. Correct dentition. Her head is well set on. Firm well ribbed body, secure topline and perfect high set tail. Coat was exemplary in volume and texture. The overall package I felt was most impressive. Her conformation and angulations were always going to produce impressive movement and this came to fruition in no uncertain terms. CC (her second I was told) and then later, BOB without hesitation.

2. Beinarovica’s Lex Fati Janassland (Imp Lva).

Open Bitch 6,3

1. Robb’s Ch Gleniren All eyes On Me. 19 months. Gorgeous small Orange feminine girl in super coat. 19 month old. Prettiest of heads & expression, dark expressive eyes with excellent pigmentation. Correct neck and lay of shoulder, fine-boned straight forelegs, small cat like feet. Body is well ribbed. Short back, high set tail. Beautifully angulated throughout. Attentive showgirl, sound and free moving in all directions. RCC

2. Davey’s Bilijees Wishing On a Star with Klassna. Another beautiful Orange girl, 3 ½ years. Super coat. Typical balanced head giving that desired foxy expression, good dentition; small well set ears. Clean front; correct legs and feet. Sturdy body, well ribbed. Plumed high set tail. Moved beautifully.

3. Soulsby’s Ch Rhapsody of Fire at Trenarwyn

Special Beginners Bitch 2

1. Moores’s Klassna Tell Me More with Chibaya. Best Special Beginners Toy Group winner and Best Special Beginners Reserve BIS.

2. Cregg’s Edkbangels Zennia. 17 months. Large framed. Beautiful eyes well placed in an appealing head. Excellent dentition. Good for neck and topline. Presented in lovely coat and well handled.