• Show Date: 19/11/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/12/2023

British Chihuahua Club

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

The British Chihuahua Club Championship Show 19th November 2023 (Long Coat)

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for a super day and particularly the excellent buffet lunch provided. My stewards were excellent, ensuring the ring procedure was spot on. Finally, a big thank you to the exhibitors for a wonderful entry of 130 dogs; a total entry being 138 with very few absentees.

Minor Puppy Dog 9

There is no doubt that a number of these babies will change places as maturity unfolds.

1. Robson’s Tidos Dragon Warrior. 6nmonths. Won a very challenging class on his glorious head proportions and finish. He has a super body, secure backline and correct tail set. He moved accurately coming and going.

2. Lee’s Ugo Boss De L’Isle Vert Coteau (Imp FRA) NAF. Another promising baby. Slightly lacking in confidence but notwithstanding, possesses ideal balance and shape. Excellent head proportions and length of muzzle with appealing eyes to finish the picture. Excellent dentition for age. Moved accurately.

3. Swales and Davis’s Chibull Zeus

Puppy Dog 5

1. Skinner’s Mujerosa Hats of to You. 6 months. Really promising. I admired his many breed attributes, particularly his saucy expression! Good for length of neck, shoulder placement and body proportions. Held a secure topline and has a well set tail. Moved impressively making full use of his well let down hocks and correct rear angulations. Must have a bright future. BPD, RBPIB & Reserve BPIS.

2. Bradshaw’s Kechua Lightening Flash. 11 months. Due to a change of handler, once settled he came into to his own. Balanced throughout and of correct size for age. Head contained beautiful eyes, and well set, correctly shaped ears, used to advantage. Moved stylishly.

3. Rushton & Chang’s Yensha’s Renegade.

Junior Dog 3

1. Sangster’s Kirlasidh Young Pretender JW. 14 months. Eye catching Fawn and White youngster who is confident, wilful and full of his own importance. Beautifully balanced, spirit level topline and high set sickle tail carried correctly. Glorious head, large, dark expressive eyes all endearing but masculine. Excellent neck. Well bodied. Excellent feet. Movement demonstrated the requisite swift, positive action with reach and drive. Already a CC winner I was told afterwards. Delighted to award him the RBD & RCC in a quality entry.

2. Todd-McCoid’s Rubyanlo Te Omo JW. Another beauty and although being different in type to 1, possesses all the same attributes. This outgoing B/T youngster was presented in amazing condition. Head is well proportioned and contains appealing dark round eyes. Moved with style and confidence. Front to settle. Close call.

3. Mann’s Parisland Dark Destroyer TAF.

Yearling Dog 7,1

1. Martin’s Leathea’s Rockstar DJ. 21 months. Won this hotly contested and somewhat challenging class to adjudicate. He is a very honest, typey young man both in head and body. Tail is well set. Lovely shape when standing and moving. Well sprung ribs and strong loins. Strong well let down hocks. He is an economical, accurate mover.

2. Humphreys Amarantos Meet Joe Black. 18 months. This B/T well proportioned youngster is super for size. Glorious head which is good for cheeks, lean finish to jaws and dentition. Correct large ears; well set. Slightly arched moderate neck, as required. Not quite the body maturity of 1. True, sound mover.

3. Taylor’s Chantaydan Veni Vidi Vici JW

Novice Dog 1

1. Mujerosa Mr Chocalote Box. Despite standing alone, this yearling was pleasing to examine. Head contained attractive eyes and was well finished with a super mouth. Nicely proportioned throughout and moved stylishly. OK behind. Super Cream/White textured coat.

Post Graduate Dog 6

1. Martin’s Leathea’s Mums Little Star. 6 years. Well-rounded skull with ideal length of muzzle to compliment. Ears of good set, well placed and used to advantage. Super dark round eyes appealed. Body was a touch longer than ideal. Moved so positively holding a secure backline with tail set high which just gave him the edge over 2.

2. Skinner’s Mujerosa Bobby’s Heart In Heaven JW. Cream and White with permitted pigmentation/self-coloured nose. Another lovely dog to examine. Liked his overall size and shape. Body was well ribbed; good brisket. Head was balanced, masculine and contained beautiful eyes. Close call.

3. Culverhouse’s Lykath’s The Private King.

Limit Dog 14, 1

1. Morley’s Loroso Little Amadeas. This beautifully proportioned 3 ½ year old won this very large class on his well-rounded head containing beautiful expressive eyes. Super dentition and finish to foreface. Large flaring ears set at the correct angle. In superb coat and condition. He is of correct size and shape. Precise, positive mover in all directions holding a clean topline and high set tail.

2. Davis’s Domani Samael Button at Chibull. 4 years. This mature dog is exceptional to examine. I accept that he appears slightly larger than some and therefore could be easily overlooked. Upon examination however, he has a most appealing headpiece and is well-constructed throughout. A little unsettled initially, he quickly regained his confidence.

3. Hicks’s Torre De Pillar Kingsman at Casiatodo (Imp ESP),

Open Dog 3

1. Peeker’s JP/DK/SE/FI/NO Ch Bramver’s Millionaire (JAP). My notes record, ‘Simply stunning’. It was a absolute honour to examine what I consider to be one of the best examples of a long coat Chihuahua I have judged. Simply his head is text book and contains dentition which is exemplary in every way. His size, shape and balance is outstanding. He moves briskly with great forehand reach and strong rear drive from correct angulations and well let down hocks. Coat and featherings are of the desired texture and not overdone. His ring presence is captivating as he moves in a manner that attracts attention and admiration. CC, BOB and ultimately, BIS from a fabulous entry.

2. Morley’s Lykath’s Flash Harry at Loroso, 5 years. Lots to admire here in terms of size, balance and proportions. Really impressive head qualities and dark, round expressive eyes to boot. Upon examination, he has super ribbing and chest, secure topline and high set tail, held correctly on the move. Presented in wonderful condition.

3. Skinner’s Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd.

Champion Dog 4

1. Hicks’s Ch Chiquita De Oro Top Ten At Casiatodo (Imp Hun). Really admired his style. Small and beautifully balanced. Quality, masculine head but not overdone. Excellent dentition. I particularly lived his finish of muzzle which gave him the edge over 2. Flaring ears, well placed, round large, eyes. Good for stop. Excellent dentition. Body is beautifully proportioned and well ribbed. Tail is well set and of correct shape. Level top line. B/T coat beautifully presented. Best mover in the class, his footfall was light and decidedly accurate.

2. Armendariz’s Ch Lobo De El Capricho (Imp Esp). Well made, masculine dog. Good apple domed head with lots of breadth between his ears, large dark eyes. Just preferred the leaner cheeks of 1. Good mouth. Correct reach of neck and a level back. Superb tail set and carriage with wonderful feathering. Moved freely around the ring.

3. Karapanagiotidis’s GR Ch Daigo Red Charlie (GRC)

Veteran Dog 7,1

1. Humphrey’s Amorantos Tobin. A lovely dog I gave a 2nd CC several years ago. Now almost 8 years old he has lost none of his former charm and attraction. Beautifully sized and proportioned, his head is captivating. Always gives his very best and his proud deportment can never be denied. Presented in wonderful condition, he won in a highly competitive class of lovely veterans. BVD & BVIB.

2. Sangster’s Ch Tidos Charlie He’s My Darling At Kirlasidh JW. Another favourite of mine who I have previously given a Veteran Championship Show Group1. He always gives his best. Now approaching 10 years old he still demonstrates superb movement and ideal size and balance. In great coat and condition.

Minor Puppy Bitch 10,2

1. Robson’s Tidos Honey Pot. Still very much a baby at 6 months but she shows great potential. Gorgeous head, eyes and pigmentation, all framed by well set ears simply makes a statement. Body is well ribbed. Shoulders well set. Secure topline and high set tail. Moved very well around the ring and accurate with it too. One to watch I’m sure. BPIB & BPIS.

2. Skinner’s Mujerosa Tickled Pink 7 months old. Pretty little girl with beautiful dark, eyes and good ear placement. I admired her construction and balance. Accurate on the move but not, as yet, totally confident but clearly another to watch.

3. Davis’s Chibull Sophia

Puppy Bitch 4

1. Hicks’s Rix Chix Breeze To Your Wings at Casiatodo (Imp LAT). 8 months. Excelled in body proportions and conformation. Appealing head with well finished muzzle. Good for neck, shoulders and topline. A touch unsure at times with her tail but her place could not be denied. Later on her return to the ring, she gained more confidence so was awarded Reserve BPB.

2. Skinner’s Mujerosa Tickled Pink.

3. Edwards’s Tinasjoy Princess Royal

Junior Bitch 5,1

1. Rooney’s Ch Copymear Reign On My Parade With Yorone. 17 months, red/white, small and dainty. This 17 month old ‘pocket rocket’ and quite beautiful. Superb head proportions and finish. Ears are large and well placed. Captivating dark eyes. Excellent dentition. Secure backline, high set tail, well held. She moved around the ring with drive and precision. Her lighter footfall just gave her the nod over 2.

2. Tod-McCoid’s Rubyanlo Showens St Jarna. 15 months and slightly different in type to 1 but likewise just as impressive. Rounded skull which contains large, expressive, dark eyes adding to this classic Chihuahua head. All this was finished by large flaring ears. Excellent dentition. Proportioned body with adequate spring of rib. Secure topline, well set tail which never stopped wagging. Moved so very well around the ring. Such a close call here.

3. Edwards’s Jamaica Jane Secret Of Angels

Yearling Bitch 10,3

1. Day’s Monicachi Queen of Diamonds 12 months. Nicely put together and of a lovely size. This ultra feminine bitch presents the most wonderful profile when standing. Saucy expressive head with correct muzzle length and finish, it contains dark round captivating eyes. Well-furnished flaring ears, well set. Clean front, lovely feet and well laid shoulders. Level secure back, well ribbed body. I admired her rear angulations and well let down hocks. Her light, brisk movement was both accurate and determined. In the Challenge she and her handler worked harmoniously in producing a performance which truly deserved the accolade of CC, (her first after two RCC’s I was told later).

2. Robson’s Todos Rock Queen. 15 months. Scores in head and overall construction. Not as forward as 1. Presented in beautiful coat and condition. Loved her ribbing and chest. Steady mover.

3. Pearce’s Mirifico Lisa

Novice Bitch 6

1. Taylor’s Chantaydan High Priestess. Pretty little show girl. 16 months. Super head shape, lovely ears and feathering, great dentition. Level top line and excellent tail carriage. Stood four square and moved very well.

2. Lee’s Ridgehawk Shenna Girl 20 months. Attractive, Gold/White. Not the largest but all together. Classic head and loved the expression. Super dentition. Good for neck. Very fine boned but her body was proportional. Just preferred movement of 1.

3. Barker’s Baralicia Misty Lady

Post Graduate Bitch 11

1. Todd-McCoid’s Rubyanlo Magic Trix JW. 22 months. Impressive on the stand and equally so upon examination. Apple domed head with correctly placed flaring ears and wonderful large, dark eyes. Her muzzle is of the correct length and proportionate. Excellent dentition. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders with secure level back. Spot on tail set and carriage. Moved round the ring in style. She was so happy with it all. In the Challenge she never put a foot wrong and could not be denied the RCC in a top quality lineup.

2. Hick’s Chiqita De Oro Blans at Casiatodo (Imp Hun) 2 year old cream and white girl that impressed me more as this large class progressed. Appealing head with large flaring ears. Eyes to die for! Muzzle is of the correct length. Great dentition. Neck has good reach; topline firm and secure. Tail set is correct and carried well. Purposeful mover.

3. Edward’s Tinajoy Dolly Daydream

Limit Bitch 12,2

1. Rushton & Robson’s Rushwarden Gold Charm with Tidos. 2 years. Such a pretty head giving a lovely expression. Eyes are round, dark and of correct size. Large, well placed ears. Excellent dentition. Compact body, well ribbed. Secure topline; good tail carriage. Balanced bone. Beautifully presented. Impressive on the move which aided her win in a very strong class.

2. Patterson’s Dyn Asti Sparkle and Shine Avec Bratilda. 18 months. So well-constructed and impressive to examine. Beautifully proportioned head portrayed an appealing expression. Spirit level back; correct tail set and carriage. Super condition. Moved well gaining confidence as the class progressed. Pushed 1 all the way.

3. Obringer’s Chihohit Favourite Nonpareil Charm Chiaffie

Open Bitch 9,1

1. Jones’s Ch Flackan Figurine JW. Head contains super large, round dark eyes. Well placed ears. Finer muzzle. Super body proportions. She produces a stunning outline making full use of that excellent neck carriage, spirit level backline and correct tail set. Quality coat, ample bone & body. Moved accurately in all directions and her lighter, daintier footfall gave her the edge over 2. Whenever she came to stand she stood four square.

2. Hornby’s Bramerita I’m Dusty. Good length of leg and is well balanced. Admired her ribbing and depth of chest. Sports an excellent head which is good for eyes and ears. When moving she was precise and accurate holding a secure topline.

3. Heap & Palmer’s Ch Ch Macien Gaia

Champion Bitch 3,1

1. Lee’s Barwater Ch Agatha Christie of Ridgehawk. 4 years old mature tri colour. She is a well-proportioned bitch. Good finish to head; OK eyes. Correct reach of neck, well laid shoulders. Body with well sprung ribs; correct length of back. Moved around the ring with accuracy and determination. She he is an exemplary show girl with that ‘look at me attitude’ which just swayed my decision between two super champions.

2. Robson’s Ch Tidos Cherry Truffle 2 years. Pleasing head, with refined muzzle and correct finish. Well balanced outline with firm body. Well laid shoulders. Beautifully constructed with a stunning profile. Moved daintily and with accuracy.

Veteran Bitch 9,2

1. Clarke’s Ch Oxsirius Neon Tiger. 9 years. Feminine, true and very typey. Her light red coat was presented in optimum condition. I was impressed by her overall construction. Super, balanced head; dark appealing eyes. Pleasing body. On the move she is so impressive being accurate and stylish. Presented in beautiful condition and I was not surprised to find she is titled. Best VB.

2. Ison’s Lynpix Clear as Crystal. Impressive feminine head with well-placed large ears, dark eyes and correct deep stop. At 12 years old she looks so good for her age, and her condition belies her years. She possess all the qualities which should have resulted in her title. She is a credit to the care and attention of her owner.

3. Craggs’s Reynoldco Sweet Dreams JW