• Show Date: 09/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Maltese

East of England Championship Dog Show July 2023



1. Welbourne’s Zumarnik Made You Look. 7 months and clearly a bit of a handful! When settled he was sound and true. Well-proportioned head with slightly rounded skull, attractive dark eye and complimentary pigment. Liked his body proportions and coat texture for age. Very promising.

JD 2

1. Welbourne’s Zumernik Excalibur. Just out of puppy. A showy and classically presented dog. Admired his proportions and overall balance. Appealing head with slightly rounded skull and dark oval eyes. Cobby with good spring of rib; level back. Good length to his coat which was straight with a silky texture. At times he was unsettled but when concentrating he moved with ease and free flowing action.

2. Kisby’s Genmerian Ellsworth, 15 months. I liked the texture of his coat. Balanced head, excellent dentition. Dark eyes. Pigmentation a little off. Moved steadily maintaining a secure topline and high set tail. Handled sympathetically.


1. Jonusaite’s Emperatrice Hotshot. 18 months old. Sound, balanced and well proportioned. Nice head with slightly rounded skull, containing beautiful dark eyes complimented by correct pigmentation. A little shy but moved soundly. Coat in excellent condition.

OD 4

1. Jackson and Rycraft’s Ch Benatone Marcolabel. This mature 3 year old has a super head with lovely dark eyes giving the desired expression. Good for neck. Well sprung ribs. Holds a secure topline. High set tail. Super coat qualities. On the move his well-constructed forequarters demonstrated excellent forehand movement. CC.

2. Welbourn’s Ch Sunn de Lion London at Zumernik (Imp RUS) Dog. I judged him as a youngster and admired. He is now grown larger and this is expatiated by his voluminous coat. His head is beautifully balanced with particularly appealing eyes. A sound, true and stylish mover. RCC.

3. Urquart’s Blackpark Polar Bear

Special Beginners D 1

1. Kisby’s Genmerian Ellsworth


1. Jonsusaite’s Emperatrice Bellina Star. Promising puppy 7 month old. Loved her head shape, balance and ultra feminine expression. Body is well-constructed throughout. She moved with free flowing action, maintaining a level topline. Correct pigment, pure white coat presented in first class condition. Promising baby.

PB 1

1. Wasilewska’s Prada Solativo NAF (Imp UKR). 8 months. Sweet, elegant and smart. Correct shaped and proportioned head with dark eyes all aiding a lovely expression. Super dentition. Well laid shoulders, level topline and strong hindquarters. Moved soundly.

JB 3

1. Lees’s Lafford Beauty Queen. 15 months old. Impressive to examine. Head is gently rounded with a well defined stop and all is correctly proportioned. Lovely eyes and pigmentation. Coat is pure white, straight and silky. She has the correct black pigmentation throughout. Moved soundly with a free flowing action. RCC.

2. Rycraft’s Benatone Chanel Star at Hevundug. 17 ½ months old. Well balanced, cobby body, well ribbed with level topline and tail carried well over the back. OK for neck. OK for pigment and eye colour. Moved steadily.

3. Stoner’s Kericrest’s On thin Ice

GB 3

1. Lees’s Lafford Beauty Queen

2. Wasilewska’s My Leya Satiamore (Imp POL) Lovely type, she is elegant, smart and sound. Correctly shaped and proportioned head containing super eyes giving a glorious expression. Good for neck but I thought her a touch narrow throughout the body. Super coat quality and she moved really well.

3. Jonsusaite’s Emperatrice Star Bellinda at Villarose

LB 1

1. Stoner’s Kericrest’s Kit and Caboodle. 3 years. Good for size and shape, well balanced and sound. Correctly proportioned head with slightly rounded skull and dark oval eyes. Coat in excellent condition, straight, silky and pure white. Correct pigment throughout. Moved very well.

OB 1

1. Gillies’s Ch Delcost Centerfold. Really super 3 year old mature bitch. Appealing outline both standing which was equally impressive on the move. She has such a pretty, feminine head. Well proportioned throughout with superb pigment. Lengthy neck which she uses to produce a proud, self-important carriage. Level topline. Nicely angulated fore and hind quarters. Excellent coat. CC, BOB and Shortlisted in the Toy Group.


1. Jonusaite’s Romanantic Show Ledi For Emperatrice. 7 years old, clipped out and clearly enjoying it all! She has a feminine head is well bodied, secure topline, high set tail and moves like a train!

Special Beginners B

1. Wasilewska’s My Leya Satiamore (Imp POL)