• Show Date: 07/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/12/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Ch., Veteran and Puppy Stakes


Over the course of the four days I was so privileged to judge some really beautiful dogs ranging in age from 6 months and 1 day right up 13 years of age. In once class there were at least 12 dogs to whom I have awarded CCs or placed in strong Groups. Temperaments were excellent which is a great testament to our show dogs. I was blessed with two really excellent stewards who worked with me over the course of the show, I truly appreciated their help.


Day 1 Utility and Toy (61 Entries) Abs: 33

1st: 1799 DUNHILL-HALL, Miss M Ch Vormund Vivienne Westwood. I gave this lovely bitch Best in Show just a few weeks ago at the Japanese Shiba Club Open Show. I could find no reason to change my opinion of her. After the show I wrote “She has a really pretty head with full cheeks, good eyes and nicely placed ears which are a continuation of her arched neckline. Excellent forehand with lovely tight feet. Good depth of chest, well bodied with moderate spring of rib. Excellent double coat. Moved beautifully with an accurate, light action.”

2nd: 2185 SHEPPARD, Mr A Ch Mikasa Magicstar Small Talk. Poodle (Toy). Another lovely bitch to whom I have previously awarded top honours. Vivacious, feminine and animated. Grand head and dark, almond shaped eyes. Good foreface with some chin. Decent forehand with nicely arched feet. Well bodied with some depth of chest and good spring of rib. On the move, she has a very light, sound easy action. Needless to say, she was shown in a good jacket that was presented to very best advantage.


Day 2 Hound & Terrier (55 Entries) Abs: 34

1st: 2972 WILBERG, Mrs K S Ch Kanix Quickstep. A beautiful typical Fox Terrier (Smooth). Absolutely on her toes at all times and in harmony with her handler. Keen, alert expression, small dark eyes and perfect ear placement. Excellent forehand with good bone and neat feet. Short back and some strength over the loin. Moved well displaying some drive. She beat some great Champions to win over all three days.

2nd: 3052 HARDMAN, Mr I A Ch Swed Fin Est Int Ch Red Lucifer at Bonosue. Irish Terrier. Shown in top form and condition, his coat is a good texture and colour. Good skull and very neat ears. Dark, keen eye. Deep chest and he is well ribbed back. Muscular loin. Sound and free moving.


Day 3 Working and Pastoral (56 Entries) Abs: 29

1st: 6169 AKESTER, Mr Adam & AKESTER, Mrs Elizabeth & WILTSH Sh Ch Thwaitlake Buzzman. I was so impressed with this lovely Border Collie Dog. On the move he is so typical with good head carriage and minimum lift. Very well balanced with some breadth of skull, intelligent and keen expression. Strong, well-muscled hindquarters, hock well let down. His effortless movement and excellent type gave him the top spot today and eventually he was the overall runer-up.

2nd: 5454 CHAPPELL, Ms & Mr Lesley & Adam Ch Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI). Strong, masculine and quite majestic, strong lengthy head, well set ears. Excellent forehand with very good bone and feet. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Has some drive and covers some ground on the move. The ring wasn’t ideal for the bigger dogs as it was rather cramped but I did think he and the third placed GSD were very special.

3rd: 6560 HENSLEY, Mrs D Ch Desjiem van de Herdersfarm (Imp Deu)

Day 4 Gundog (50 Entries) Abs: 28

1st: 8174 STEPHENS, Mr & Mrs J & M B Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW Sh.CM. Retriever (Curly Coated). Strongly made, masculine and very handsome. He was my group winner at Windsor two years ago. Now a Veteran and he does epitomise the breed standard. Flat broad skull. Kind expression. Clean, well laid shoulder, good bone, legs and feet. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Good quarters, short from hock to heel. Excellent coat and condition. Free moving and sound.

2nd: 8184 ANDERSON, Ms K Sh Ch Feldkirk Dior Of Kazval. Retriever (Flat Coated). Beautifully put together and a real pleasure to handle. Feminine and does possess a certain raciness. Kind, gentle expression. Excellent forehand. Good body and ribbing. Shown in good muscle tone and this was reflected in her flowing, true action.

3rd: 7397 SMITH & REARDON, Messers D E & G Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone


OVERALL RESERVE : 6169 AKESTER, Mr Adam & AKESTER, Mrs Elizabeth & WILTSH Sh Ch Thwaitlake Buzzman - BORDER COLLIE, Dog


Day 1 Utility and Toy (32 Entries) Abs: 14

1st: 1211 STOREY, Mrs K A Ch Rhodenash Gloria. Pug. Very nearly 10 years of age and in great form and condition. Lovely head with defined wrinkling, large dark, clear eyes and good muzzle. Compactly made and cobby with good ribbing and high set, well carried twist. Typical and sound on the move. Excellent coat.

2nd: 2383 RICE, Mrs J Ch Souska Devotion VW. Tibetan Spaniel. Beautifully balanced and so typical with a smallish, well-proportioned head, blunt, good chin. Moderate bone, very good forehand. Good ribbing, topline and tailset. Moved out well with a very easy, positive action.

3rd: 1561 MCMANUS, Mrs Joesphine Teresa Boschendal Ashes Of Roses

Day 2 Hound & Terrier (39 Entries) Abs: 18

1st: 4064 PINKERTON, Mrs Sue & CATTONI-SARMAN, Mrs Lynda Ch Int Ch Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma Sh. Borzoi. A real eye-catcher with his superbly presented, profuse, silky coat. Typical long head with evident veining. Good depth of brisket, some breadth and strength over the loin. Moved well with some drive and a very easy stride.

2nd: 3416 KENDRICK, Mrs J E Ch Ch Frisco Kiaora At Jeraro (Cze Imp). A grand masculine Skye Terrier. Great head proportions, long arched neck and good shoulders. Strong bone. Ribs extend well back and his topline is exemplary. Moved, shows and presented to best advantage.

3rd: 3742 CLINTON, Miss A Ch Ir Ch Lux Ch Int Ch Westlawn Diablo Sh.CM

Day 3 Working and Pastoral (47 Entries) Abs: 25

1st: 5717 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN, Mr E Ch Belleville Anjo De Noite. Portuguese Water Dog. My reserve CC winner at Darlington this autumn and it’s hard to believe that this lovely bitch is 12 years old. Good sized head with clear, dark eyes. Strong, moderate neck and good breadth and depth of chest. Well ribbed. Very free moving and sound.

2nd: 6605 COWLEY, Mrs and Mr LJ and KD Ch Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli Sh.CM ShCE. Hungarian Puli. Another dog I have admired in the past. Fabulous coat in perfect condition. Underneath the cords is a well made, sound little dog, beautifully balanced and pleasing to handle. Excellent pigmentation. Very typical on the move.

3rd: 6965 ROBINSON, Miss K Ch Lavika Black Beauty JW

Day 4 Gundog (31 Entries) Abs: 13

1st: 8174 STEPHENS, Mr & Mrs J & M B Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW Sh.CM. See Champion Stakes.

2nd: 7208 SANDERSON, Mrs Catherine & SANDERSON, Mr Mark Sh Ch Owlspoint Trouble At Mill Bwnl'18 Sh.CM ShCE. Bracco Italiano. A handsome dog who can really move out with an easy, lengthy stride. Good head properties, clean eyes, divergent planes and good leathers. Broad, deep chest and well ribbed body. Typcial topline.



Day 1 Utility and Toy

Puppy Dog (41 Entries) Abs: 20

1st: 875 JAMES, Ms S Jaegerson The Edge. Miniature Pinscher. Presents a lovely outline with his slightly arched neck, typical topline and well angulated quarters. Very good forehand with decent breadth and depth of chest. On the move he is impressive with his co-ordinated hackney action.

2nd: 1784 ANDREW, Ms Karoline Vormund Can't Wait To Be King Claran. Japanese Shiba Inu. Strong masculine head, well set ears and well developed cheeks. Good body and ribbing. Thick, well carried tail. Quality coat. Moved out well with a light, energetic action.

3rd: 687 THORNE, Miss Chloe Boccalupo Lucky Luciano

Puppy Bitch (51 Entries) Abs: 30

1st: 891 STRACEY, Miss R Krieger's Kiss'N'Tell. Miniature Pinscher. Best Puppy Day 1. I know it was unimaginative of me to have two examples of this breed in the challenge but I was genuinely impressed with both of them. This bitch has a real air of quality, a very pleasing head of good length and a keen, alert expression. Compact with a slightly sloping topline and strong, well angulated hind quarters. Typical hackney gait and completely sound both out and back.

2nd: 1017 MORLEY, Miss E & HITCHCOCK, Mr R Lizlanmor Queen of the Night. Pekingese. In my notes I wrote “small, solid, compact and shapely.” That pretty much sums her up. She has a really attractive head and expression with a flat skull, lovely eyes and good nostrils. Dignified and typical on the move.

3rd: 1290 BEVIS, Ms F & BEVIS, C & CORR, R & VENEZIA, K Stecal's Designed By Nakodo

Day 2 Terrier and Hound

Puppy Dog (49 Entries) Abs: 23

1st: 2671 GILPIN, Mr and Mrs James and Hilary Otterbobs Quiggins. Border Terrier. Best Puppy Day 2. Very smart and pleasing to handle as he is well made, spans easily and has a good coat and pelt. Good head proportions, pleasing forehand, good body with ribs extending well back. Tight, well-padded feet. Sound and free moving.

2nd: 3741 CARRINGTON, Mrs Ashley & CARRINGTON, Mr Nicholas Ambertail's Heels On New Shores at Senjiba (Can Imp). One of several high-class Basenjis I had the pleasure of judging today. Masculine yet has some elegance with good length of leg. Attractive head and expression with neat, slightly hooded ears. Good depth of brisket. Moved well with an easy, fluid action.

3rd: 3105 IRVING, Miss T J & IRVING, Mrs K M Twinan high regard

Puppy Bitch (51 Entries) Abs: 25

1st: 3834 BLANCE, mrs Chris & BLANCE, Miss N Soletrader Tina Turner. Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit). A classy bitch with a lovely head, strong jaw, large open nostrils. Good length of neck, pleasing forehand with decent forechest, well ribbed with good topline and high set tail. Moves and presented to best advantage.

2nd: 2679 GUVERCIN, Mrs Julie Glebeheath Ophelia. Border Terrier. Completely unexaggerated. Good head, good legs and tight, well-padded feet. Spannable and shown in a good jacket and pelt. Free moving and sound.

3rd: 3743 CLINTON, Miss A Akmar Napatan Gold For Westlawn

Day 3 Working and Pastotral

Puppy Dog (38 Entries) Abs: 11

1st: 5394 WEBB, Mrs L & MULLINS, Mrs Jocelyn Protocol's The Midas Touch (imp USA). Dobermann. Best Puppy Day 3. Masculine and yet has some elegance. Flat skull, good eyes and strong jae. Neat, well carried ears. Nicely arched neck, well developed forechest and strong, well ribbed body. Good bone and feet. Well angulated and shown in good muscular condition. Moved well with some drive from the rear.

2nd: 7032 AYNSCOUGH, Mrs Margaret & MAAS, Mrs Deborah Lidoffad Celtic Warrior with Sanja. Welsh Corgi (Carigan). Smart and typey with a grand head, well set ears, kind and intelligent expression. Well boned with good legs and feet, well ribbed and has some ground clearance. Moved well. Excellent temperament.

3rd: 5742 COURTNEY-BAUGHAN, Ms Gail Jhava Black Magic Over Whisperdown

Puppy Bitch (56 Entries) Abs: 30

1st: 7115 PIKE, Mrs G & PIKE, Mr S Unita Mentale Genrietta At Eivisah (Imp UKR) NBT. Welsh Corgi (Pembroke). I was surprised to learn that she had been in the UK for such a short length of time, she is a real eye-catcher and her temperament and deportment will always command a second look. Nicely proportioned head with good breadth of skull, good ear set. Pleasing forehand with good depth and breadth of chest. Excellent topline. Strong hindquarters with some drive on the move. A really good prospect.

2nd: 6957 REDPATH, Mrs J Pathaaron Fair Isle. Shetland Sheepdog. Sweet, feminine expression enhanced by her well carried ears. Nicely arched neck, good forehand. Decent depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Good tailset and carriage. Moved out well with an easy fluid gait.

3rd: 5617 ADAIR, Mrs Abbi & ADAIR, Mr Steven Chateaunewf Make My Day for Darebear

Day 4 Gundog

Puppy Dog (56 Entries) Abs: 27

1st: 8094 WATKINS, Ms Tereza Lakewinds Benchmark (Imp) Aus. Pointer. Presents a classic outline. Grand head with a lovely kind expression. Long arched neck and clean, well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Well angulated with good muscle tone. Moved well displaying some drive.

2nd: 9133 WEYMAN, Mrs J More Than Amazing Wanna Be A Gangster at Spuffing. E.S.S. Beautifully balanced, grand head and expression. Strong, lengthy neck and clean shoulders. Good bone, legs and feet.Good body with great spring of rib and strong loin. Sound and active on the move.


Puppy Bitch (63 Entries) Abs: 32

1st: 7315 WILLIAMS, Mrs P D A Bournehouse Eternal Love. English Setter. I loved her! She has a real air of quality and absolutely stood out here today. Lovely head with a mild, gentle expression. Good shoulders and depth of brisket. Well ribbed. Strong, well-muscled hindquarters. Her movement was spot on and despite having to challenge for Best Puppy on Day 4 and then again for Best Overall Puppy she never flagged or put a foot wrong.

2nd: 9068 CHANDLER, Miss Elizabeth Elazlan Coronation Day. Another very typey E.S.S. Well-proportioned head with kind expression, good neck and shoulders. Depp chest and good ribbing. A good mover.


OVERALL WINNER : 7315 WILLIAMS, Mrs P D A Bournehouse Eternal Love - ENGLISH SETTER, Bitch

OVERALL RESERVE : 2671 GILPIN, Mr & Mrs J & H Otterbobs Quiggins - BORDER TERRIER, Dog

Judge: Tom Mather