• Show Date: 21/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/10/2023

Cocker Spaniel Club Of Lancashire

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
COCKER SPANIEL CLUB OF LANCASHIRE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 21/10/2023 My thanks go to the Officers and Committee of this long established Club for the invitation to judge the dogs. My co-judge, Mrs Marion Sweeney and I were in agreement for all the major awards except for BOB where we relied upon the Referee, Mrs Tricia Bentley who found in favour of the dog. My thanks to my two excellent stewards, Richard and Colin for all their help. Dog CC & Best in Show Wildman’s Sh. Ch. Oktumi Major Player Reserve Dog CC Hackett’s Lindridge Harbour Lights Reserve Best in Show Torbett’s Kirlinjis Kustom Made Best Opposite Sex in Show Torbett’s Kirlinjis Kustom Made Best Puppy in Show Darby’s Classicway Call Time Best Minor Puppy in Show Todd & Rahmans’ Zheridons Blanche Best Veteran in Show Pearce-Gudger’s Sh.Ch. Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim Best Spec. Beginner in Show Coombes’ Tomarisroan Star Maker Dogs Black/Black & Tan/Liver/Golden Special Novice 1 Share-Jones’ Sharemead Golden Spark. Pleasing head and expression, dark full eye with tight rims. Clean neck and shoulders. Good bone, legs and feet. Decent body and ribbing. Flat silky coat. Scored here with his very positive hind action. 2 Eisen’s Kerriglow One Step Closer at Crankwoods. A useful dog. Less mature in body and rib but he is very typey with a decent forehand. Needs more ring training as he pulled on the lead and his movement was difficult to assess. Special Graduate Two typical black dogs. 1 McShane’s Meggiemac Black Pearl. Masculine with an attractive head and expression. Good body, well ribbed with some breadth over the loin. Nicely rounded hindquarters and moved with some drive. Good quality coat. 2 Young’s Canyonn Black Caviar. Compact and merry with a really pleasing head and expression. Good neck and clean shoulders, short-coupled and well angulated. Special Open 1 Wiggins’ Sh. Ch. Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield JW. A real contender for the challenge certificate with his lovely flat silky coat, and his grand head and expression. Excellent forehand with good bone and thickly padded cat feet. Short–coupled and well ribbed with nicely rounded, strong hindquarters. A good mover. 2 Boam’s Heluin Take Applause. Pleasing head and expression, clean neck and shoulders. A fraction longer than the winner and a shade softer in topline. Particularly good hind action. Good textured coat. AOC than Black/Black & Tan/Liver/Golden Special Graduate 1 Hackett & Sheridan’s Lindridge Star Attraction. Light b/r. Very merry and has some drive and bustle on the move. Masculine, pleasing head and expression. Good forehand. Well ribbed and compact. Well angulated hindquarters 2 Morris’ Riondel Enigma. B/r. Lovely type and pleasing to handle as he is well made all through. Grand head and expression. Strong, compact body with good spring of rib. Flat silky coat but there is almost too much of it as his does hide his outline somewhat. Moved soundly. 3 Palmer’s Shansart Sky Dancer Special Open 1 Wildman’s Sh. Ch. Oktumi Major Player. B/r. Dog CC and BOB. I loved his character and temperament. Well propertied head with full, dark eye, tight rims. Well set ears. Excellent forehand with well laid shoulders, good bone, strong legs and nicely padded cat feet. Has some forechest and depth of brisket. Short coupled with nicely rounded hindquarters, short from hock to heel and he has some drive on the move. Needless to say, he was shown in tip top coat and condition. 2 Torbett’s Sh.Ch. Kirlinjis Taylor Made. Another top quality dark blue dog. Compactly made with big ribs and strong bone, excellent topline and tailset. Has some breadth over the loins. Grand head and a very good moving dog. Pushed hard for top honours. 3 Driver’s Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby JW Any Colour Veteran 1 Pearce-Gudger’s Sh.Ch. Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW. In my notes I wrote definitely CC worthy! An o/r with the loveliest head and expression. Clean neck and well laid shoulders. Good ribbing, strong short loin. Very good hind angulation and muscle tone and his footfall was perfect. Lovely, silky coat and an absolutely typical Cocker temperament. 2 Beever’s Snowgate Parti Over to Dandyjan. A good moving dark b/r. Very attractive head and expression. Small, well-padded feet, good bone. Very good spring of rib, maybe a fraction longer in loin than the winner. Good jacket and impressed on the move. 3 Collins’ Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke JW Minor Puppy 1 Williams’ Wilmerella Highlander. B/r. Just over 6 months and he stood away here for his strong, driving rear action. Well-proportioned head, good eye, well set ears. Very good neck and shoulders and well ribbed for age. Shown in good coat. In the challenges later he played about a little but his lovely temperament was evident for all to see. 2 Anslow’s Shansart Harry Potter. Masxculine, pleasing head and gentle expression. Excellent body and ribbing with some breadth over the loins. Quite short coupled. Nicely rounded hindquarters. Moved soundly. 3 Clelland’s Lochellan Miami Blue Puppy 1 Darby’s Classicway Call Time. Light b/r. A good prospect I would think. Masculine but not coarse. Well proportioned, clean head, dark expressive eyes with tight rims. Excellent neck and shoulders. Very well ribbed for age and short coupled. Strong, well angulated hindquarters gave him some drive on the move. Silky coat which was presented to best advantage and he shows really well. Should finish at the top. Best Puppy in Show. 2 Turner’s Lochranza Celtic Spring. Black. Not the maturity of the winner but he has a pleasing head and expression. Good bone, legs and nicely padded feet. Well ribbed and moved soundly. Junior 1 Hackett’s Lindridge Harbour Lights. Reserve CC. Another light b/r. Oozes quality and type. Sturdy, compactly made with a great head and lovely expression. Has some forechest, depth of brisket and is well ribbed. Moved out well with a typical, merry, bustling action. I thought he was lovely. 2 Torbett’s Kirlinjis Kustom Made. Close up and another of good quality and type. Lovely masculine head and expression. Good eyes and well-set ears. Strong well ribbed bocy with some breadth over the loins. Nicely rounded hindquarters. Impressed on the move. 3 Nutter’s Jennobar Greatest Showman Yearling 1 Rahman & Williams’ Chataway Dark Louis. Presents a lovely outline as he is compact and moderate in all respects. Attractive head, dark eye, clean neck and shoulders. Well bodied with good ribbing. Very cockery on the move with some drive and his flat silky coat is presented to advantage. 2 Gilmour’s Chavez Silver Cloud. Very pleasing head with a lovely expression. Good forehand, compact feet. Well ribbed with some breadth over the loins. Tended to stretch out a shade too much on the table which made him look over angulated. Good silky coat. 3 Varnam’s Marquell McArthur Park at Shanaudvarn Undergraduate 1 Darby’s AllertsDon Viking at Classicway (Imp Sweden). I gather this win today gave him his Junior Warrant – congratulations. Masculine head and a lovely soft, kind expression. Good neck and clean well laid shoulders. Well ribbed and short coupled. Strong, well-muscled hindquarters gave him some drive on the move. 2 Hackett & Sheridan’s Lindridge Star Attraction. See special Graduate. 3 Aykroyd’s Clydesian Eldorado Post Graduate 1 Share-Jones’ Sharemead Golden Spark. A good quality dog, unexaggerated and well made. Grand head with kind expression, clean neck. Good bone and feet. Compact, well ribbed body and nicely rounded hindquarters. Moved well and his good coat was presented to advantage. 2 Walton’s Annaside Lets Dance. Very typical, cobby, compact and merry. Attractive head and expression. Strong, moderate neck and clean shoulders. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Flat silky coat. Has some drive from the rear when moving. 3 Burns’ VillaspaniolSoaring Glory Special Beginners 1 Norris’ Joaldy Mr Happyat Amaranth. Black in sparkling form and condition. Good skull, dark eyes with tight rims. Presents a lovely outline with his slightly low set tail which is well carried. Good quarters and stepped out well. 2 Nutter’s Jennobar Greatest Showman. B/r and tan. A really nicely made dog with a pleasing head, excellent forehand with some forechest and depth of brisket. Big strong ribs and good hindquarters with some drive on the move. First class temperament. His coat was a little untidy but he is a true merry Cocker. 3 Dolan’s Wilanorah Never Say Never Limit 1 Steele’s Rayol Caught You Looking in Zienne. This b/r was another I considered for top honours. Cobby, compact and short coupled which gave him the advantage. He has a lovely head and eye. Clean neck and shoulders, good bone, nicely rounded hindquarters and really moved out well. Excellent coat. Could carry a fraction more weight to advantage. 2 Scotland’s Lynwater Anything Goes. O/r. Close up and too has lots of quality. Excellent neck and shoulders, good feet. Very attractive, masculine head and gentle expression. Well ribbed with good hindquarters. Very good, true driving action. 3 Collins’ BartonholmPrince of Tides at Candyke JW Open Two top class dogs. 1 Williams’ Sh. Ch. Wilmerella Outlander. Masculine pleasing head, lovely clean neck and shoulders. Has some forechest and depth of brisket. Good ribcage. Moved out well with a strong, driving action. Excellent temperament. Flat, silky coat. 2 Hackett’s Lindridge Front Runner. Very eye-catching with a true Cocker temperament, Attractive head with good eyes, tight rims. Well bodied with good ribbing. Moved well with some style. Judge: Tom Mather