• Show Date: 19/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Special Beginners Stakes



Day 1 Hound & Pastoral

1st: 2478 BROWN, Mrs Amanda & BROWN, Mr Graham Calwinii's Valentina Rose JW. Welsh Corgi (Pembroke). Impressed me for both type and on the move. Good head with well-placed ears, a keen alert expression. Good forehand with adequate bone and decent feet. Kept her topline well at all times. Perhaps not in the fullest of coats but what she has is correct with a fairly hard outer coat and god undercoat.

2nd: 2203 HARRIS, Mrs Susan R Febus Hardknott. An attractive PMD with a lovely head and expression. Excellent pigmentation. Good breadth and depth of chest. Moved out well with a very easy, fluid action.


Day 2 Toy & Terrier

1st: 4002 PHILLIPS, Mrs Yvonne & PHILLIPS, Mr KSH Rockslade Romeo's Revenge. A classy Border Terrier. Good breadth of skull, strong jaws, excellent forehand, spannable with a thick pelt and good coat. A very good moving dogh.

2nd: 4727 FEATHER, Mrs Sarah Jane Niatona Beetle Crusher. SBT. A lovely character, very typical e

Head and erxpression. Good front with some depth of brisket and good breadth of chest. Well ribbed with shapely body. Very sound and steady on the move.

3rd: 4492 POWELL, Miss L V Watercroft Brown Boots

Day 3 Gundog

1st: 5840 KLAIBER, Mrs Nicola Hawkfield Scandalous. A curvy, graceful Pointer. Lovely head with kind expression. Clean over the neck and shoulders with good depth of brisket. Short coupled and well-muscled. Impressed me when frere standing and she looked good on the move.

2nd: 5145 CORKIN, Miss Stefanie KENZDUO FIREWORK. GSP. Shown in hard muscular condition. Attractive, masculine head with kind expression. Good forehand with adequate bone and decent feet. Good depth of chest. Strong well-angulated hindquarters. Has some drive on the move.

3rd: 6824 HOLLAND, Mr Stephen Crimicar Indigo Magic to Holchancer

Day 4 Working & Utility

1st: 7622 BRATCHIE, Miss C & BAILLIE, Mr C Essenceera Turn The Magic On At Skookumbull JW. Bullmastiff. Stongly made but not coarse. Good sized skull with nicely padded cheeks, open nostrils and breadth of underjaw. Good depth and breadth of chest. Sound and free moving.

2nd: 7714 LAFFORD, Mrs Sarah & LAFFORD, Mr Ian LATEAGAIN WILD HEART AVEC SARIANDOBES JW. Doberann. Combined elegance and strength, very well schooled and shows to best advantage. Long, well-proportioned head with flat skull, neat ears and dark eyes. Very good forehand. Ribs are deep and extend well back. Moved soundly with an easy, fluid action.

3rd: 7533 FOX, Mrs Julie & Ian Britesparke Norman Moon

Judge: Tom Mather