• Show Date: 07/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bracco Italiano Society

Breed: Bracco Italiano

 It was a real pleasure and honour to be invited judge and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Society. Sincere thanks go to both Keeley and Richard who worked so hard throughout the afternoon. I think the breed does have some depth of quality. Two points that breeders need to consider are tail set and carriage and there was a small number of rather loose eye rims which can have health and welfare implications. All of the exhibits were clean and in good body condition. Temperaments were excellent. At the conclusion of judging I was presented with a beautiful engraved tankard which will be a lovely memento of a very pleasant afternoon with your breed. Thank you.


 Minor Puppy Dog

1 Pearson’s Braccorions You Can Conquer. He provided a good start to the afternoon as he is most typical with a pleasing head; fairly large eyes with good rims. Defined supraorbital ridge and occiput. Moderate dewlap. Good depth of chest. Presents a nice outline and moved soundly both out and back.

 Puppy Dog

1 Jackson’s Gunsyn Hottoddy. Best Puppy Dog. Masculine attractive head with clean eyes and some chiselling. Moderate dewlap. Good breadth and depth of chest for age. Well laid shoulders. Good bone, feet could be a little tighter. Good out and back and held his profile well on the move.

2 Burnside’s Quajalosh Porthos. Not quite the maturity as yet of the winner and still needs to firm up a little. Grand head and expression, excellent forehand. Typical topline. Shown in good condition. Good profile action. Should do well as he matures.

 Junior Dog

1 Bell & Maddox’s Whitgun RenegadeMaster at Owlspoint. Very typical head and expression. Oval, eyes with tight rims. Divergent head planes. Well bodied with both breadth and depth of chest. Nicely balanced and impressed moving with some drive from the rear.

2 Dodd’s Silvestre Golden Dragon. Another good moving dog with a masculine, unexaggerated head, kind expression. Excellent forehand with good legs and feet. Very good rib and body.

3 Pillinger’s Withamfriary Charles

 Yearling Dog

1 Forbes’ CanemamansPrimo Al Fine JW. I could have happily signed a CC for this handsome dog. Grand head with well set ears, clean eyes and divergent head planes. Very good forehand with well laid shoulders, good bone and nicely arched feet. Strong muscular hindquarters. His movement was sound and accurate and he carries himself well.

2 Bond’s Teverlani Keep The Faith. Another pleasing head, strong moderate neck, just a shade heavier over the shoulders than the winner. Broad, deep chest, well ribbed and sound and typical on the move.

 Post Graduate Dog

1 Fazenfield’s Komnigsbracci Pavey Ark. Nicely balanced head with good eyes, kind expression and divergent head planes. Decent forehand. Good spring of rib. Typical topline. Movement ok.

2 Rush’s Kelevra Cioccolatino. Not quite the composure of the winner but once settled he presented a good picture when standing. Overall, he is nicely balanced, masculine head, strong well ribbed body and good hind angulation.

3 Carr’s Laumidorn Edward Jenner

 Limit Dog

1 Jackson’s Solwaypoint Portofino. A handsome exhibit who carried himself well on the move and had plenty of drive. Good head and expression, good eye, pleasing forehand with adequate depth and breadth of chest. Shown in excellent muscle tone and condition.

2 Bowley’s Gunsyn Ginspiration. Another high quality exhibit of obvious type and in great condition. Lovely head and kind expression. Excellent forehand with good pasterns. Well ribbed with some breadth over the loin. Good tail set and carriage. Moved soundly.

3 Sladden’s Valcor The Confessor at Canemamans JW

 Open Dog

1 Longman’s Braccorion Quick Look at Callasicroft. Reserve CC. Strongly made and masculine with a very typical head and kind expression. Good eye rims, divergent planes and well set ears. Good forehand with breadth and depth of chest, excellent bone and good feet. Moved well with high head carriage from a moderate, powerful neck.

2 Rose’s Braccorions Running Rings Around Piccorino. Very handsome and close up but not quite the drive from the rear of the winner. I admired his head and expression, good eyes and tight rims. Very good body with typical topline, excellent tail set and carriage.

3 Bell & Maddox’s Tolriver Enzo at Owlspoint

 Champion Dog

2 lovely dogs here.

1 Burnside’s Owlspoint Makin Trouble. CC & BIS. A dog who really make the most of himself both standing and on the move with his powerful, driving rear action and excellent head carriage. Lovely clean head with a kind, benevolent expression. Good leathers. Good forehand with broad, deep chest and good legs and feet. Well ribbed back with some strength over the loins. Muscular, nicely angulated hindquarters.

2 Sanderson’s Sh Ch Owlspoint Trouble at Mill SHCM SHCEX BWNL’18. Strong and masculine with a lovely head and expression. Divergent planes, clean expressive eyes. Moderate neck and dewlap. Good forehand. Well ribbed body with typical topline. Sound and typical on the move.

 Minor Puppy Bitch

Three promising youngsters.

1 Webber and Sladden’s Valcor Killer Queen. Composed and very typey in all respects. Attractive head and expression, divergent head planes, clean eye and good leathers. Well bodied for age with a typical topline. Strong, well angulated hindquarters.

2 Rose’s Braccorion’s You Can Stay With Piccorino. Once settled this promising youngster moved very well. Clean head and eye with good planes and gentle expression. Good bone, body and ribs which extend well back.

3 Town’s Braccorions You Are My Candy

 Puppy Bitch

1 Thomas & Taylor’s Gunsyn Hotpants. Best Puppy in Show. Well grown, attractive youngster. Clean head and eyes. Well set ears and good leathers. Divergent planes. Has some breadth and depth of chest. Good body with some strength over the loins. Moved soundly in typical fashion.

2 Valcor Killer Queen

3 Titchmarsh’s Valcor Don’t Stop Me Now

 Junior Bitch

A good class.

1 Sanderson’s Whitgun U’Can’t Touch This at Walwal. An impressive young bitch. Fairly narrow over the zygomatic arch, good eyes with well fitting rims. Divergent head planes. Very pleasing expression. Excellent forehand with strong, oval, nicely arched feet (possible the best today!). Good body and rib. Moved extremely well with very good head carriage.

2 Hurst’s You Can Crown The Queen (Imp Hun). Close up. Lovely head and expression, moderate neck. Excellent body and ribbing for age. Strong broad loin. Impressed on the move.

3 Bond’s Teverlani Cama Da Rosas

 Yearling Bitch

1 Whitgun U’Can’t Touch This at Walwal

2 Teverlani Cama Da Rosas. Feminine gentle head and expression. Good leathers. Well bodied with both breadth and depth of chest. Sound and stylish on the move.

3 Lawrence’s Braccorion’s Xclusive

 Post Graduate Bitch

1 Whitgun U’Can’t Touch This at Walwal

2 Pillinger’s Withamfriary Dandelion. Good skull with typical head planes. Nicely shaped, expressive eyes but rims could be a fraction tighter. Well balanced with typical topline and pleasing hind angulation. Moved soundly

 Limit Bitch

1 Coghlan’s Braccorion’s Va Va Voom. Reserve CC. A high quality bitch with all the essentials. Presents a lovely picture on the move with her good head carriage and driving rear action. Grand head with a very pleasing expression. Good forehand. Strong, well ribbed body with and some breadth and strength over the loins.

2 Hayes’ Bushwacker Dolly Daydream. Showy and impressed in profile with her good carriage and deportment. Sound on the move but not quite the driving action of the winner. Attractive head and expression. Decent forehand and strong, well ribbed body.

3 Chadwick’s Gunsyn Ginerosity

 Open Bitch

1 Bowley’s Gunsyn Gineva. CC & Reserve BIS. An impressive exhibit, feminine yet strong with a most pleasing head and expression. Excellent forehand with good breadth and depth of chest. Ribs extend well back. Broad, muscular loin. Strong hindquarters. Moved well in a very typical fashion with her good carriage.

2 Whitney’s Owlspoint Faith In Trouble at Whitgun. Close up and presents a lovely profile as she is so well balanced and makes best use of herself. Grand head and expression, moderate dewlap. Deep, broad chest and good legs and feet. Moved out well.

3 Jackson’s Polcevera’s Bruma

 Champion Bitch

1 Critchley’s Sh Ch Braccorion’s Never Say Never JW. Moved soundly and with some style and drive. Lovely head and expression, divergent planes, good eyes and well set leathers. Moderate neck and dewlap. Deep chest and strong well ribbed body.

2 Pearson’s Int Ch, Nl Ch, Sh Ch and Ir Sh Ch Braccorion’s Nesta Vipas JW. A bitch I have admired before, attractive head and expression, moderate neck and dewlap. Strong broad loin and typical topline. Moved soundly but just a little matronly at present.

 Veteran Bitch

Three good bitches here.

1 Critchley’s Sazmallin Dollywagon Pike. Very positive and sound on the move with an easy stride. Benign expression with good head places and well set leathers. Well ribbed with good breadth and depth of chest.

2 Carr’s Braccibrook’s Wild One. Again, she too moved well and presented a pleasing outline. Very typical head and expression, moderate neck and dewlap. Good depth of chest. Good front with strong oval bone and well angulated hindquarters.

3 McAndrew’s Sh Ch, Int Sh Ch, Ir Sh Ch Gunsyn Sesto Elemento with Brackenmist JW Sh CM AN CH 17.

 Judge: Tom Mather