• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Bichon Frise Breeders Association

Breed: Bichon Frise



I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with the Bichons. The breed does hold a special place in my affections as my late sister Sara and I bought our first Bichon in 1975. My first appointment to judge the breed came in 1978 – 45 years ago! I don’t know where the time has gone!   



1 Stafford’s Louisanna Heartbreaker. What a lovely puppy. Text book temperament which was a joy to see. Excellent pigmentation, well proportioned head with round eyes. Beautifully balanced and impressed on the move with some drive and a very easy action. Good textured jacket which was presented to best advantage. Best Puppy.

2 Johnstone’s Lovjen Angel of Fire. Shapely and smart with lovely eyes and good haloes. Tight feet with black nails and pads. Not quite as mature in body as the winner and still needs to develop in forechest but he has ample time on his side. Lovely coat texture.


1 Anderson’s Manoir’s Licenced to Thrill for Brokengate. I could have signed a CC for this youngster! He has a lovely head and expression, dense pigment and well shaped eyes. Decent forehand with a nicely arched neck and sturdy well ribbed body. Excellent tailset and carriage. Moved well with particularly good hind action.

2 Crawford’s Luka Snowbird. Well proportioned head with a pleasing expression. Dark, well shaped eye. Nose pigmentation could be darker. Good forehand with well laid shoulders. Well ribbed. Silky coat with some curl.


1 Dean’s Delbrupar The Category is Avec with Snowpups. Ultra smart and very well balanced. Good head properties with pleasing pigmentation and well shaped eyes. Good neck and shoulders. Good fee with some black nails. Good coat texture and he was presented to best advantage. Decent hind angulation and moved soundly but could have more drive.

2 Luka Snowbird

 Post Graduate

1 Grantham’s Deizi Dabba Doozie at Lakegiants. Very typical with a masculine yet pretty head. Good skull, well shaped eyes. Decent neck and shoulders. Pleasing forechest, well ribbed with some strength over the loin and nicely rounded hindquarters. Moved out well and his young handler really made the most of him.


1 Delbrupar The Category is Avec with Snowpups

2 Parkinson’s Delbrupar Gin and Bare It. Pleasing head proportions with a dark, well shaped eye. Could have a little more depth of pigment. Good body with slight arch over the loin and well set and well carried tail.


1 Coad & Lee’s Am Ch Holdsway Lion King. A handsome masculine dog. Good skull, dark well shaped eyes and good depth of pigmentation. Very good forehand with decent bone and a good forechest. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Strong, well angulated quarters. Shown and presented to advantage. He should prove to be a useful addition to breed in the UK. CC and BIS.

2 Carr’s Ch Daveyluv’s D’Artagnan JW. A dog I have admired in the past as he is sound and so typical. Attractive head and expression with good pigmentation. Well balanced with a good body and some strength over the loin. Nicely rounded hindquarters which gave him same drive on the move. Dense, soft coat. Reserve CC.

3 Mault’s Ch Limartine Mr Blue


 Minor Puppy

1 Walklate’s Pamplona Almost An Angel at Ashoka. A real baby but she moved out well and with some style. Very pretty with excellent pigmentation. Nicely balanced, good body for age. Good coat texture.


1 Robinson’s Wattlemeade Biddy. Very pleasing to handle as she is well put together with a good forehand and a well ribbed body. Nicely balanced. Pretty, feminine head with lovely eyes and good pigmentation. Moved well. In the challenge for Best Puppy the dog’s extrovert temperament and showmanship just gave him the edge.

2 Walklate’s Ashoka Copacobana. Very nicely balanced. Well ribbed with a good body and slight arch over the loin. Well angulated hindquarters. Particularly pleasing in profile action.

3 Pike’s Cartikes After Midnight


1 Hill & McLeod’s Deizi Diamonds Are Forever. Good balance and has a pretty, head and pleasing expression. Good pigmentation. Nicely arched neck and this just gave her the advantage here today. Good body. Well set and well carried tail.

2 Stafford’s Deizi No Smoke Without Fire at Louisianna. Shown in top class condition and coat. Very pretty head and expression, good forehand. Well ribbed. Nicely angulated.

3 Farringdon’s Brokengate Ruby Tuesday


1 Russell’s Rusmar Forgive and Forget. Feminine, with a really pretty head and expression. Dense pigmentation, dark, forward-looking eyes. Very good neck and shoulders. Sturdy, well ribbed body and nicely rounded hindquarters. Moved out well and has an excellent temperament and she shows to best advantage. Lovely coat texture. Should easily finish at the top. Reserve CC.

2 Clarke’s Brokengate Melody. Shapely, feminine and very typey. Good neck and shoulders. Well ribbed and nicely angulated hindquarters. Shown in excellent condition.

3 Venables’ Beausox Love Actually

 Post Graduate

1 Osborne’s Magstarai Secrets of the Sea. Typey and well balanced, good skull, well-set ears. Dark eyes. Very good rib and body with well-set and well carried tail. Moved out well showing black pads. Dense coat.


1 Marquiss’ Quismarr Chasing Lightning. Very pretty, feminine with a lovely expression enhanced by her very good pigmentation. Excellent arched neck and good shoulders. Well ribbed. Good hindquarters with some breadth over the thighs. Soft, silky coat presented in first class order. Moved out well and shows to advantage. CC which I learned later was her second today and thus she is a new Champion – congratulations.

2 Anderson’s Brokengate Break Every Rule. A good moving bitch of pleasing type and balance. Well-proportioned head. Good forequarters with decent forechest. Well ribbed and presents a very good outline.

3 Osborne’s Magstarai Magic In The Stars


1 Venables’ Ch Beausox Miss O’Hara. Lovely coat texture, gentle feminine expression with excellent pigmentation. Pleasing to handle as she is well made with all the essentials. Good hindquarters. Very typical.

4 Carr’s Ch Daveyluv’s Hot Tram I Luv U So. Beautifully balanced with a thick plush coat which was skilfully presented. Good neck and shoulders. Well ribbed with good tailset and carriage.


Two good quality Veterans – both a credit to their owners.

1 Parkinson’s Jaimens Petrichor. Pretty and feminine with an attractive head and expression. Decent forechest and well ribbed body. Nicely angulated hindquarters which gave her some drive on the move. Best Veteran.

2 Osbourn’s Magstarai Heart of The Ocean. Particularly appealing head and expression, very nicely balanced with a decent forehand and good hindquarters.

 Judge: Tom Mather