• Show Date: 24/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Graham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

Spaniel (American Cocker)

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1 Manser's Nujax Run Your Own Race super youngster, scores in head, neck &

shoulders, straight front with good bone & well padded feet, ample substance for

age, lovely rear angulation, in excellent condition, moved out freely covering the

ground with ease. BP.

2 Thompson's Artemis to The Moon a promising baby at 6 mths, everything in

the right place, just needs time.

Puppy Dog (3,1abs)

1 Stokes Jaclee Ghost Writer at Twizeltree TAF balanced head with good stop

& eye, good legs, bone & feet , strong neck, ample depth & substance, moved out


2 Walsh's Kenduo Juniper at Pippaway this youngster was a handful for his

handler, lovely head, ample bone, depth & substance, just needs to settle.

Junior Dog (2, 1 abs)

1 Jennings Afterglow Bambalam with Alibama JW 14 mth, this young chap was

a pleasure to go over, lovely masculine head, strong neck, true front with good

bone & padded feet, ample depth & substance, strong rear, in super condition &

full coat, moved out with style with flowing movement covering the ground well.


Limit Dog (4,1abs)

1 Sheppard's Nasailleen On A Mission at Shadowview well balanced all through,

good head, stood & moved true on good legs & feet, ample depth & substance, in

lovely condition, moved steadily, covering the ground well.

2 Dummett's Letjashaja Ptitsa Saint Pierre at Almondsbury (Imp Rus) a little

unsettled today & his handler could not get the best out of him, masculine head,

true front with ample bone, lovely depth & substance, in full coat & good condition,

3 Glover's Nasailleen Roosevelt at Mickcals JW

Open Dog (5,2abs)

1 Manser's Sh Ch Toybox It's A Rap at Nujax (Imp USA) well presented as

always from this kennel, masculine head with no coarseness, good length of neck,

true front, compact body with ample substance, moved out well, unlucky to meet

JD on top form today RDCC

2 Fryer's Sh Ch Fonesse Dirty Dancing at Carolco another good type, lovely

head, true front, good legs & feet, ample depth & substance, well presented, just

preferred the free movement of my 2 winners today.

3 Bedding & Jennings Sh Ch Alibama Now or Never JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1 Whincup & Glendinning's Partisky Restart De Parti well this eye catching baby

must have a bright future, she is so feminine, stands true on good legs & feet,

compact body with ample depth & substance for age, moves out really well

covering the ground with ease keeping a good topline and at one with handler.

2 Clay's Jenrene's Hot Chocolate at Cutiepooch just 6 mths, has everything in

the right place, shows a lot of promise, given time her day will come.

Puppy Bitch (2)

1 Lynn's Afterglow Impose a balanced girl in all departments, feminine head,

true front, ample depth & substance, compact body, in good condition, moved out


2 Palmer's Tricajon Parti Politics at Combleywood another promising baby,

just needs time to mature, feminine head, true front, ample depth & substance for

age, moved steadily.

Junior Bitch (5)

1 Lynn's Afterglow Juxtapose another good type, lovely feminine head, strong

neck, stood & moved true, well padded feet, ample depth & substance, in good

coat, moved out steadily.

2 Sunter & Pinchen's Kenoula Aonani Light" quality youngster with good head,

pushed winner all the way, feminine all through, good legs & feet, compact body,

stylish mover.

3 Clay's Belmilla Nothing On You Cutiepooch

Yearling Bitch (4)

1 Sunter & Pinchen's Kenoula Riff Raff I liked this young girl a lot, very feminine,

well balanced, compact body with depth & ribs, in super coat & condition, moved

out well. RBCC.

2 Toynton's Taramount Dazzle Caramel, placed in a strong J class, a good type,

lovely size, moved out true & steady.

3 Dummett's Almondsbury The Pop Kids JW

Limit Bitch (2)

1 Morris & Langton's Sabisabi Iroquois Tiva at Jennobar well presented in lovely

condition, feminine head with ample stop, good bone & feet, plenty of substance,

strong rear, moved out well,

2 Franklin's Nadezhda Natsii Iz Mazhornogo Lada at Dreamcast (Imp Rus)

another good sized girl, compact body with ample substance, in good condition,

moved positively.

Open Bitch (3,1abs)

1 Nelson & Bryant's Nasailleen Bye Felicia my star of the day, this girl excels in

breed type, feminine all through, loved her head, front, compact body with lovely

ribbing, good legs & feet, well presented as always from this kennel, in super

condition with full coat, moved out with style & effortless movement, covering the

ground well with reach & drive at one with her handler. BCC & BOB.

2 Donaldson's Ir Sh Ch Chicomy Rumour Has It Cjw22 Cw22 Cenw Jun Ch

correct size, good bone & feet, balanced head, compact body, moved out true &