• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Gorrian Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Pointer

Driffield Championship Show Monday 28th August 2023

Many thanks to all the exhibitors for their entries on the day, and to Driffield Show. The entry was excellent 95 making 109 entries with many dogs missing out on higher honours. The quality of the dogs was very good with no bad mouth issues, mostly all in good condition and pleased that I had a large quantity of dogs to the breed standard. I was also pleased with tail sets on my main winners being carried on the level as they should.

Veteran Dog (9, 2a)

1st Radcliffe, Mrs J, Sniperay Jhambiri,  

7yr old lemon /white upstanding male, well chiselled cheeks, kind eye. Neck of good length into correctly laid shoulders. Front legs straight with correct oval bone, well sprung in rib, short coupled with strength in his loin, well presented rear, but would like a bit more muscle definition, tail used well on the move. Moved well.  

Puppy Dog (14, 2a)

1st Gordon Ms W, Hawkfield Witch Doctor, liver & white puppy of good size, head correct for age with good shape, bone correct with good feet, body of good proportion developing nicely, short coupled, moved very well with handler and stood perfectly. Best Puppy Dog

2nd Martin Mrs Ruth & Miss Rebecca, Sunhouse I’ll Be Black (Ai), a dog from a kennel I have admired for many years, he did not disappoint, well-proportioned head, good length of neck, body developing well, good turn of stifle, played up a little with handler but settled eventually.

3rd Gerrard Mrs Margaret & Bell Mrs Caroline, Carmandine Oh C’mon Then.

Junior Dog (3 0a)

1st Mathews Mrs Alison, Sonham Raising the Game JW, overall presented a picture of balance with many pointer attributes, excelling in head and body. Strong rear assembly, which he used well on the move.

2nd Baker Mrs Jane, Mattiboo Bohemian Rhapsody, of good size, well-proportioned head with kindly soft expression, excelled in body shape and condition, moved steadily with owner, would just prefer tighter feet.

3rd Bell Miss Amanda, & Maddox Miss Nicola, Brent Deville’s Advocate at Owlspoint (Ai)

Yearling Dog (7, 2a)

1st Roberts Miss Clare, Uk Kananaskis Hudson, B/W, oval bone, correct length of muscular neck, leading to well-placed shoulders. Good proportions to body, strong well-muscled rear end, which showed on the move, best mover in the class.

2nd Trueman Mrs Lynn, Bradleypoint Floki, overall presented the picture of a balanced pointer, typical pointer head with well chiselled cheeks, front and rear angles balanced. Moved well eventually gave his handler a hard time.

3rd Sillince Miss Karen, Davigdor Flanders Field.

Special Beginners Dog (7, 0a)

1st Roberts Mrs Clare, Uk Kananaskis Hudson.

2nd Trueman Mrs Lynn, Bradleypoint Floki.

3rd Sillince Miss Karen, Davigdor Flanders Field.

Post Graduate Dog (3, 1a)

1st Stilgoe Mr & Mrs P & D, Glenariff Mojito over Teisgol B/W 2-year-old excelled in head, strong straight front with oval bone, muscled arch neck into correctly place shoulder, strong topline, prominent haunch bones, short coupled, well-muscled rear quarters, well-turned stifles, well defined 2nd thigh, hocks well let down. Correct tail set used with purpose on the move.

2nd Bush Mrs Catherine & Mr Kevin, Piasharn Garrick, B/W, just over two YO plainer in head than one, short coupled, when standing was a little wide in front, not yet fully matured and this affects the overall picture.  Not as dynamic on the move as one.


Limit Dog (6, 0a)

One of the best classes of the day, with difficult choices being made between these three dogs,

1st Westaway Ms P, Teisgol Keep Going vis Penwest, 2yr old presented a picture of symmetry, meets the standard which asks for a series of graceful curves, very pleasing in head, prominent occipital bone, strong well-muscled slightly arched neck, good depth in chest, front assembly more than meets the breed standard, short coupled, strong muscled loin, rear angulation balanced the front angulation, overall a well-defined muscled dog, who is fit for function, He covered the ground effortlessly and with a true driving action. DOG CC & Reserve BOB

2nd Martin Mrs Ruth & Miss Rebecca, Sunhouse Banged to Rights, many of the above comments could be applied here, a masculine dog, good depth in chest, presented in excellent condition, moved with so much drive. Second time I have given him a Reserve CC. Reserve Dog CC

3rd Howarth Mr David & Gordon Miss Wendy, Hawkfield Jolly.

Open Dog (6, 0a)

Another strong class, where these dogs could change place on another day.

1st Martin Mrs Ruth & Miss Rebecca, Sunhouse You’re Nicked, another masculine dog from this kennel, presenting great strength in his overall appearance with many curves, a good size male, correct depth in chest, ribs well sprung carried well back into his strong loin, moved with drive.

2nd Oddie Miss Ava, Sh Ch Sharnphilly Boondoggle JW, standing this dog presents the curves asked for in the breed standard, fore and aft angulation balanced, good pigment, clean neckline, deep in chest, well-muscled moved with drive.

3rd Jamieson Mrs L & Macara Mr A & Mrs J, Sh Ch Kanix Peri Peri with Glenfinnan

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (0, 0a)

Veteran Bitch (5, 2a)

1st Westaway Ms P, Ridanflight Raisen, 71/2yrs old, a girl who belies her age, in superb condition. Ultra feminine, definitely the required series of graceful curves, gives a lissom appearance, well-constructed, straight front oval bone, sinews apparent, feminine in head with a gentle soft expression, good width to skull. Strong gently arched neck into well placed shoulders, deep in chest, well sprung in rib, falling to strong, short slightly curved muscular loin. Smooth in her movement, covering the ground effortlessly. Best Veteran in Breed

2nd Lowe Mrs Anne, Lowsmoor Shiralee JW, O/w 9yrs, in good condition for her age, oval feet, not as clean in the neck as one, gently sloping topline, well-muscled rear, tail used well on the move.

3rd Hawkes Mr David & Robinson Mr Gary, Theadom Canopus of Codnorhawk

Puppy Bitch (9, 2a)

1st Martin Mrs Ruth & Miss Rebecca, Sunhouse Black T ’Square One (Ai), B/W, alert youngster, giving her handler a difficult time but settled enough to win the class. Pretty head, gently sloping pasterns, still to mature and fill her frame.

2nd Macara Mr A & Blackburn-Bennet Mrs Joanne, Kanix Sooty at Stargang, another raw youngster still to fill her frame, pleasing head and expression, slightly heavier today than one, well turned in stifle, handled well.

3rd Boulton Miss Amanda & Miss Lydia, Codnorhawk Starlight on Moreoldgen

Junior Bitch (13, 1a)

1st Blackburn-Bennet Mr J & Mrs J, Kanix Skyfall, L/W, pleasing outline, balanced fore & aft, good depth in chest, oval in bone, gently sloping pasterns and good feet. well-turned stifle, move and presented well Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Booth Mrs Susan, Lungarth Jubilee, not the overall balance of one, pretty head, would have liked a bit more return in the upper arm, well-turned stifle, which she used to advantage on the move.

3rd Hinton Mrs M & Luke Mrs J & Leman Mrs Fleurfield Black Caviar.

Yearling Bitch (5, 0a)

1st Roberts Mrs Clare, Kananaskis Black Bryony, A pretty girl, so feminine, pleasing head with a kind eye and expression, straight front, oval bone, gently sloping topline, good proportion of body for age, well-turned stifle with good muscle development in the rear quarters, moved smoothly covering the ground with ease.

2nd Moss Mr A D & Tobin Mr DS, Davigdor Poppies, O/W overall well balanced, gently sloping topline, ribs well sprung, falling away gently, into short loin, moved well. just preferred the head on one.

3rd Barker Mrs Florence, Flinthill Hot Shot.

Special Beginners Bitch (5, 0a)

1st Roberts Mrs Clare, Kananaskis Black Bryony, Best Special Beginners

2nd Bush Mrs Catherine & Mr Kevin, Piasharn Demelza, L/W girl, pleasing in head, kind eye, front wider than I would like could have been set up better, good in body with nice tuck up, strong in loin, well-muscled and moved well on the move.

3rd Dunn Ms Jacqui, Millpoint Heart and Soul at Casdella

Post Graduate Bitch (9, 2a)

1st Martin Mrs Ruth & Miss Rebecca, Sunhouse Partners in Crime, another striking dog from this kennel, very feminine in head, good length to neck into correct shoulders, very good front with oval bone into oval feet, lovely depth to chest, correct in topline with strong loin, well developed rear quarters moved effortlessly with good drive.

2nd Stilgoe Mr & Mrs P and D, Fox Mrs Lisa, Teisgol Snow Queen JW, O/W girl, not quite the femininity of one in the head, good in neck into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest, fell away slightly at the rear, good angulation to rear quarters and could not fault this girl with muscle tone.

3rd Booth Mrs Susan, Lungarth Everest JW


Limit Bitch (10, 1a)

1st Blowers Mrs Joanna, Fowington Lar Ti Dar at Deadaway, what a picture this girl gives, all the standard asks for curves in all the correct places, very feminine in head, well-muscled in neck, well laid back in shoulders, front legs oval with correct feet, lovely shape to her body, with correct depth of chest, rear well-muscled and showed on the move, this girl is fit for function. Bitch CC and Best of Breed

2nd Radcliffe Mrs J, Sniperay Edge of Glory JW, another lovely girl feminine in head good length in neck, correct shoulder placement, good depth to body, just a shade longer cast than one, rear quarters well-muscled, didn’t move her best today.

3rd Barker Mrs Florence, Caithpoint Maia at Flinthill

Open Bitch (4, 0a)

1st Mathews Mrs Alison, Sonham Chasing Rainbows, blanket B/W girl, head having all the correct attributes, good length of muscled neck, correct front, good depth to chest, gently sloping topline into strong rear quarters, tail correct and used well on the move. Reserve Bitch CC

2nd Chevalier Miss R, Millpoint Some Like it Hot, another lovely girl, head of good proportions, slightly longer in neck, well placed shoulders, oval bone on straight front, correct depth to chest, lovely sloping topline into strong rear quarters, moved with drive.

3rd Harrison Mrs J, Millpoint Simply Scrumptus JW

Good Citizen Bitch (0 0a)


Tom Gorrian