• Show Date: 14/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tereza Watkins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/11/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: English Setter
South Wales Kennel Association Ch Show 14/10/2023 English Setters Dogs Veteran dog (5) 1st Jennings-Sharman & Sharman’s, Canteris Cool For Catz JW. Now 8 years old, this Blue Belton boy looked as good as I have seen him in a long time, he’s upstanding with a strong, elegant neck, decent layback of shoulder, level and strong topline. He has bone and substance with a deep chest and good spring of rib. Very true in front and has a strong, muscular rear end, which he uses well on the move. His coat was in good condition. Pleased to award him the CC, his 3rd. 2nd Loynd’s Sh Ch Crimbledale See the Skies JW ShCM. This B/B boy is a character, full of enthusiasm, he has a lovely head with dark eyes, giving him a delightful expression. He is well angulated, both in upperarm and stifle, he has a good spring of rib and keeps a level topline. Sometimes, due to his excitement, he can look a little scruffy in front action but his handler settles him and then his true, sound movement can be seen. 3rd Schoneville & Derry’s Sh Ch Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW Minor Puppy (1) 1st Osman’s Bournehouse Sirocco over Marissolo, a real baby but he has potential. He has a lovely head and expression, shoulders are laid back and his topline is level. He has a decent bend of stifle which he uses well on the move. His movement is sound and true. Best Puppy Puppy (1) 1st Osman’s Bournehouse Sirocco over Marissolo Junior (2,1) 1st Thomas’ Kanietter Sarka, 16 month old B/B, this dog was in super condition with a lovely coat. Strong bone and good, tight feet. Level topline, decent rear angulation. His head proportions were good and he had a kind expression. He carried his tail too high but his movement was sound. Yearling (2,1) 1st Thomas’ Kanietter Sarka Post Grad (2,1) 1st Whittington’s Juldeane Line of Duty (ai) orange belton, correct head shape, dark enough eye colouring, slightly throaty, level topline, decent bend of stifle and moved soundly, just carries his tail too high. Limit (4) 1st Simpson’s Dalreavoch Northern Legend. B/B, balanced head, decent length of neck. Level topline, ribs well sprung with a good bend of stifle. Moved soundly, powering around the ring. Would like more length of leg to complete the picture 2nd Bishop’s Dyrham Desert Storm. O/B. Correctly proportioned head with a dark eye. Good length of neck, decent shoulders and a level topline. Moved soundly. He is a late developer and could be at his best in another 12 months 3rd Owen’s Cornsett You my Everything Open (7,2) 1st Watts’ Sh Ch Walshaw Brushstrokes. B/B/T. A lovely boy in super coat and condition, balanced throughout with a good head, dark eyes and a kind expression, he has the correct length of neck, shoulders well placed, level topline and a good bend to his stifles. Moved soundly but I want to see more from him, he’s got it there, he just needs to show it off and own the ring. Res CC 2nd Wood & Weller’s Juldeane Prime Suspect (ai), O/B, a dog I have liked previously and my opinion hasn’t changed, he has a super head and expression, good length of neck with a decent layback of shoulder. His movement is sound and true. What he still lacks is a bit more maturity, another late bloomer, which is how it should be in this breed. Give him another year and I think he will fulfil all his potential. 3rd Atyeo & Taylor’s Sh Ch Samelen Come Back Special Bitches Veteran Bitch (2) 1st Loakes’ Sh Ch Rachdale Painted Lace at Goldbirch, 8 year old, B/B, in beautiful coat and condition, very feminine with a correct, balanced head, soft expression. Good length of neck and a decent layback of shoulders, good spring of ribs and great depth of brisket. True in front and a decent turn of stifle. She moves with precision and style. CC & BOB 2nd Loynd’s Sh Ch Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW, another super 8 year old lady, O/B, in good coat and condition, wonderful head and expression with the required dark brown eyes. Decent front and rear angulation which allow her to power around the ring. Just preferred the winner’s front action today. Res CC Junior (7,2) A difficult class to judge as many were at that in-between stage, lacking maturity and a bit of coordination. 1st Owen’s Marwessett Ysobel Enigma at Cornsett, O/B, feminine head and expression. Long, lean neck, moved soundly. In decent coat and good condition. 2nd Stephenson’s Mariglen Wave Dancer for Bondgate, B/B, lovely type but needs time to settle. She has a lovely head and expression, level topline, good bone and tight feet, just didn’t do herself any favours on the move but she’s sound enough. 3rd Seaman’s Mariglen Villanelle Yearling (3) 1st Stephenson’s Mariglen Wave Dancer for Bondgate 2nd Owen’s Sharnyx Sparklin Starlight at Cornsett, O/B, in super coat and condition, well balanced head, good depth of brisket, moved soundly enough Graduate (4,1) 1st Dykes’ Caleydene Connextion, O/B, lovely feminine type, with a correct, balanced head, long and lean neck, shoulders okay, level topline and moderate rear angulation, moved soundly with good reach. 2nd Howarth’s Moorbrook Owdid Thatappen JW. Dark B/B, she has a very feminine, correctly balanced head. Decent layback of shoulders, level topline and good bend of stifle. She needs to settle on the move, her enthusiasm did nothing to help her front action which cost her the class. 3rd Wellburn’s Oshowa Dream Come True Post Graduate (4) 1st Loakes’ Goldbirch Hearts Desire JW, B/B/T, beautiful in profile, when she settles. Her coat is presented so well. I loved her head and expression, her neck is long and lean. She can lose her topline, occasionally, on the stack, because she’s being awkward. Her tailset is good and her overall style is just what i like. Her movement isn’t as precise as I would like but I think, with extra muscletone and a lot of hard work this bitch would come together, she’s still very young and time is definitely on her side. 2nd Bishop’s Dyrham Deja Vue, B/B, very pretty with a lot of potential. Lean neck, decent shoulders, level topline, moved soundly, just needs maturity to make her stand out that little bit more, but a good, honest girl. 3rd Jennings-Sharman & Sharman’s Wansleydale Mayfly with Canteris Limit (7,3) 1st Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose JW, O/B, feminine in very good coat and condition, super head, good bone and feet, shoulders okay, level topline with moderate rear angulation, moved soundly. 2nd Dykes’ Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene, B/B/T, with a good head and expression, lean and long neck, shoulders okay. Good spring of rib and decent depth. Would like to see a stronger topline. Not in the best coat condition today. Moved soundly. 3rd Hutchinson’s Monaysbridge Iris Open (6,1) 1st Paton’s Bournehouse Secret Destiny for Meadowfoot, O/B, correct head proportions with a beautiful dark eye, good strong bone, decent length of neck, shoulders okay, sufficient rear angulation, moved well with style 2nd Seaman’s Mariglen Dusty Blonde Sgwc, O/B, feminine girl with a good length of neck, correct, dark eyes. True in front and rear movement. Well off for bone and in good condition. 3rd Hutchinson’s Mariglen Xara at Monaysbridge Judge: Tereza Watkins