• Show Date: 08/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tate Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/11/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund


Puppy Dog – (1)

1. Pavoskas Galaksiitti (Mrs J & Mr M Treasure)

A lovely sable youngster with a super head. Correct oval eye of very dark brown giving a lovely expression, broad skull and muzzle, good coat texture. He has a good frame to grow into. Nice tidy feet and nice pasterns. He had a very excitable character but he was handled sympathetically to bring out the best of him. Moved well in all directions.

Junior Dog – (1)

1. Pavoskas Galaksiitti (Mrs J & Mr M Treasure)

As above.

Post Graduate Dog – (2)

Two very nice dogs in this class and although rather different were both very well balanced and very well toned It really was splitting hairs.

1. Infindigo Pohjoinen Joulu (Mr J & Mrs A Liston)

This cream male impresses in head and in coat , his features are very well balanced and to the breed standard. Angulation is well balanced front and rear and his coat was super in texture and quality. When the handler caught his focus he was on point in movement and I do feel he is a quality male but to improve his chances the handling needs to improve to bring out the best in the dog.

2. Sambreeze Mikki Bear Cub (Mrs M Aristides-Pickard)

Another promising dog who had very good movement, his foot fall was excellent and in synch with his handler. Not as much coat today as 1 but of correct texture and very well presented. Moderate all through with very good angles, very pleasing head and excellent temperament. The tail was well set and carried well when up, he just had a tendency to drop it on the move.

Open Dog – (3,1a)

1. Ch Infindigo Lintu Miika (Mr A D M, Mrs C E & Miss M J M Woollard)

Super masculine head with a lovely expression. He had a super temperament and was presented in excellent condition. Moderate angles, well off for substance. Covered the ground with ease and thoroughly enjoyed his time in the ring. BD

2. Infindigo Lintu Henkka (Mr M Rudd)

Brother to 1 and had similar qualities, he does have a better coat texture to his brother. Also has a super temperament and great attitude. Moderate, balanced angulation and well off for substance for size. I loved his expression and inquisitive nature It was a very hot day and he coped well covering the ground with enthusiasm. RBD

Veteran Dog –(1,1a)

Puppy Bitch - (2)

1. Pavoskas Hiili Helmi (Mrs S & Mr M Critchlow & Rudd)

What a lovely little girl she is with a lovely outline, pretty head and well balanced angulation. Very good coat of excellent quality. She showed confidence and character and I could quite easily have taken her home. Everything about her was very well balanced and this was confirmed as she moved around the ring with a brisk effortless gait. BPIB

2. Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz (Miss K & Mr M Ellis & Crosby)

Another promising youngster. A little leggy at the moment but has very good angulation and moves cleanly in all directions. She is not as soft in expression as 1 but has very good head proportions and excellently presented. I would like to see her open up a bit on the move, a loose lead will let her extend better and show to her advantage.

Junior Bitch – (1)

1. Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz (Miss K & Mr M Ellis & Crosby)

As above

Post Graduate Bitch – (2,1a)

1. Infindigo Onnekas Kielo (Mr A D M, Mrs C E & Miss M J M Woollard)

A really nice bitch in profile Super outline, well balanced angulation and a fabulous coat. Well off for bone yet very agile and clean on the move. I would have preferred a little more width to muzzle. RBB

Open Bitch – (2,1a)

1. Infindigo Sisko Suvi (Mr J & Mrs A Liston)

Another super bitch in profile with a cracking headpiece, I really liked her. Moderate angulation and well let down short hocks. Well off for bone and in balance with frame, well muscled and toned all through. Super coat and texture a real credit to the breeder. Moved with brisk agile gait but was very unsettled on the move, unfortunately she was not playing ball today, which was such a shame.

Veteran Bitch – (1)

1. Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW (Mrs J & Mr M Treasure)

What a cracking “young” lady this is. At 11 years she still has it and she still uses it. Although somewhat out of coat it was of a good texture. She has the most gentle expression and nature. Head was broad without losing any femininity. Oval eye of moderate brown colour, thick well furred ears, good width to muzzle. Moderate, balanced, angulation with moderate bone and substance. Excellent muscle tone with strong hocks and pasterns. She powered around the ring with confidence purpose and attitude. Very clean and true in all directions. A real credit to all involved. A well deserved BB, BV, BOB.