• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/10/2023

Belfast & District Irish Setter Club

Breed: Irish Setter

Championship show critique from Tania Gardner:-

24th September 2023 

Belfast & District Irish Setter Club celebrated their 70th year in 2023. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to judge your anniversary show. The rosettes were beautiful, and I am sure we all enjoyed the cake and wine. Thank you to my two excellent stewards for their hard work. 

I have enjoyed attending BDISC shows in the past, it's a small committee who work tirelessly to ensure the show runs smoothly, I hope more of the UK exhibitors can make the journey to Belfast to enjoy the 2-show weekend and the wonderful Irish craic! 

Thank you for the good sportsmanship around the ring, I throughly enjoyed my day and below is my critique, an honest account of what I saw on the day. 

Temperaments were good, bites were generally okay but one note of caution , teeth in some exhibits were small. All dogs have good and bad days and I appreciate the entry from all who attended. Considering the cost and distance some exhibitors had to travel. 


Best In Show –Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana

Reserve Best In Show –Sh Ch Quensha Take A Bow

DCC - Sh Ch Quensha Take A Bow

RDCC –Sh Ch Riverbrue Morning Glory

BCC – Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana

RBCC – Sh Ch Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW

BPIS – Ferasheen Perfekt In Pink Gwendariff

BVIS – Pawsword Paperback Writer For Corphin VW


Minor Puppy Dog – No entries

Puppy Dog (1,1)


Junior Dog -1

1st , Murphy’s Clannrua Loch CJW 23 JunChj-CIB

Young 17 Month male 

Head long and lean, dark eye and kind expression. Adequate stop and good finish to muzzle. Presented a decent outline stood, gentle slope to his topline, falls away a little at croup. 

Body is well proportioned; ribs will hopefully develop as he matures. Good rear movement just needs his front to settle.

Shown in good coat of correct texture. Good luck with your young man. 


Yearling Dog – No entries


Novice -1

1st Desmond’s - Clannrua Cu Chulainn

Young male who was a little unsure at first but settled down as he moved around the ring , he needs time to body up and come together. 

He has a long lean head, low set ears and kind expression. Straight front, sloping pasterns. 

Movement was a little unsettled, but he has time on his side. 

Graduate Dog- 2

1st Walker’s Gwendariff Ucant Touch This JW

A nice young dog, correct outline stood. Masculine head, dark eye and ample stop. Enough length of neck, he tends to pull his neck back when stacked which spoils his outline. Straight front and shoulders well laid back. 

Good overall body condition. Moderate in rear angulations. 

Steady in movement would have liked to have seen a little more drive but this should come as his rear end strengths. 

Presented very well. 

2nd - Desmond’s - Clannrua Cu Chulainn


Post Graduate Dog 2

1st Bayne’s Corranroo Celtic Storm

Overall, a nice boy, head long and lean, low set ears and kind expression with raised brows. He has a straight front and shoulders are well placed. Chest deep, could have a little more sternum. Ribbed well back and deep chested.

Hind quarters were well muscled, and he used them to drive round the ring, good finish to croup and tail well set .

Just needs to coordinate his movement on the up and down. 

Shown in good coat of lovely texture.


Mid Limit Dog (3,1)

Two litter brothers, 

1st Walker’s, Gwendariffs Flags Are Flyinn

I preferred his overall outline, his topline was firm and sloped gently from withers. Masculine in head, deeper in muzzle but not course and kind expression, good stop. Strong front and shoulders well set back. Ribs well sprung, nice width to rear quarters, he moved with drive, just be careful not to move too fast. Well presented in full coat of good texture. Handled with confidence. 


2nd Hughe’s Plays The Flute

Preferred the second-place head, longer and lean. Kind expression, good length of neck set well into withers, top line was a little too steep when stood but came together on the move. Just be careful and not overstretch him at times. 

Front straight and enough upper arm. Hind quarters well angled. Stifles well let down. When he moved, he showed good reach in front, not as coordinated on the up and down today. 

He was presented in good coat and handled well. 


Limit Dog (4,2)

1st Murchison’s Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin

A boy I have done well for previously, very classic head, equal planes and his muzzle is well finished, dark eye and raised brows.

Front and rear angulations are balanced, moderate and no exaggerations. 

Correct setter topline, gently sloping from withers to a well finished croup. 

For me today, he was lacking in body condition, and this made him look narrow in front, be careful how his front legs are placed.

Moved steady and true with good footfall. 

He held his topline well on the move.Thank you for bringing him. 


2nd Murphy’s Clannrua Chestnut

Mature boy, looking well for his age. 

Head lean with soft expression, would prefer a little more length of neck. Straight front, deep through chest and well ribbed back. Falls away a little steeply at the croup.

Moved well and sound from all angles.


Open dog -2

1st Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Sh Ch Quensha Take A Bow

Last judged this dog as a junior and thought him very promising then and he has certainly lived up to that, I've not seen him look better, he has a very handsome head, when he looked at me, I smiled, he has such a kind inquisitive expression, the best of front construction, super lay of shoulder, he has an excellent forechest. Ribs have ample spring and ribbed well back. Gentle sloping topline and good finish to his croup. Rear quarters are strong with super width of second thigh. 

He moved with style, confidence and drive whilst holding his firm topline, showing correct footfall and tail swishing from side to side. Shown in the best of coat and well-muscled body and as always handled to advantage very happy to award him DCC. 


2nd Ellrich’s Sh Ch Gwendariff Absolutely Marwe’llus

Medium size dog, masculine head with a soft expression,raised brows and lovely low set ears, correct lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs and plenty of heart room, croup well finished. Strong rear quarters with good width to second thigh. Moved well, showing ample reach and drive, made me smile as he was having a great time and was quite vocal on the move.

Presented to the highest order in coat of lovely texture and well muscled body condition. 

I just preferred the top line of the 1st placed dog today. 


Champion Dog -3

1st Crocker & Lewis, Sh Ch Riverbrue Morning Glory

A lovely boy of super type, he is so well constructed, strong and elegant and super temperament. 

He has a masculine well proportioned head, almond shape dark eye with kind expression, good finish to muzzle, ample reach of neck, excellent shoulder placement, and good length of upper arm, super spring of ribs and corresponding rear angulations, hocks well let down which gives him a balanced overall outline. He moves with drive and excels in side gait. He looks to be loving his " job " 

Shown in the best of coats and body condition, richly deserved RCC. 


2nd Donnelly’s Ir Sh Ch Forfarian Mind Yer Manners

Another nice male, lovely to go over. He has a correct balanced racy outline stood, refined head with soft expression, raised brows and low set ears. 

Front and rear quarters well balanced, good return of upper arm and adequate bend of stifle. 

Would like to see a little more forechest. 

Well muscled rear quarters which he used correctly on the move and free flowing action in front. 

Shown in good coat but just not the finish of the top winners today. 

3rd Tom’s Ir Sh Ch ToberbillyI Wish You Luck JunCh, JD, CEN.WCW23


Veteran Dog -3

1st Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer For Corphin VW

One of my favourites, super boy who has the best of heads, lovely soft expression, raised brows and still showing chiselling and a sparkling of grey which only enhanced his appeal. Good reach of neck, ample forechest and well laid shoulders. 

He was shown in good body condition and super coat of a lovely texture.

On the move he was as good as I've seen him. True up and down showing reach and adequate drive, holding his firm top line at all times. 

Delighted that he pulled out all the stops to challenge a super veteran bitch for BVIS . 


2nd Tupper & Rosie ‘s Staratlanta Elliott ShCM VW

Another lovely boy whom I have done well for in the past.

Just starting to show his age. Masculine head with soft expression, he is a well constructed boy and nothing overdone. His movement today although sound was lacking the drive I have seen on previous occasions. 

He could do with a little more body condition but as always shown in good coat and handled well. 


Minor Puppy Bitch 

1st Gawn’s Clonageera Dancing Queen

Promising puppy. What a little poppet, first show and took it all in her stride, a lot to like about her. 

Nicely put together puppy, pretty head with sweet expression, decent reach of neck into well placed shoulders, body of good length, moderate rear angulations and neat feet.

Steady on the move but sound footfall. 

She has all the potential to win well in good company. Good luck with her. 


Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1st Neill& Ellrich’s Ferasheen Perfekt In Pink Gwendariff

Mature puppy who is well constructed with good balance. Head of equal planes and good finish to her muzzle, ample stop, dark eye and kind expression , her head now needs to finish and soften as she matures. 

Good length of upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Rear angulation moderate but she still needs to mature and drop into her hindquarters. For a puppy moved steady with good front reach. Very much at one with her handler and a happy show girl. 



Yearling Bitch -3

1st Vallance’s Lynwood Rather Ravishing At Corcencone

Good size bitch who won this class on her substance and movement.

Typical head, long and lean with dark eye. Good length to neck with slight arch.

Moderate front and rear quarters. She moved true, out and back and showed a decent front extension. Maybe not in her best coat today but she put in a good performance. 

2nd Peter’s Corranroo Viennese Waltz To Shirlilah

Presented a lovely outline stood, pretty head and expression, straight front adequate angulations front and rear. She needs time to mature in body. She has coat of lovely texture. She moved at one with her handler but not quite as positive today. 

3rd Tom’s Ladysdale Maud Gonne JunCh JD CEN . JW


Graduate Bitch (4,2)

1st Gutsell’s Joaodaws Rainbows End

Very promising young bitch and considered her for the RCC, 

She is lovely, head well-proportioned with the sweetish, quizzical expression, gentle arch to neck.

My notes say body of balance with no exaggerations and thats what I saw. 

She has good front construction, correct length of upper arm and ample bend of stifle. Short hocks that she used well on the more, I enjoyed watching her carry herself on the move with such confidence. Very correct viewed from any angle.

Lovely texture of coat coming through. 

Little bit of a fidget on the stack but she has so much promise and can only get better as she matures. I liked her very much.


2nd Peter’s Corranroo Hot Sensation At Shirlilah

Balanced outline stood, she has a gentle sloping outline. Head, long and lean, dark eye with kind expression. Not quite the front of the first, good bend of stifle and neat arched feet. Moved steady round the ring showing reach in front. 

Presented and shown well. 


Post Graduate Bitch -1

1st Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Shimmer 

Well balanced bitch, feminine with substance. Lovely outline stood, correct in gentle sloping outline, classic head with good finish to muzzle, good length of upper arm and corresponding rear quarters. Tail never stopped showing her lovely temperament.

Moved out well. Shown in lovely coat, presented and handled well.


Mid limit Bitch – No entries

Limit Bitch (5,3)

1st Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Crimes Of Passion

Litter sister to my dog cc, she excels in outline, racy and gentle sloping, firm topline. Head feminine and good reach of neck, her front and rear angulations are in balance and good finish to croup. She has a super forechest. Very active on the move which shows her lovely temperament but just gets a little untidy behind at times. I think she needs a little more time for everything to all come together, which is absolutely fine as this is a slow maturing breed and her best is still to come. I am sure that 3rd CC will come.

Lovely presentation, and well handled. 


2nd Jones, Gwendariff Chilli Powder

Strong bitch with good body proportions, head of equal planes, kind expression. 

Good length of neck and well sprung ribs. 

Decent bend of stifle. On the move she was very sound and was shown in lovely coat. 

Just preferred the overall outline of first today. 


Open Bitch (5,2)

1st Bougen’s , Sh Ch Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW 

Really lovely quality bitch to go over, she has a very feminine head with a pretty expression. Dark eye and super raised brows.

Correct topline gentle slope from withers, Good length of neck, balanced front and well muscled rear quarters. Ribs well sprung and deep. 

Shown in super body condition and coat of lovely texture. Moved well with reach and drive. Handled well to win the RCC. 


2nd Brady’s IRL Ch Sh Ch Forfarian Red Or Dead

Different in type to first, elegant racy bitch, 

Stood has the correct sloping topline and croup is well finished. Plenty reach of neck Good front angulations and moderate rear quarters. 

She was very well muscled in body. On the move, she had excellent front reach, just thought her a tad untidy behind today. 

Not in her best coat. Handled sympathetically.

3rd Mc Kelsey’s Toberbilly Element Of Luck For Edenaveys JunCh


Champion Bitch (3,1)

1st Crocker,s Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana

So much has been written about this lovely lady. I have watched her from a promising puppy through to a Show Champion and ultimately bitch breed record holder. I was delighted to be afforded the opportunity to judge her, now in her mature years, she is full of quality and class. The standard asks for balanced and racy and for me this is it. 

Beautiful bitch to put your hands on, everything just flows, gentle sloping topline, correct finish to croup and she possess a super quality of bone. 

Her head is so very correct, long and lean, low set ears and her expression is one of impishness and beauty, lovely arch to her neck, her front and rear angulations are balanced, plenty of forechest, excellent spring of ribs and hocks are well let down, feet, small and arched. 

On the move, she knows exactly what she is there to do, powering round the ring with head held proud, showing reach and drive, her owner just lets her shine, they clearly adore each other. I just loved her. 

Coat presentation and musculature were exemplary. This just doesn't happen. You can breed a correct puppy but that is only the start, you have to put the work in daily to achieve this level of success. Delighted to award her the CC & BIS. 


2nd Sterritt’s Irish Sh Ch Corranroo Just One Kiss With Riversett CJW18 Jun Ch

What a lovely bitch, very well constructed, moderate and balanced, pretty head with kind expression, enough reach of neck, good return of upper arm and shoulders well placed. Rear quarters are moderate, and hocks well let down. Shown in super coat.

She moved steady and true. She has enough qualities to gain her UK title with a bit of luck.


Veteran Bitch (4,2)

1st Bougen’s , Gwendariff Lily The Pink ,

Lovely girl , very well put together with no exaggerations, pretty head with soft expression, good reach of neck sitting nicely into well placed shoulders.

Deep chest and decent spring of ribs, moderate rear angulations. On the move she is very true and has a lovely partnership with her handler. Shown in good coat, well muscled in all the right places. Thank you for bringing her.


2nd Ir Sh Ch INTCH Caemgens For Heaven’s Sake At Edenaveys(Imp Swe)

Bigger framed bitch but still feminine.

Dark eye with kind expressions, good through chest, deep and well ribbed back, moderate rear angulations. She moved with purpose and looked good for age.

Handled well.


Judge Tania Gardner ( Danwish)