• Show Date: 23/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Suzanne Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Siberian Husky Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain – Championship Show 23rd April 2023

Dogs – Judge Mrs Sue Jones (Medicinehat)

Thank you to the SHCGB for inviting me to judge at this show I was very honoured. Congratulations to Team Stoneleigh on a well-run friendly show. Special thanks to Sarah the Chief steward and her team who kept the rings running smoothly in a timely fashion. Above all thank you to the Exhibitors and their lovely dogs, for a super entry I was very honoured to have so many quality examples of the breed, which did mean some good dogs went cardless today.

Veteran Dog (6)

1st SHAYTAAN’S DR WATSON @ CEANNABIENNE (Imp Can) Mr HH & Mrs JM Wakker – Handsome 7-year-old white male. Shown in super condition he gives an all-over balanced appearance of sound construction. Pleasing head, keen expression, strong pigment ear-set slightly wide and he really did not want to show them off today, Super movement in all directions. In the challenge he held his own, just did not have that spark that won him this class.

2nd NAVAJO’S AGENT UTAH – Mr & Mrs MRN Emery 10-year-old Black and white male, lovely head with keen expression good ear set, again of balanced proportion. In excellent condition with correct angulation fore and aft, lovely free flowing effortless side gait 1st just had the edge on movement coming and going.

3rd CH RYKALOVS SPARKS @ WIGHTFLIGHT – Ms JD Platt, 11-year-old grey and white in his summer attire, more rangy in type than 1st & 2nd, sound balanced construction, correct bone, good feet, super movement in all directions shows no signs of his age.

Minor Puppy (2)

1st CORNETTO @ SIBERSPRINTER (NAF) Mrs P Amphlett & Mr H Sym 9/12 month old grey and white, promising pup, pleasing head which won him the class, showing a good lay of shoulder, level top line correct tail set and carriage sufficient fore-chest and depth of chest, and arch of loin, rear angulation good as expected a little loose coming and going, but no weakness and when settled showed a good side gait.

2nd POLARQUEST QUEENS COMPANY – Miss A Shelford 7/12 old, overall build and construction similar to 1st. As one would expect very much a baby, he is a little shallow in the stop and fine in the muzzle which may balance out more as the skull matures but he has the correct eye & ear shape and set, and cheeky expression. Movement loose due to age and was enjoying himself.

Puppy (5)

1st PEKAKICALI KANEQ – Mr P Miles 9/12 old white, another promising pup who won the class and BPD on his overall breed type with correct foxy head, cheeky expression good arch of neck into well laid shoulders strong level topline, moderate croup into lovely tail, set and carriage. Soundly constructed with moderate oval bone, balanced throughout, sufficient turn of stifle, good feet, not in full coat but has the correct texture and guard hair, he moved well once settled. Unfortunately, he was rather naughty in the final challenge, he played his handler up and their lack of ring craft meant he lost out to the bitch pup. With training he should do well.

2nd ARCTICTREK HICKORY DICKORY - Miss E L Seaman 11 months, buff white overall, a pleasing youngster, ear set, a little wide, but overall, a well put together youngster, good angulation, in nice condition moved well.

3rd ARCTICTREK MOROCCON MOON – Mr RJ & Mrs KL Beirne 11-month-old Grey and White, good head with a better ear set than 2, but slightly lacking in depth of chest, but moved well and nicely handled left his coat at home.

Junior 6/1 abs

1st FORSTAL’S PINGO – Mesdames S & S Leich & Miss A Koops RCC Grey & White, just turned 1 year old caught my eye as he entered the ring a super example of the breed he ticks all the boxes on the breed standard, happy confident with a classic foxy head, and typical gentle, joi de vie expression, furred ears held erect, of correct size and set, lovely almond shaped oblique set eyes. Correct angulation throughout with moderate oval bone, good length to height ration, correct feet, shown in hard condition, well presented, and expertly handled, his movement again textbook, a joy to watch. Exceedingly difficult to choose between him and CC winner, but maturity won out. One to watch.

2nd ARCTICTREK PETER PIPER – Mr I & Mrs L Robinson, 11 months old, black and white, pleasing head, lovely eyes good ear set, nice outline good leg length depth of chest correct stands a little close in front but isn’t, good angulation moved well, promising pup.

3RD CWNHAUPAS MASTER OF WHISPERS – Miss B Goodall 15 month grey and white, more compact than 1 and 2 but balanced outline, he had a pleasing head, and his ear set is ok not quite the required slightly longer than wide but unlike many Siberians these days were well furred. Dense coat of correct texture looks thick around the neck, but it is all coat, he has good angulation balanced outline. Well-handled and presented, he moved well in all directions.

Yearling (7)

1st TRAILHUNTERS POLAR BREEZE FOR JANSKOO – Miss J Cooper 23 months White maturing nicely good head well laid shoulders, correct chest and ribcage good length to height ratio, slight slope to top line held level on the move good tail set and carriage pleasing turn of stifle and well let down hocks, gentle slope to pastern. Moved soundly in all directions.

2nd TSARITSA’S APOLLO – Mr & Mrs Biddlecombe 20 months white, very similar to 1st so much the same comments apply. Typical head with cheeky expression, balanced sound construction good angulation moderate bone. Correct coat, moderate bone, in working condition, another sound mover.

3rd FORSTAL’S DRIFTER- Mesdames S & S Leich & Miss A Koops 21 months, white, pleasing head, he didn’t want to use his ears today another promising nicely put together dog, with good movement, true in all directions.

Postgraduate (15)

1st ICEBEX DARE TO BE DIFFERENT – Miss R Cunningham, 3-year-old, grey and white. Nice dog of good construction pleasing balanced head, lovely ear shape held well oblique almond, markings make him look a tad upright, but he isn’t with good angulation with good length of moderate bone, good chest construction – depth and length close fitting elbow, good feet, strong top line good croup tail correct fox brush held well on the move. Movement, true in all directions. Well-handled and presented.

2nd SIROCCO OF WINTERSPIRIT @ TSARITSA – Mr & Mrs Biddlecombe, 2-year-old maturing nicely, he has a lot to offer, lovely foxy head alert cheeky expression, good ear set with nice arch and size, good eye shape and set, soundly constructed with good angulation, moderate oval bone good feet, when he covered the ground easily, sound in all directions.

3rd ZAWKKAST EX LAX - Mr T & Mrs S Hart Grey and white, 4-year-old correct masculine head, on a good length of neck into well set shoulders good leg length moderate bone, good chest well proportioned balance, excellent muscle tone and sound movement in all directions.

Limit 14/1 abs

1st AZGARD MONTERRAY – Miss S Jones 3-year-old black and white, again the correct foxy but masculine head was present with a gentle expression, eyes of correct shape & set, nice arch of neck into well placed shoulders level top line held on the move, moderate croup into well-set fox-like tail carried correctly. Sufficient fore chest and good spring of rib and dept of chest. Slight arch over the loin and sufficient tuck up. Balanced angulation, with correct bone and leg length, pleasing outline. Shown in good correct coat and muscled condition. Sound movement in all directions, good reach, and drive.

2nd FORSTAL FROST – Mesdames S & S Leich & Miss A Koops grey & white 3-year-old masculine but not overstated male with super foxy head, good length of neck into well laid shoulder, level top line with slight slope to croup well set fox tail carried well, Sound, effortless movement power and grace.

3rd KERIQUEL ORINOCCO – Mr R & Mrs S Sargent, 5year old, A nicely proportioned and balanced dog with a good head correct ear shape and set likewise for the eyes, good front and rear construction, well-conditioned muscle with sound movement showing strong reach and drive.

Open 10

1st POLARCREEK ATIGAN PASS TO NAVAJOS – Mr & Mrs MRN Emery CC, VD, BOS, RBIS 6 1/2-year-old Grey and White beautiful mature male owned the ring the minute he entered it. Moderate and balanced throughout with a super classic foxy head, furred ears held erect, of correct size and set, lovely almond shaped oblique set eyes, gentle yet cheeky expression. Lovely arch of neck into well laid shoulders, strong level top-line held on the move, into good tail set and carriage, body is balanced with well sprung rib cage, and correct depth of chest, slight arch of loin, with tuck up which was lacking in many, moderate oval bone, good length to height ration, correct feet, Lovely angulation, Correct coat, well presented, in excellent working condition his movement sound in all directions, effortless free flowing gait with good reach and powerful rear drive. Today was his day.

2nd FORSTAL INOLA – Mesdames S & S Leich & Miss A Koops. 6-year-old Handsome balanced black and white 6-year-old not quite the head of first but no the less pleasing with a good ear set and lovely eyes, well-constructed, strong balanced outline, with good angulation correct bone and feet. Level top-line lovely tail set and carriage and in excellent condition

3rd PENKHALAS ITASKA – Mr RJ & KL Beirne 61/2-year-old grey and white, another handsome mature male of good overall type athletic with balanced construction and excellent movement.

Champion 6/1 abs.

1st AZGARD BOLIVAR @ WHITEPEAK – Mr G & Mrs S Fletcher 3-year-old grey piebald. Lovely head and expression, super over all standard fitting Siberian in excellent condition, moderate throughout with correct bone, good angulation fore and aft, effortless and powerful movement sound in all directions

2nd CH JANSKOO FORTITUDE JW – Miss J Cooper almost 7-year-old G & W good head, soundly constructed with lovely lay of shoulder, moderate bone oval bone correct feet, shown in muscled condition, correct arch of loin good croup correct tail carriage and super movement.

3rd CH HUSHWING WEZZTLEE WITH KERIQUEL – Mr R & Mrs S Sargent 61/2-year-old lovely black and white head and expression, of sound balanced construction and effortless powerful movement, another in top working condition.