• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susan Knowles Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

German Shorthaired Pointer Club

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club

Championship Show

Judge Mrs Sue Knowles

16th July 2023

Northern Racing College

I can't thank the committee enough for inviting me to judge this show, I've been a member of the club for many years so it was a real honour. I'd also like to thank the exhibitors for taking my decisions with good graces.

There are a few issues in the breed that I noticed in most of the classes, these are toplines as they should not be sloping or arched, they are meant to be level. One of the other issues is that movement should not at all be close on the back it should however be single track this should not mean a knitting action. The final issue I found was that a lot had “Plain Heads”, a Gsp should have defined working in it head to show it's features.

However this doesn't deter from the good points that many of the gsp's who where under me had. Including their temperament, lovely dark eyes and the correct teeth. My Best in Show I am pleased to say had all the qualities I was looking for and many more.

Class 1- Minor Puppy Dog

1st – Mrs G A Rymer- Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood- Just over six months old dog, he's a gorgeous liver and white ticked colour. When he entered the ring you can see he's the happiest of souls as he couldn't keep his tail from wagging. Then as he stands you can see his outline, he stands so proudly with displaying the loveliest of pictures. You can't take way from his gorgeous head as he has the darkest of eyes and the starting of the correct gsp type working in his head. His movement although a little bit “playful” was exactly what a gsp should be both powerful in the rear and reaching in the front. He made moving around the ring effortless. I also must mention his coat as it's of the correct harsh texture which I couldn't resist having a second feel of. He will truly be one to watch in the future as I honestly believe he will be a star. A future champion in the making. Best Puppy In Show.

Class 2 Puppy Dog

1 Entered One Absent

Class 3 Junior Dog

1st – Mrs R Schoneville- Orchidstar Themisto By Balvenie- Lovely compact dog, he's a gorgeous liver and white with a harsh coat and the correct dark eye. His movement around the ring was looking for as he has reach and drive. He also has the correct amount of bone as there is just enough to show he's got a little more growth and development which I like to see in a junior dog. I should also highlight how well muscled this dog was, he is really shown the the top of conditions. A credit to his handler and owner.

2nd – Mr A & Mrs D Milligan- Greyelf Tarron- Dog that is larger than first, his coat wasn't as harsh as what I would have liked however it wasn't as bad as some I've been over today. His eyes I believe are still to darken but the potential is still there for them. His movement is that of a typical gsp.

Class 4 Yearling Dog

1st- Miss A Bowler- Winterwell Iggy Inch JW- This 18 Month old dog, is the typical Gsp. He commands the ring from the moment he enters it. He has the typical Gsp expression with fabulous working. His outline is just want you'd want in a Gsp as well, nothing is overdone. He really commands the ring when he moves. He powers around the ring with such drive and the reach really covers the ground. Your eye is drawn to him. I am sure he will be made into a champion in no time as he really is everything a gsp should be. DCC and Best Opposite Sex.

2nd – Mrs R Schoneville- Orchidstar Themisto By Balvenie- 1st in Junior Dog.

Class 9 Limit Dog

1st – Mr J & Mrs V Rusk- Booton Provence- Typical Gsp. His boy hides nothing, there are no airs or graces about him. He is the definition of Gsp. He's a gorgeous solid liver with the harshest of coats, his eyes are set into the best of heads with typical gsp working features, which is what I was looking for today. He has the most gorgeous “old type” of heads. His dark eyes really compliment this boy. When you go over him you notice his neck is of correct length leading to his well muscled shoulders which then flows into his level topline. His rear end is just as exceptional as he's beautifully muscled and it really highlights his fabulous outline.

On the move he truly flows around the ring with effortless single track movement. His reach and drive really just adds to the complete picture of this dog. He really pushed hard for the DCC and was easily my RCC. I truly hope this dog is made into a champion as he really deserves it.


2nd – Mr K & Mrs L M Delaney & Thompson- Parsonsview Showboating at Redmires- This boy really made this a difficult class and could easily swap places with first. He is a more compact example of the breed, however just like first he hides nothing. He's just as typical as first. He's liver and white, his coat could be harsher for my preference but this is just a small issue for me as a coat can become harsher. He also has the same amount of muscle as first and the darkest of eyes. His movement around the ring is just as effortless and driven as first. This boy really made this class a tough decision.

Class 10 Open Dog

1st – Mr D & Mr G Smith & Reardon- Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone- Solid Liver dog, he's more compact than some in the class. He has a harsh coat that really compliments this dog. His dark eyes are set into a well proportioned head. When stood his shape and outline are really highlight this dogs qualities.

This class was incredibly strong and his dog didn't make it easier. It's plain to see why he has is title and it was well deserved.

2nd – Mrs Z Sielski- Sh Ch Orchidstar Bolts Of Speed- A dog I have watched at ring side for many years, I am pleased to say he didn't disappoint. He really pushed hard in this class and I am sure he's swapped places with first on many occasions. His Harsh coat is a testament to his owner. His dark eyes and lovely head is also undeniably a part of this dogs charm. His movement around the ring is powerful and full of reach and drive. He really deserves his Sh Ch title and I can see how he earned it.

Class 11 Veteran Dog

1st – Mr D & Mr G Smith & Reardon- Sh Ch Winterwell Fowl Play- Lovely 9 year old dog, in fabulous condition. You wouldn't have guessed he was a veteran and could easily have been in open dog. He has the kindest of expressions and still has a harsh coat. His movement is like that of a much younger dog. He's got all the qualities of a typical gsp. Loved his attitude as he moved around the ring.

2nd – Dr J Heywood- Ger, NL &Lux Ch. Hun, Rom, Slov, Croa, Kos, Bosnia & Montenegro Gr Ch Pitwit Action Man- Gorgeous 8 year old dog. He has the very same attributes as one. He still presents in the best and harshest of coats. He also has the most loveliest of working in his head which adds to his overall outline. He is slightly more compact than first. I was literally have to nit pick between the two as they still posses many qualities of a younger gsp.

Class 12 Special Veteran Dog

1st – Mrs L M & Mr K Thompson & Delaney- Redmires High Society- This dog is the reason there is a Special Veteran Class, he's just over 12 years old. However he is still in the harshest conditions and his movement is one of the best I've seen today. He moved around the ring with reach and drive with a happy wagging tail. He truly loved his time in the ring. His topline is still that of a younger dog and he shows no signs of his age, except in his head which has become a distinguished Gray. I truly loved his boy. He really represents the Gsp breed from the tip of his lovely dark nose to the tip of his wagging tail that didn't stop not once. It was a pleasure to judge him.

Class 13 Field Trial Dog

1st – Mrs E Hinchliff- CH Goosepoint Gloster Grebe (Ai) JW- Stood alone in the class however I can see and understand how this dog has earned his FULL champion title. His head has the workings of the “Old Type” of Gsp, his eyes compliment his head as they are of the darkest colour and correct pigment. His neck has the correct amount of length leading you into laid back shoulders and brilliant level topline. His coat is fabulously harsh which many of the other classes did lack. His movement was that was a true and typical Gsp and he moved with such reach and drive that he was a consideration for the DCC. He really is a credit to his owner and handler.

Class 14 Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog.

1st – Mrs R Schoneville- Orchidstar Themisto By Balvenie- Winner of Class 3 and second in class 4.

2nd – Miss N J Hamlin- Easesprings Oberon at Nuash- Well Built dog, with a slightly softer coat than first. He has lovely free movement that drives from the rear end. He has a good stifle and good level topline. He I'm sure swaps places with first all the time. I just preferred the overall look and style of One.

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st – Ms S Thomson- Sarscottah Enchanted- Liver and White bitch just over six months old. She has an outstanding feminine outline, with a lovely level topline and gorgeous dark eyes. Her neck is of correct length leading to moderately muscled shoulders which is correct for her age. Her head is one of the “old type”, it has such feminine working and a melting face. Her rear is also just as lovely, as she moves around the ring she has brilliant reach and drive, however she would benefit from a loose lead to be able to really move, she would also benefit from more practice moving as she as a little “playful” and “spirited”. She has such a promising show career ahead of her and I can't wait to watch as it develops.

2nd – Mr K & Miss B Lloyd & Taylor- Runswickroyl Fifi- Liver and white ticked bitch, lovely nine month old bitch. As she stands her outline is just as feminine as first. She Stands more compact than first. She has the darkest of eyes and moderate neck leading to a correct topline. Her coat is moderately harsh coat which really adds to her fabulous overall picture. Her movement once settled is just as free flowing as first, however she would benefit from some more lead practise as she was a little unsettled, but once this is sorted I am sure she will be one to watch out for.

Class 16 Puppy Bitch

1st – Mrs L Angus- Keigame Hearts Desire from Sparkenhoe (Ai)- Lovely 11 month old bitch. She really reminded me of the “old type” of Gsp. She is incredibly compact and beautifully compact. Her dark eyes are set in a gorgeously feminine head. She has a moderately long neck which has just a little muscle. Her shoulders are just a little muscled which is correct for a bitch of her age. She has the correct level topline and well muscled back end that doesn't slow or change on the move. Her movement is that of a older well versed dog as she moves around the ring with power, drive and effortless purpose. She is really going to be a bitch to watch out for in the future as she has a lot of potential.  Best Puppy Bitch and Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

2nd – Ms S Thomson- Same as Class 15.

Class 17 Junior Bitch

1st- Mrs L Angus- Same as Class 16

2nd – Mrs Z Sielski- Orchidstar Missing Link JW- I've previously judged this bitch and I'm pleased to report she has only gotten better. Compact liver and white ticked bitch. She has the most gentlest of expressions and the darkest of eyes. She exudes “old type” gsp. Her neck is of correct length and set on shoulders that are moderately muscled. She has the best of back ends, which really compliments her movement. She powers around the ring with such reach, drive and power that she could have easily swapped places with first.

Class 18 Yearling Bitch

1st – Mr M & Mrs C Staley- Jomeel Olivia's Choice- I really loved this bitch. She really reminded me of a lot of my old breeding. She really brings a presence to the ring that you just can't deny. From the very moment you start to go over  her, her heads is that of the beautiful “old type” with working and a determined expression (you can tell she is the cheeky type). You then move down her neck into well laid shoulders to her correct level topline. Which as you do so you can't help but notice the harsh coat. Down to her correct moderate stifle. She then moves around the ring and honestly it is effortless. She has the reach and drive that you'd want and even move as she really catches your eye. I really considered her for my RCC however due to the weather she was unsettled and a little unhappy inside. But this girl is one to watch I have no doubt a future champion.

2nd – Mrs W A Pearson- Winterwell Lulu Moppet To Ladyhawke JW- This bitch didn't make the class easy for me as I really liked her as much as first. She has many of the same qualities I look for. However she is slightly smaller than first. I also think moving inside made her unhappy and unsettled. She does have the loveliest of heads and most darkest of eyes, which adds to her gentle expression. She also has a just as harsh coat as first. I am more than sure these two have and will swap places on many oaacasions.

Class 19 Novice Bitch

1st – Mrs L Angus- Keigame Hearts Desire From Sparkenhoe (Ai) – Same as Class 16

Class 20 Graduate Bitch

1st – Mrs E H Yates- Quintana Head in the Clouds- Liver and white bitch, that was a little larger than what I would want, however she makes up for that having a gorgeous head with the correct workings and dark eyes. Which gives her a lovely expression. She also has a brilliantly harsh coat, correct stifle and lovely movement. She would benefit from a handler that would allow her to move on a loose lead allowing for her power and drive to really flow as its all there, she just needs to be allowed to really power around.

2nd -Mrs V S A Prior- Booton Camille Avec Whinchat- More Compact bitch than first, thats liver and white. She is carry a little weight over the shoulders which she would benefit from losing. She has also doesn't have the working in her head as first. But she does have dark eyes and a harshish coat. Her overall movement is good but again is hindered by the weight over her shoulders.

Class 21 Post Graduate Bitch

1st – Mrs K  & Mr G Holderness and Gatliffe- Allezweck Inga- Stunning! That's how I would describe this bitch just simply Stunning. From the very moment she walked into the ring I knew she was my winner. She is everything you could want in a Gsp and so much more. Her head is just gorgeous, from the workings on her head, her beautifully dark eyes and the length of her neck it all adds to the complete picture. Her coat is perfectly harsh and her topline which doesn't dip or change on the move like many I saw is correctly level. You then come to her rear, that is correctly muscled and has the best stifle. When asked to move this bitch is fabulous, she is effortless and yet has the power, reach and drive that shows she could do this all day. I was taken aback by her because she really reminded me of the “old type” of Gsp. I can't in all good conscious fault this bitch today as she really stood out for so many reasons. She was also handled to perfection by her handler and shows how in sync the two really are, having almost perfect footfall as one another. She was easily my BCC and BIS. I know the next two CC will come to her easily as she really does deserve to be made into a Champion and I will be watching and waiting to hear of this news.

2nd – Mrs A J, Mr W & Miss MI Hallam -  Redic Shiraz- Liver and White bitch that is just as lovely as my winner. She is also of the “old type” Gsp. She has many of the same qualities as first. Her head has gorgeous workings and dark eyes. She also has a level topline which she holds on the move. There are a lot of things to really like about this bitch it was just sad that she met the winner in this class as on any other day she would have easily have won this class with her reach and drive on the move.

Class 22 Mid Limit Bitch

1st – Mr P & Mrs S Nixon-  Quintana Luna Eclipse- I really Loved this liver and white bitch, she caught my eye from when she walked into the ring. She is a true Gsp with no airs or graces about her. She has the workings on her head and the dark eye that really make her the full picture. She moves around the ring with a lot of power and drive, she really shows off her muscled rear in doing so but also the muscles on her shoulders. She makes moving around the ring look easy and as if she could do it all day. While she is doing so you can see she also has lovely tight feet and a level topline. When you start to go over her you can feel the harshness of the coat. She really pushed hard for the BCC and it was one of the toughest decisions i've had to make. She was easily my RBCC, Best Field Trial and my Reserve Best In Show. I know that if my BCC wasn't here then she would have been my winner today because she truly exudes what a gsp should be.

2nd – Mrs M Nixon-  Quintana Qing Ping- In my notes I have written “another great gsp” and that is exactly what this liver and white bitch is. She is a great Gsp. She possesses the harsh coat that I love to feel, and the darkest of eyes. These are set into a head with gorgeous workings, which makes for a beautiful melting expression. When she moves around the ring she moves with purpose, she has real power and drive as she strides around the ring. She didn't make my decision for this class easy. She is really of the “Old type” of Gsp which I really love. I am sure she has and will swap places with first many times because she is just so typey.

Class 23 Limit Bitch

This was one of my hardest classes of the day as there were three bitches in this class that I could have easily given first to, which didn't make my job easy.

1st – Miss S Ellis – Soellis Fancy Nancy- This bitch really reminded me of one of my old bitches Sh Ch Misty of Stormridge. I could believe my eyes as it was like looking at a carbon copy of her. This liver and white bitch, is truly gorgeous. From the tip of her nose to the correct tail set she carries. She has beautiful workings on her head that are incredibly feminine set against her dark eyes and muscled neck. This leads to the laid back shoulders and level topline that adds to her outline. Her back end is carrying enough muscle for a bitch which she uses to her advantage to really show off her reach and drive around the ring. I could have easily taken this bitch home with me as she was really that beautiful. I am sure she will be earning top honours in the future as she didn't make my job easy.

2nd – Mrs R Schoneville- Balvenie Eye Candy JW- Liver and white two and a bit years old . She is a compact bitch that stands on tight feet and correct stifle. She also has dark eyes and harsh coat. Her movement is as lovely and free flowing as many in the class. It's a shame she met first as I am sure the places would have been swapped on any and many occasions.

Class 24 Open Bitch

1st – Mr E & Mrs L Lockett- Fayemm Forever Together- Lovely bitch, nicely compact with a harsh coat and dark eyes. She has a gorgeous head with the workings you'd really want in a bitch, this however doesn't make her any less feminine. Her topline is what you would want as it's level leading to a moderately muscled rear end which gives her a lot of power and drive to move around the ring.

2nd – Miss S & Mr R Hammond- Sh Ch Seasham I love to Boogie- Beautiful liver and white bitch. I understand how she earned her title as it's an honour to go over this bitch. She has many of the same qualities and traits as first. She is a compact bitch with lovely feminine head and dark eyes. Her neck is set on a shoulders that are well laid back and well muscled not to take away from her correct topline and correct stifle. As she moves around the ring she glides with ease. It is truly a pleasure to watch her move as it highlights her true gsp qualities. It is just sad that she met first today as they would and I am sure do swap places often.

Class 25 Veteran Bitch

1st – Mrs V E & Miss E F Brown-  Sh Ch Newlands Pass to Montalba ShCm- I've judged this bitch before and awarded her the BCC and BoB, and I am pleased to say that nothing has changed in this bitch. She truly is ageing like a fine wine. She still has the cheeky look that I fell for before and the same harshest coat and dark eyes, that caught my attention before. She is still in the tip top of conditions that is a true testament to her owners and handler. She powered around the ring with such reach and drive that she put a few of the younger dogs to shame. A lot of the youngsters of the breed should take notes from this bitch as she really represents what a gsp should be as still looking and moving as well she does. Easily my Best Veteran in Show.

2nd – Mr E & Mrs L Lockett- Fayemm Remember Me- Same age as first and in the same fabulous condition. These two bitches really made my decision difficult as I really loved this bitch as much as first. She has a similar strong movement and harsh coat as first. She also has still lovely dark eyes. Honestly it was a difficult decision between the two as both are in the best condition. I hope she continues to show and really represents the oldies of the breed.

Class 26 Special Veteran Bitch

1st – Mrs S Gibbon- Kavacanne Cheeky Vimto at Faubourg- Another Golden oldie, she is fabulous for her age. She has the harshest of coats and darkest of eyes. She moves around the ring like a much younger bitch, she powers around with such reach and drive that really shows how well she looks. She is well muscled in both front and rear. She could easily give the younger bitches a run for their money.

Class 27 Field Trial Bitch

1st – Mr P & Mrs S Nixon- Same as Class 22

2nd – Mrs M Nixon- I really liked this bitch as she has many of the same qualities as first. She has a really feminine head, correct proportions, good front

assembly which aids in her effortless movement around the ring, correct depth to chest that you can see as she moves and feel as you go over her. She also has nice tight feet, slightly longer in back than first but that doesn't really deter from the quality she has. Lovely true and honest Gsp bitch.

Class 28 Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

1st- Mr M & Mrs C Staley- Same as Class 18

2nd -Miss J Braine – Grenetrest Tulip- Absolutely fabulous bitch. She was so happy to be in the ring and it showed as he tail never stopped wagging which is a delight to see.  She is a  lovely bitch and really moves around the ring with reach and drive. She has the darkest of eyes and harshest of coats. It is a shame she met first in this class as the have many of the same fantastic qualities that I look for. I am sure in the future we will be seeing this bitch in the top honours of the class.