• Show Date: 30/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Dykes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Japanese Akita Inu
It was a pleasure to judge this wonderful breed after an absence of a few years, they have long been a favorite of mine. Feet were mainly better than the last time I judged them, heads were mostly well proportioned although teeth could have been cleaner on several exhibits. Profile movement was good on most of the exhibits, however there are still issues with slack fronts and close rears on many, but not all. On the whole, I found more consistency of breed type than previously. 


1st: Grundy & Grundy HITORIKKO GO HAJIMARI UNDER KYUUTEN (IMP POL) Brindle dog showing correct Urajiro markings. Good coat texture. Lovely head with correct eye and ears. Correct bite. A little shorter in back than some. Correct size with good feet. Correct tail set & carriage. Moved well in profile but could have moved truer fore & aft.

OPEN DOG (3/3)

1st: Duffield & Duffield HASAKI TEAM NOBU MEIHO (IMP SERB) 1st & 2nd Similar type dogs of good size & build. Both have good body proportions good head carriage. Both have red coats of correct texture and with typical markings. Both have good tail set & carriage and both have good feet. I preferred the head balance of 1 which is why I placed them the way I did. Front movement could have been tighter on both, and both had similar close movement behind. Best Dog.

2nd: Horrobin DAIMARY CHARADON (IMP SERB) Reserve Best Dog

3rd: Bennett & Thompson SEIJITSU AMAFUMI GO TSOYU


1st: Horrobin CHARADON NO KAORU GO Feminine puppy of correct size. Good coat texture. Correct tail set & carriage. Correct eye & ear, good bite. Moved well in profile, but could be truer coming & going. Best Puppy


1st: Thompson & Chapman TSOYU URAKOHIME GO Red brindle girl with Urajiro markings. Correct body shape & size. Good coat texture, correct tail set & carriage. Good feet. Lovely head with correct eye/ears. Correct muzzle to skull proportions. Moves well in profile and good front movement, but a little close behind. A lot to like about her.


1st: Thompson & Chapman TSOYU TAMASHINO GO This dark brindle girl commanded my attention as soon as she came into the ring, and did not disappoint. Well built, but feminine. Beautiful head & expression with correct eye & ears, and good bite. Well carried. Correct shape & size, good coat texture, well set & carried tail. Correct feet. She was the best mover on the day, in profile and also fore & aft, but won on her overall quality, not just construction. Best Bitch & BOB

2nd: Mudrova MEGAPOLIS STYLE KOMAKHIME MAMORIKENSHA (IMP RUS) Red bitch with lovely head and body of correct shape & size. Good coat texture. Good tail set & carriage, correct feet. Her front and rear could be tighter, and her movement let her down.



1st: Thomas, Marchant & Waddell NOSFERATU’S NO KIOKU GO I liked this red girl a lot. Correct shape & size. Red coat with Urajiro markings and good texture. Correct tail set & carriage, correct feet. Well carried head of lovely type, showing correct balance, with good eye, ear and bite. Well made and the best movement front and rear of the class. A great deal to like about her. Reserve Best Bitch

2nd: Bennett & Thompson INT BEL CH TSOYU MURASAKI GO SEIJITSU Another quality bitch. Larger than 1 but well proportioned. Correct coat texture, good feet. Correct tail set & carriage. Not quite as feminine as 1. Moved well in profile.


Res: Thompson & Chapman TSOYU REIZENHIME GO


1st: Duffield & Duffield MEIHO NO SHINKA GO Attractive bitch with a wonderful personality. Lovely head balance with correct eye, ear & bite. Correct proportion body, with correct eye, ear & bite. Moved well in profile but needs to tighten up coming & going. Best Veteran.

2nd: Pike & Carter BREEZELYN MORI NOMASUME Overmarked bitch who was longer in loin than ideal, and lightly built. Feet could have been tighter. Correct eye & ears.

Sue Dykes