• Show Date: 30/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Dykes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Coton De Tulear


1st: Holley & Holley COTON SYNOPSIS AKUTAGAWA (IMP AUT) Promising pup who should have a bright future. Correct shape & size. Good & well presented coat. Lovely head with correct eye, ear placement & bite. Correct dark pigment. Correct topline and good lay back of shoulder. Correct tail set & carriage. Once he got going, moved true. Did well to cope with the windy conditions at his first show, but clearly attracted by all the scents on the grass so did not make the best of himself on the day.

2nd: Ingram-Forde MAJESTICOTON DUKE OF YORK Body shape correct, and tail set good. Head balance correct, however bite not as good as one, and poor pigment. Well coated for age, although coat would have benefitted from more attention. Difficult to assess movement as unsettled, but this also may be due to the conditions.


1st: Murrey CUKOTON SHOT IN THE DARK Very nice youngster in excellent well presented coat. Correct head proportions, with good bite and correct eye. Typical topline on correct shape body. Tail carried a little tighter than ideal. Sound on move. Best Dog


1st: Colley KING OF THIEVES This boy has a beautiful head with correct eye & bite. Correct body shape with typical topline. Correct Tail set & carriage. When he had 4 feet on the ground he moved well. Clearly enjoying his day. Reserve Best Dog


1st: Milton & Milton COTONKISS FROZEN XPLOSION Correct shape & size with typical toppling. Well set tail carried correctly. Good coat texture. Muzzle to skull proportions correct, however ear placement a little high set. Correct eye shape and bite.


1st: Craik MOPSEYCOTON CUTTI COOKI very pretty puppy with lovely head & expression. Correct eye, good ear placement, correct bite. Correct body shape with typical topline. Well set & carried tail. Excellent well presented coat. When she had her feet on the ground, she moved out well and soundly. Best Puppy.


1st: Golden CUKOTON GIRL ON FIRE This youngster’s coat was correct texture, but it would have benefitted from more attention to grooming. Correct shape body with typical topline. Very pretty head with well set ears and correct eye & bite. Tail set & carriage correct. Steady on move.


1st: Howsam & Howsam COTONKISS WOTTA A GIRL WANTS AT JANDOES Well presented girl. Correct coat texture. Correct body shape with typical topline. Lovely head with well placed ears, correct eye and bite. Good pigment. Moved steadily. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd: Colley COLADAIRE MARGUERITE Correct head proportions with good eye. Correct eye shape and good bite. Typical topline. Moves a bit close either end.



1st: Scott CUKOTON DON'T CRY DADDY Pretty bitch of correct shape & size. Typical topline. Head proportions correct, good pigment. Well presented coat of correct texture. Well set & carried tail.

Toes in in front and moves a little close behind.


1st: Murray HAPPYPAWS CAREFREE SH.CM SHCEX VW Beautifully presented girl in excellent coat. Although carrying a bit too much body, she still stood out as my clear winner on the day. Lovely head with correct eye, bite & ear placement. Good pigment. Correct body shape & size and typical topline. Correct tail set & carriage. Sound and stylish on the move. Best Bitch, Best Of Breed & Best Veteran.

2nd: Scott CUKOTON SKYS THE LIMIT (SHCM) SH.CM Sweet girl who was enjoying her day out. Feminine, with correct head balance. Well set & carried tail. Moved soundly.