• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Schnauzer Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain Championship Show Saturday 25th of March 2023.

Giant Schnauzers.

 I would like to Thank the SCGB for a well-run show, and my stewards for the day Lisa and Kirsty. Another thank you must go to all the exhibitors who presented their dogs so well, and accepted my decisions with good grace.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st, Hunts Bernshell Hinkley Point, Standing alone ,Coming up 8 months old, Correct Type, Very good coat, Typical head, dark eye, and correct bite, Good Lay of shoulder a little upright in upper arm, Topline needs to settle rise over the loin, Good rear angulation and tail set, a little close behind on moving away, profile movement ok.

Puppy Dog 0 entries

Junior Dog 0 entries

Graduate Dog 0 entries

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1st , Adamsons Here Comes Trouble Radinie to Borderstorm, Very good type, beautiful Coat and presentation, Fair head, scissor bite, Good front assembly , a little long in Loin, Correct angulation in the hind quarters, good tail set and carriage, Spirited on the move for his patient handler.

Limit Dog (3 entries, 1 Absentee)

1st,Watmough & Allens Minniemoon Jazz A Matazz with Andmaura, This P&S male excelled in type for me, all Schnauzer, Good head with very dark eye giving a typical expression, good arched neck, into good front assembly with forechest and depth of Brisket, correct rear angulation, Excellent coat and colour right down to his toes, moved well with purpose, a pleasure to award the Res CC.

2nd , Lunts Tribune Vom Schloss Ehrenberg at Lourane, more elegant type, slightly immature at this time in his development, Good Temperament and put down to perfection with an excellent, coat. Good Lay of shoulder, and width of Thigh, moved well

Open Dog (2 entries)

1st, Parkers Ch Draxpark Fantasticus, Large Male, but balanced throughout, Full of breed type and attitude, Beautiful Head plains, good ears and the darkest eyes of correct shape showing expression. Well made through this boy had an arched neck fitting correctly onto his shoulders, he has depth, a short strong back , a well muscled thigh and correct rear angulation, excellent coat texture and presentation, moving well around the ring. On reading the catalogue I realised I had given his mother top awards in the past. He Deserved the CC, Best of Breed and was thrilled to see him go Reserve Best in Show.

2nd, Ellis’ Dasval Little Big Man ShCex, Heavier dog and type, he has a good head and correct dark eye and kind expression, flat skull and cheeks, Good upper arm placement, a little longer in loin than 1st place, strong hindquarters, moved, handled and presented well

Champion Dog (absent)

Veteran Dog (1 entry)

Watmough & Allens Lucavale Washington at Andmaura, Coming up 8 years old, Correct P&S type with correct banded coat, dark eye with kind expression, a little short in upper arm but good layback of shoulder, deep chest, wide thigh, moved with Verve.

Minor Puppy Bitch, (1 entry)

Saunders-Jones,Bernshell Balakovo, Full of Life, very good type with nice head, dark eye with feminine expression, Fair front assembly, short coupled, slight rise over the loin, Good rear angulation. Moved well for age.

Puppy Bitch, (1 entry)

11 Months, Big Girl for her age, Excellent type and correct coat presented beautifully, Correct head with well shaped dark eye, scored in front assembly and depth of chest, well muscled rear quarters, good tail set and carriage, moved well, Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch, (3 entries 2 absentees)

1st Coxs Primavista Lemoney Lace, Nice Bitch Feminine Type, with excellent coat and presentation, Nice head with good expression, well angulated rear quarters, handled well on the move

Novice Bitch 0 entries

Graduate Bitch 0 Entries.

Post Graduate Bitch (3 Entries.)

1st Clays Philoma Lucia, heavier type, Good Head , eye and expression, arched neck, a little upright in shoulder, sloping topline, slightly long in loin, very good muscled hind quarters and tail set and carriage, moved well.

2nd, Malcolms Adacolm Russia with Love, 23 months, correct type, nice head with dark eye and good ear set, good neck, a little upright in shoulder, good depth in chest, good hindquarters, a tad close behind.

3rd, Adreana’s Margarita.

Limit Bitch (5 Entries)

The first 2 places could change anytime, 2 girls so alike with the same attributes a pleasure to go over and assess both these lovely females.

1st Parkers Fostergiants Revelation at Draxpark, Just filled my eye, feminine but with substance, correct size and proportions, Typical correct crisp coat, excellent head, and dark eye, lovely expression, correct front assembly with depth behind her elbows, short coupled, strong back and wide thigh and correct angles all round, moved so well. Proud to award the CC, Res BOB, and then go on to Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2nd Woodgate & Georges Socialite Vom Schloss Ehrenberg Mit Dasval (imp)

Another Excellent Type, such a pleasure to go over her beautiful head with perfect head plains , darkest of eyes, wicked expression, so confident, arched neck, into very good front, and depth , strong topline kept on the move and rear quarters, with tail carried perfectly, finished off with perfect coat type and presentation. A pleasure to award the Res CC.

3rd Price & Lowood-Price, Adreana’s Bellini.

Open Bitch (3 entries)

1st, Velhinho & Donleys Echodream Cleopatra, Feminine Bitch. Good head, Dark eye, arched neck, sloping topline, good depth of chest, strong hindquarters, moved well,

2nd,Parkers Draxpark Dramaticus, Another excellent type, Good Head, dark eye and correct ears, arched neck, Great front assembly, with height over the whithers, correct angulations in the hindquarters, unsettled on the move today.

3rd Cherejis Blackborn Beauty Freya

Veteran Bitch (2 entries)

1st Malcolms Int, Bel, Ned Ch Quimada Van de Riesenhorst (imp)

Scored in Type and coat, almost 8 years good head, neck and front, short back and strong hind quarters,

2nd Georges Ch Dasval Valeria Messakina ShCM.Another lovely old lady, 8 and half years, different in coat type, but presented well, Very good head and expression, feminine neck, good make and shape all through,

Both these girls were a little erratic on the move , could change places .

Special beginners Dog or Bitch (0 entries)

Special Pepper and Salt Dog or Bitch (2 entries)

1st, Minniemoon Jazz A Matazz with Andmaura

2nd Lucavale Washington at Andmaura


Sue Cox.