• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Payne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/02/2024

Northern Pug Dog Club

Breed: Pug

Northern Pug Dog Club 

Joint Pug Dog Clubs Championship Show


Judge (Bitches): Stuart Payne

Bitch CC: Attwood’s Taftazini Helix JW

Res Bitch CC: Dawson-Payne & Mousley’s Judamie Thelma Jane

Best Puppy Bitch: Dawson-Payne & Mousley’s Judamie Thelma Jane

Best Veteran Bitch: McAleny’s Macmoore Jesamine JW

Best Black Bitch: Ellis’ Eastonite Blackis Cloudy JW

Thank you to the committee for the invitation & exhibitors for the entry. Whilst I was pleased with my main winners, overall the quality was lacking. To me the words ‘multum in parvo’ say everything you need to describe a Pug. Where are the large heads with soft expressions? Where is the bone & substance? Before it is lost forever, breeders need to take stock & inspiration from the great champions this breed has seen over the years.

Veteran Bitch 4,1

1st McAleny’s Macmoore Jesamine JW

Quality head with good work, dark eye & pigment, ample breadth of muzzle. Compact frame, level topline & high tail set. Good for bone & body, quality coat. Moved out well. BVIS

2nd Attwood’s Ch Rhodenash Dream Chaser of Taftazini JW

Neat ears, large dark eye, well placed chin. Just preferred muzzle of 1, Pleasing outline, with good substance & firm topline. Moved out well in all directions.

3rd Vurgest’s Marbelton Rainbow Magic at Hunterspug

Minor Puppy Bitch 4,1

1st Welham’s Nicobri’s Phoenix Rising at Barryann

Super head, expressive eye, neat ears & correct work. Balanced throughout with good bone & body, tail held a little loose. Not always making the most of herself on the move today, but worthy class winner.

2nd O’Leary’s Mopszawawa’s Crazy In Love

Pleasing head with good pigment, eye could be a shade larger & ears need to settle. Correct crest of neck, level topline & high set tail, a fraction longer cast than 1. Well bodied with good bone. Moved out well when settled.

3rd Dawson-Payne’s Judamie Miss Money Millie

Puppy Bitch 4,1

1st Dawson-Payne & Mousley’s Judamie Thelma Jane

Caught my eye when she came in. Neat ears, good breadth of skull & excellent work. Dark pigment, large eye & well placed chin. Arched neck of good length, compact frame, high tail set. Bone & body correct for age. Carries herself well. Sure she will have a bright future, was delighted to award her BPB & RCC, just losing out to her brother for BPIS

2nd Cannon & Burrough’s Pugistie Queen Bee at Flashnik

Large dark eye, neat ears, broad muzzle, just needs a little more work. Pleasing outline, ample neck & level topline. Well bodied, quality coat, moved out soundly.

3rd Arnold-Stronge’s Snugglepug Sense Of Humour

Junior Bitch 4,0

1st Ashton’s Zobear Taken By Storm

Quality girl, super head with large dark eye, dark pigment. Broad muzzle, well placed chin. Super outline, level topline, high set tail & good for neck. Well bodied, good bone & coat. Moved out with positive action. Unfortunately the owner did not bring her back for the challenge, where she would have been in contention for top honours.

2nd Cowie’s Afterglow Esther La Vista Megipugi JW

Super head, excellent expression, dark eye & pigment, broad muzzle. Level topline, high set tail, good for bone & substance, excellent coat. Tended to stand a little toed out today. Moved true. Another lovely girl & close 2nd.

3rd Lee’s Pulchra Mary Poppins

Yearling Bitch 9,1

1st Birch’s Flashnik’s Glass Slipper

Net ears, excellent work, dark pigment & large eye, would prefer a little more padding in muzzle. Excellent bone & body, ample neck, level topline & high tail. Moved out well. Quality girl, just a little out of coat today.

2nd Walker’s Afterglow Able Mabel of Sunlea JW

Feminine head, dark pigment & eye, well placed chin. Okay for neck, well bodied & high set tail, in good coat. Moved soundly.

3rd Turnbull’s Nicobri’s Gotta Have Faith JW

Novice Bitch 3,1

1st O’Leary’s Mopszawawa’s Crazy In Love

2nd Jaudette New Perspective

Feminine head, would just prefer a little more width & more work. Dark eye, just a shade small. Open nostril & well placed chin. Compact frame, level topline & high set tail. Good for bone, plush coat. Carries herself well in profile.

Post Graduate Bitch 10,2

1st Urwin’s Aneeva Miss Atomic Bomb

Feminine girl, dark pigment ^ large dark eye. Well placed ears, would prefer a little more work on forehead, okay for muzzle. Pleasing frame, level topline, high set tail & ample neck, correct for coat. Good bone & body. Moved out well.

2nd Byrne’s Milucksin Iolite

Neat ears, good work, dark pigment & eye. Prefer a little more breadth of muzzle. Well bodied, correct for bone, high set tail. A little longer cast than 1. Moved soundly.

3rd Howe’s Capetonians Nik Nacs at Jackstopper

Limit Bitch 6,0

1st Attwood’s Taftazini Helix JW

Quality head, neat ear, correct work, dark pigment & dark expressive eye. Well padded muzzle & chin placement. Arched neck, level topline & high set tail. Spot on for bone & body, plush coat. Super on the move, carrying herself well in all directions. Demanding attention in the challenge, was rewarded with the CC.

2nd Nixon’s Afterglow This Little Piggy

Lovely head & expression with dark eye & good pigment. Correct for neck, bone & body. Tends to roach a little over topline, high set tail & good coat texture. Moved out soundly.

3rd Cockburn’s Honeypot Ebony April Girl

Open Bitch 4,0

1st Storey’s Ch Rhodenash Kotton Kopy JW

Neat ears, good work, large eye, just a shade light. Dark pigment, well placed nose, prefer a shade more padding in muzzle. Good size & overall balance, level topline & high set tail. In excellent coat. Carries herself well.

2nd Lee’s Tsuselena Terabelle

Feminine head, well placed ears, dark pigment & large dark eye, would prefer a little more work. Good width of muzzle, well padded. Ample bone, well bodied, level topline & high set tail. Carries herself well in all directions.

3rd Ashton’s Zobear Burlesque

Special Open Bitch - Black 7,2

1st Ellis’ Eastonite Blackis Cloudy JW

Broad head, neat ear & correct work. Large eye, just a shade light, well padded foreface. Ample neck, level topline & correct tail set. Spot on for bone & body. Quality girl, moved positively.

2nd Cockburn’s Honeypot Ebony April Girl

Feminine head, good width of skull & padded muzzle, large dark eye. Good for size with ample bone & body. Level topline &high set tail. Carries herself well in profile, could just be a little stronger behind.

3rd Arnold-Stronge’s Snugglepug Take The Reins

Special Open Bitch - Fawn 8,0

1st Eddery’s Ch Surprise Gift Ragemma ShCEx

Broad skull, neat ears & ample work. Large dark eye, well placed nose & padded foreface, just a little heavy over nose wrinkle. Super bone & body, level topline & high set tail. In good coat. Carries herself well at all times. Quality girl.

2nd Reynold’s Judamie Glorious Gloria of Croftren

Beautiful head, dark pigment, excellent work & large dark eye. Balanced frame, level topline & high set tail. Ideal for bone & substance. Short plush coat. Lovely profile on the move, however rear movement letting her down today, otherwise would have been considered for top honours.

3rd Attwood’s Ch Taftazini Ivalace JW