• Show Date: 23/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Steve Rooney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/08/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)
Blackpool Championship Show 23-6-23 Longcoat Chihuahuas. A huge thank you to the Committee of Blackpool Championship Show for the invite to judge at their show. Delighted with my super entry of 95 dogs, for which I thank all the exhibitors who very graciously brought their dogs under me. Quite a broad variety of type and size, across both sexes, so difficult at times to balance size, quality, type and soundness. One always has to look at the overall picture and not fault judge. Any fault should be determined to the seriousness of the fault, so allowances were made, but that doesn’t take away from some Lovely dogs I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to judge. I did notice, and was later informed, of an exhibitor, who wasn’t terribly gracious, and clearly felt they should have done better, and was witnessed by many, using a tarade of bad language, and insults, and of the most appalling behavior. To say I’m disappointed by the behavior of this person, is an understatement, from someone I’ve continually tried to help and advise, but sadly their pedigree has been shown, and noted, but might I add, please remember , it’s only one opinion, and another day could bring better results. I don’t take decisions lightly, and always judge fairly, and without regard for who’s handling the dog. We are all victims of disappointment, and this does not only apply to the exhibitors. 99% as always very accepting and polite (at least to my face lol). There was also some I liked a lot, but due to their poor show performance, could not be given higher awards, which is such a shame when the quality is there. I appreciate the weather was warm, so can effect the dogs in different ways. Also I was surprised by the number of dogs that were overweight, which is not conjusive to a dog giving its best performance, especially on a hot humid day. Forgive my negatives, but they were mere incidentals in what was a lovely enjoyable day. I was also extremely fortunate to have the highest Toy entry of the day, and again without the many lovely people in our breed, this would not have been possible. Another slight disappointment for me was the lack of any Minor Puppy classes. I was aware that Blackpool only schedule MP classes for a number of certain breeds, so I’d asked the Secretary after last years show if they’d schedule MP classes for Chihuahuas which they kindly agreed to do, but when the schedule came out this year, no classes, so I again contacted the secretary, who apologized. and said they’d been printed before he realized. Such a shame, as it does take away an opportunity for puppies to win their appropriate age class. Onto the results Puppy Dog. 10 (2) Large class of varying types 1st. Todd-Mcoids, tricolour boy, nicely marked and such a showy young man with lots of appeal. Correctly put together with a smart and tidy appearance. Compact in size, with a very pleasing head and expression. Finely made, but still has substance. Moved well, needs to tighten a little in front but an all round nice boy. Best Puppy Dog. 2nd. Humphreys, Amarantos Meet Joe Black, another tri colour boy of quality. Good head and expression leading to neck, shoulders and body of good form. A tad long in the back for me, and needs to settle on the move, but if stays as he is, and fills out his shape more, it will improve his appeal. Puppy Dog 7 (1) 1st. Huntleys, Jahneemahs Eye Candy. Very smart red boy that I liked a lot. Very nicely put together, with a lovely head and expression. Fairly broad in muzzle but doesn’t effect his attractive appearance. Good hands on and overall appearance is impressive. Coat in good and well on for his age. Overall movement is ok, but tends to lift a little coming towards. Still a boy I liked and will watch with interest. 2nd. Heap and Palmers, Maciendas Magni. Red boy with a masculine head, with again a thicker type muzzle, so a bit harsh in expression. Well made in body and moved nicely. Yearling Dog 2 (0) 1st. Newberrys, Hermosoangels Lord Vecna. Fawn sable boy I found to be very finely made with a sweet head, good dentition. Quite feminine in appearance, moved ok though challenged his handler a bit but a nice type. 2nd. Hicks, Torre Del Pilar Kingsman at Casiatodo (Imp ESP). Tri coloured boy. Very nice masculine boy with a really good head. Ok to handle, but carries too much weight and is up to size. Moved ok, but tended to lose interest, so lacked enthusiasm. Postgraduate Dog 6 (1) 1st. Dennie-Smiths, Frapachi Whisper of Gold at Brynnsimeon. Cream and White boy, larger type of boy. Head needs to develop more but very nicely put together in body when handled. Another slightly overweight but solid as a rock on the table. Moved extremely well being the soundest in the class and won him his 1st place. 2nd. Hughes, Darsueian Perfect Lover. A really nice red boy, that needs to be examined closely to appreciate. A little nervous on the table, but when settled,he’s a lovely shape and size. Super head, and when settled, he moves well, but doesn’t show off his assets to his best advantage, which is a shame. Limit Dog 11 (2) 1st. Kelly’s, Mystic Legion Uranos at Frapachi. A new one on me, and what a nice surprise he was. An eye catching dog with a really lovely head, leading to required length of neck and firm level body leading to super tail set and carriage sadly lacking in some exhibits. Went around the ring with soundness and confidence and headed this class with style. 2nd. Hicks, Chiquita De Oro Top Ten at Casiatodo (Imp Hun) Another tri boy, that has a certain appeal. A very strong head, short muzzle and attractive expression. Wouldn’t want the muzzle any shorter as would lose the required moderation. Carries a good shape, though lacks neck, which spoils his outline. Firmly constructed with good substance. Moved around the ring well, but on occasions was seen to be hopping, but made allowances as may have been over exuberance. Preferred the overall balance and style of the winner. Open Dog 8 (1) 1st. Huntleys, Ch. Natimuk Beaumont. A cream sable dog full of class and style. Typey boy, with a lovely head and expression. Correct ear placement and length of muzzle. Everything as it should be when handled, and although fine, he’s not dainty, and has the right amount of substance. In super coat and conditions, well presented and handled, bringing out the best in this all round lovely dog. Moves with panache and is particularly attractive and impressive in profile. CC, BOB. 2nd. Holland-Smiths, Ch. Chihohit Favorite Only You For Kirdanchi JW. Cream boy of the highest quality. Super masculine head with firm neck, shoulders and top line. Well set and plumed tail. Good angulation, all contributing to solid and sound movement where he’s at his best. Very close up to winner, but just up to size for me, but an all round top notch boy RCC. Veteran Dog 6 (1) 1st. Mr and Mrs Hills, Ch. Lynpix The Mexican with Becanna. 8 yr old wolf sable boy whom I’ve had the pleasure of judging before. Still a lovely boy with a super head and expression. In great nick and a pleasure to handle and appreciate his virtues. In good coat and condition, and moves particularly well when on his metal. BVIB. 2nd. Mr and Miss Sangsters, Ch. Tidos He’s My Darling at Kirlasidh. Another top drawer boy full of quality and type. Good head and body construction. Moves and shows well but is starting to show his 9yrs although can still hold his own against some youngsters. Onto the bitches, where there was plenty of quality, although varying in type and size. Some bitches wouldn’t want to be any bigger, and reaching the size of other breeds. Chihuahua are supposed to be the smallest breed in the world. Puppy Bitch 10 (3) 1st. Days, Monicachi Queen of Diamonds. A very impressive baby of 7 months, who oozes appeal. Gorgeous head and expression, on a firm and just enough neck, leading to a level topline and well placed tail. All 4 legs placed as you’d want, and her coat is coming through nicely. Still developing, so can only get better. Moves freely, and like she owns the place, which one day she might, if her qualities continue to shine. Schooled to perfection by her clever handler, who has an ability to bring out the best in her. I will follow her progress with interest. RCC, BP, Puppy Group Shortlist. 2nd. Todd-Mccoids, Rubylano Showens Stjama. Another lovely puppy whom I also liked very much. Very pretty red girl, feminine in head with well put together construction, and the correct shape of slightly longer in body than height. Another that moved and showed very well for her clever young handler. Junior Bitch 4 (1) 1st. Fothergills, I’m A Dream Adeline Is My Name (Imp It). Very impressive girl, who needs handling to appreciate her super qualities. Cracking head and expression, with luscious dark eyes and pigment. Correct earset large and set on well. Good body correctly assembled enabling impressive movement. Just hope she doesn’t grow on. Best Junior In Breed. 2nd. Jones, Flickan Fragrant Flower. Rich red girl of smaller finer type than the winner. Again with correct construction. Sweet feminine head and exprsssion. Showed and moves particularly well where she excels. Yearling Bitch 7 (0) 1st. Mr and Mrs Tyson, Starceylon The Ice Queen. Top class red girl, with everything going for her. Head to toe quality, showed and moved very well. An easy contender for higher awards but tough competition on the day. Lovely girl. 2nd. Hunts, Moltobello Ice Princess. White girl whom I found to be acceptable in all areas. Slightly plainer in head than the winner, but was able to show her qualities when on the ground. Shorter in the back would improve her overall shape, but has a good reach of neck and her movement makes up for any lesser qualities. Post Graduate Bitch 3 (1) 1st. Hicks, Chiquita De Oro Blans at Casiatodo. Ultra feminine girl with the loveliest of heads. Good dentition and the best of expressions. Very fine and dainty in body and appearance but not lacking in substance. Moved and showed well. Super pretty girl. 2nd. Obringer, Lemaritz Bewitched At Chiaffie. Another small and dainty girl, who certainly has the cute factor. Compact and small but a little overweight. Shows really well. Limit Bitch 9 (1) 1st. Jones, Flickan Figurine. What a beautiful bitch this is. Gorgeous head and melting expression, without any courseness or over done in any way. Perfect dentition. A dream to handle on the table. So well put together in every way. In perfect coat and condition and so well presented. Standing on the ground in profile really impresses and catches the eye. Moved like a dream and really filled the eye. So pleased to be able to award her the CC. I feel giving her BOB, and sending her into the big ring, may have overwhelmed her, and after the males super performance in the toy group, I knew I had made the correct decision. 2nd. Wilcox, Denique Dotty For You. Another quality sable and white girl, who also has a lovely head. Broad rounded skull, and good Length of muzzle. Well constructed with firm solid quarters. A bit on the chunky side but in great condition and presented and shown to her best. Flies around the ring with purpose. Open Bitch. 7 (2) 1st. Robson, Tidos Cherry Truffle. Another one of a number of quality bitches I judged today. Close inspection highlights her virtues. Completely feminine and full of refined class. Another on the dainty size, but still well covered. Good head, but I feel slightly more dome who really enhance her expression. Super front assembly which really pulled her around the ring with great drive from behind. A picture in profile and another contender for higher honours. 2nd. Lees, Ch. Barwater Agatha Christie of Ridgehawk. Tri colour girl with a good head and impressively put together. Solid body with good bone and substance. A nice girl to watch on the move. Classy type. Veteran Bitch. 7 (4) 1st. Hargreaves, Ch. Tampico Princess Ellimay. 11 year old girl that defies her age. In such good form and condition. Good head, decent size and knows how to do her job. Showed and moved very well. 2nd. Obringers, Oozoro Mama Mia Chiaffie JW. A very pretty cream girl of good quality, put together nicely and handles well. Sweet 7 year old unlucky to meet the winner, but really shows well. Steve Rooney Yorone Chihuahuas.