• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stephen Bardwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society




Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 749 YKC Te (8 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 368 WYNTER, Miss P Ch Robelroy Many Dreams At Furlongfox ShCEx Fox Terrier Wire Quality dog with very smart outline, lovey neck top-line and tail set. Good reach of neck, well-made front with decent turn of stifle. Good length to head with strong muzzle, nice ears and alert eye and expression. Quite accurate coming and going on the move with a smart profile.

2nd: 126 MAY, Miss J & WHISKER, Mr Scott Thistlestone Winter's Gold Border Terr B Pleasing make and shape but a little immature at present. Racy out-line with good rib span and nice feet, good proportions to outline and nice neck and tail. Nice head with good muzzle, tidy ear and dark eye. Good coat and skin and well presented.

3rd: 245 HIAM, Miss Lucy Carradine Arfa Pint JW

Res: 553 RUSSELL, Mr Harry Thomas & TATE, Mrs Kate Jaeva Painted Lady


Class 750 YKC Toy (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1788 O'CONNOR, Miss Elise Kathleen Everything Nice Of Hello Yorkies (Imp Rom) Yorkshire Terrier Attractive bitch with excellent coat texture and very good dark steel blue body coat. Tans not as well developed yet. Nice head and eye and attentive ear-set. Good upright carriage with strong top-line and well-made body. Moved freely and kept her shape well.

2nd: 1598 STEWART-SMITH, Mrs Lorraine & CHURCH, Mr Shane & C Forepaws Dutch Courage Papillon Mature dog with very good ears with nice fringing, refined head with good stop and eye placement. Nicely made in body with refined bone and build, good head carriage. Moved well coming, going and in profile, if a little erratic.

3rd: 1716 EDGAR, Miss Sienna Rose & EDGAR, Mrs Michaela & ED Cedilla Olive Pip


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 754 OD/B Te/To (27 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 1300 DENNISON, Mr Kirk Ettology Bounteous Barney JW ETT D Clean outline with good curves to top and underlines, good reach to neck and well-set tail. Good front and hind-quarters, nice rib cage and very good coat and condition. Rich colouring and nice markings. Very typical action on the move with good accuracy coming and going.

2nd: 1651 CAWTHERA-PURDY, Mrs A Ch Lireva's Wildest Dreams Pom DTop quality dog who impresses for typical outline, lovely head and expression and busy movement. Looked very well in profile on the move but not quite the accuracy of the winner coming and going. Lovely compact build with good head and tail carriage. Good quality coat and well-presented

3rd: 537 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C Belleville Plum Sauce


VHC: 1399 HENSHALL, Mrs Christine Ch Gemolli The Magician


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 758T Breeder Te (7 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Satherley – SCWT Top quality dogs all showing the qualities of the breed. Pleasing heads with well-proportioned outlines, good coats and pleasing style on the move. Worked very well together as a group.

2nd: Bamsey - Irish T Not as well matched as the winners on the move but a quality group of even type. Pleasing expressions and good make and shape in construction, with good necks, nice quarters and agile construction. Well-presented harsh coats

3rd: Knight - Manchester T

Res: Norton - Scottish T

VHC: Baldwin - Bedlington T

Class 759T Breeder To (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Cawthera-Purdy – Pomeranian Delightful group of very pleasing breed type, good compact outlines, with good head and tail-carriage, quality coats and typical enthusiasm on the move. With positive action coming and going. Lovely eyes and expressions.

Terrier Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr S Bardwell

1st : 528 NASH, Mrs R Earthtaw Owain The Celt - NORFOLK TERRIER – Dog Lovely dog with good balance to head, strong muzzle and attentive expression. Well-made fore-quarters, well-sprung rib cage, good body and loin and well-carried tail. Good harsh coat well-presented. Moved quite well going and coming and with a well-balanced profile going round.

2nd : 226 THOMPSON, Miss Anoushka OAKFAYRE's EMPRESS ETERNAL - BULL TERRIER (MINIATURE) – Bitch Nice strong head with good shape to eye and firm ears. Good neck and muscular, athletic body with good volume to rib cage and nice bone and substance. Moved very well at times whilst not as consistent as the winner.

3rd : 625 MCCRACKEN, mrs Amanda Elizabeth Carisco Myrtle Beach to Amawyn - SCOTTISH TERRIER – Bitch Nicely compact with big rib cage, good neck and well-set tail. Pleasing length to head and well-set ears, good, well-presented coat and nicely animated on the move.

4th : 130 NETTLE, Miss A Onziemehurst Milly Earhart - BORDER TERRIER - Bitch Pleasing athletic build, impressed going round on the move. Good coat and presentation and good span to rib. Dark eye and nice balance to head with good strength and neat ears.

Windsor day 2


YKC Stakes Working


1 2369

2nd 2327


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 1471 YKC W (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2369 HUGHES, Mrs Kelly Siberiadrift Secret To Keep Siberian Husky B Pleasing athletic build with good angulation front and rear, nice depth to rib, firm top-line and nice neck &tail carriage. Pleasing head proportions and well-set ears. Good coat and condition and impressive action in profile going round the ring and nice and accurate coming & going.


2nd: 2327 LYNNYK, Ms Oksana Holodnaya Zhara Vivat! Poltava Russian Black Terrier Glamourous bitch with well-presented coat. Good proportions to parallel head and muzzle, nice eye. Fare angles front and rear and nice make and shape to body, with well-set tail. Looked good in profile on the move but could have a tidier action coming and going.

3rd: 2392 REES, Mr Ellis Ch Winter Melody Triple Trouble at Amical (Imp Pol

Class 1472 YKC-Past (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3185 ZBILUT, Mr S & ZBILUT, Miss Sophie & YACOMEN, Miss Ch Ohanaway shes a rebel Swedish Vallhund B Pleasing outline with good neck and top-line and good spring of rib and strength to the loin. Clean cut head with nice eye and ear giving attentive expression. Very positive on the move with good reach and drive and pleasing accuracy.

2nd: 2434 CARTWRIGHT, Miss Claire GESAVISTAR ELARA Aus. Shepherd B Lovely bitch with nicely proportioned dry head and pleasing expression. Very good outline with pleasing rib cage & strong loin, well angulated front & rear with quality coat, well presented. She moved extremely well at times but was a little over excited at times.

3rd: 2646 LEE, Miss B & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Arrodare Rebel With A Cause JW



Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 1476 OD/B W/P (17 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2266 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN, Mr E Ch Belleville Anjo Negro Portuguese Water Dog D Well-proportioned outline with muscular build, powerful front and hind quarters, big rib cage and strong loin. Good balance to head with good eye and nose, and good coat. Moved accurately coming and going and with a smooth, effortless action.

2nd: 1826 NEVINSON, Mrs Anne Ch Chayo Golden Touch Alaskan Malamute D Powerful build with good angles front & rear, strong rib cage, firm top-line with nice neck and well-set tail. Broad top-skull and strong muzzle and with well-set ears. Good coat and nice muscle condition. Very positive and efficient on the move, and nicely accurate coming and going.

3rd: 2973 BAYLISS, Mrs T & BAYLISS, Mr M Jandoes Forget-Me-Not

Res: 2377 NICHOLLS, Mr & Mrs Carl & Julie Ch Arcticskies Black Truffle For Shyllar

VHC: 2327 LYNNYK, Ms Oksana Holodnaya Zhara Vivat! Pol


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 1480T Breeder Wo NO ENTRIES

Class 1481T Breeder Pa (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Foster - Briard . Team of 3 Well matched team with well-balanced, typical outlines, well presented quality coats and well-balanced heads with pleasing expressions. Moved well coming, going and in profile individually, and performed very well together as a team.

2nd: Salter - Bearded Collie, team of 3. Matched up well for type, with pleasing heads and expressions, well-balanced outlines and quality well-presented coats. Moved well in profile going round but not matching the winners coming and going.


Working Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr S Bardwell

1st : 2031 MOORE, Mr Simon & MOORE, Miss Ellie TORCHENY TAKAH - DOBERMANN – Bitch Very clean outline with good neck & top-line, nice depth to rib and good top-line.

Good legs & feet and nice muscle and bone. Clean head with good strength and proportions and pleasing eye and expression. Moved away and coming quite accurately and had good reach, drive and balance with a smooth side gait going round.

2nd : 1983 BROMWICH, Mrs Jill SUNDABISH MRS POTTS - BULLMASTIFF – Bitch 1983 Athletic and muscular with good substance and bone, good volume to rib cage, strong loin and neck and good legs and feet. Quite accurate going and coming on the move and well-balanced action in profile going round.

3rd : 2148 SKENE, Mr Ashton & SKENE, Mrs Laura Rimor Brianna - GREAT DANE – Bitch Elegant bitch with good neck and top-line, nice depth of rib and clean impressive outline. Feminine expression with pleasing eye and proportions to head. Quite balanced in profile on the move going round.

4th : 2215 SYMONDS, Ms C Brianna Marie Dream Of Beauty at MorRioghain - MASTIFF - Bitch Strongly made bitch with nice muscle and positive gait, quite accurate coming and going and well balanced and smooth in side action

Pastoral Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr S Bardwell

1st : 3138 INGRAM, Miss Dawn Mosardi Forget Me Not - SHETLAND SHEEPDOG – Bitch Lovely bitch with well-shaped head and muzzle nice almond eye, good ears and lovely expression. Nicely proportioned body good coat and moved very going round the ring.

2nd : 2859 PELLING, Miss Lauren Tabanyaruu Aurora Ahkera - FINNISH LAPPHUND – Bitch Smart bitch with well-proportioned outline overall, good rib cage and loin. Good shape to the head with strong muzzle and nice ear set. Moved very well in profile.

3rd : 2457 WHITE, Ms L Franmar Devil's Desire - AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD – Dog Very good action going round the ring with pleasing reach and drive, good rib and top-line with strong loin

4th : 3096 SIM, Mr Colin & HEALY, Ms Nuala & SIM, Mr Diarmuid Dreambig California (AZ3) - SAMOYED - Bitch Dark almond eye with good ear set and pleasing expression. Good coat, she moved quite well coming and going and with balanced reach and drive going round.



Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 1992 YKC G (9 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: 4778 NAUNTON, Mrs Janine Louise Trenzalore Oncoming Storm W.S.S. Nicely proportioned outline with good balance to body and leg, strong top-line and well-set tail. Good proportions to top-skull and muzzle with expressive eyes and good ear-set moved with good accuracy coming and going with a pleasingly smooth action in profile.

2nd: 3691 CLARKE, Miss Chloe Mae Ellen & CLARKE, Mr David COVARNEY DREAM TIME FROM BRONRIANS JW Irish Setter B Pleasing out-line with good neck, top-line and tail, nice depth to rib cage. Good proportions to head with low set ears., gleaming chestnut coat well presented. Carried herself very well on the move and looked good in profile but could have been more accurate coming and going.

3rd: 4665 ADAMS, Miss Lucy & HIRD, Miss Calleigh & HIRD, Mis Irisbel English Rose JW

Res: 3721 HARDY, Miss Courtney L & HARDY, Miss Natalie CAFOTALIENA SHE'S ON FIRE

VHC: 4170 MOSS, Mrs Barbara Ousevale angel's kiss at carianjo


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 1996 OD/B Gu (20 Entries) Abs: 12

1st: 4850 HUNTER, miss Julie Lux Ch Quiksilvr Adrenaline Rush at Reefcrest (IMP) Weimaraner B Nicely refined throughout. Pleasing expression from well-balanced top-skull and muzzle and gentle eye. Very good proportions to out-line with nice flow from neck through to tail and good angulation front and rear. Nice and accurate coming and going on the move with good reach and drive and smooth action going round.

2nd: 4271 HODGE, Mr & Mrs & Miss ARV & R Sh Ch Naiken East Meets West (ai) JW LABRADOR Lovely mature dog muscular dog, well angulated front and rear, pleasing width and depth to rib cage, and good bone. Broad head with good strength to muzzle and bright eyes and expression. Moved well coming and going whilst not quite as accurate as the winner and had a lovely side action going round.

3rd: 4700 BRADLEY, mrs LINDA & BRADLEY, mr Paul Sh Ch Stanegate stage debut (ai)

Res: 4458 DUMMETT, Ms Bev Almondsbury the pop kids JW



Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 2000T Breeder Gu (18 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Cambell - Ret Flat Coated Strong team of even type of. Pleasing heads and expressions and good well-conditioned coats. Balanced outlines and pleasing movement from all. Worked very well as a team.

2nd: Watts - Ret Cheasapeake Bay Quality group sharing overall type in balance, expression and coat, strong bodies and good rib cages. Well-muscled, they looked very good going round the ring.

3rd: Challis - Hingarian Vizsla

Res: Westwood - NSDT Ret

Gundog Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr S Bardwell

1st : 4124 HARRIS, Miss Amanda & BALL, Mr Nathan WEMCREST OUT OF THIS WORLD - RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) – Dog Lovely warm expression with nice proportions to top-skull and muzzle and lovely eye. Good proportions to outline with good length and depth to body and good length to leg, good reach to neck and well-carried tail. Quite good coming and going on the move and lovely side action going round.

2nd : 3906 KLAIBER, Mrs Nicola Sharnphilly Gingerbread - POINTER – Bitch Pleasing refined expression from good foreface and eye. Nice flow from neck through top-line and tail. Pleasing depth to rib cage, quality bone and balanced front and hind angulation. Good for reach and drive going round and positive action coming and going.

3rd : 3297 BOND, Mrs Claire Teverlarni Cama Da Rosas - BRACCO ITALIANO – Bitch Good length to head and good shape to top-skull and muzzle. Firm top-line and compact outline, with good rib and loin. Powerful action on the move.

4th : 4092 WILSON, Mr A J Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez - RETRIEVER (FLAT COATED) - Dog Clean lines and refined head and expression good overall proportions. Still to firm up coming and going on the move, but good reach and drive going round.

Windsor Day 4


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 2836 YKC Hd (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 5632 KIRKWOOD-EMERY, Misses A & A Helydon Nifty Nairn JW Dach. Min. Wire. Well-made bitch with compact make and shape and good length to body with pleasing ground clearance. Strong neck and top-line. Long head with good muzzle, eye and expression moved very well looking impressive in profile and accurate going away. In excellent, dense coat.

2nd: 5531 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown something magic JW Dach. Min. Sm. D. Good length to head with strong bite and good eye. Good neck and strong top-line with well angulated front but not quite as strong in hind-quarters as the winner. Carried himself very well on the move and looked impressive in profile.

3rd: 5957 COLLINS, Mrs Rebecca & COLLINS, Miss Lacey Silkridge Aladdin Sane for Tephiti



Class 2837 YKC Ut (12 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 6694 BARKER, Mrs Linda & BARKER, Mr James & BARKER, Mis Ch Crystalar You Drive Me Dazy B Min. Sch. Excellent bitch, lovely body and rib, strong head and muzzle with good eye and decent ears. Excellent coat very well presented and moved very well.

2nd: 6476 SLACK, Mrs S Fecimus One Of Us B German Spitz Klien. Lovely bitch, full of quality. Well balanced head with good eye and well-set ears. Very good make and shape to body with good angulation, rib, loin and tail-set. Excellent side gait moving round the ring a quite accurate coming and going.

3rd: 6264 COLLIER, Mrs Katherine & COLLIER, Mr David & COLLI Kallierbelle Ceithir Dalmatian

Res: 6769 TATE, Mrs Leonora & TATE, Miss Lena River Starlight at Tatalena Poodle Min

VHC: 6472 ROGERSON, Miss L J nosregor sister sledge German Spitz Klein 


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 2841 OD/B H/U (26 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6087 HUGHES, Ms T Whitewreath A Star Is Born For Finkime TAF D Akita Strongly made dog with impressive out-line, arched neck, good depth and width to rib and big tail. Strong well-shaped head with very good eye, and expression. Very powerful action on the looked very good going round the ring and was accurate coming and going.

2nd: 5603 ROWE, miss Rebecca Boloria's Trick or Treat JW B Dach. Wire. Good length and strength to head, muscular neck and firm top-line, well-made front and hind quarters. Very good harsh coat. Moved quite well coming and going and with very good carriage going round the ring.

3rd: 6357 WATKINS, Miss Stacey Dutch Esp Ch Int Ch Swiss Albionspitz Blue moon

Res: 5032 MACKAY, Mrs Fiona & MACKAY, Mr Reay Shiroblam Blue Ballerina

VHC: 4980 CARRINGTON, Mrs Ashley & CARRINGTON, Mr Nicholas Ch Bushwacker Oceans Eleven


Judge: Mr S C Bardwell

Class 2845T Breeder Hd (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Parsons - Rhodesian Ridgeback Team of 3 Athletically built group with similar outlines and expressions. Moved very well individually and as a team.

2nd: Foote & MsAulay – BGVP Team of four lovely group that shared a lot of similarity in expression, and quality coats but were a little varied on the move.

3rd: Heather - Irish Wolfhound



Class 2846T Breeder Ut (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Wright – Xoloitzcuintle Team of 3 2 hairless and 1 coated but that aside they shared similar heads and expression and athletic build and worked well together as a team.

Hound Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr S Bardwell

1st : 5798 FRIEND, Mrs Clarissa Bowerhinton Boromir - NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND – Dog Strongly made with compact proportions to outline and good width to body. Good shape to head and well-set ears. Moved very well in profile going round the ring and was quite accurate coming and going.

2nd : 6042 TRISTRAM, Miss Catherine Pagarni's Princess Elsa - WHIPPET – Bitch Refined build and good shape to top and under-lines, with good legs and feet. Pleasing, feminine expression, she moved well coming and going and quite well in profile when she got up to speed.

3rd : 5241 MURPHY, Mrs Vannessa & MURPHY, Mr Mark Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu - BEAGLE – Dog Good bone and feet, pleasing fore-quarters and nice proportions to body. Moved well in profile going round the ring.

4th : 4932 HARWOOD, Mrs Mary & HARWOOD, Mr Mark KRISHAN RAINBOW WARRIOR - AFGHAN HOUND – Dog. Very glamorous coat, with pleasing outline, good bone and refined, expressive head. Moved accurately coming and going.

Utility Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr S Bardwell

1st : 6312 PILGRIM, Mrs Marie A NOSPAR'S DRAMBUIE - DALMATIAN – Dog Pleasing proportions to head, with bright expressive eye. Fare angulation front and rear with strong loin giving him good reach and drive on the move and he was quite accurate coming and going with a strong, relaxed gait.

2nd : 6730 SHARLAND, Miss Clare Wellingley way on up - MINIATURE SCHNAUZER – Dog Quality dog , well-made with good rib cage and loin, nice neck and good tail-set. Very good, well-presented harsh coat. Nice strength to head he move very well in profile but a little less accurate than the winner going away.

3rd : 6683 ADAM-SLOMKOWSKI, Mrs Marzena KENTWONE DEREK JEWEL BY SKYLAX - LHASA APSO – Dog Good well-presented coat, strong top-line and good rib cage with quite good angulation front and rear, nice eye. Moved very well coming and going and in profile going round the ring.

4th : 6239 OSBORN, Miss Holly Jasava's Fezziwig - CHOW CHOW – Bitch. Square bitch with compact outline, good head carriage and tail set. Moved with a nice typical action. Good eye and quite good ear set.