• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stephen Bardwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/09/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Toy Group Special Beginners

Toy Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr Stephen Bardwell (Stewell)

1st : 2127 Mason, Miss Kara Finity Run The Gauntlet - Papillon – Dog Quality dog with large ears, low-set eyes and refined head giving a lovely expression. Refined build with good head and tail carriage and good front and hindquarters. Moved well coming and going with good reach and drive going round.

2nd : 1671Curtis, Mrs Debra Jane Shebert Sorbet -Bichon Frise– Bitch Pleasing proportions over-all with good neck and top-line, and good angulation front and rear. Well-presented coat of good quality. Lovely expressive head with good stop and muzzle and dark eyes with haloes. She lacked confidence but did just enough on the move.

3rd : 1750 Liverton-Ovey, Miss Hope Chantismere Conchetta for Halosey (IKC) -Cavalier King Charles Span– Bitch. Well-made bitch with balanced angulation, nice rib cage and good head and tail carriage. Soft expressive eyes and good proportions to her head give her a pleasing expression. Nicely relaxed on the move.

4th : 2017 READ, Mrs Sharon Littlebriton Paper Moon - Italian Greyhound - Bitch Elegant bitch with good top and under-lines. Good length to head and muzzle and pleasing eyes. Kept her shape very well on the move and was quite accurate coming and going.