• Show Date: 28/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sophie Wray-Ramsden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Thank you so much to the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge Finnish Lapphunds at this show and their hospitality on the day. Sadly, a lot of absentees on the day, but some lovely dogs to go over, thank you to the exhibitors for their support.

PD (5,3) 1st Williams & Soar’s Thistleglen Apollo, 9-month-old black, white & tan boy who was more interested in his surroundings and sniffing the floor than the job in hand. A very promising boy with a pleasing head, a broad skull with well-defined stop and strong muzzle. Eyes are a lovely, oval shape, although a shade lighter than I’d prefer. Ears set correctly, wide apart and of good size so, when I got his attention, he had a soft expression. Good body proportions with good length of neck and slightly longer than high, good depth of chest with spring of rib and visible forechest, level back and good angulation front and rear. Would have preferred a bit more bone. Sound and balanced on the move when he settled. I hope his handler grows with confidence and seeks advice on how to get the best from this boy. BPIB and good luck with him in the future. 2nd Smith’s Skimarque Lumi Susi, a raw 6-month-old wolf sable who needs time as he’s rather up on the leg and needs to lengthen to balance out. At the moment, he’s finer all over. A lovely eye and good neck and topline, but not the angulation of the winner.

JD (1) 1st Williams & Soar’s Thistleglen Apollo,

PGD (4,3)1st Williams & Soar’s Thistleglen Sir Basil, 6-year-old brown, tan & white with a broad skull of good width and short muzzle. Oval eye of good colour, blended with his coat, and excellent pigmentation. Medium ears set well apart which gave him a nice expression. Enough neck but a touch long in loin and I would have preferred a bit more length of leg. Well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm and good hind angulation. From the side, he was balanced on the move with good length of stride but was a touch close behind and a touch wide in front.

OD (3,1) 1st Forsey’s Ch Arianrhod Black Sun Aeon at Muzoku, loved this 4-year-old black & tan as soon as he walked in the ring, and he ticked every box on going over him. His head is beautiful, well balanced with a strong, broad skull, well rounded but slightly shorter muzzle and clean stop. Lovely dark oval eyes and neat ears set well apart, so alert in expression. On profile, presents a beautiful outline, just slightly longer than high with good length of neck and depth of chest. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm with matching rear angulation and short hocks. Excellent bone and well arched feet. Firm, level back with short loin and high set tail. So very sound on the move, with an effortless stride. A privilege to go over, thank you for bringing him. Best Dog, Best of Breed and I was delighted to watch him win Group 4, congratulations. 2nd Williams & Soar’s Thistleglen Sir Basil

VD (1) 1st Jackson’s Ch Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth (Imp Fin), 8-year-old tricolour in super condition, lovely head and expression with a good width of skull and strong, rounded muzzle of correct proportion. Ears of good size set well apart and bright, dark eye. Balanced outline with good length of neck and a strong, level back, well set tail and moderate angulation front and rear with short rear pasterns, super bone and well arched toes. Very sound and balanced on the move. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Breed.

SBD no entries

PB (1) 1st Wallis Baga’s Velrok Este Ellerina, 6-half-month black and tan with a lot of promise but needs a little more confidence in her surroundings and to settle on the move, she’s a baby and has plenty of time. Good width of skull and well filled muzzle, I’d have preferred slightly more stop. Lovely dark eye of correct shape. Good length of leg and depth of chest, good bone and angulation front and rear. I’d prefer a touch more neck to give a more balanced outline. Difficult to assess on the move as she wanted to play, but when she got into a stride, she was balanced with a good length of stride.

JB (2,1) 1st Stanley’s Ansalfrose Wivi, 12-months-old wolf sable. Good head proportions with a well-defined stop and slightly shorter muzzle. Ears of good size but a little high set and a touch rounder in eye than I’d prefer. Good length of neck and back, which was broad and level. Good length of leg and depth of chest with well sprung rib. Good hind angulation with short rear pasterns and good bend of stifle. Well laid-back shoulder but slightly shorter and straighter in upper arm which gave a shorter front stride. Sound on the move coming and going.

PGB (2,2)

OB (5,2) 1st Jackson’s Elbereth Huurrehuntu JW, 3-year-old wolf sable who I judged as a youngster and still liked today. Lovely head and expression, very alert and full of herself. Relatively broad skull with balanced muzzle and well-defined stop. Super dark eye of excellent shape and medium ears set ok. Lovely outline with medium neck and level back of good length to give balance. Well laid-back shoulder and good return of upper arm with good length of leg. Hind quarters in balance with the front, with short rear pasterns and well-muscled. Very balanced on the move with good length of stride, was just a little untidy coming and going so had to settle for Reserve Best Bitch to her mother. 2nd Lloyd’s Ch Arianrhod Hallatar, 4-year-old black and tan, litter sister to my Best of Breed and very similar head properties to her brother with a super eye and well-placed ears which gave her a lovely expression. Super angulation from and rear but I preferred the length of leg and overall balance of the winner. 3rd Wallis Baga’s Morval Nainen Varda at Velrok

VB (4,2) Jackson’s Ch Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth JW ShCM VW (Imp Fin), 9-year-old wolf sable. As mother to the open winner, she has passed on many of her qualities to her daughter, they are very similar in type. Lovely head with skull of good breadth, well defined stop and super muzzle of correct proportions with good underjaw. I would prefer her ears to be slightly wider set, but they are of good size and shape. Eye is of lovely shape, and she has a very alert expression. Lovely outline with that perfect balance of length of neck and back, good depth of chest, length of leg and good, balanced angulation front and rear. Very sound on the move with an effortless stride of good length, delighted to award her Best Bitch. 2nd Lloyd’s Arianrhod Amorphis, 8-year-old black, tan and white. Lovely head properties with well set ears. I’d have preferred a slightly darker eye, but it is a good size and shape. Good length of neck and back with good front and rear angulation, but I would have preferred a touch more length of leg. Excellent bone and condition and moved with ease.

SBB (1,1)