• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sjoerd Jobse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/10/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)



I would like to thank the Belfast Dog Show Society for inviting me to come and judge English Springer Spaniels. This was my first time awarding CC´s for the in the UK. I would like to thank the exhibitors coming from Ireland and the mainland in the UK to come all the way to Belfast, I appreciate the effort you all put it in to make the journey. I really was impressed with my main winners and they could win anywhere in the world. The amount of dogs present wasn´t a lot, but it is the quality that counts, not the quantity.

LD (3,0)

1. Topliss´ Sandylands Stand N Deliver

 Beautiful male of excellent type with correct size and length of leg, compact outline, fantastic well chiselled masculine head with lovely almond shaped eyes with kind expression, correct length and depth of muzzle, low set ears, excellent slightly arched long neck, solid topline with correct tailset, well angulated frontangulation, textbook hindquarters, deep body with good sprung ribs, excellent strong bone, as his contruction would expect his movement was simply amazing with powerful drive from his hindquarters with lovely tailaction. Shown in immaculate coat and condition. He really stood out for type and balance and had no doubts to award him the CC.

2. Jenkinson´s Eastriding Royal Black

 Lovely male with excellent proportions, masculine head that needs to fill out in skull, lovely shaped eyes, low set ears, good set of neck, excellent topline and tailset, enough angulations in front, good backend, lovely body and substance, nice bone and feet, moved with good sidegait, enough reach in front, very nice coat and condition. He was my ultimate RCC winner.

3. Warrener´s Eastfalla Sherlockholmes

OD (3,1)

1. Knapp´s Ir Sh Ch Templecarrig High Hope

 Very strong and powerful dog with well shaped masculine head, a bit heavy in lips. Very good set of neck, correct topline, balanced angulations, deep in body with maximum substance, strong bone. Moved with good reach and drive, lovely coat and condition. He was very typey in overall outline and balance which made him win this class.

2. Warrener´s - Eastfalla Sherlockholmes

 Compact, somewhat elegant male, well shaped skull, a touch short in muzzle, balanced angulations, very good ribcage, he stood out on the move when he excelled with reach and drive and a lovely outline. Lovely coat and condition.

SPD (1,0)

1. Warrener´s Eastfalla Sherlockholmes

GB (1,0)

1. Savell´s Petranella Tipping The Wink JW

 Lovely young young with excellent outline, feminine well chiselled head, correct depth and length in muzzle, lovely almond shaped eyes and low set ears, excellent angulations fore and aft, lovely body and substance with good spring of ribs, powerful bone, moved with good drive behind, just needs time to settle a bit more in front, beautiful coat and condition.

LB (3,0)

1. Topliss´ Sandylands Send My Love

 Beautiful outline with excellent proportions and length of leg, very feminine head, well chiselled and correct depth in muzzle, enough stop, lovely almond shaped eyes with kind expression, well shaped low set ears, excellent shoulders and good upperarm, very strong hindquarters, good depth in body with excellent spring of ribs, strong and powerful bone. Outstanding mover with powerful drive behind, shown in immaculate coat and condition, a very nice typey bitch who ultimately landed the RCC.

2. Jenkinson´s Barecho Fame Queen at Eastriding (Imp Swe)

 Beautiful bitch of excellent type, really stood out for type, well shaped feminine head, excellent muzzle, good earset, moderate length of neck, good topline, balanced angulations, well bodied, strong bone, moved with good drive behind, enough reach in front, lovely coat and condition.

 3. Corbett´s Trimere Turn Back Time

OB (3,0)

1. Corbett´s Sh Ch Trimere Time Flys (Miss S J Corbett)

 WOW, what a stunning bitch full of quality and type, loved her the moment she came into my ring, she is the type of Springer I have in my mind ticking the boxes within the breed standard. She is so well built, compacy, strong, merry and active, excellent length of leg, lovely well chiselled feminine hear with correct stop, lovely alert expression through her almond shaped eyes, excellent low set lobular ears, lovely slightly arched neck flowing into a strong topline, textbook angulations, excellent spring of ribs, lovely bone and compact feet. When she sets off to move she is very eager but when settled she showed me this so typical movement for the breed with the unique long swing front action we aim for in the breed! She stood out for me for type, movement and presented in tiptop condition I was immediately convinced she would be my CC winner and had no hesitations to award her BOB! Later in the afternoon she put up a stellar performance and was awarded 4th in group under the Gundogspecialist Diane Stewart-Ritchie.

2. Casey & Jayes´ Sh Ch Sandylands Send The Roses

 Another typey bitch with excellent proportions, very compact in body, excellent length of leg, beautiful feminine well chiselled head with excellent earset, lovely almond shaped eyes, good earset, moderate neck and excellent strong topline, balanced angulations and lovely body and substance, on the day she was very excited and moved with excellent reach and drive, just a bit hard time to settle properly, I am convinced she would need a big ring to perform her best, lovely coat and condition.

3. Knapp´s Star Dancer at Templecarrig Jun Ch