• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sjoerd Jobse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/10/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)



I would like to thank the Belfast Dog Show Society for inviting me to come and judge English Cocker Spaniels. This was my first time awarding CC´s for them in the UK. I would like to thank the exhibitors coming from Ireland, the mainland in the UK and even from overseas to come all the way to Belfast, I appreciate the effort you all put it in to make the journey. I really was impressed with my main winners and they could win anywhere in the world. I was very pleased with the overall entry, just like to make a few general comments that crossed my mind on the day. It was lovely to see to amazing character of the breed in so many of the dogs, a lovely merry cocker who is happy with a wagging tail, something that is so essential to the breed! Something else that I like to express is that I was very surprised at the dog show is the amount of dogs presented in my ring that had a lot of tangled and dirty coats. My hands were black after each class which is not something I am used to judging Cockers. We like to judge and want to be presented dogs that are clean and well prepared in their coats, so hopefully this was just an occasional observation and hope exhibitors will have an extra check next time they present their dogs.

PD (4,0)

1. Bayliss´ Wilanorah We Will Rock You

 Lovely very typey young boy with excellent balanced proportions. Beautiful shaped masculine head with gentle expression, low set ears, correct muzzle, good neck and layback of shoulder excellent topline with breedtypical tailset, lovely body for his age, well angulated, good bone and feet, moved out with good reach and drive and a merry tail, excellent coat and condition, a puppy with a bright future ahead of him!

2. Maclean´s Lynwater Black and Blue

 Lovely young boy with a nice outline, well shaped masculine head, kind expression, good muzzle and well set ears, good neck and topline, well angulated front, maximum angulations behind, well bodied, good bone and feet, moves with good drive and enough reach in front, lovely puppycoat, happy temperament.

3. Nugent´s Avonglen Luckenbach Texas Cpw23

JD (5,0)

1. Rahman & Williams´ Chataway Dark Louis

 Lovely young male of excellent type with compact well balanced outline. Masculine head that still needs some time to fill out in skull and muzzle, well set ears, lovely expression, correct set of neck, excellent topline and breedtypical tailset, very well angulated both ends, lovely body and spring of rib, short loin, lovely bone and feet, powerful mover with nice merry tailaction, beautiful coat and very well presented, this is one with a bright future!

2. Bailie´s Thornbrook Joint Venture

 Very nice young lad with lots to like, very nice masculine head, good expression, correct earset, good neck, balanced angulations, good body and substance, moved out with good reach in front and enough drive behind, lovely coat and condition, he has time on his side.

3. Mcilmoyle´s Pote Galvez of Kensinova

YD (2,0)

1. Bailie´s Thornbrook Stage Whisperer

 Very attractive young boy, sturdy outline, lovely type in general appearance, well shaped masculine head with good muzzle, lovely kind expression, correct earset, enough neck, just a touch upright in shoulder, excellent topline and tailset, well angulated hindquarters, solid body with strong loin, moved with great drive and enough reach in front, beautiful coat and condition, happy temperament.

2. Mcconnell´s Ranbatan Fine Dezign

 Balanced young male with good size, a touch too round In skull, excellent muzzle, well shaped eyes, low set ears, good neck, strong topline, adequate frontassembly, good hindquarters, well bodied, moved with good sidegait, just needs to settle coming and going, presented in lovely coat and condition.

 PGD (3,0)

1. Scotland´s Lynwater Anything Goes

 Well developed dog with nice sturdy outline, masculine enough in head, excellent muzzle and stop, good earset, kind expression, well set neck, solid enough in topline, correct tailset, excellent angulations fore and aft, lovely spring of rib with correct substance, moved out with lovely drive and reach in front, excellent coattexture and lovely merry temperament.

2. Bailie´s Thornbrook Krossed Wires (L E Bailie)

 Well made dog on the stack, lovely masculine head, kind expression, good neck with solid topline, a bit too round in croupe, balanced angulations, excellent body and substance on the day, moved ok but just needs time to settle, excellent coat and texture.

 3. Bayliss´ Shirepark Sir Francis Drake by Wilanorah JW (Mrs D & Mr A Bayliss)

LD (2,0)

1. Fairbairn´s Misperros Dezign in Silver for Carmelfair

 Balanced male of excellent type, lovelt body proportions, good size, beautiful well chiselled head, kind expression, low set ears, good set of neck, excellent layback of shoulder, strong topline and correct tailset for the breed, well angulated fore and aft, lovely ribcage with strong loin, strong bone, moved with enough reach and drive, excellent merry tailaction, beautiful coat and texture.

2. Wilson´s Kenwad Wilbur Force at Mabelhope

 Very powerful male, strong masculine head that could be less coarse and less strong muzzled, well shaped eyes, correct low ears, ok neck, good topline and tailset, balanced angulations, well bodied, strong loin, moved with good headcarriage, just a bit erratic on the day. Lovely coat and condition.

OD (5,1)

1. Johansson & Johansson & Govik´s Allert's Baileys Se Jv-22

What a stunning, still rather young, lad! He just stood out in the ring with his presence, oozing Cocker temperament, merry, sporting and so well balanced, just couldn’t overlook him whenever he appeared in my ring. Beautiful well shaped masculine head, clean chiselled, lovely eyes with bright and intelligent expressions, correct low set lobular ears. Muscular neck flowing into sloping shoulders continuing into a lovely topline with correct breedtypical tailset. Textbook angulations, deep, compact body with well sprung ribs, lovely bone and feet. The moment he sets of to start moving you can see his merry tail going and he just strides out with powerful reach and drive and shown in tiptop condition! Piloted to perfection by his clever handler! I had no doubt to award him the CC which was his crowning one, so big congrats to his owners for this achievement.

2. Wildman´s Sh Ch Oktumi Major Player (Mr M K Wildman)

Such a high quality male with so many essential breed points in the right place, perfect balanced sturdy outline, oozing breed type. Fantastic well chiselled masculine head with a lovely awake and bright expression, low set lobular ears, lovely strong jaw and clean enough neck, correct layback of should and return of upperarm giving him the correct neck and forechest, short back, well sprung ribs and short couplings, excellent hindquarters. Presented in immaculate coat and condition. On the move he excelled showing his socks off with the best merry tail action, a real smashing lad that I was lucky to have in my ring to be able to award him the RCC.

3. Brennan´s Kerrijoy Maserati

VD (2,1)

1. Mc Loughlin´s Bencleuch Bang On Time

 Lovely veteran, masculine head with kind expression, good earset, enough neck, balanced angulations, good body and substance, moved with good drive, just a touch close behind, very good coat and condition, lovely temperament and tailaction.

SBD (2,1)

1. Wilson´s Kenwad Wilbur Force at Mabelhope (Mrs M T Wilson)

 MPB (3,1)

1. Todd & Rahman´s Zheridons Blanche NAF TAF

The youngest one on the day I believe, lovely typey puppy bitch with clean outline, very feminine well shaped head with excellent expression, low set ears, beautiful set of neck, solid topline and correct tailset, textbook angulations, lovely body and substance, moved with lovely reach and drive and merry tailaction, a real hopeful for the future, excellent puppycoat.

2. Jones´ Challowdown Aurora Chaser for Lochnisdor

 Very sweet minor puppy, short and compact outline, feminine head with kind expression, enough neck, correct topline and tailset, balanced angulations, excellent ribcage, short couplings, moved ok, just needs more training and feel a bit more confident, excellent puppycoat.

PB (9,1)

1. Fairbairn & Madigan´s Misperros Incandescent at Carmelfair

 Feminine well shaped bitch with beautiful outline, lots to like about her, gorgeous head and expression, correct low set ears, clean neck, short back and excellent couplings, very well bodied foe her age, lovely frontassembly, maximum hindquarters, powerful mover with good reach and drive, beautiful coat and condition.

2. Duncan´s Corralet Condesa 111 of Dunherl

Very balanced outline, feminine head and expression, good muzzle, excellent low earset, good neck, adequate front, strong backend, lovely body and substance, strong bone and firm feet, she excels in her movement with lovely reach and drive and lovely tailaction, nice coat and condition.

3. Scotland´s Lynwater Blossom Thyme

JB (6,0)

1. Todd & Rahman´s Chataway Dark Chrystal

Gorgeous black bitch with lots of breed essentials in her favour, beautiful head and bright expression, well chiselled head, lovely set of neck, short back, correct tailset, lovely front assembly and powerful backend, sturdy body with correct spring of rib, short coupling, on the move she stood out, putting up a great performance with her handler, show in immaculate coat and condition, I am sure it wont be long till she will be getting top honours. Predict a bright future for her.

2. Nuttall´s Claramand Born to Love with Rosecourt

Very elegant bitch with feminine head, broad enough in skull, gentle expression, good stop, excellent jaws and clean neck, solid topline and correct tailset, balanced angulations, well shaped body with excellent spring of ribs, lovely bone and feet, moved with excellent sidegait and merry tailaction, beautiful coat and condition.

3. Wright´s Skillanna A Million Dreams

YB (4,0)

1. Brennan´s Covenant Celtic Baroness of Kerrijoy

 Very compact and sturdy black bitch, feminine well chiselled head, lovely eyes, good strength in muzzle, well set neck, strong topline, a bit low tailset, lovely angulations fore and aft, well built with correct substance, moved with enough reach and drive, shown in beautiful coat.

2. Barry´s Kenwad Katarina at Lindalloch

 Very elegant bitch, feminine outline, sweet head and expression, well angulated both ends, good body and substance, lovely bone and feet, just needs to settle a bit more on the move, gleaming coat and condition.

3. Ireland´s Haradwater Show Me Love

NB (4,1)

1. Skillen´s Laveris She’s The One Skillanna

Feminine bitch with an balanced outline, well shaped head with gentle expression, low set ears, good neck, moderate angulated, lovely body and substance, moved with enough reach and drive and correct tail action. Lovely coat and condition.

2. Gladman´s Chativore Bluprint

 Very young bitch of excellent type, ultra feminine head with soft expression, enough chiselled head, lovely earset, sturdy body with good substance, balance angulations, powerful bone and lovely feet. It takes some time for her to settle on the move, she just needs a bit more training, but the type is there to start with.

3. Jones´ Kenwad Belladrum for Lochnisdor

GB (4,0)

1. Maclean´s Lynwater Hazelnut Latte

 Beautiful liver roan bitch, so much to like about her. Lovely balanced outline with gorgeous well chiselled head and bright expression, excellent muzzle, clean neck and solid topline with correct tailset and carriage, lovely balanced angulations and well shaped body with well sprung ribs, short couplings, powerful mover keeping an excellent shape, really liked her and she ended up being my Best Puppy. I predict her a lovely bright future

2. Bailie´s Thornbrook Brass in Pocket

 Very elegant bitch, not shown in the best coat condition today. Feminine head, a bit short in muzzle, lovely low earset, good neck and topline, balanced angulations, well bodied, moved with good reach and drive and a merry tail.

3. Barry´s Kenwad Katarina at Lindalloch

LB (5,0)

1. Madigan & Nuttall & Fairbairns Heluin Blue Jay (Imp Rus)

 Very well made blue roan bitch with a lovely balanced outline. Well shaped feminine head with gentle expression, strong jaw, well set neck, excellent short back and correct tailset, lovely angulations fore and aft, well sprung ribs and sturdy body, just a touch narrow in front, lovely bone and feet. Moves out with great stride and a merry tail, shown in perfect condition.

2. Gladman´s Chativore Violet Sky

 Powerful roan bitch with excellent head and expression, clean enough neck, lovely neck and topline, balanced angulations, well ribbed and good depth in body, strong bone, her movement is the time when everything falls into place and she looks lovely, just needs some time to settle. Beautiful coat and condition.

3. Scotland´s Lynwater My Fair Lady

OB (6,0)

1. Collin & Wildman´s Sh Ch Oktumi Opalescence

 The moment I turned around from the judgestable my eyes were drawn to her like a magnet, she gave me goosebumps and a huge smile on my face. Ask me to describe a Cocker and I could describe this amazing bitch. She tickes all the boxes I want in a Cocker, balance, merry, sporting and a bustling movement and full of life and exuberance. She has a gorgeous clean chiselled head with the most bright, awake and intelligent expression. Beautiful lobular low set ears, her clean neck of correct length flows into a correct layback of shoulder and great return of upperarm, short backed and well sprung ribs and short couples. Excellent bend of stifle and low hocks. Lovely bone and firm cat-like feet. Her blue roan coat was presented in an immaculate condition and not hair out of place with correct silky texture. When I asked her to move she almost bursted of happiness, so merry and so thrilled to set off with her handler who piloted her to perfection, she has a beautiful ground covering movement with a non stop wagging tail, her handler piloted her perfectly, but we all could see she needs a big ring so I simply had to award her CC and BOB to be able to see her putting up a stellar performance in the group and making their way to 2nd in Group under Gundog specialist Diane Stewart-Ritchie. I feel honoured to be able to put my thoughts about this fantastic bitch in print as I hope people will be curious and start to have a look at this stunning bitch as a blueprint for the breed in my opinion.

2. Johansson & Johansson & Govik´s Se U(u)ch Support Spirit of Hven

Very well made bitch with a lovely balanced clean outline, so sporting in her appearance, ultra feminine head with soft expression, clean chiselled, correct lobular low set ears, excellent set of neck flowing into a well layed back shoulder, strong topline, correct tailset, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, lovely return of upperarm and well angulated backend, groundconvering movement with great style and outline and a merry tailaction. She was shown to perfection in tiptop condition, she couldn’t be denied the RCC.

3. Mc Loughlin´s Bencleuch Build The Dream

VB (1,0)

1. Madigan´s Misperros Silver Lining at Carmelfair

 Lovely veteran bitch shown in perfect condition, quite strong in head but still showing femininity, kind expression, well set ears, clean neck and solid topline, lovely angulations both ends, excellent body and substance, short couplings, strong and powerful mover with lovely tailaction, shown in superb condition and a credit to the owner to have her in this fantastic condition! She became my Best Veteran

SBB (2,0)

1. Duncan´s Corralet Condesa 111 of Dunherl

2. Walsh & Huston´s Hustonia Daytona

Compact bitch with rather powerful head, ok expression, strong muzzle, enough neck, adequate angulations, well bodied, moved with enough reach and drive, lovely coat and condition, sweet temperament.

Sjoerd Jobse, Sweden