• Show Date: 12/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

South Wales KA

Welsh Corgis, Cardigan 

An interesting entry with a number of quality youngsters who should make competition hot in the future. Plenty of good Cardigan heads, & as so often the breed scored in length of ribbing compared with the Pembrokes.                                                                                                     

VD (3) 1 Apperley’s Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo, handsome happy b/m, full of beans at 7 years, good head proportions, kind alert expression, OK neck, good front with some forechest, plenty of bone, correct feet, long ribbing, could be a shade slimmer, sound hindquarters, moved with dignity, true behind, slightly close in front. Coat slightly open but a lovely veteran in great form; 2 Siviter’s Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM VW, 9 years typy brindle looking very well, nice size & well balanced overall, super head with good skull/muzzle proportions & well carried ears, typical front, round feet which could be a shade tighter, moved steadily. Not quite angulation of winner but close up; 3 Piears’ Tyci Daioni. MPD (2) 1 Irving’s Twinan Keep On Truckin, very handsome 6 months masculine black brindle, promising head type with super ears, excellent bone & feet, long ribbing, OK shoulders, strong well angulated hindquarters used well on the move. Of course needs to tighten all round but shows all the essentials for an exciting future; 2 Hutchings’ Arcanedale Hiraeth, attractive 6 months brindle baby of a nice size, lovely head type with well placed ears of the correct size, OK neck, bone in proportion to his build, well balanced, moved a shade wide in front at this stage but shows a lot of promise. PD (2) 1 Thomas’ Gowerston Garrison, nearly 11 months very well made b/m, such a smart outline, liked his head type, well carried ears, excellent bone, Cardi feet, well bodied, smooth shoulders, excellent topline for a youngster, neatly made hindquarters with correct bend of stifle & low hocks, moved well especially behind & with a steady side gait retaining his shape. Should make up if he maintains the promise he shows now. BPD; 2 Aynscough & Maas’ Lidoffad Celtic Warrior with Sanja, quality 10 months brindle, super ears, promising head type, reasonable bone, OK feet & ribbing, moved steadily, preferred bend of stifle & drive of 1. JD (1) 1 Taylor’s Tamlin Millennium Falcon, handsome well grown brindle with a quality look, strong male head, ears of good size & shape, true front, stands well on correct feet, well bodied & boned, moved well in front, a shade narrow behind & could drive a little more. PGD (1) Clifton’s Joseter Willy Wonka, quality brindle point tri, lovely head type, refined but still masculine, good skull to muzzle ratio, dark eyes, typical ears, super neck, shoulder & upper arm, typical front moulded round the chest, just the right degree of turnout, OK body & ribbing, a shade long in rear pastern, moved OK coming & going but could keep his topline better going round. LD (3) 1 Taylor’s Elessar Wolf Moon at Tamlin, makes a dramatic picture with his rich orange red colouring & elegant outline, super ribbing & topline, masculine head, a shade stronger in skull than some, reachy neck, excellent hindquarters with good bend of stifle, looks like a slow maturer & can still drop into his front a little. Moved round with great style, just slightly bouncy in front action. Sure he will achieve a title in due course. Sired by today’s DCC; 2 Burgoyne & Goddard’s Pemcader Diamond Geezer, quality b/m of a lovely type, loved his head type with such a kind expression, balanced skull & muzzle, super bone & feet, well bodied, stood true in front, could have a shade more hind angulation & drive, true coming & going; 3 Cooper’s Haveback Beech Haven. OD (2) 1 Taylor’s Handskes Just A Gigolo at Tamlin, super brindle, has matured gradually & is now at his peak at eight years, one of the joys of Cardis is that they can enjoy such a long competitive show career. Beautiful type with a classical head, sound true front with legs properly moulded round the chest, well padded round feet, super neck, shoulders & topline, correct ribbing, powerful well let down hindquarters, moved true with a steady side gait & good tail carriage. CC, must admit I’m surprised it’s only his second - good luck for the third. Couldn’t be awarded BV as this was confined to the two class winners; 2 Davies’ Ch Ceranda Greatest Showman, last time I judged this quality brindle he just didn’t want to know but thankfully with perseverance by his owner & the master’s touch of handler Clifton he has at last found his feet & even if he doesn’t quite live up to his name he is much more confident & today earned the RCC from a strong line-up. Beautiful head & ears, plenty of neck, correct topline & ribbing, well angulated behind, true front & feet, excellent bone, winner just scored on front angulation, strode out smartly, lovely type & is sire of today’s BOB. Good Citizen D (1) 1 W Ace at N. 

VB (3) 1 Piears’ Tyci Brenhines Briallen ShCM, have judged her at intervals down the years & she never seems to change, elegant cheerful 11 years b/m, lovely neck & shoulders, super ribbing, sound mover, tight but correct coat, responds so well to her handler, strides out with enthusiasm; 2 Sanders’ Gregory’s Girl, typy feminine 10 years brindle point tri, most attractive head & expression, dark eyes, correct front, typical feet, well bodied, moved true, didn’t retain her topline quite so well today; 3 Langford’s Bwthyn Press Release of Caprian. MPB (1) 1 Taylor’s Twinan Movin On Up at Tamlin, such a pretty 6 months brindle baby, sister to MPD winner, loved her well proportioned head & cheeky expression, correct ears, super bone & feet, reach neck, well bodied, naturally needs time to come together but already has much appeal. PB (3) 1 Clifton’s Joseter Morgan Plus Four, beautiful 11 months brindle with so much style & scope, well proportioned head with gorgeous ears, unusually good neck, true Cardi front & feet, chest dropping well into the crook, flowing outline into long ribcage, well carried tail, scores especially on the move with a lovely long free stride. CC, her second, BP & BOB; 2 Fitzpatrick-Graham’s Ancksunamun Hallows Eve, very nice nearly 11 months brindle, low to ground with an excellent outline, well boned for her sensible size, strongly made hindquarters, moved true & OK going round. Just preferred shoulders of 1 but this one also should do well; 3 Evans’ Lidoffad Celtic Dream. JB (3) 1 Smith’s Ceranda Gower Diamond, classy neatly made brindle, well carried ears, true front with sufficient bone, good round feet, excellent shoulders, looked particularly well going round with a steady balanced side gait, one to watch; 2 Taylor’s Tamlin Rogue Shadow, typy brindle point tri, well bodied & boned, correct feet, liked her overall balance, not cooperating with handler especially on the move; 3 Field’s Cruglwyd Cristyne. PGB (5) 1 Langford’s Caprian Adrianna JW, good all-round dark brindle, perhaps could have a shade more chiselling to the head but scored here in overall outline & balance, OK front, excellent body with lengthy ribbing, moved well in front & won decisively on the go-round; 2 Burgoyne & Goddard’s Waterdeep Talia Winter, b/br/w, liked her feminine head with correct proportions & well shaped ears, super bone, good neck, length & ribbing, not quite topline or hind angles of winner; 3 Hunt’s Kerman Caught Ya Lookin at Huntsville. LB (4) 1 Siviter’s Faywaidd Spice, beautiful type brindle, full of quality, well proportioned head with dark eyes & well shaped & carried ears, reach neck into clean shoulders, typical front with good forechest & proper feet, moved true & looked the part going round. Just carrying slightly too much weight today, but well worth RCC; 2 Hunt’s Kalwig Believe In Magic for Huntsville, this red sable has come on so much since I last judged her, I still find her head a touch doggy but behind the collar she’s lovely with a superb topline & excellent angles both ends, bone in proportion & super feet, really strode out as if she meant business; 3 Taylor’s Wildcard Lilibet at Tamlin. OB (2) 1 Irving’s Ch Twinan Hold My Halo, impressive b/br/w with super bone to a sound front with typical feet, well proportioned head, good neck, well muscled hindquarters, true coming & going. All that length is for me perhaps a little too much of a good thing but I’m sure many will disagree & she’ll have lots of better days; 2 Langford’s Caprian The Vixen JW, attractive type of brindle, typical head though I just preferred expression of 1, decent bone with correct feet, plenty of substance & a good Cardi outline. Winner scored on hind angles. Good Citizen B (2) 1 C Gower Diamond; 2 Apperley’s Nracigroc Charlotte Jayne, pretty refined brindle with a sweet feminine head, OK front, good body shape & keeps her topline well on the move. Could have a shade more bone, coat a touch soft.