• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Bull Terrier



Pleased to get the chance to judge the breed at Windsor three years on from the original date. The entry of 34 was reasonable by today’s standards; it was interesting to compare it with 2009 when I last did the breed at this show and there were around 56. Those included at least 10 who gained their title - wonder how many from this year will do so, quite a few I hope as there was no lack of quality. Several could have benefited from more training - especially nowadays when you are getting a higher proportion of non-breed judges it really does help if the judge doesn’t have to undertake a wrestling match to see the mouths or give them several chances to get it together on the move. Decent heads seem the norm nowadays; mouths were mostly reasonable, a couple with one or two tight canines and a couple level or reverse scissor, in some cases a deciding factor. The less said about presentation the better - not sure yet to whom I’m going to send the dry-cleaning bill! Pleased to see the BOB and BP competing in their group, wish you could say that at every show.

SB (1) 1 Quinn’s Ellakru Maverick at Exquizabull, thought this typy 10 months white was rather promising, quality head with excellent profile, well carried ears, super eye and expression, plenty of bone, neat feet, correct topline, shapely, moved true and retained his shape, with maturity will no doubt appear a shade more compact. Good luck with him. BP, BSB.

V (1) 1 Waycott’s Waybully Andromeda JW ShCM ShCex VW, grand campaigner of 8 years, this white boy was in great form and super condition, masculine head, retains his typical expression from his small well set eye, OK profile, clean shoulders, shapely body which could be a shade shorter, well angulated powerful hindquarters, moved true behind, could just be a touch firmer in front.

MPD (1) 1 Bownes’ Starcinco A Million Dreams, white baby of just 6 months and looks his age, has plenty of maturing into his frame to come, lengthy head with OK profile, good eyes, plenty of bone, good angles, shapely body which needs lots of time to develop the substance, puppyish movement but seemed to be true back and front, tail needs to improve.

PD (2) 1 E Maverick at E; 2 S A Million Dreams.

JD (3) 1 Probert’s Llanwenarths Love And Pride, this big strapping white is quite the stallion, immense bone and substance, super expression, piercing eyes, good ears, plenty of fill, not quite the profile of 2, reachy neck, clean shoulders, well angulated, perhaps could be a shade more compact, moved true with drive and style; 2 Karta-Williams and Williams’ Karmara's Double Jeopardy, well balanced white, good head type with smooth profile and correct eyes, compact body with enough substance, super topline, strong hindquarters, moved true behind. Liked different aspects of these two, winner scored on neck, bite and slightly cleaner shoulders; 3 Thompson and Woodward’s Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore.

PGD (1) 1 Curtis’ Abenaki Dambuster, nice all-round brindle, typical head and expression, OK profile, good eyes and ears, very good bone and feet, stood four square, shapely body, enough substance, could have a shade more hind angulation and drive, moved true both ways.

LD (3) 1 Jowers’ Aricon Fiery Eyes at Clansmann, super white of beautiful type and quality, wicked eyes and ears on top plus a handsome profile all contribute to a most typical expression, excellent bone, reasonable front angles, compact shapely body, super topline and hindquarters, plenty of substance for his size, moved true. Liked him a great deal and with his ‘togetherness’ and short back he put up a strong challenge to the charismatic Australian, two lovely dogs of completely different styles. RCC; 2 Galla’s Vetsbullies Living On My Own, hard decision here between two of similar style and virtues, not a lot separated him from 1. Again an excellent head and expression from the wickedest of eyes, ultra-compact but still shapely, enough bone, winner went slightly truer behind and had better pigment, both should do very well; 3 Hope’s Beebeemi Snow Soldier.

OD (4) 1 Blair and Wiseman’s Ch/Aus Ch Bulroarus Might N Power, wow what a hunk! Aptly named big heavyweight white with astonishing bone and substance yet avoiding coarseness, superb power-packed head with no lumps or bumps and ideal profile, keenest of expressions, well carried ears, remarkable reach of neck for such a powerful dog, clean lines, big hammy quarters which he used to march round the ring with great style, when something caught his attention he looked a picture of Bull Terrier masculinity. CC and BOB; 2 Goetz’s Fr Ch Patton de L'Empire du Bull, another very typy, quality white who put up a strong challenge for the top spots, admired his impressive head, expression and profile, plenty of bone and substance though it’s not easy for any to compare with winner in this respect, true front, perhaps a shade shorter than 1 but winner scored in hind movement today. Sure his UK title won’t be far away; 3 Beckinsale's Cywbullys Thundering Tank.

GC (1) 1 Waycott’s Archetype Tosheroon for Waybully, well trained 11 months red, quite the showgirl, long head, could have a shade more fill, good eye, elegant neck into clean shoulders, straight front, OK bone. Correct topline, shapely body, perhaps could be a bit more compact, strides out well, moved true in front, slightly close behind.

PB (1) 1 A Tosheroon for W.

JB (1) 1 McMaster’s Kenzduo Coal Tipple at Janineabullz, elegant white with clean lines, pretty feminine head, good profile and fill, wicked eyes, true front, reach neck, well laid shoulder, could be a shade shorter in back, moved well in front, a touch close behind, could stride out a little more.

PGB (4) 1 Hirst’s Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin, this most attractive white led her handler a merry dance - after several tries we got her settled enough to show that actually she is rather a good mover. Excellent overall balance with a classy head and expression, plenty of fill and a super profile, OK front, feet could be a shade tighter, lovely body lines with plenty of substance, well bent stifle. Was more settled in the challenge and with more experience could do very well; 2 Machin’s Orbal Hot Enough, attentive showy tricolour with a look of quality, has a really lovely power-packed head with eye-catching profile, small dark eyes, uses her ears well, true front, scored on feet, moved well in front. Not quite the flowing lines of 1 and went rather close behind; 3 Chivers and Blair’s Laronbelles Sweet Amber.

LB (4) 1 Dodd’s Miandale Queen Of Hearts, quality white, feminine but has plenty of substance, liked her expression, well laid shoulder, correct topline, shapely body, moved true. Behaved well right up to the point she was declared the winner but thereupon seemed to lose the plot, hope this can be sorted before she is shown again - pity as she has so much to admire; 2 Twyman’s Laronbelles Serpentine, good substantial brindle, excellent head with strength and profile, keen eyes, well placed ears, big shapely body, well made hindquarters, moved true behind. Not as firm in front as 1, otherwise close up, will have better days; 3 Galla’s Vetsbullies Killer Queen.

OB (4) Really enjoyed this class, four beautiful Bull Terriers covering the type spectrum, one so square and compact, another with such clean flowing lines, another so smart and upstanding and another so pretty and ultra-feminine, admired them all in their different ways. See 1, 2 and 4 are all by Ch Fortifeyed who seems to be having quite an impact at present. 1 Smalley’s Grande Finale of Briden, this lovely white junior has maximum substance for her size yet is still unquestionably feminine, a gorgeous head with great strength of muzzle and a wonderful way of looking at you, ears on top, exceptionally short back with slight arch over the loin, strong well turned hindquarters to complete a super picture, moved true with real Bull Terrier jauntiness. CC, her second, and close up for BOB; 2 John’s Bluepoint White Swan for Garthybull, beautiful feminine white who flows from head to tail, super profile, keen expression, reachy neck, shapely body with enough substance, super front, good feet, moved out with style. Not quite so true behind as winner but I loved her type. Her breeders have certainly established a kennel style in their elegant females. RCC; 3 Young and Parazuelo’s Ch/Sp Ch Adnbullys Welsh Legacy at Kirkville.