• Show Date: 12/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/11/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: French Bulldog

South Wales Kennel Association

French Bulldogs

As always the Frenchies were a delight to judge, all of them wanting a cuddle! Was pleased with the overall quality, generally breathing well & with at least reasonable size nostrils though I can’t say I noticed any significant change here from my last appointment six years ago, nor in the proportion with tails as per today’s Standard. A couple had a slight tendency to show the tongue. As usual rear movement was a bit of a dilemma. It doesn’t help that the Standard isn’t very specific, & of course one accepts that with the breed’s body shape they are likely to go closer behind than in front, but some, quite often the better specimens, are very narrow. But one has to judge the dog as a whole. We started with a few moments of respect for Mary Le Gallais. Her typy Frenchies, especially her beautifully coloured fawns, were memorable.

MPD (4) 1 Timms & Henderson’s Olijah When Stars Align, all quality 6 months brindle baby, scored on size, overall balance & outline, ideal topline with distinct but not exaggerated roach, very attractive head with dark eyes & well carried ears, enough bone, nicely arched neck, tight feet, shapely body with correct underline. Naturally can tighten up a bit coming & going but he appealed a great deal & was BPD; 2 Morison’s Xandene Knew You Were Magic, very masculine 7 months fawn of a rather stronger type in head & body, wide skull, beautifully set & carried ears of the right size, strong muzzle, enough neck, true front with plenty of bone, a shade heavy in shoulder at this stage, good compact feet, well made hindquarters, went well behind, a touch longer cast than winner; 3 Morgan-Ling’s Castrum Osinium Rule My World. PD (1) 1 Brooks’ Serenant Maverick, handsome nearly 12 months dark brindle with tuxedo marking, masculine square head with super eyes & ears, good skull, square jaw, powerful neck, clean shoulders, correct moderate hind angles, moved true retaining his topline when going round, plenty of quality here & a close decision for BPD, winner a shade more compact. JD (3) 1 Bryant’s Archness The Audacity JW, was most impressed with this young man, looks to me like a future champion & was a strong contender for the top awards today, dark brindle full of type & quality, excellent head type with super eye & expression plus well carried ears of the correct shape & size, typical topline, true front with plenty of bone, beautifully balanced overall, well made & muscled hindquarters, moved well in front & looked very smart going round, best of luck for the future; 2 Hutchinson’s Zorro of Shine Treasure for Oschalben, classy pied of appealing overall type, masculine head, broad deep muzzle, good ears carried a shade wider than 1, OK front, shapely body with typical topline, moved smartly, perhaps not quite the freedom behind as winner; 3 Hucker’s Bevanray Terrypendry. YD (2) 1 Pearce’s Bullhawk Cease'n Desist, very type brindle with the most lovely expression with a good balance of muzzle & skull, kind dark eye & super ear carriage, OK neck, strongly boned, true front, good topline with the right degree of roach, one of the better tails, steady mover going round & true in front, another for the future; 2 Candiotes’ My Man Marjoram for Jabulile, compactly built reddish fawn with a smart outline, not quite the bone & substance of winner, true front, OK head but a darker eye would help the expression, nicely arched neck, neat feet, moved true in front, not quite as free going round as winner. PGD (2) 1 Smith’s Ellouab Royal Pride, fawn pied with a strong masculine head, enough neck, OK bone, could be a shade truer in front, scored on overall outline, strode out well, a touch straight behind; 2 Hunt’s Xandene Its A Kinda Magic at Balistix, another fawn pied, straighter front than winner whose expression I preferred, decent bone, enough substance, slightly long in loin compared to winner, excellent tail, moved well in front, again slightly straight behind but moved with enthusiasm round the ring. LD (6) 1 Cund & Hickin’s Chelmbull Space Man, good looking brindle with a touch of class about him, masculine but not overdone head whose dark round eyes, well carried ears & broad muzzle contribute to a most attractive expression, super bone, good straight front with correct feet & clean shoulders with the neck flowing well into the topline, powerful hindquarters which he used effectively on the move. Perhaps not quite so compact as the eventual top winners but certainly of top quality; 2 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Become The One JW, beautifully balanced brindle with a most typy outline & ideal size, another with a really lovely head & expression, dark well placed eyes, carries his ears well, strode out smartly going round. Close decision here, preferred his compactness but the winner’s bone & front; 3 Morison's Rozeldogue Knew It Was You Xandene. OD (6) 1 Cund & Harrop’s Ch/Sp Ch Chelmbull Rocket Man WW, imposing brindle whose style & presence have taken him to the very top, beautiful masculine but not overdone head with good skull to muzzle balance, super ears carried perfectly, enough neck with that slight arch which adds an air of class & distinction, shapely body with correct topline, enough bone & a good true front, strode out smartly going round & never stopped responding to his handler. CC; 2 Bonsall & Odendall’s Muggshotts Whiz Bang Wilber, another really beautiful Frenchie of classic type, a correct size brindle with a beautiful head & superb expression, good neck into a correct topline, plenty of bone & substance, well made throughout & a true mover, scoring here on hind action. Rather frustratingly for his patient handler he decided that projecting himself in the ring was somewhat beneath his dignity today which when up against a consummate show-off like the winner made a close decision easier. Still did enough to earn the RCC & I’m sure that when he opts to put all in he’ll be a very worthy champion; 3 Cole’s Xandene Black Magic in Myntie.

MPB (3) 1 Hunt’s Xandene Knew You Were Waitin for Balistix, ultra-charming 7 months fawn baby, had the most lovely head & expression for her age with a super muzzle & gorgeous eyes, bone in proportion, such a smart outline with the correct topline, compact yet shapely body, excellent mover for such a youngster, best of luck with her; 2 Hickin’s Boule And Onuba Dream Girl, most attractive 8 months brindle, already beautifully trained to show off her many charms, pretty feminine head with plenty of time to develop, eyes & ears appealed, correct neck, around with a good true front leading to well shaped feet, OK hindquarters. Liked her a lot; winner perhaps a touch more compact at this stage; 3 Ferguson’s Queenslake Ready To Rumble at Kertesz. PB (3) This class made my day, would happily have kidnapped any or all of them! 1 Tonkin & Pellow’s Rosanyos Let’s Salsa, deliciously beautiful 9 months fawn whose head & expression just melted me, muzzle in balance with the skull, beautiful eyes & correctly shaped & placed ears which she never stopped using, just the right amount of neck flowing through clean shoulders into a smooth topline with a gentle roach, straight front with bone in proportion to her size & good feet, shapely underline & strong hindquarters with just enough angulation, moved round the ring with great style. In the challenges later she put up a remarkably polished performance for such youngster & her free, true movement conquered all. CC, BP & BOB; 2 Brooks’ Serenant Iron Butterfly, loved this one too, a gloriously typy brindle of almost a year whose head & melting expression will take her a long way, another real showgirl with plenty of scope for the future, shapely body, correct topline & free movement; 3 Bonsall’s Muggshotts Pillow Talk. JB (5) 1 Tonkin, Pellow & Wynne-Eyton’s Rosanyos Let’s Tango, litter sister to Salsa & another beautiful fawn with plenty of bone & substance for her correct size, impressive head with good strength of muzzle & correct skull shape, good ears & ears, enough neck, plenty of substance, smart showgirl, steady mover going round & scored here on hind action; 2 Wildman & Davis’ Wildax Rowendale Meatball Molly, top class brindle of excellent overall balance, super head with well carried ears, nicely arched neck, plenty of bone, shapely body with correct roach, free mover; 3 Timms & Henderson’s Budbulls Maximum Impact for Olijah. YB (3) 1 Swateridge’s Xentique B’Yours Truly, pretty feminine ultra compact brindle of a lovely size, yet another excellent head with beautifully carried ears & charming expression, true front with bone in proportion, neat compact feet, well muscled hindquarters, held herself together well on the move. Personally prefer a shade more neck but I guess it matches her very tight-knit body shape. Her type reminded me of Ch Wilcott Ruby Fizz from the good old days; 2 Gough’s Katakia Valeries Beauty, scopier brindle with an attractive head though not quite so feminine as I & she didn’t carry her ears so well. Scored on neck, well ribbed back, correct bone for size, OK topline. Preferred winner’s hindquarters, OK on the move though not quite so ‘together’ as 1; 3 Willetts’ Hanway What A Carry On. PGB (4) 1 Roch James’ Fleur De Miraval, dark brindle of good general type & balance, quality feminine head, good muzzle, could carry ears a shade higher. Shapely body with good topline, moved true in front, could have gone a bit more freely behind; 2 Hunter & Spencer’s Maghullpaws Ride On Time with Vulabops, well balnced substantial brindle, thought she would be my winner as they came in but not quite so good in finish of muzzle as 1. Has much else to admire, good skull & ears, super bone, shapely body & moved freely keeping her shape; 3 Willetts’ Hanway Don’t Stop Believin. LB (9) Strong class. 1 Bryant’s Archness Own It, eyecatching fawn of tremendous power & substance but still has an air of quality, impressive square head in proportion to her body, nice arch to her neck, straight front with excellent bone & feet, correct topline, powerful well muscled hindquarters, really looks the part going round. Very strong contender in the challenge, just felt winners were a touch more feminine but I loved her & hope she wins CCs; 2 Chambers’ Senorio De Carthago Miss Topette of Luvum, different type but equally nice, such a pretty feminine brindle with an excellent skull, eyes & ears, not quite as strong in muzzle as 1, enough neck, shapely body with correct topline & underline, typical hindquarters, winner just had the edge in movement on the final go-round but this one is top class too; 3 Tonkin & Pellow’s Poison D’Acebo Mystic Symphony at Rosanyos. OB (6) Another excellent class. 1 Membury & Pearce’s Ch Bullhawk Egg’s Citing at Membully, gorgeous quality brindle of a lovely size & balance, her head is just beautiful, unmistakably feminine with all the details right, nicely arched neck into clean shoulders, the right amount of bone for her size & super body shape, good steady mover especially in profile. Marginally preferred hindquarters of the puppy but loved this one too. RCC; 2 Cund & Harrop’s Chelmbull Moon River, super brindle with the touch of class this affix seems to produce so regularly, gorgeous head, ears & expression, plenty of bone, another with an excellent neck & flow into the topline. Just a shade less compact than winner whose topline I preferred, but top class. Must mention the immaculate conditioning & showmanship of all from this team, you can see the effort that must go in to producing them for the ring; 3 Tonkin & Pellow’s Ch Rosanyos Sevillana JW. Good Citizen B (1) 1 Candiotes’ Oakprides Lucky Lady for Jabulile, this delightful clear fawn was well placed in both her previous classes, super coat & conditioning, pretty feminine well proportioned head, compact body, decent mover, perhaps could have a bit more roach but makes an attractive picture with her obvious rapport with her handler.