• Show Date: 12/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

South Wales KA

Welsh Corgis, Pembroke

South Wales is of course a special show for Corgis with the first ever CCs (both breeds combined) awarded here in 1928. Looking forward to a big party here in five years’ time! Delighted with the number of Pembrokes this year, hoping this is a sign of things to come & that the breed’s glory days may return. Nice that all three of our regular exhibitors from Ulster & several from Scotland were present. Good to see a number of newer exhibitors/breeders with quality Pems as a foundation. 

VD (2) I Jones’ Ceranda Surf's Up, handsome quality 9 years tri, super head with such a kind expression, good front & forechest, reachy neck, well ribbed, sound coming & going, steady & stately going round, not quite so firm in topline now but was looking well; 2 Bruce’s Ir Ch Whitepoint Dodging Daggers via Manto, another quality boy in good nick at 8 years, slightly smaller & more compact type, good head proportions, dark eye, OK hindquarters, moved true behind, not quite neck or scope of 1. PD (3) I Irving’s Twinan Sign Your Name, such an impressive young man of almost the year, hope he’s finished growing but what a pleasure to see a proper side gait, really striding out & retaining his level topline, masculine well proportioned head, dark eye, ears carried well, reachy neck into clean shoulders, plenty of bone, strong shapely hindquarters, good coming & going & makes a lovely picture going round. Overcame some tough opposition to snap up the RCC & BP; 2 Davies’ Ceranda Ace Of Spades, such a smart tri with lots to like at 10 months, quality head which can still develop further, good neck & hind angles, true front, scored on feet, well bodied, moved true if not quite the reach & drive of 1; 3 Evans’ Kensesqui Aster. JD (1) 1 McColl’s Unita Mentale Ernesto JW, red bobtail with some sabling, this young star has that ‘look at me’ quality that you always hope to find but seldom do, all male but still a sensible size & with a head that is both refined & masculine with an ultra-typical expression from that equilateral triangle of ears, eyes & nose. Immaculate front with the correct degree of moulding round the chest, clean well laid shoulders, super topline & excellent hindquarters with well bent stifle & nice low hocks, moves soundly, beautifully presented & handled & has plenty of ring presence. CC, his third, & BOB, shortlisted in group. PGD (4) 1 Wyer’s Cottivy Fernando, real eye-catcher, good masculine head, perhaps a shade strong in skull, OK neck, very good topline, plenty of bone. It isn’t always easy to get good typical feet on the stronger-boned Pembrokes but he has them! Balanced angulation & a free active mover, should make up. Not relevant to the judging but good to see his dramatic orange-red colour, a rarity nowadays; 2 Rees’ Stadwen Romeo, much smaller boy with a nicely proportioned head which could be a shade more masculine, just enough bone for size, good neck & outline, well made hindquarters, Preferred shoulders & drive of 1; 3 Morris’ Reach For The Stars. LD (3) 1 Jefferson’s Ellhar Star Rose at Salvenik, has matured nicely since I last judged him, another eye-catcher with a super topline & powerful hindquarters, all male head, good skull to muzzle proportions, plenty of bone, OK feet, true mover, would just like a little more front angulation & reach; 2 Davies’ Ermyn Snazzy Jazzy, classy boy with a lovely refined head & kindest of expressions, enough bone for his correct size, neat front, scored in shoulders whereas 1 had the better topline & drive from the rear. Hard decision between two boys with contrasting virtues; 3 Aylott’s Barwal Bager Boy. OD (11) Great to see such a well filled open class, brimful of quality with top class dogs out of the cards. Not the easiest to judge as all had different areas in which they excelled, without any one standing out significantly ahead of the others. 1 Blance’s Ch Penliath Write About This, eventually won on his overall balance & lack of extremes, correct size but still masculine, lovely kind yet alert expression, neat front, correct feet, enough neck & a steady sound mover, the same shape standing & moving; 2 Haslam's Meitza Dark N’Debonair, very smart tricolour with a gorgeous head & expression, OK shoulders & front with enough forechest, well bodied & correct size, true mover. Great showman for his handler & a very exuberant mover - if he could be persuaded to slow down a bit I’m sure that would settle down his side gait. Will be a very worthy champion; 3 Maddox & Hedgepath’s Ch/Int/Am G/Jap Ch Trifecta Eagle Scout to Salvenik. Good Citizen D (1) 1 Cutts’ Haresfoot Fates Align, this short tailed bobtail is coming on nicely, has a super front with neat feet, shapely body, sound hindquarters, super topline, responds well to his handler & moves steadily round the ring, developing well in head with dark eyes & well placed ears.

VB (3) 1 Rees’ Ch Stadwen Florence, I gave her her first CC & BOB at the League show 8 years ago & at 10 years she’s still the bee’s knees for me. If anyone wants to learn about Pembroke make, shape & angulation, take a good look at Florence while you can, lovely clean lines & the years have if anything given her an extra degree of charm, still a great mover who clearly enjoys her outings in the ring; 2 Davies’ Ch Secret Starlight Express Into Ermyn, such a pretty girl looking well at 7 years, she has a delightful head & expression, super neck, well laid shoulder & moves true with happily wagging tail, winner a shade firmer in topline today; 3 Woodey’s Aus Ch Barawood Summer Solace. MPB (3) 1 Woodey’s Cottivy Coronation Cup Cake at Barawood, such a pretty nearly 7 months tri, has the most lovely head & expression, reachy neck, OK shoulder, excellent front, bone & feet, well bodied. Needs to come together, of course, but a very promising baby, good luck; 2 Brown’s Calwinii's Cherry Blossom, pretty feminine 6 months girl of a slightly finer type, well proportioned head, good front, body & length, lovely type. Preferred feet & angles of 1 at this point but so much can change & she has lots of promise; 3 Davies’ Arcanedale Violet Skies with Ceranda. PB (4) 1 Matthews’ Craigycor My Cherie Amor, beautiful ultra-feminine nearly 11 months pup of gorgeous type & quality, loved her head proportions & cheeky expression, super front, neck & outline, OK hindquarters, sound steady mover, with normal luck should have an exciting future. BPB; 2 Irving’s Twinan Sign The Card, another super pup of nearly a year already with plenty of style & an excellent side gait, attractive head with a lovely expression, well made hindquarters, marginally preferred feet & forehand of 1 but she’s another real prospect for the future as is 3 Davies & Jones’ Clairmar Amber Red. JB (4) 1 Warner’s Monarchcor Lady Love, such a pretty feminine girl, lovely head type, dark eyes & a quality expression, enough bone & substance, sound front & matching hindquarters, liked her outline & she moved smartly, balanced front & rear, full of quality. Best of luck with her. RCC; 2 Roberts’ Raintrees Love Never Fails at Cherastayne, quite different type from 1 & it will be fascinating to see how she, & the very similar 3, compare in a year or two’s time. A very scopy girl with great style & showmanship, quality head, eyes & ears, good angles & an excellent side gait. Needs plenty of time to develop in body when she (& 3) should be spectacular; 3 Miller & Haslam’s Monarchcor Lady Luck at Meitza. PGB (8) 1 Hollingworth’s Highashes Plan Bee JW, pretty elegant girl of beautiful type & balance, excellent head type, super neck & shoulder, true front with the right amount of bone & correct shape feet, well balanced outline, moved particularly well in profile; 2 Brown’s Calwinii's Valentina Rose JW, another classy girl, pretty feminine head, the right amount of bone, super topline, scored over 1 in hindquarters but stood slightly wide in front, moved well with a steady side gait; 3 Creech’s Zydahayes Scarlet Image JW. LB (7) 1 Creech’s Zydahayes Scarlet Tweed, handsome girl of the most lovely type & quality, her head proportions are excellent & an excellent reach of neck leads into a super topline & powerful hindquarters, just the right amount of bone for her size, strode out smartly with a balanced profile movement. Close up to the RCC & definitely of champion quality; 2 Wyer’s Cottivy Strawberry Moon, beautifully made deep red with just the right angulation both ends, super body & topline, enough bone & substance, good neck & as you’d expect is another very good mover from all angles. Just preferred expression of 1; 3 Blance, Robertson & Shelton’s Coventry I'm Mad On Her with Penliath. OB (6) Another super class, splitting hairs. 1 Coulson’s Ch Woodhenge Star Enchantress, she may be on the petite side (& that’s no bad thing when so many, including some of my winners today, are well up to size), but she doesn’t realise that & clearly has an outsize personality. Deliciously feminine with the most delightful head & expression, just the right amount of neck flowing smoothly through her shoulders, super topline, well made hindquarters, better front angles than many, bone appropriate to her size, on sparkling form today both standing & going round with plenty of reach & drive which won her the CC; 2 Warner’s Ch Never Ending Love Story Rudens Legendos, excellent all-round Pembroke of super type, level topline, just the right amount of bone, beautifully balanced without exaggeration, steady mover, sound both ways. Have previously given her a RCC & another strong contender for that award today, just preferred her daughter’s expression; 3 Blance’s Ch Penliath Trouble In Black. Good Citizen B (1) 1 Legerton’s Anwyl In The Limelight at Solaw, attractive girl of excellent Pembroke type, a very correct head type, reachy neck, good ribbing, well boned, moved true. Didn’t make the most of herself in her previous class, letting her topline falter, but pulled herself up here & well deserved her rosette.