• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Multiple breeds
BELFAST CH DOG SHOW SEP 23 BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN (PETIT) P 2(0) 1. Taylor’s Erylan Pois De Senteur for Nottorg. 9 month old bitch, nice head and expression, good length of leg, moderate shoulder, a little straight behind but moved with a parallel gait, BP. 2. Foote/McAulay/Anderson’s Erylan Selene De La Lune. Attractive bitch but found it difficult to relax at all on the day, good head and a quick ground covering gait. PG 1(0) 1. Mooney’s Hillwicket Harvey Spectre. 2 year old male, excellent disposition, good shoulder, not quite matched by his rear but covered plenty of ground on the move, shown in full coat and good condition, BD. OB 1(0) 1. Foote/McAulay’s Ch/Ir Ch. Erylan Hera La Reine ShCEx. 3 year old bitch, good head and expression, plenty of leg length, moderate turn of stifle, slightly loose top-line but moved to advantage, RBB. V 1(0) 1. Foote/McAulay’s Ir Ch. Clonallan Just Beginning avec Erylan ShCM Irvetch VW. 10 year old bitch, a credit to the breed, good head, keen dark eye, well held top-line, good shoulder and good turn of stifle, shown in full coat, moved to good effect, BB, BV & BOB. GIANT SCHNAUZER P 1(0) 1. Evans’ Zulu vom Schloss Ehrenberg mit Mountslemish RAF. 11½ months old, good head, nice dark eye, balanced angulation, absolutely level top-line, good tail set and carriage, moved impressively in profile and absolutely parallel on the out and back, BP. J 1(0) 1. Evans’ Zulu vom Schloss Ehrenberg mit Mountslemish RAF. Repeat. PG 1(0) 1. Butler’s Marblehill Bell. Most attractive bitch, correct head, good eye and nice reach of neck, powerful shoulders, excellent angulation, good croup, shown in good hard condition, excellent ground covering parallel gait, RBB. OD 3(0) 3 very sound males. 1. Ir Ch. Velournoir Demetrius Neptune An Ch 19 CJW 19 CW 22 Jun Ch. Masculine head, good reach of neck, strong throughout, level top-line, shown in good hard condition, effortless on the move, BD & BOB. 2. Laughlin’s Edenreagh Obelix. Not quite the presence and condition of 1 but absolutely sound when viewed from behind, well handled and presented, RBD. 3. Stewart’s Ir/Int Ch. Ferncliffe Eykel at Moymuklemury Jun Ch CJW 18. OB 2(0) 1. Moffitt’s Ir Ch. Marblehill Addison Rayon. A lovely bitch shown in excellent coat and condition, powerful throughout, strong top-line and impressive in every respect, BB. 2. Ir Ch. Ferncliffe’s Ballerina at Moymuklemury CW22 Cent Ch Cen W Jun Ch Jd. Another with a good head and nice shoulder and a fair turn of stifle but for whatever reason a somewhat ‘clipped’ movement on the day. BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG JD 3(1) 1. Shields/Byrne’s Aussieroyal Footman. Preferred the overall balance and profile of 1 who while compact has good leg length, easy light footed gait and shown to advantage. 2. Cahill’s Ivar Majowy Skarbiec. Still very much a youngster carrying plenty of body on the day and needs a little more leg length to balance the length of body, good top-line, much to commend. GD 1(0) 1. Giffney’s Prince Riomadea Grande. 16 months old, up behind a little on the day but good head and expression, correct reach of neck, powerful shoulders, correct overall proportions, nice front angulation but untidy on the move on the out and back, RDCC. LD 3(1) 1. O’Callaghan’s Bernsego Muffin. Preferred the overall balance of 1, striking head, correct eye and stop, balanced angulation fore and aft, strong top-line, correct croup, good bone, nice feet and pasterns, easy balanced gait. 2. Byrne’s Up To Date von Romanshof. I would prefer a little more leg length relative to depth of body but balanced angulation and moved with an easy gait. OD 6(0) 1. Murphy’s Rus Ch/Blr Ch/Rus Gr Ch/Ir Ch. Marouissa Wish You Were Here at Kinelarty CW23, Jun Ch. Won the class on his movement and overall balance, good head, level top-line, correct bone, good feet, easy gait, DCC. 2. Manix’s Waldershelf Fame N’ Fortune. 3 year old, correct head planes, good stop, shown in full coat, balanced fore and aft and sound on the move. 3. Benson’s Ir Ch. Bernervalley Yogie Bear. PB 3(0) 1. Byrne’s Mountain Cystal Zendaya. 8 month old so had the advantage of 2 months on her competition, nice feminine head, balanced angulation and took the class on her more mature movement, BP. 2. Reilly’s Tickbern Adannaya. Very nice puppy, gorgeous head, well angulated, nice top-line, good bone, correct feet, well handled and presented. 3. McClorey’s Platinumbear Elizabeth. JB 4(1) 1. Murphy’s Kinelarty New Ray of Hope. Nice puppy bitch, balanced fore and aft, easy ground covering gait, correct head, medium length of neck, good top-line, a good prospect. 2. Bukartaite’s Euphoria Epic Win Kaustantis Zvilgsnis (LIT). Correct head, good dark brown eye, nice reach of neck but only moderate shoulder, free on the move but would prefer more angulation fore and aft. 3. Purdy’s Auseireroyale Diva. NB 1(0) 1. McClorey’s Platimumbear Elizabeth. 6 month old puppy, correct head, balanced angulation but in full puppy coat on the day, much maturing to come. GB 2(0) 1. Hughes/Cobbe’s Slava Ukraine Pride of Justin Jun Ch. Lovely head and expression, well balanced fore and aft, good top-line, shown in full coat and good condition, easy ground covering parallel gait. 2. Thompson/Slacke-Fitzpatrick’s Carraigbern She’s The One. Nice bitch but was nervous on the day so not at her best, balanced angulation, parallel throughout, in need of some practise. PGB 2(0) 1. Murphy’s Kinelarty Look Up and Aim High. A nice bitch, feminine head and expression, balanced when viewed in profile, compact, level top-line, easy on the move. 2. Thompson/Slacke-Fitzpatrick’s Carraigbern She’s The One. Repeat. LB 1(0) 1. Bukartaite’s Cinderella De Magic Kaustantis Zvilgsnis (LIT). Nice feminine head, good reach of neck, powerful shoulders, strong top-line and covered good ground in profile, a touch untidy on occasion coming and going. OB 7(0) 1. Bridges’ Ch. Liskarn’s Love Of My Life. A nice bitch, attractive head, correct reach of neck, powerful shoulders, strong top-line but with as much back length as I would prefer, completely out-moved the class on the day, well handled and presented, BCC & BOB. 2. Giffney’s Ch/Ir Ch. Sennen Understandably Wicked at Seanri Sn Ch CW22, Cen W Cen Ch. Another nice bitch of good balance and proportions, good feminine head, compact, shown in good coat and condition. 3. O’Callaghan’s Bernsego Ku-U-I-Po Jun Ch. VB 1(0) 1. Jenson’s Ch. Bernervalley Summer Dream. Very nice veteran bitch, lovely head, languid, easy parallel gait, a credit to the breed, RBCC & BV. SpBB 1(0) 1. McClorey’s Platimumbear Elizabeth. Repeat. BSpB. NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF OD 1(0) 1. Evan’s Makaevo Uberto. 2 year old male, absolutely correct head, good wrinkle but not excessive over the head, good clean eyes, excellent bone, good shoulder, excellent turn of stifle, long, languid, easy parallel gait, an excellent example of the breed. OB 1(0) 1. Evans’ Ofilia at Makaevo (imp ITA). 2 year old bitch, good head, correct massive bone, correct shoulder, clean throughout, another very impressive exhibit on the move with a long, parallel gait. HOVAWART P 2(0) 1. Kavanagh’s Davencara Jophiel. 8 month old litter mates, the bitch taking 1st place on the day with her greater reach and drive, feminine head and expression, correct top-line, good croup, balanced angulation, nice prospect, BP. 2. Foley/McCarthy’s Davencara Hadriel RAF. A nice male but clearly an immature puppy head, keen dark eye, strong top-line, nice reach of neck, balanced angulation, another nice prospect. J 3(0) 1. Kavanagh’s Davencara Jophiel. Repeat. 2. Foley/McCarthy’s Davencara Hadriel RAF. Repeat. RBD. 3. Murphy’s Tuttifruttie Royal Safe. PG 1(0) 1. Stewart’s Here I Am Cova Krolewska Kraina. Very feminine 5 year old bitch, excellent ground covering gait resulting from good shoulders, nice turn of stifle, a touch close when viewed from behind on the day. OD 5(1) 1. Murphy’s Ir Ch. Micona Foxtrot. Very nice male, shown in excellent coat and condition, attractive head, strong top-line, good croup, easy on the move, BD & BOB. 2. Stewart’s Micona Echo. 6 year old male, good head planes, well set ears, good reach of neck, strong top-line, lacked a little coat and condition on the day. 3. Heffernan’s Ch. Fasskoleys Heliodor CJW22/CW22/Cen JW/Cen W/JT Cent Ch/Jr CH. OB 4(1) 1. Heffernan’s Ch. Micona Tango An Ch 18 22 CW 19 Cent Ch Cen W Jun Ch. Appealing feminine head, good reach of neck, correct overall proportions, good bone, a nice turn of stifle, easy gait, RBB. 2. Bos’ Ir Ch. Micona Coconut Cream. Correct head, well set shoulders, shown in excellent coat and condition and when settled moved with a good, parallel gait. 3. Stewart’s Fasskoleys Selenite. V 1(0) 1. Murphy’s Ir Ch. Hayaklause Molly. Absolutely sound veteran bitch, lovely feminine head, good angulation, strong top-line, a credit to the breed in her veteran years, BB & BV. RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIER P 3(1) 1. Williams’ Evrussky Black Widow (AI). Just preferred the overall balance of 1 who moved with an impressive ground covering gait in profile, correct overall proportions, good head, keen eye, shown in excellent coat and condition. 2. Perks’ Dromnagus One Love. Another nice youngster, more moderate in angulation than 1 but strong top-line, powerful shoulder and efficient parallel gait. J 1(0) 1. Perks’ Dromnagus The Kingsman. 11½ months old, shown in full coat and amazing condition, correct head, strong top-line, balanced angulation and impressive gait, RBD & BP. PG 1. Eston’s Shadlian Once Upon A Time at Kylevarna. 3½ year old bitch, good overall balance, nice coat and condition, parallel on the out and back, well handled and presented, RBB. OD 1(0) 1. Perks’ Ir Ch. Scott Black Legion (imp POL) Ir Jun Ch Cen W. 2½ year old male, masculine head, shown in full coat and strong muscular condition, absolutely sound on the move, BD. OB 3(1) 1. Williams’ Proud of Being Ava Gardner at Evrussky (imp). Upstanding bitch, feminine head and good dark eye, excellent angulation, shown in good coat and condition, impressed on the move, BB & BOB. 2. Eston’s Shadlian Grand Entrance at Kylevarna. Another nice bitch, correct head, good shoulder, correct bone, good pasterns, correct feet, a parallel and impressive gait. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD DOG I was delighted with my entry of Australian Shepherds on the day and extremely impressed by both the presentation and condition of the exhibits. P 1(0) 1. Bridges’ Liskarn’s It’s In The Bag. 10 month old puppy bitch, absolutely charming head, good reach of neck, well angulated front and rear, correct bone, good feet, nice pasterns, moved with absolute precision on the out and back and in profile, RBB & BP. J 2(0) 1. Douglas’ Instead Change of Heart for Talard NAF RAF. Just preferred the rear drive and angulation of 1 on the day, two super examples of the breed, both well handled and presented, excellent balance throughout, strong top-line, well handled and presented, good prospect, BB. 2. Heggie’s Winstead Brave New World. A lovely tri, super shoulder, correct bone, fit feet and another good prospect. PG 4(0) 1. Ring’s Amberslade Catch N Kiss. Well presented exhibit, good length of leg, nice top-line, correct croup, shown in full coat and good condition. 2. White’s Franmar Devils Desire. Overall proportions were correct, stood a little at 10 to 2 on the day but moved with an efficient parallel gait when settled. 3. Fort’s J’adore Shulune Ledven No Tiraines. OD 9(0) 1. Raymond/Shaw/Kirtley’s Ch. Brighttouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne (imp RUS). Excellently handled and presented male, good masculine head, well set ears, correct eye, balanced angulation, good bone, strong top-line, movement in profile extremely impressive, BD & BOB. 2. Douglas/Leonard/Allan’s Ir Ch. Allmark Boom Boom EuJW22 CW23. A black tri who was extremely impressive when viewed in profile, excellent outline, good head, nice reach of neck, strong top-line, good croup, but on the day he was a little narrow when viewed on the out and back but I’m sure this will come together with maturity, movement in profile excellent, RBD. 3. Douglas’ Ir Ch. Talard Lethal Weapon. OB 3(1) 1. Douglas’ Mapleridge Thief In The Night at Talard (IKC) NAF. A very lively blue merle, compact, well angulated and moved with a quick light footed gait. 2. Douglas’ Ch/Ir Ch. Talard Keep Your Pokerface. Good feminine head, not the coat and condition of 1 but balanced angulation, strong top-line, correct bone and good feet. V 1(0) 1. Douglas’ Ir Ch/CIB Ch Allmark Naughty But Nice Jun Ch CJW 15 Golden Winner 16 CW18. A lovely 10 year old veteran bitch, alert expression, absolutely sound when viewed in profile on the out and back, a credit to her breed, BV. SpB 2(0) 1. White’s Franmar Devils Desire. 2 year old male shown in full coat and nice condition, good bone and contrived to move to advantage, BSpB. 2. Bottomley’s Shulune Secret Wizard. Good masculine head, little long in the back for me and with a little lack of condition on the day, as a result it was difficult for him to hold his top-line. SIMON LUXMOORE