• Show Date: 19/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: serena wignall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/01/2024

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Whippet

Welsh kennel club 2023 Whippet Bitches

I would like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to award CCs for the first time in a breed I have shown and loved for the past 30 years also to thank them for the hospitality that was second to none, I would also like to thank my stewards who kept the ring running like clockwork.

Most exhibits were in fine fettle although there were some with very long nails and a few who were carrying far to much weight.

VB 2 ent

Fisher-Home & Home Ch Citycroft Creme Caramel of Jasarat Jw Fawn/white trim of 7 years, lovely head with dark eye, she had flowing lines and correct lay of shoulder, moved well when she settled.

Williams Tigsisle Fan The Flames F/w parti of 8 years, had a super depth of brisket and the curves that are sometimes lacking nowadays, preferred the movement of 1 but another nice girl.

MPB 4 ent

      1.Whitehead & Smith Creme Anglaise's Lady Bridgerton of Citycroft R/f with heavy white trim, 7 months, what a lovely bitch puppy, lovely head and expression, dark eye, long neck into correct shoulder, flowing topline and super depth of brisket, correct rear angles, moved very well for one so young, BPB.

2.Gallie Citycroft Shape Of You Via Erbys, F/b bitch, such a baby, earned her place on movement but she was unsettled when stacked, nice puppy.

3.Wheeler&Rutter Ranveli Royal Touch.

PB 6 ent 1 abs

Perkins & VAN DER SCHAAF Creme Anglais's Cassablanca With Silkridge, F/white trim Flowing girl with a long neck and S shaped underline, moved well.

Richards Richclass Atomic Bomb, Another quality puppy who should have a bright future, unlucky to meet 1 today 

Bayley Whisterfield Grace Notes

JB 8 ent 0 abs

     1.Howgate & Hull Palmik Truth About Love JW, F/w trim girl who is very nicely put together,super length of neck into well laid shoulder,moved well just dropped her topline when moved too fast, could not deny her the class for her quality.

     2.Prowse Freehamlet Saint Matilda, Pretty fawn girl with lovely head and super dark eye,great depth of brisket and hind angles, nice tight feet.

YB 9 ent 3 abs 

      1.Fisher-Home & Home Jasarat Caramel Calypso Attractive r/f bitch, melting expression, correct lay of shoulder, super long tail, moved well at all angles, should have a bright future.

      2.Le'vell Lolani Glamorous In Satin At Velandor,B/w trim more scopey than 1, Long neck, super underline and hind angles, moved well

Miluk Tumblers Araminta  

NB 8 ent 1 abs

       1.Lloyd Jothryn Beyond Blonde Avec Penwincoed, Such a lovely whippety head on this F/w trim bitch, lovely and sleek to go over,moved well that completed the picture 

       2.Lolani Glamorous In Satin At Velandor

       3.Williams Tigsisle Frost and Flame

GB 12 ent 2 abs

        1. Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox, f/w trim, super dark pigment, flowing topline with very deep brisket, well muscled, was not giving her handler an easy time but could not be denied the class.

        2.Myers Supeta's Taste The Rainbow With Astrazone,Scopey Brindle with white trim super lay of shoulder and correct topline, moved very well, I was splitting hairs 

        3.Leathart Ringmore Iona

PGB 7 ent 2 abs

        1.Owen Mollytop Fancy Lady,f/w trim with the most super coat(like silk)Lovely head and expression, well filled front and depth of brisket, moved very well.

         2.Wilkinson Silkridge Saffron Of Fletchgate B/w trim of correct size, lovely lay of shoulder and sweep of underline, correct hind angles, moved well 

         3.Mulligan Ashkyem Luv N Kisses

LB 9 ent 2 abs

      1. Gibbins Osterfen Lakota At Stonefox, Stunning F/w trim bitch of correct size super shoulders and depth moved well all round RCC.

       2.Trouton Citycroft Grace Kelly at Runnel Jw Red fawn and white Parti bitch super neck and shoulder, good depth and hind angles, moved well.

       3.Snelgrove Palmik Carousel For Huntinhill.

OB 5 ent 1 abs

       1,Mycroft,Morris & Wadell Ch Crosscop Candle In The Wind To Supeta When I think of a whippet this F/w trim girl is spot on, she flows from the the top of her nose to the tip of her tale, Beautiful expression, long neck into well laid shoulders,Correct topline that she held on the move, sweeping underline, well let down hocks and correct feet, she moved with reach and drive, I wish she was mine, pleased to award her the CC.

        2,Mitchell,Wadell and Morris Ch Crosscop Glittering Prize F/w bitch who is also top class,another favourate of mine from the ringside, your hands just glide over her, she moves beautifully just did not have the edge of 1 today.

       3.Yacoby-Wright Cobyco Cover Girl.

 Serena Wignall (Judge)