• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sarah Winson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/11/2023

South Western Old English Sheepdog Club

Breed: Old English Sheepdog


Firstly, I would like to thank the committee of the South Western Old English Sheepdog Club for the invitation to judge their last show before amalgamation and to all who entered and gave me the opportunity to go over their dogs on what was a very hot and long day.

I feel that mouths are now a weak point with several being level/borderline undershot and these were in young animals which is worrying for the future of the breed. I was surprised at the amount of tartar on the dogs teeth, cleaning teeth is part of presenting the dog. There were a few light brown eyes which are not a desirable characteristic of our breed and also some lovely well pigmented china blue ones. Several in the ring were carrying far too much weight and this shows in movement and is not good for their joints so please be mindful.

My BIS has terrific ring presence and I found out later she had won her 3rd and crowning CC at Bath Champ show earlier in the day – congratulations on a wonderful show for you.

Minor Puppy Dog (1/0): 1st Halladay’s Mopies My Boy Lollipop – a 9 month male with a good head, strong jaw and well sized teeth and well pigmented dark eyes, clean shoulders and well off for bone. Moved well with his handler. BPD & BPIS

Puppy Dog: No entries

Junior Dog (2/0): 1st Mann’s Blairdon The Water of Life For Flufbustles Upstanding 16 month boy with a profuse coat of correct texture. Masculine head with 2 dark eyes, plenty of pigment and a defined stop. Well defined neck and correct shoulders, cobby body, rising topline and strong rear. Moved out well.

2nd Hick’s Shaggybo Sandman at Lanxton – large well developed 14 month old boy, masculine head, correct front and rear construction with a compact, well boned body. Coat needs to clear and wasn’t settled on the move today.

Post Graduate Dog (3/1): 1st Cartwright’s Mellowdee Pumpkin Patch at Applejem smaller boy in his yearling jacket, well developed head with 2 dark eyes. Compact body, well muscled and enough bone. Not very settled on the move today – maybe due to the heat.

2nd Edwards’ Moppies Dr Zhivago a larger male with a well developed head and good pigment, longer cast in the body which showed in his movement. His harsh top coat needs to gain more length and more care needs taking when his undercoat to remove the matts.

Limit Dog (5/4): 1st Gould’s Kerjalee Sky Breeze For Sutranzo - 3 yr old male with a balanced outline. Large capacious skull with dark fully pigmented eyes, defined stop and strong square muzzle. Well arched neck into well laid back shoulders, deep brisket with a rising topline and correct rear angulation. He has a profuse mature jacket to complete the picture, moved out well.

2nd Raynsford-Tomes Brinkley White Knight – smaller than the winner but a super boy with everything in proportion. A masculine well balanced head with correct proportions, a wall eye which gives a lovely expression and a correct bite, good length of neck leading to well laid shoulders and deep brisket. Very compact body, rising topline and lovely rear angles with low set hocks which he used on the move. Darker jacket with harsh coat, splitting hairs I just felt the jacket of the winner was better finished.

3rd Crane-Duplocks Mirene Love Of My Life

Open Dog (4/0): 1st Rutland & Porter’s Ch Mellowdee Mask of Zorro JW – not the biggest of males but again masculine and well proportioned. Strong head and muzzle with a square jaw, 2 dark well pigmented eyes. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, well ribbed compact body with a harsh silver jacket. Well muscled rear with low set hocks which were used on the move. DCC and RBIS

2nd Woods & Pointon’s Ch Vigilat’s Rhapsody In Blue Via Bumblebob (Imp Nd) – a larger boy, again all masculine and lovely proportions. Capacious skull and defined stop, strong muzzle with a square jaw, 2 dark well pigmented eyes. Deep brisket and short coupled good bone and muscle well angulated front and rear, mature coat of a darker colour and good texture. Moved out well but was carrying a little more weight on his shoulders today and this was the deciding factor for the class. RCC

3rd Aust Ch Ottaba Right On Quewe (Imp Aus)

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2/0): 1st Rathband & Fealy’s Ch Keynell Midnight Moon – 7yr old male, good head and strong muzzle and square jaw, good neck into well laid shoulders. His body is compact and square and he has enough bone. Lovely jacket for a veteran and his enjoyment at being out showed in his movement. BVIS

2nd Wileman’s Grey Souls Black Swan To Lindisfarm (Imp Swed) – 8 yr old bitch and again in super condition lovely feminine head and expression, compact body covered in a course jacket, moved well and enjoying her day out.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1/0): 1st Darwillow Queen Of Puddings, a flamboyant little lady! Nice head developing with 2 dark eyes, good bite, lovely reach of neck flowing to well laid shoulders, coat is starting to change and looks promising. Unfortunately, she was enjoying her day in the ring so much it was hard to assess her movement. BPB & RBPIS

Puppy Bitch: No entries

Junior Bitch (4/1): Little’s 1st Blairdon The Angels Share For Bobbington – very feminine 16 month old with a wealth of crisp junior jacket, presented to perfection. Lovely shape and size with a capacious skull, good muzzle, correct bite and dark eye. Well arched neck leading into correctly laid shoulders, good brisket, body and rear angulation with low set hocks that she used on the move.

2nd Adrian-Coleman’s Chasamagi Magic Dream With Barcole – another feminine bitch and at 13mths her jacket is still changing. She has dark eyes, a good head with a lovely feminine expression and a well arched neck leading into correctly laid shoulders. She is slightly longer cast through the loin than the winner but has good rear angulation with low set hocks that she used on the move.

3rd Adam’s Makaylen Majestic Lady.

Post Graduate Bitch (5/0): 1st Marron’s Brinkley Blue Lace – she is a poppet, at 2 years old a smaller type but ultra feminine and cobby. Capacious skull with square jaw, nice stop and dark eyes. Her front assembly is very correct and she has a well developed brisket and lovely spring of rib with a gentle rising top line leading to a well angulated and muscled rear. She moved out with drive, as if she could work all day.

2nd Harris’ Beauvallon Jingle Belle – another very feminine, cobby young lady with all the same attributes as the class winner, I just preferred the movement on 1st today but I’m sure they could change places.

3rd Wilman’s Lindifarm Hope Redeemed

Limit Bitch (5/0): Adcock’s 1st Niedersachsen’s Pride Mary Poppins By Amblehart (Imp Deu)- a 3yr old bitch of larger type but still very well balanced and feminine. She has a capacious skull with a wide jaw, a well defined stop and a beautiful wall eye with good pigment. Lovely length of neck into well laid, clean shoulders, well sprung ribs and a compact body with bone to match her size. A gentle rise to her topline leads to a strong well muscled and angulated rear with low set hocks that showed in her movement. She pushed hard for the RCC.

2nd Palmer’s Hazyland’s Cheeky Devil – smaller lady than 1, again a wall eye and super head properties. Good neck and shoulder assembly with a rising topline. Neat hocks and she moved well.

3rd Makaylen Sweet Vienna

Open Bitch (8/1): 1st Ford’s Brinkley Out Of The Blue At Clenmaen – this lady owned the ring as soon as she walked in, at 2.5yrs she has presence, impeccable presentation and oozes femininity. She has excellent head properties, dark fully pigmented eyes, square jaw and well defined stop. A gracefully arched neck leads to clean well laid shoulders and a deep brisket. Compact body with a rising top line leads to a well muscled and angulated rear end all topped off with a mature dark jacket. She used her low set hocks to show effortless reach and drive from all angles as she flowed round the ring. I had no hesitation on awarding her class, bitch CC and Best in Show.

2nd Naismith’s Shaggybo Beautiful Dream – another feminine lady, she has lovely head properties, with a strong jaw and dark eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, gentle rise and harsh jacket. She is well balanced with the correct rear angulation which shows in her movement.

3rd Bell & Aitken’s Ch Shaggybo Spectacular Rival With Soulbobs

Dr Sarah Jayne Winson (Meisan)