• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sandy Lipman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Great Dane

Three Counties Championship Dog Show 10/6/2023

Judge Mrs Sandy Lipman (Lisvane)

Great Danes

What a day, brilliant sunshine, beautiful Danes, great atmosphere and sportsmanship, excellent stewards, ending in the biggest deluge I’ve witnessed. A well run show, with thanks to the committee, where I found my thrilling BOB and also made up a worthy bitch. Many croups weren’t the best and straight shoulders starting to creep in. Very good scissor bite on most and tight eyes on all. Good temperaments all round with none backing off.

MPD (5/1) 1. Bartleys Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib 8 ½ month well marked brindle having brown eyes, good ear set, a smart head and expression. A large frame with plenty of bone, deep in chest and filled in front having a good topline and producing a pleasing profile with correct angulation fore & rear. Lots to come on this youngster, moved out well by his handler to BPD. 2. Allans D’Angelo Forever House Martina’s for Dramadanes(Imp Ita) NAF Gleaming black boy having loads of bone and a lovely shape throughout. Sprung deep ribs and muscled hindquarters, straight flat bone and neat feet. A little clumsy on the move but to be expected at the rate this lad must be growing. Strong jaw on smart head, nice neck and balanced in the stand. 3. Ingrams Homer Simpson vom Kleinen Feenwald with Dainmajik (Imp Deu)

PD (1/1) Absent

JD(7/2) 1. Marriotts Shlarra Blast from The Past, I was hyper critical of this 13 month fawn as sired by my dog, but thrilled to see how well he has developed. He is a big lad with a masculine head, dark eye and a long powerful crested neck. His shoulder is correct as is his second thigh and turn of stifle. His forechest well filled, deep brisket with elbows tucked under and ample length of leg. Held his topline on the move, active and agile covering the ground with muscled hind quarters and pleasing croup. I looked at him so many times in the challenge. His day will come. 2. Henshalls Calchas The Brave. Such a balanced outline on this well marked 13 month Harlequin. Good head planes, correct mouth on square drop of lip, crested long white neck flowing into smooth withers and strong topline. Well filled torso with good turn of stifle and muscled rear. Moved smoothly 3. Beudeans Taradanes Star Trooper

YD(4) 1. Pococks Tamzdane Empower Mint JW. Impressive and powerful 18 month Mantle shown in gleaming condition. A masculine head correctly proportioned, not overdone, with white scissor bite and strong jawline. Well used ears and great strength of neck, in fact great strength throughout. Great depth of chest and balanced length of leg. This happy lad gives dash and dare a meaning. Glorious looking from every angle, powering off his rear legs that almost suspend him in the air, I was more than thrilled to give him the DCC and BOB 2. Kelleways Ozzy Osbourne Di Stella Ardens Shorter in leg than 1, another well conditioned Mantle having a good front, deep chest with elbows well under and nicely turned stifle. Moved out well holding his topline. 3.Birchs Busdan Ziva’s Terzo

PGD (2) 1. McGuinness & Nelson-McGuinness Dinahtron Mothers Pride a 20 month old fawn with a beautifully proportioned head shown off to the full on his strong arched neck. Deep and filled front, good topline with a rise over the loin and super angles front and rear. Lovely long foreface, correct mouth, the darkest eyes on a black mask, his headpiece narrow throughout. Impressive and balanced in the stand and moved out steadily & true. 2. Cranfields Zefather’s Ralph Lauren JW 18 month fawn just a little shorter in foreface than 1 but having tighter feet. Not much to separate these two as they were both so well constructed with so much to like. Super strong topline, great conformation and energetic reachy movement. So pleasing to go over.

LD (3/2) 1. Maganaris’ Culseandanes Nic Cage via Hebrus Though standing alone this powerful, impressive, 4 yr old fawn did not let himself down. He exuded masculinity and strength having a filled fore chest, sprung ribs and super muscled torso and hind quarters. His head was pleasing as was his overall form. I see that I gave his dam her third CC , so he has inherited many of her qualities. An excellent example of our breed, great temperament and movement.

OD (4) 1. Chappells Ch Selmalda Jealous Guy(ai) 3 year old dark brindle boy who has shone since he started his show career and, when you go over him, you realise why. He stands true with the smartest headpiece and arched neck. Dark eyes, lovely long foreface and head narrow throughout. Expressive brow and well used ears when alert. Everything runs smoothly with this boy, nothing course, just elegance personified. Plenty of body and super conformation. Gliding so, so, smoothly and effortlessly around the ring to RDCC 2. Mackenzies Carsan Vincent 5 yr old blue looking so well and standing proudly. Energetic on the move and covers the ground. Lovely front and rear angulation with good outline, depth and breadth. Great personality, enjoying every moment and not phased by the heat. Loads of Champion qualities in this lad. 3. Martins Keishant Zeus

VD (0) No entries

MPB (2) 1. Donnellys Primus Turns Back Time. 8 month Brindle girl having the prettiest head, narrow throughout with a long foreface, inquisitive dark eye and correct bite. Well used ears on an elegant neck. Pleasing lay of shoulder and rear angles. Good straight legs and creating a totally feminine picture. One to watch in the future as she moved very steadily for such a youngster to gain BPB & BPIB 2. Allans Desire’ Forever House Martina’s for Dramadanes (Imp Ita) NAF 7 month gleaming black girl with so much to like. Confident and happy demeanour, correct head planes and dentition, good expression and lovely in profile. Movement seems to be coming together well and will be interested in how she develops.

PB (2) 1. Bliss Stagbatch Hi De Hi 10 ½ month nicely marked Harlequin girl with good head planes, crested neck and nice lay back of shoulder. Good straight bone and neat feet, level top line presenting a balanced outline. Looking solid and well covered, moved very smoothly for such a youngster and I think enjoyed her day. 2.Kelleways Taysca Stele Mici with Stevarah 11 month Blue a little straighter in front than 1 and not as broad but presenting a lovely profile, and striding out on the move.

JB (11/5) 1.Tempests Adoreadane Licence to Kill(Ai) What a show girl !!! A real ‘Look at me’ attitude with her white arched elegant neck supporting the prettiest Harlequin head. Her long foreface tipped down and her beautifully used ears framing her face. Her neck flows into a level back and loin seamlessly. At 17 months she is comfortable in the ring and stands like a dream. Just needs to broaden a little as she matures. 2. Cranfields Zefather’s Kind Of Magic Great movement on this strong fawn girl. Correct shoulder placement and second thigh. Well presented throughout and very balanced, chest broad and ribs well sprung. A quality girl. 3. Clarks Garsak On Fire at Mintrex

YB (8/4) 1. Colletts Foaldown Dark Secret Good sized 23 month Black girl with a neat head and long neck, good conformation presenting the most elegant of silhouettes. A little warm for a black today as their colour absorbs the heat but she coped very well and moved with an extended gait covering the ground. I really like this girl. If I only had more CCs to give out. 2. Morgans Rimor Boadixiya A dark Brindle with possibly the best headpiece today. Long in foreface and dark eyes, chiselled with expressive brow. Good dentition and square lip on straight line under jaw. Short coupled and well filled torso, super front and rear angulation. Smooth on the move and pleasing throughout. 3. Middletons Carsan Agustina

PGB (5/2) Pococks Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum 2 yr old Harlequin with great strength and totally balanced in profile. A pleasing head with correct planes and good mouth. She is well filled throughout and moves with dynamism, striding out from her hind legs and moving as one with her handler. So lovely to watch. 2. Harrisons Rioco My One And Only to Jasnettdanes 18 month Fawn of good height and super proportions. Dark eyes and expressive brow set off by neat well used ears. An elegant neck flowing into smooth withers. Lovely to go over and strode out well. 3. Wrights Novavida Sweet Iris

LB (8) 1. Windmills Marrayvhayle Miz Congenial. 2 yr old Fawn girl who was my star of the day. I’ve watched this bitch as a pup and seen her grow steadily. She certainly didn’t disappoint today even with a new handler. She has a big frame, well filled and in proportion. Nothing heavy about her but, in my eye, totally correct. Her head is quite beautiful with a kind dark eye and gentle expression. Good use of ears and head held proud on her elegant neck. Fabulously smooth on the move. In the challenge it was hot and by this time tongues were hanging out, but she popped her head up just at the right moment and gained her third BCC 2. Morgans Rimor Athenas Kyss. Another stunning girl, Brindle this time and super side on. So showy with her neck arched and crested supporting a smart feminine head. Lovely lay of shoulders with elbows tucked well under her deep well sprung ribs. Good turn of stifle and neat feet. Such a smoot mover. 3. Fletchers Justinian Be My Sweetheart

OB (5/1) 1. Clarks Ch Garsak Summer Days At Mintrex. At just 2 yrs old this young Fawn has won so many CCs and it is easy to see why. Her stance and attitude are so showy. Super head planes, dark eye and interested alert expression with the darkest mask and strong jaw. So pleasing to go over with everything correct. Good angles fore and rear with super tuck up. Free and elegant on the move. I didn’t have enough CCs to give out, so today she had to settle with the RBCC 2.Chappells Ch Selmalda Oh Lori (ai) a bitch I have always admired from the ring side. Her rich fawn coat in gleaming condition, calm demeanour and kind expression. A little longer than 1 in body and more mature with so much to like and so pleasing to go over. Such worthy Champions. 3. Whites Jutlanders Are You Ready

VB (1/1) Absent

Judge Mrs Sandy Lipman (Lisvane)