• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ruth Turner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/12/2023

Midland Golden Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
MIDLAND GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 3rd DECEMBER 2023 BITCH JUDGE: RUTH TURNER (AMILONE) Thank you to the Midland GRC for inviting me to judge at their show. As always a well run show, with very able stewards. Lunch was exceptional. I had a super day, was spoilt for choice in some classes. It was shame the entry was affected by the bad weather, with a large number of absentees. Despite this I felt I found quality winners in each class. The Minor Puppy and Open Class was especially full of quality, and I liked many bitches unplaced. I found a couple of overshot bites, one which was very overshot. I was disappointed to see some poorly presented feet, many nails were not trimmed back or feet trimmed tidily. Well trimmed feet do make a difference not just aesthetically, but improve the dogs footfall and movement, plus strengthens pads and pasterns. I felt all my winners moved with drive and displayed good breed type, but movement still needs to improve, there were a few carrying a tad bit too much weight. Veteran B (8 Entries, 4 Absent) 1st Hill Miss P & Smith Mr D SH CH MEGARVEY ONCE UPON A TIME JW. Just love this girl for her overall balance and super deportment. She free stands four square and says look at me, and of course I did. Every bit a champions, shown in lovely coat and condition, she stood out for her super soft expression, bone, feet, condition and animated movement holding a level topline, which eventually won her BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. 2nd Crookes Mrs DS & Jenkinson Mrs RJ QUAKERHALL VICTORY JUBILEE JW. Another lovely Veteran who was not in her best outfit today, but nonetheless deserved her place. Well constructed, nice outline. Handled to advantage. Movement was a bit excitable so lost some animation, but deserved her place. 3rd Williamson Mr SD & Mrs TY THORNYWAIT ATOMIC BETTY FOR SANDTI. Minor Puppy B (20 Entries, 7 Absent) Super class was spoilt for choice 1st Williams Mrs M & Miss EL LAMHRYN STAR OF THE SEA. Wow what a lovely baby. She is so easy on the eye from all angles, nothing overdone, all the legs in the right place, neat hocks, super cat like feet. Prettiest of heads and soft expression. Nicely balanced with correct angulation fore and aft. Moved out so well for one so young, pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch and later RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. 2nd List Ms L HAYDENGOLD MOMENT IN TIME. Close up to 1. This girl stood out for her super type and balanced outline. Pretty head. In nice mid gold wavy coat. Well constructed, good bone on correct feet. Short couplings, strong topline and good second thigh. Strode out well, covering the ground with ease, very sound puppy. 3rd Taylor Miss CA & Tenn Mr MD STRETTONHILL'S DAFFODIL. Puppy B (15 Entries, 4 Absent) Another strong class 1st Williams Mrs M & Miss EL LAMHRYN STAR OF THE SEA. Repeat 2nd Ward Mrs J WILD ROSE TO LAURENLEY OF SUNSHINE'S VALLEY (IMP BEL). Another top quality girl. She was giving her handler a hard time today, nevertheless her quality shone through to be awarded a 2nd in a strong class. I especially liked her head and expression, angulation, well set neck, coat and condition. Ample bone on tight feet, carrying the right amount of weight. Moved with good reach and drive, very promising youngster. 3rd List Ms L HAYDENGOLD MOMENT IN TIME. Junior B (10 Entries, 5 Absent) 1st Rodgers Mrs MJ AMBERSUN PASSIONE OF ODARLA JW. Not a strong class, but found my winner in this super girl. She epitomises balance. Really impressed by her type, construction and movement. Pretty head into strong neck and shoulders. Superb forehand. Perfect topline. Good bone and tight feet. Well sprung ribs for her age. Moved with strong driving action and good reach. Really liked her. Considered for the RCC. 2nd Pike Mrs J TREBELL THEA INTO ENTHRAL. Good sized girl, who need time to fill her frame. Lovely type. In good condition. Balanced outline and angles. Feet ok. Strong topline held on the move which was animated and powerful. 3rd Taylor Mr FJ & Mrs PD PANDREFT TAMARA. Yearling B (15 Entries, 6 Absent) 1st Kelly Ms K & Miss K FAIRWINDS IN MOTION WITH ZENEVIEVA JW. WOW! My notes say! I really couldn’t fault this super girl. Still young with lots more to come, but it’s all there. I loved everything about her, from her feminine head and soft expression, strong neck into text book shoulders. Straight forelegs, tightest of feet. Well ribbed and dead level topline. Good second thigh, well muscled. Straight short hocks. Movement was both animated and true, I really could of taken her home. CC & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. 2nd Chan Mrs J & Mr R WEMCREST SOUND OF MUSIC. Super type of girl. Loved her balance. Pretty head. Good shoulders and level topline. Feet ok. Good bone. Short coupled. Not as muscled in the second thigh as my winner, but moved out with purpose and drive. 3rd Zecchin Miss A OLVINGLAY FALORIA (ATC ITA). Novice B (16 Entries, 8 Absent) 1st Williams Mrs M & Miss EL LAMHRYN STAR OF THE SEA. Repeat 2nd Magson Mr K & Mrs S CASTLEGOLDEN CLASSY GIRL. Placed in strong puppy classes, this girl is full of quality and very eye catching. In profuse pale coat, she was well presented. Pretty head & expression, strongly made neck into well constructed front. Lovely feet and well off for bone. Nicely ribbed and strong rear which drove her well around the ring with good extension and drive. 3rd Gayler Mrs PD CAROLAKE X'MARKS THE SPOT JW. Graduate B (15 Entries, 6 Absent) 1st McCormack Miss S FLYNGALEE BUSY BOO. Really liked the shape and balance of this girl who is full of quality. Still to mature but its all there. Appealing head, strong bone and neat feet. Balanced angles, short coupled with a strong topline, which she held on the move. Second thigh has more development to come, but movement was animated and true. 2nd Hill Miss P & Smith Mr D MEGARVEY DÉJÀ VU JW. Another super girl, loved her type. Close up to my winner. In lovely coat and condition, very attentive to handler. Pretty head. Good bone and feet, well constructed throughout. She moved well, but tended to fly her tail, which does tend to ruin the flow. 3rd Williamson Mr SD & Mrs TY SANDTI TIKI TAKA JW. Post Graduate B (11 Entries, 7 Absent) 1st Brown Dr CA & Dr SA DRUMKILTY VERBENA AT GLENLEDDON. Glamorous blond girl in full coat. Lots of quality and superbly construction throughout. Very pretty head, excellent bone. Was giving her handler a hard time, but I could see enough for her to take the class. Feminine head, strong neck into super shoulders. Well developed second thigh. In beautiful condition, she really comes to life on the move, which is animated, lots of reach and drive. 2nd Nelson Mrs VJ WILLOWLAWN DEVON BELLE AT CADWST. Super girl, not in her best outfit today, but nothing to hide. Balanced outline and angles. Pretty head & expression. Reachy neck and level topline. Moved out well with good extension. 3rd Hill & Smith’s MERGARVEY CLEMENTINE JW. Mid Limit B (14 Entries, 4 Absent) My first three I was splitting hairs, all three being the same type. 1st Chan Mrs J & Mr R LOVISSA HELLO DOLLY OF WEMCREST. What a super girl. Lovely type in full dark wavy coat. Presented in good condition. Pretty head, good length of neck into superb shoulders. Short coupled. Good bone and feet. Topline level, held on the move which was animated. Liked her very much. Another I considered for the RCC. 2nd Foreman Mr G & Mrs T AMBERSUN HEART OF GOLD. Eye catching girl, who exudes ring presence. Close up to my winner with many of the same remarks. Very attentive to handler, freestanding four square she is full of quality. Prettiest of heads with super pigment. Correctly constructed throughout, and in lovely gold wavy coat. Moved with excellent reach and drive, what a hard decision between the two! 3rd List Ms L HAYDENGOLD TIME TO REMEMBER. Limit B (18 Entries, 10 Absent) Not a big class but full of quality, so movement was a strong factor 1st Falconer Mrs AE CONTEMPORARY BEGUILE AGAIN VIA SIATHAM JW. I loved this girls enthusiasm, type and quality, she free stands and just says look at me. In beautiful golden coat and condition, she is well constructed throughout, nothing overdone. Prettiest of heads, lovely flow of neck into correct shoulders. Short coupled, good second thigh. Moved with strong drive and level topline, covering the ground with ease. Close up for the CC, but was pleased to awarded her the RCC. 2nd Lane Mr R & Mrs S & Lane-Ridyard Mrs P KULAWAND SKY WITH DIAMONDS. Have admired this girl ringside for some time and was not disappointed with hands on. Beautiful presented in super coat and condition. Hands on she well constructed throughout. A solid girl who has the most beautiful head and expression. Good bone and feet, good spring of rib, nicely muscled thighs. Moved true and very sound. 3rd May Mrs J CHERRYGOLD STORYTELLER JW. Open B (13 Entries, 1 Absent) Wow super class of Open bitches, many unplaced. Wish I had more red cards. 1st Fosdike Mrs M MEIEPERE YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE (ATC EST). Wow what a lovely girl. So attentive to her handler. Free standing four square she exudes quality and ring presence. Nicely presented in full light gold coat. Well constructed front and rear. Lovely straight forelegs and tight feet. Level topline held on the move which was powerful and animated. Her overall quality stood out to win the class, but decisions were very close. Pushed hard for RCC 2nd Monteverde Mr G SWI CH OLVINGLAY WAX LYRICAL (ATC ITA). Close up to 1. Displayed the most lovely outline, straight limbs and superb angulation. Pretty head & expression. Strongly constructed angles, level topline and in hard condition. Handled expertly and moved with super reach and drive. Not the bloom of my winner today, but loved her. 3rd Robbins Mrs D & Rowark Mrs P QUAKERHALL LADY BOUNTIFUL BY BREKSWOOD JW. Special Working B (3 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st O'Gorman Mrs P & Mr S BERRYMEADE KINVARA JW SGWC. Loved this girl’s clean outline and type. Still to mature and deepen, she has lots to like. Pretty head, reachy neck into good shoulders. Moved with super drive and enthusiasm. Not the maturity or finish of the dog in the challenge for Best Special Working Gundog. 2nd Taggart Miss AE ALTINDAN JE NE SAIS QUOI SGWC. Well constructed mature girl in full coat. Feet need improving and movement lack drive today, otherwise and nice girl. Special Beginners B (11 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Chan Mrs J & Mr R WEMCREST SOUND OF MUSIC. Repeat 2nd Pike Mrs J TREBELL THEA INTO ENTHRAL. Repeat 3rd Buckles Dr LK BERRYMEADE BRITTAS BAY FOR BRAZENBEACON. KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme B (9 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Clunie Miss K WARRENTOR NOHKALIKAI JW. Super type shown in pretty rich gold coat. Correct balanced outline and shown in super coat and condition. Pretty head, expression and good pigment. Well boned with correct catlike feet. Legs straight. Good angles and topline, nothing overdone. Best mover in class, moving with good animation to win this class. 2nd Manton Mrs AMA CHINNORDALE DANCING QUEEN. Nice type of bitch. Unplaced in strong competition earlier. Very balanced outline and angles. Appealing head and expression. Balanced construction. Good bone. Moved well. 3rd Nelson Mrs VJ CADWST ETERNAL FLAME. RUTH TURNER (Judge)