• Show Date: 04/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell Hodges Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Paignton and District Fanciers Association

4 August 2023


SBD (2,0)

1. Nagler’s Ramses Royal Returner. Good head and neck with a pleasing overall outline moving well in profile.

2. Taylor’s Neerodan Faithful Fergus. Young dog at his first show, of great quality. Very pleasing head and expression. Clean outline and well bodied, and of good size in excellent condition with correct markings. Confident on the table and impressed me a lot but did not like the floor surface and wouldn’t move so it was impossible to assess him fully.

PGD (2,0)

1. Snell’s Skin Deeps Mint Condition (IMP Nor). Nice head and bright expression put down in good condition. Slightly longer in body and markingscould be more clearly defined. Moved well in profile and away and back.

2. Taylors Neerodan Faithful Fergus. Was still not cooperating in this class which was a shame because I liked him a lot.

LD (1,0)

1. Warren’s Pedara the World is Mine. Attractive dog with good head planes with an alert expression. Candle flame ears correctly set . Thumbprints could be clearer. Moved out well in profile with a correct and clean outline. (RBD)

OD (1,0)

1. Dennison’s Ch Ettology Bounteous Barney JW. Quality dog with a well proportioned head and keen expression. Candle flame ears used to advantage. Markings satisfactory generally but thumbprints could be clearer. Pencilling was evident. Stands square and moves very soundly in all directions with an extended trot. (BEST DOG)

VD (1,0)

1. Nagler’s Ramses Royal Returner

SpBB (2,0)

1. Johnson’s Moretonia Royal Wren. Nice type in good condition and well marked. Neat Candle flame ears set on pleasing head. Good neck and shoulder. Clean outline with rounded buttock. Moving soundly with animation and extended trot. (Best SpBeg)

2. Jackson’s Appletor Ill tell the Bees at Dandytweed. Another nice for type and size in good condition with satisfactory markings. Moved ok in profile.


1. Haffenden and Wood’s Nasabe Play The Game. 9 month precocious puppy bitch of lovely quality. Well proportioned feminine head with pleasing planes. Candle flame ears well set and of good size, used to advantage enhancing her expression. Good neck and shoulder with straight front, even if slightly narrow . Markings largely all present and correct. Confident on the table and on the move showing off her clean correct outline. Moving soundly with extended trot in profile. Pleased to award her BOB and BP.

PGB (2,0)

1. Jackson’s Appletor Ill tell the Bees at Dandytweed. Standing well with a cleaner outline in the final line up for the class. Both exhibit were untidy in front action on the move.

2. Warren’s Lasagesse Angel of Harlem with Rhymeswell. Nice head and expression with good outline on the table. Moved nicely in profile but untidy coming and going. Put down in good condition.

LB (3,1)

1. Haffenden and Woods Witchstone Storm a brewing at Nasabe. Attractive bitch in good condition with ultra clean and correct outline. Nice headplanes with candle flame ears. Straight front with good neck and shoulders. Good rear angulation. Moved well in all directions demonstrating a satisfactory extended trot. RBB

2. Dicker’s Neerodan Thyme Bomb. Longer cast than 1 but in great condition with clean markings. Moved well in profile but was pulling away slightly in front.

OB (3,1)

1. Haffenden and Woods Ch Witchstone Minnehaha. Lovely 6 year old bitch with a very pleasing head and earset. Well bodied and with clean outline with correctly rounded buttocks. Maarkings generally satisfactory. Moving well with animation and soundness.

2. Dicker’s Moretonia Golden Girl at Neerodan JW. Good head and ears. Well bodied with a nice outline. Cleaner Markings than 1 but not so sound on the up and down. Moved well in profile.

VB (1,1)

1. Dicker’s Ch Neerodan Naughty Nancy. JW 11 year old bitch in great condition. Moving soundly and freely in all directions with animation. One of the most soundly moving exhibits here today. Well proportioned head and body keeping a great outline. Markings were clean and correct. BV

Dr Russell Hodges