• Show Date: 12/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell Hodges Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Italian Greyhound


Sunday 12 March 2023


Thank you to the Crufts committee for the greatest honour of judging my own breed at this wonderful show. I enjoyed every second and am very grateful to all who entered under me. I found some lovely specimens to award top honours to and was very pleased with the general quality, which has improved since I last judged the breed in 2019. Soundness in particular seems to have improved significantly. I was looking for a correct, clean outline, with slight rise over the loin, and sound movement showing enough reach and lift, with a slight flexion in pastern without too much exaggeration, covering the ground with animation and soundness. I found this in all my principal winners as well as several others who were unlucky on the day to be in such stiff competition.

VD (3,1)

1. Amsel and Conrad’s Ch/Am Ch Artmeis Voici Vincente of Regallust. 10yo fawn/white presented in excellent condition. He has a correct head and dark expressive eye. Well placed shoulders with a straight front. Good topline and hind angulation. Moved out well in all directions, with lift in front.

2. Powell’s Sumobi Little Snowflake at Turigner. 7yo F/W with a pleasing overall outline, and attractive head and expression. Moved soundly but less fluid in action than 1.

MPD (0,0)

PD (2,0)

1. Rutter and Allsopp’s Chrisford Golden Touch. 11 months f/w of lovely quality. He is put down in great condition with a lovely silky coat and supple skin. Long lean head with dark and bright eye. Straight front with good angulations and a clean correct outline. Moved soundly with lift and reach in front and enough drive behind. BPIB

2. Wallace Home’s Loutony Little Brother. 10 month f/w pied in a smaller mould than 1. He has a nice head and expression with good overall outline. He showed well and was confidently enjoying his day. Unfortunately, previous bilateral leg fractures were impossible to overlook.

JD (5,1)

1. Thompson and Amsel’s Artmeis Joker’s Wild. 11 month F/W of great quality. Good head planes with a bright and characterful expression. Straight front and well bodied throughout with correct rise over loin and pleasing turn of stifle. Moved out with soundness, demonstrating lift and reach in front with flexion in pastern. Very promising and showed well in the challenge too.

2. Bird’s Tamiskene Hamilton 12 month old F/W of nice type and size. Pleasing head, eye and earset with a long arched neck into nicely placed shoulders. Straight front and clean overall outline. Nothing exaggerated and moved accordingly with soundness and some precision.

3. Brundtland’s Miwell Alex McQueen. Black dog presented in good order. Nice head and eye and good overall outline. Satisfactory movement in all respects. Would benefit from carrying a touch more weight.

YD (4,1)

1. Chau and Steele’s Ch Jaros Ferazi et Tu Brute at Sfizimio (Imp USA). 20 month Black/W male of outstanding quality and type. He has a beautifully proportioned head with bright expression. Ears correct and used to advantage. Arched neck into a well constructed front assembly. Stands perfectly square, and has a lovely clean outline. Movement is animated and sound, with good drive from behind and with desired lift and reach in front. RDCC

2. Sahuleka and Van De Graaf’s Fiefoerniek’s Fassbinder. 12 month Black in fabulous condition, with soft coat and supple skin. Set in a longer mould than 1. Lovely head with dark eye and great pigment. He was a little reticent on the table but was fine once he settled. Well put together with a pleasing overall outline. Moved with soundness and precision covering the ground splendidly although with some slight exaggeration in front action for my preference.

3. Fryett’s Laborghini Tarot at Silhouettig. Fawn , slightly heavier set than the first two, but still of a decent type. Pleasing overall picture but was difficult to assess properly because he was a little overawed by everything on the day and lacking in confidence on the table.

PGD (5,1)

1. Willcock’s Newill Keep Toot. Quality fawn in excellent condition. He has a very nice head with keen expression helped by correctly sized ears used to advantage. Pleasing outline with correct topline leading into a nicely angulated croup and hind assembly. He was a little narrow behind moving away, but profile movement was excellent.

2. Walton’s Valentini Edoardo. F/W of good size in a shorter mould than 1. Unfortunately slightly lacking in coat today. Attractive head and expression. Well proportioned throughout. Stands and moves soundly but a little exaggerated in front action for my taste.

3. Satchell’s Littlebriton Bombers Moon. Black in great condition. Nice head although ears could be neater. Well bodied and of nice overall type. Movement was confident and sound.

LD (5,0)

1. Lowe and Guidotti’s Littlebriton Moon Warrier. Black dog of great quality. Good head planes with a bright and keen expression. Straight front, of good size and proportions. Exccellent curvy outline with rise over loin. Well bodied and with excellent glossy black coat. Moved soundly with lift and reach in front and drive behind.

2. Willcock’s Newill Keep Toot.

3. Hunter’s Salatini Dakota Gold. Attractive and typey fawn in a more petite mould than 1 & 2. Good head and eye with nice pigment. Well placed front and rear assembly with a nice topline. Moved soundly with animation and accuracy although not quite with the confidence of 1 or 2. Presented in immaculate condition.

OD (7,2)

This was a truly splendid class of top quality dogs, each of them worthy of top honours. I was pleased to go over all of them.

1. Westman’s Can. GChb/Am GCh. Maplewoods I’m Sexy and I Know It. Almost 3 year old Red/White Dog from Canada, of the most outstanding quality giving a masterclass in how things should be done. He really is out of the very top drawer! Took my eye as soon as he entered the ring and kept my attention throughout with his immense ring presence. He has a beautifully proportioned head with the brightest of dark eyes completed by small and perfectly set ears used constantly to his advantage. His slightly arched and long neck is set on well laid shoulders with a straight front. The cleanest of outlines with correct slight rise over the loin and well angulated hindquarters, parallel when viewed from behind. He has a fine and glossy coat with soft and supple skin. On the move he gave me goosebumps. Without putting a foot wrong he sailed around the ring with a beautiful fluid action covering the ground with his head held high, driven with great propulsion from behind, and lift and enough reach in front, with slight flexion in pastern. He was absolutely sound moving away and coming towards with total precision in footfall in every direction. A very difficult dog to fault and I was delighted to award him a very well deserved 3rd UK CC, and BOB. He gave an impeccable performance in a strong toy group and I couldn’t have been more proud. He is an absolute credit to his owner and breeder. DCC and BOB

2. Lowe and Guidotti’s Littlebriton Moon Warrier.

3. Pica’s Ophis Vittorino. Fawn dog also of top quality with a good head and eye. Straight front and well laid shoulder. Clean outline and moved soundly with animation and precision. Presented in lovely condition.

GCD (1,0)

1. Wallace Horne’s Skylar’s Chico. F/W with nice head and expression, and a good overall outline. Front could be straighter. Movement was satisfactory in all directions.

VB (4,1)

1. Amsel’s Ch/Am Ch. Artmeis Golden Oriole of Regallust. 8yo F/W of outstanding quality. Good size and well proportioned put down in excellent condition. She has a beautiful head and sweet bright expression with dark eyes and well set ears. Soundly made throughout with a clean outline. On the move she doesn’t disappoint in any direction with fluid and accurate action. BVIB

2. Lister’s Ch Florita Tueletta. An 8 year old F/W bitch of outstanding for classic breed type. Ultra elegant and feminine with the prettiest of heads. She has a lovely outline standing and on the move. In profile her action was very pleasing indeed although coming towards she was a little untidy in front. Put down in splendid condition with a soft and silky fine coat.

3. Doherty and Steele’s Jaros a Dance with Dragons (imp USA). Another lovely bitch in a larger mould than 1&2 but still retaining good breed type. Pleasing head and overall outline, moving well in all directions.

MPB (1,0)

1. Fryett’s Laborghini Miss Chievous for Silhouettig. Very small puppy bitch with rather a “toy” type head and too short in muzzle. Otherwise she has a pretty expression with dark and bright eyes and well set ears. In body she is quite well proportioned and presented in good condition. Moved well, with confidence.

PB (3,1)

1. Browne’s Chrisford Golden Moments with Skilaki. 9 month typey F/W of good size with a lovely head and expression. Good neck and shoulder with a straight front. Pleasing outline standing and on the move. Moved soundly with good precision for her age. Moved with a lot of lift and reach in front - almost a touch exaggerated. BPB

2. Reeve’s Ruby Beyond Price. Decent head and eye although earset slightly low. Straight front and clean outline. Moved well. Would benefit from carrying a little more weight.

JB (10,2)

1. Mellis’ Miwell Mary Quant by Lamoye. Quality red bitch with a nice outline. Good head and eye. Straight front. Stands squarely and moves soundly with lift and reach in front.

2. Amsel and Rishworth’s Artmeis Three Card Trick. Lovely F/W elegant bitch of good size with a feminine well proportioned head and expressive eye. Fluid and correct profile movement although slightly more untidy than 1 on the up and down.

3. Tate’s Laborghini La Belle Lafayette. Black bitch in excellent condition. Well proportioned in body with a curvy outline. Feminine head although very slightly short in muzzle. Moved soundly.

YB (9,1)

1. Lister’s Revillo Campanella. Fawn of excellent quality and type. Pretty and feminine head. Good neck with a straight front and a lovely clean outline with correct rise over the loin and nicely angulated hindquarters. Her Fluid movement was elegant and precise, with correct action in profile and accuracy coming towards and moving away. Pushed hard for top honours with a strong performance in the bitch challenge.

2. Mellis’ Miwell Mary Quant at Lamoye.

3. Guyton’s Ansanda Winter Bird. Red with a nice head and eye with good pigment. Pleasing overall outline and moving well in all directions. Put down in good condition.

PGB (9,2)

1. Amsel and Rishworth’s Artmeis Raise the Stakes. F/W typey bitch of nice size. Good head and expression with well placed ears used to her advantage. Good angulations of fore and hind quarters and a clean outline with slight rise over the loin. Moved accurately throughout, with lift and reach in profile.

2. Walton’s Minitopo Maat. Very attractively marked blue and white bitch with a lovely head. Excellent body proportions and well constructed quarters. Moving out well in all directions but not quite the accuracy of 1.

3. Righton’s Zephyrelli Florence F/W with a well proportioned head. Well bodied with a deep chest giving a good underline. Moved quite well in profile and soundly up and down.

LB (13,2)

1. Browne’s Chrisford Rumour Has it with Skilaki. Blue and white well marked bitch of outstanding quality and lovely type. Excellent head proportions with a bright eye and keen expression. Well laid shoulders with straight front. Excellent body with clean outline and rise over the loin. Well angulated hind. Put down in great condition. Moved soundly with animation, and good lift and reach in front. Another one that pushed hard for top honours.

2. Centella-Rodriguez’ Pizpireta de Talonkan (imp ESP). Elegant dark blue bitch set in a smaller mould than 1. She is of excellent type with an exquisite head . Well balanced throughout and moving out well with nice profile action, although at times some untidiness crept in due to being moved slightly too quickly.

3. Mellis’ My Funny Valentine at Lamoye. (Imp ITA) Nice black and nice to go over. Well constructed generally throughout and moving well with enough accuracy.

OB (10,2)

This was an exceptionally good class filled with some top quality specimens. Some excellent bitches had to go unplaced but were still worthy of high honours.

1. Partridges Allura Boccalupo Good Vibes. This was the star of the bitches today and never put a foot wrong. Absolutely exquisite petite r/w bitch of outstanding quality and type from the USA. She has a beautiful head with the darkest and most lustrous of eyes giving a melting expression. Correct ears constantly used to her advantage. Slightly arched neck with straight front and well angulated quarters, along with a slight rise over the loin giving a beautifully clean outline both standing and on the move. On the go around , her movement was elegant, and fluid with good drive from her strong hindquarters and in front she had lift and reach with slight flexion in pastern giving the overall picture I was seeking. This was completed by absolute precision on the up and down with impeccable footfall. Delighted to award her her first UK CC. BCC

2. Doherty’s Ch. Littlebriton Winter is Here. F/W Pied of great quality and type. Beautiful head and expression with well placed ears. Presented in lovely condition. Well placed shoulder and straight front complemented by strong and sound hindquarters. Good topline standing and on the move. Sound moving, she also presented an elegant picture in profile with the desired action in front. A really great bitch, challenging hard. Pleased to award her the RBCC in very strong competition. RBCC

3. Sahuleka and Van de Graaf’s Dutch Ch Fiefoerniek’s Foeksia. Another quality bitch, of slightly different type. Presented impeccably , she has a glossy black coat and fine skin. A long and lean head with dark expressive eyes. She has the most elegant outline, moving out with style, and accuracy.

GCB (2,0)

1. Amsel’s Artmeis Golden Oriole of Regallust.

2. Mellis’ My Funny Valentine at Lamoye (imp ITA)