• Show Date: 01/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Pumi (Imp)

Southern Counties Canine Association – Championship Show

Hungarian Pumi (without CC’s)

Held on: Thursday 1st June 2023

Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to judge Hungarian Pumi at the above show.  The ring was of a good size and it was well used by all the exhibits.  They were all shown in a good clean condition and well presented.  

Puppy Dog (1,0), 1 Mrs. J. Spendelow, Samhaven Spectre at Uffspring: A 7mth old grey dog that’s coat is coming along nicely.  He has a correct palate and bite.  His head and ears are coming along nicely.  He has a good length neck, neat angles to front a decent brisket with elbows well tucked in.  Level back, neat tuck up and tail set is ok.  His rear angles are ok, but would like a little more to second thigh, just to put the hocks a bit further back.  That said he does have time on his side, on the move he is a typical puppy that still needs to settle.  He has a bright future, pleased to award him BP.

Limit Dog (2,1), 1 Smee & Coleman, Miss. M., Mrs. W. & Mr. D., Mykabel Elkurud Schnaubern: A striking white 20mth old dog that was presented in a lovely condition.  He still needs to settle in the ring. He has nice proportions, and is of a square shape which is correct.  He has a nice palate and bite, good length to muzzle, good pigment, good eyes and ear set.  Liked his length of neck and neat front and good brisket.  As he was un-settled, he was unable to hold his back level, tail set could have been a bit higher.  His rear angles were ok but he did not show them off enough.  Once settled he should show better.  He was handled sympathetically by the handler on the day. I thought him promising.

Open Dog (1,0), 1 Kirkwood, Mrs. Y. & Mr. S., Schnaubern Draco Star: A grey 21mth old dog, with coat changing from junior to adult that is nearly there, should be a nice colour throughout when finished.  He has a correct palate; bite and his head properties are ok with good pigment.  His ears could be set a little higher.  He has a good length of neck, neat angles to front, deep brisket and tight elbows.  Good back, he has a slight rise over loin.  I would like to see his tail a bit higher.  Good length to 2nd thigh and neat hocks.  He was the 1st dog to move correctly which was really pleasing to see.  I was pleased to award him Res. BD.

Veteran Dog (2,1), 1 Smee & Coleman, Miss. M., Mrs. W. & Mr. D., Int./Ir. Ch. Balthazar Pumida avec Schnaubern, (Imp Cze.): An 8yr. old white dog who is a great ambassador for your breed.  I have judged him before and he is always turned-out 1st class and is an excellent example of your breed and oozes type.  He has a correct palate and bite, correct proportions between muzzle and skull.  Excellent pigmentation, correct ear set and ears.  Good length to neck, neat angles to front with a deep brisket and tight elbows.  Strong level back and neat tuck-up.  He was the 1st to be shown correctly when on the table, which makes a massive difference.  Good tail set that was held correctly over the back.  Strong back end with correct angles.  Coat of good texture and condition.  He was the 2nd dog to move correctly today, lively and the rear foot falling where the front leaves.  Very nice to see him superbly handled.  Pleased to award him BD and BV.  Well done.

Junior Bitch (1,0), 1 Evans, Mr. P.L. & Mrs. J.V., Zaydah I Kissed the Teacher: A 16mths old grey bitch, that is still in junior coat, just beginning to change.  She is very feminine and has a correct palate and bite, neat muzzle and good head pigment.  Good ear set, neat neck, good angles to front and deep brisket and tight elbows.  Good back, neat tuck-up, good tail-set and good angles to rear with neat hocks. Just needs to settle, however, she did move out well using all the ring. I was pleased to award her BJ.

Post Graduate Bitch (1,0), 1 Johns, Mrs. A., Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrou for Alepenkye: A 19mths old black bitch of good rich colour and good pigment.  She has a correct palate and bite, good head properties and correct ear set.  Neat neck into good front, deep chest and tight elbows, neat tuck-up. Good back, nice shape, good angles to rear and tail-set.  Another bitch that moves correctly and has lots to like about her, will definitely be 1 to look out for.

Limit Bitch (2,1), 1 Smee & Coleman, Miss. M., Mrs. W. & Mr. D., Mykabel Electra Star: A 20mth old dark grey bitch that is a very eye-catching girl with her type and out-line, she is very feminine with correct palate and bite, good muzzle and pigmentation, good ear-set and good length of neck, brisket and tight elbows.  Good back, neat tuck-up and good tail set.  Very strong back end with good angles and neat hocks.  I particularly loved her squareness and she was full of substance.  She moved out correctly on a loose lead at one with her handler.  Pleased to award her Res. BB.   

Open Bitch (4,0), 1 Smee, Ms. M, Ceridwen Pumida Schnaubern, (Imp. Cze): A 3yr old grey bitch that is so balanced and typy she takes your eye straight away.  She is extremely neat that she stands correctly on the table, a sure sign of quality.  She has a correct palate and head, correct proportions between muzzle and head, good pigmentation, good eye, correct ear set.  Good length to neck, nice front and very neat good brisket, her elbows are well tucked in and legs straight.  Excellent back, neat tuck-up, good substance throughout.  Nice angles to rear and neat hocks which she uses.  A very feminine girl that moves out perfectly around the ring.  I had no hesitation in awarding her BB & BOB.  Thank you for bring her.

2 Evans, Mr. P.L. & Mrs. J.V., Napos Kuvik at Zaydah, (Imp. Fin.): Another 3yr old grey bitch, a little bigger than 1st, she has a good coat of excellent quality.  She has a neat head with correct palate and bite.  Good length of neck, front not quite as good as 1st, good brisket, neat back and strong back end.  Not quite so free in movement as 1st.

3 Johns, Mrs. A., Breezelyn Ears A Top at Alepenkye: A 3yr old grey bitch, that just needs to settle, but she is still a quality girl.  Thank you for bringing her.

4 Wesson, Mrs. K.E., Csulli Christmas Candy: Another 3yr old grey bitch coming on the end of the line-up.  She is of a nice type, a compact girl who just let her self-down on movement today.  What a shame as she is a nice type with a pleasing out-line.