• Show Date: 17/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/08/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog


Shetland Sheepdogs (with CC’s)

Held on: Thursday 17th August 2023

Judge:  Mr Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

This was my 1st time awarding CCs in this breed which had been delayed because of the Pandemic.  Since then, we have seen a decline in numbers in all breeds so thank you for your entries.  The ring was not huge and also a little rough which certainly sorted out the movement.  I appreciate the preparation and grooming that goes into your dogs which was also reflected in the presentation in the owners which I fully appreciated you all looked the part well done.

Puppy Dog (3,1), 1 Arnould, Mrs. M., Shadoway Justa Chance: An 11mth old Sable dog that was presented in good coat. Loved his shape and out-line.  Good head and very neat ears and a good eye.  He was also good on the move.  Awarded him BPD.    2 Stockden, Mrs. Jackie Ann, Willowgarth Unlimited Love: Another 11mth old Sable dog that is slightly longer cast than 1st, he was also shown in good coat.  Neat head and longer neck than 1st which I liked.  Pity he met 1st on the day.

Junior Dog (3,1), 1 Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. ST. & SJ., Philhope In Good Taste: A 13mth old Sable dog, he took my eye straight away, standing there showing himself off, he was so sure of himself.  He is a lovely masculine dog with a super head, lovely eye and ear-set.  Just the right length of neck giving him a noble look, neat shoulders, good angles, front legs nice and straight and nice brisket.  Neat tuck-up and good width to rear, neat angles and neat straight hocks.  He was shown in a wealth of coat that was in good condition and well presented.  He was so sure of himself standing and moved out well around the ring.  Absolutely no hesitation in awarding him the RCC.  Well done.    2 Robinson, Miss K., Lavika Moonlight Storm: A 15mth old Tri dog of excellent type and out-line.  He has not quite the front of 1st or as mature, but he is striking in colour.  He drops off a little on the croup, but still makes a lovely picture.  I am nit picking here as I liked him and sure he will do well in the future.

Yearling Dog (1,0), 1 Mottram, Mr. & Mrs. KF., Lundecock’s Hoopie-Doo at Lochkaren, JW, (Imp Swe): A 22mth old Sable dog, who still needs to settle on the move.   He is of a very pleasing type with a nice out-line.  He also has a neat head and ear-set, good length of neck, good forequarters.  Felt his back-end could be a little stronger on the day.  Shown in good coat of a nice colour.

Novice Dog (1,0), 1 Graham-Weall, Mrs. Jennifer Ann & Graham-Weall, Miss Melissa, Just For Alex from Lavika: Just over 2yrs of age Merle dog that moved out ok. He has a nice length of neck, neat front, tuck-up and a pleasing back-end with neat hocks.

Graduate Dog (3,0), 1 Brady, Mrs. Rosalie & Lynn, Mr. Jason., Afterglow Sky Miles to Bordercot: A 2yr. old Merle dog that is very pleasing on the eye.  He has a good out-line and type.  He has a good head and eye and neat ear-set.  Good length of neck, good lay-back of shoulder and neat front.  Good tuck-up and good angles to rear and neat hocks.  Moved well, certainly pushing for higher awards.   2 Durrant, Mrs. D. Fiona, Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr: A 3yr old Tri dog.  A very nice dog not quite the head of 1st.  He is of a nice type with a nice out-line and good angles to front and rear.  Pity he came up again the 1st on the day.   3 Graham-Weall, Mrs. Jennifer Ann & Graham-Weall, Miss Melissa, Just For Alex from Lavika: As above.

Post Graduate Dog (1,0), 1 Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. B.S. & L.J., Stanydale Rewrite The Stars for Malaroc, JW: A 2yr. old and rising Merle dog.  A neat dog with a super out-line and type.  He has a nice head with a good eye and ear-set.  Good length of neck, good front, good back and tuck-up and neat back-end.  He is finished in a good coat.  I really liked him, but his movement let him down, handler kept tugging him, just let him go loosely.  He will be ok.  Very nice.

Limit Dog (7,1), 1 Gamble, Ms H., Solyric Inaugural Gold, JW, OSW: A 5yr old Sable dog.  He is a neat dog of a good type and out-line.  He has pleasing head properties.  Good length of neck, decent front and back-end.  Was shown in good coat and moved out well.  Headed up a good class.   2 Winfield, Mrs. V., Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft, JW: A 2.5yr old Sable dog, although slightly out of coat, I still liked him.  He has a pleasing head and neck, neat front and rear and nice hocks.  Moved out well would love to see him in full coat.   3 Jacobs, Miss Gail Elizabeth & Johnson, Mr. Robert & Johnson, Miss Willow, Willowthorn Dream Gazer, JW, OSW, Sh.cm, Sh.cex: A 6yr old dark coloured dog, a bit like me just carrying a little more weight than we should do.  I still liked him as he has a pleasing head and front and good back-end.  Moved well and shown in good coat.   4 Thomas, Ms Alexandra, Jolex Mr. Morris.   5 Arnould, Mrs. M., Shadoway Chance Encounter.

Open Dog (5,0), 1 Robinson, Mrs. S., Ch. Lavika Starlight Salute: A 3yr old Sable dog coming up 1st in this wonderful class.  He is a very striking looking dog that was groomed to perfection and really fills the eye.  He is of an excellent type and out-line with a lovely masculine shaped head and a lovely shaped muzzle, correct eyes of a good colour and neat ear-set.  Good length of neck, correct front, deep chest and spring of rib.  Neat tuck-up, correct back and excellent back end with correct angles and neat hocks.  He was finished off in a super coat of excellent texture.  Moved out well around the ring.  Pleased to award him the DCC and later BOB.  Thank you for bringing him he is a credit to you and your breed.   2 Pearson, Miss. D., Ch. Edglonian Golden Graham: A 3yr old Sable, a worthy Champion, of a very nice type and out-line, came in 2nd in this quality class.  Groomed and handled to perfection, certainly in my top tier.  Moved well.   3 French, Mrs. L.S., Ch. Lindfern Light Sabre, JW: A 5.6yr old Sable that I judged a few years ago and who has fulfilled everything I hoped and could easily swop with the 1st 4 in this top-quality class.  Lovely to see him again.   4 Stafford, Miss. Clare., Ch. Rannerdale Showmaster, JW: A rising 5yr old Sable coming in 4th in this top-quality class is no mean feat and I am sure on another day they would all swop with each other.  Thank you for bringing him.   5 Thomas, Ms Alexandra, Jolex Mr. Morris: As above.

Veteran Bitch (3,0), 1 Robinson, Miss K., Lavika Lucky Star, JW: An 8.6yr old Sable bitch heading up this class.  She is a lovely type and out-line, that out-moved the other senior ladies today. She was shown in a quality coat. Pleased to award her BV.   2 Ritchie, Mrs. Anne & Ritchie, Mr. Mark, Ch. Jaelis Mystique Reflection, JW: A 9yr old Sable bitch looking lovely in her lovely full coat.  She is a super type and out-line, just missed out on the top spot today.  Thank you for bringing her.   3 French, Mrs. L.S., Lindfern Bee Enchanted, JW: The eldest in the class this 10yr old Sable girl is looking good for her age, and like the other 2 you would not know their ages, well done I am impressed.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0), 1 Walker, Mrs. Susan, Tooralie’s Mossyfox My Trinity: A 7.6mth Tri bitch, a very sweet bitch with a lovely out-line and type, showing herself off nicely in this class.  Lovely expression on her for age, moved well, very easy on the eye.   2 Sandham, Mrs. Heather, Balidorn Show Dance: An 8mth old Sable that was just pipped at the post by the 1st.  She is a very sweet girl that has no problem showing off her attributes, she is a lovely shape and out-line and moved well.   3 Thomas, Ms. Alexandra, Jolex Winter Jasmin: Just 6mths old Sable of nice type and out-line.  Just let down on maturity today, but she is very nice.   4 Sandham, Mrs. Heather, Balidorn Starlight: Litter sister to 2nd this Tri, just needs to settle on the move.

Puppy Bitch (2,1), 1 Jeavons, Mr. Guy, Wylwind Designed for Grandgables, NAF: An 8mth old Tri bitch, that stood alone in this class.  The first thing you notice is her front it’s gorgeous, so well-constructed which shows on the move with her amazing front extension.  She is so balanced for her age, super type and out-line, super feminine head, and good back-end.   I absolutely loved her and could quite easily have taken her home.   Pleased to award her BPB, BPIB and RCC and later to watch her do a lap of honour in the Best Pastoral Puppy ring.

Junior Bitch (5,0), 1 Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. ST. & SJ., Philhope Taste For Fashion: Heading up this lovely Junior class was a 13mth old Sable bitch, with a lovely out-line and type a very feminine girl which is very easy on the eye.  She has a nicely balanced head, good length of neck, neat front, firm back, neat tuck-up and firm back -end.  She also moved out well.   2 Botham, Mrs. M.E., Balidorn Nutmeg: A 16mth old Sable that is a little smaller than 1st and is very stylish and of a good type and out-line.  Just pipped by 1st, could have easily swopped placing.  She is also very pleasing on the eye, moved out well.   3 Bray, Mrs. G., Dandlewood Kiss ‘N Tell at Lianbray, (Imp. Nld): A 17mth old Sable standing in good stead with the others, very nice quality.  Just a little longer cast for me which showed in her movement.   4 Benstead, Miss M.E., Melcette Silver Star at Benravia.   5 Barrowclough, Mrs. Lindsay & Barrowclough, Mr. Dylan, Shadowess Ginger Biscuit.

Yearling Bitch (3,2), 1 Haensel, Mr. & Mrs. YL. & DG., Sherkarl Copper Load of This: A Sable bitch rising 2yrs of age.  Stood alone in this class, she is of a nice type and out-line.  Moved out around the ring nicely.  Shown in a nice coat.

Novice Bitch (2,0), 1 Botham, Mrs. M.E., Balidorn Nutmeg: As above.   2 Thomas, Ms. Alexandra, Jolex Winter Jasmin: As above.

Graduate Bitch (4,0), 1 Pierce, Mr. & Mrs ST. & SJ., Philhope Taste for Glamour: A 3yr old Sable bitch which topped this class just with her movement.  She is of a good type and conformation, and makes a pleasing picture with her sweet head and neat front and rear.   2 Ritchie, Mrs. Anne & Ritchie Mr. Mark, Jaelis Mystique Reality, JW: A 2yr old Sable bitch just pipped to 2nd by 1st, a very nice slightly smaller bitch with a lot of nice virtues.  She is of a good type and out-line, beaten just on movement, shown in good coat.   3 Redfern, Mrs. June, Fernfarm Summer Romance: A 2.6yr old Sable bitch that is a little larger and a tad longer than the first 2 but of a good type and out-line.   4 Lewthwaite, Miss Sarah & Stafford, Dr. Paul, Rannerdale Killer Queen.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,0), 1 French, Mrs. L.S., Lavika Soul Of Gold for Lindfern: A 2yr old Sable bitch of good type and out-line that excels in her front construction allowing her to extend on the front is something that I adore.  Today I thought she could do with a little more coat.  That said there is a lot to like about her.   2 Haensel, Mr. & Mrs. YL. & DG., Philhope Summer Time to Sherkarl: Another 2yr old bitch with Light Sable colouring, not quite the construction of front as 1st which showed in her movement.  Never-the- less she is of a pleasing type and out-line and was shown in lovely condition.

Limit Bitch (6,0), 1 Stafford, Mrs. Ann, Rannerdale The Showgirl: A 2.6yr old Sable bitch, and what a name for her, she is a proper showgirl, that was presented to perfection.  She is of a lovely type with a lovely out-line and very pleasing on the eye. It was a delight to go over her, won her placing on her movement alone.  Well done.   2 Standlick, Mrs. Selina, Lavika Lagoona Blue of Macstanryn: A 3yr old Blue Merle bitch that is a nice mover and of a good type, just a little larger than 1st, but never-the-less is in plenty of coat.   3 Rosslyn, Mrs. C. & Rosslyn, Mr. W., Balidorn Golden Amber: A 4yr old Sable bitch that is very neat and I liked her a lot, could do better on another day, just did not move as well as the first 2, sorry.   4 Mottram, Mr. & Mrs. KF, Lundecock’s There’s No Limit at Lochkaren, (Imp. Swe).

Open Bitch (4,1), 1 Jeavons, Mr. Guy & Koenen, Mrs. Marcella, Slo Ch. Navarrem Fortuna Girl: A Blue Merle bitch, of great type and out-line.  Her front legs are well under her giving her that typical front.  She has a good length of neck with a sweet feminine head, correct eye and lovely ear-set.  Excellent front assembly, deep brisket and ribs.  Strong back, neat tuck-up, neat angles to rear and strong hocks.  She is really nice on the move, pleased to award her BB & CC then Res. BOB.  Well done and thank you for bringing her.   2 Pearson, Miss D., Ch. Edglonian Rhythm N Rhyme: A Tri bitch that is in hard condition and well-muscled.  She is of a good type and out-line.  A little larger than 1st, with a good front and neck and her legs well under her.  Strong back and good back-end and moved well.  Pity to come up again 1st today.   3 Robinson, Miss K, Lavika Black Beauty, JW: A neat Tri bitch of good type and out-line, just not the front of 1 and 2 which showed in her movement.  But she was presented in tip-top condition.