• Show Date: 08/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ronny Blomme Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/09/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Gundog Group

Richmond General Championship Dog Show 2023

Many thanks, and very much appreciated, to Richmond Championship Dog Show UK for having me to judge their gundog group which was my 2nd in the UK and to judge Gundog Special Beginners as well.

Thanks and congratulations to the hard working committee and their helpers for this well run show and hospitality.

But so many thanks and very much appreciation to all BOB winners who braved these tropical temperatures to stay for both groups. Thank you.

Gundog Group - Specbeg

Judge: Mr Ronny Bomme (Belgium)

From this group I selected the Irish Setter, Pointer, Golden Retriever and English Cocker Spaniel.

1st : 875 COLLINS, Mr Derek Thomas & COLLINS, Mrs Jackie Collholme Angelique - POINTER – Bitch

A pleasing type of Pointer, nice curves and outline with good head and expression. Moved well with good reach and drive, performed well, showing good temperament and action.

2nd : 725 GREEN, Mr Robert Loganrish Out on The Town - IRISH SETTER – Dog

Elegant and racy, nice head with correct topline and tailset. Lovely colour and coat. But this dog will need some time to mature in general and in body but has plenty of time ahead. Would recommend to add a little more weight on it. Moved well with nice tail action.


Loved this dog of excellent type and general conformation. Nice masculine head and expression. This dog has an excellent body, angulations and topline. He moved well, showing temperament and action, with correct topline, tail set and tail carriage. But then he fell in love… and did not show himself that well anymore which all spoiled it for him as his handler, how hard was tried, did not manage to keep this strong boy under control when moving around.

4th : 1396 STOKES-HARRELL, MRS Cherry Whinburn Praire Grouse - SPANIEL (COCKER) – Bitch

Good type of Cocker, although I prefer a little more compact. Strong body, excellent ribs and showing merry tail action on the move.

Gundog Group

Judge: Mr Ronny Blomme (Belgium)

What a great quality group and what super dogs I had to go over and wished I could have placed more than four.

From this group I shortlisted the Gordon Setter, Irish Setter, Italian Spinone, Pointer, Flatcoated Retriever, Golden Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, English Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel and the Spanish Waterdog.

All of them dogs of outstanding type and quality to choose from for the placings.

BEST : 915 SIDDLE, Mrs Annette Gail & SIDDLE, Miss Amelia - Sh Ch Wilchrimane Frankel (ai) - POINTER – Bitch

What and outstanding Pointer. Excellent type, size, correct balance and general conformation. Showing the requested “general outline of a series of graceful curves” as asked in the breed standard and showing no exaggeration overall. Nice typical head with nice expression and correct balance, neither insufficient nor exaggerated in muzzle. Lovely angulations, topline, nice length of tail, well set and tail action, which on the move she used well in a breed typical way. Easy, effortless and efficiently going, with excellent reach and drive. Performing well with style and action.

RESERVE : 715 CROCKER, Mr B A & LEWIS, Miss C - Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood - IRISH SETTER – Dog

Elegant and racy dog, standing on good length of legs in proportion with length of body. Nice reach of neck to a slight sloping topline with correct tail set. Excellent in body, bone and angulations. Masculine head and expression. Nice coat and colour. Excellent temperament and action on the move, reaching well in front and good drive from behind with nice tail action. Easy going, strong and stylish.

3rd : 1114 MONTEVERDE, Mr. Giovanni - Olvinglay Wax Lyrical - RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) – Bitch

Excellent type and balance. Moderate and showing no signs of heaviness. Very feminine and showing in all points no exaggeration as a Golden Retriever should be. Nice feminine head and expression, correct balance, nice ear set. Excellent in body and angulations and in my opinion she even will further improve regarding maturity. Nice bone and feet, excellent topline, tail set and tail carriage. Lovely coat with correct structure, nice colour. She showed good temperament and effortless movement. Good reach and drive from behind in a breed typical way.

4th : 1425 CORBETT, Miss Sarah Jane - Sh Ch Trimere Time Fly's - SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER) - Bitch

Very correct in type. Excellent balance. Symmetrically built, strong, merry and active. Topline without exaggeration. Excellent body and angulations. Nice head with good balance between skull and muzzle. Excellent and correct coat structure as I like to see in this breed. She moved sound and well, with excellent drive from behind and the typical swing in front, and using tail well showing an overall merry and active appearance.

R. Blomme