• Show Date: 12/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron Mcauley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Poodle (Miniature)

Crufts Judge Results: Mr R McAuley

Breed Results: Poodle (Miniature)

My thanks go to the Crufts Committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show. I had been looking forward to this appointment for some time, however I have to say I was disappointed with the overall quality of the breed, especially the males. They came in all shapes and sizes with many untypical heads & many were of dwarf make & shape & also some were rather oblong. There were a few flat feet but generally they were OK & pleased to say no giraffe necks. Bitches were rather better for depth of quality. I was thrilled with my BD & BB & felt they complemented each other beautifully.

2709. Poodle (Miniature) - Veteran Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST - Ch Myhaven Chocolate Fancy (Mr Sp & Mrs Jl Warnes) a lovely Brown boy worthy of his title. Good head and expression with enough neck. Good ribs & angles & very well balanced overall. Well presented & top it off he moved & showed well. Will be ten in December. I really liked him.

2ND - Int Ch Just Glam by Cheston (Mrs Laëti Renoud Grappin) a tall Black boy but very stylish. Everything in the right place & he moved & showed well.

3RD - Minarets Stage Presence at Darmistic (Miss S & Mr H Hall & Spoors) a Black boy of correct size with a super textured coat presented in pet trim. Well put together, nothing to dislike & he moved well both ways.

RES - Ir Ch Kirklyns Invictus Ir Jr Ch Jcw16 (Miss A Halton)

VHC - Wykenite Dynamite (Mrs A & Mr K Ling)

2710. Poodle (Miniature) - Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST - Lowashton Craster Shore (Miss K & Mr M Pegrum & Cook) a Black boy who is just a beginner & although tall is well put together. He eventually settled & moved OK in the end with his novice handler.

2711. Poodle (Miniature) - Puppy Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST - Volgarus Frank Sinatra (Mrs J Wells) my notes start “Very nice young Black” Balanced in all respects, good neck on good shoulders with lovely rib cage. Rear angles match the front & he stands on neat feet. Head & foreface need to refine a bit but at 11 months old this should happen. Lovely young man very well presented & handled.

2ND - Sunmarca Secret Agent (Ms S M Cann) another Black with decent front & rear angles although a shade long cast. Not the movement & style of winner today.

2712. Poodle (Miniature) - Junior Dog

Entries: 8 Absentees: 0 – overall not a good class for depth of quality

1ST - Rosteco Dirty Dance NAF (O Keenan) Very well constructed Black boy with a correct male head. Correct balance in length to height with good front & rear angles. Has a lovely coat which was well presented. Handled well & moved with style.

2ND - Holsyi's Titan in Ice (Mrs T C Shakespeare) a White with correct balance in length to height. Correct shaped head but eye a little round perhaps. Moved well but not the drive of winner today. Nothing to dislike but time & more coat will make a big difference to him.

3RD - Ubora's Check Mate (Miss R Pease) a tall Black who is well put together & has a good coat. Couldn’t match the movement of winners today.

RES - Antiquarius Morpheus (Mr B Thorpe)

VHC - Antiquarius Poseidon (Miss S Page)

2713. Poodle (Miniature) - Yearling Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST - Raeannes Dangerous Mind (Miss A Gadenne) Impressive Black boy who is very well made & correct in all respects. He moved really well going, coming & in profile.

2ND - Brave Soul Darktona Diamond (Ms Ic & Miss Ab Circiumaru & Sirbu) a tall black boy. Longer cast than winner but despite that moved quite well.

3RD - Lowashton Ebb Tide (Mrs L A Brown) a smaller black boy more compact than 2nd. Movement was just OK today

RES - Antiquarius Poseidon (Miss S Page)

VHC - Somanic Zippity Doo Dah (Miss G Borley-Margiotta)

2714. Poodle (Miniature) - Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST - Dorian Gray's Kissing Cousin (Imp Deu) (Mr A & Mrs A Watt) A Silver boy who is well put together. Correct angles both ends, good ribs & nice neck but head is perhaps a shade heavy. Well presented but moving a little close behind today.

2ND - Antiquarius Poseidon (Miss S Page) 4th in previous class. Another black who is up to size but overall quite a decent example of the breed.

3RD - Somanic Zippity Doo Dah (Miss G Borley-Margiotta) black who was 5th in the previous class. Same remarks apply as the 2nd above.

RES - Dominicious Lucky Star (Miss E Stanford)

VHC - Attun Blaze Fighter Max (Mrs R Blanch)

2715. Poodle (Miniature) - Limit Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1ST - Sariante Dick Grayson (Mrs T C Shakespeare) a White with a really good head & eye shape, set on a good neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good rib cage & loin with well set tail. Balanced in height to length with neat feet & he moved well. Good pigment & when he gets more coat will be really impressive I feel.

2ND - Raeannes Hidden Liaison (Mrs A H Walker) a smaller Black boy who is of good shape & balance. Just a little heavy in back skull perhaps. Well presented & moved with style.

3RD - Volgarus for Xmas Day at Whipcord (Mrs M D Kong) a Brown boy who is a decent type. Not much to dislike just not putting all in today.

2716. Poodle (Miniature) - Open Dog

Entries: 10 Absentees: 2

1ST - Ch Navarre's Extrovert JW (Mrs E Holmes-Leak) my notes on this black boy start “This dog is so nice & I can fully appreciate why he is a Champion”. Lovely head & expression, masculine but not course & with well set ears of good length. Nice length of neck leading to good layback of shoulder with matching upper arm bringing elbows under withers. Beautiful ribs & cobby body of correct length with balanced angles to rear legs & correct tail & set. He stands on neat feet as well. His wealth of coat is a lovely texture & is so well presented. He looks bigger than he is but goes under the measure with no problem. He did all that was asked of him today & he & his handler thoroughly deserved the DCC & BOB. My notes end “I really do like this boy”.

2ND - Arrowflight Top Hat (Mrs A & Mr K Ling) another quality black boy. Correct in all respects & many of the above comments apply to this boy. Today he didn’t move quite as well as the winner & his coat looked a little “unfinished”. However I liked him enough to give him the RCC today & hope he gets his deserved title.

3RD - Ch Volgarus Wishing Well (Mrs J Wells) initially I thought this Brown boy would come in second. Not quite the head but again similar comments to the two placed above him. Immaculately presented & handled well but he would insist on crabbing.today.

RES - Shanandi I Should Be So Lucky by Amenria (Mrs P Farndon)

VHC - Curlfinch Xorro Xanthos (Mrs M Moes)

2717. Poodle (Miniature) - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST - Michandy Back in Time at Pupstar (Mr A & Mrs S Lee-Morris) - this is a really handsome Black boy. Masculine head & expression. Lovely neck set on good shoulders leading to good rib cage & a nicely angulated rear. Balanced in height to length. He was beautifully presented & stormed around the ring with style. Sadly has an “if only” which prohibited a higher award in this Country.

2ND - Ubora's The Warrior's Dance (Miss R Pease) – Black boy who is balanced & nice to go over. Presentation was good & he moved well in profile but not so good coming & going today.

2718. Poodle (Miniature) - Veteran Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1ST - Voodoolan Puts A Spell On You JW ShCM (Mrs M Smart) Lovely 9 year old Black girl in pet trim. Good head & eye. Lovely neck & shoulders & a cobby body. Went well for her handler but would insist on pacing in the Challenge for Best Veteran.

2ND - Ir Ch Bielcee Black Caviar (Mrs K J Walsh) – Black girl overall quite decent but not the head of winner. Moved a little wide in front today.

3RD - Hosha Skyz Da Limit at Ysabelkid (Mrs J Talbot) Black girl - again quite decent to go over & a little heavy in head. Moved OK but presentation not so good today.

2719. Poodle (Miniature) - Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST- Bitting Stella Mccartney at Sirensong (Imp Swe) (Miss Y C Dumont) My notes start “This puppy is rather nice” .. a well balanced Cream girl who is just right for her age. Pretty head & expression with nice eyes & ear set. Good neck & correct shoulder angles. Lovely cobby body & good angles to rear end. Performed really well for a baby & I hope she continues to mature nicely.

2ND - Karocolin Lady in Waiting (az3) (Mrs I Fleetcroft) – Red - well balanced & nothing much to dislike conformation wise. Unfortunately something was troubling her today & she was really upset & this unsettled her handler as well. Probably prefers to be outside.

2720. Poodle (Miniature) - Puppy Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST - Sumania Sapphire for Helvita (Mrs M David) .. My notes start “Very nice bitch” Black girl in good coat & well presented. Lovely feminine head with good eye shape. Correct angles front & rear & she moved well in all directions.

2ND - Deearellas Jazz Jubilee (Ms T Collins) another Black but not the presence of winner. Nothing to really dislike but could do with more ringcraft practice.

3RD - Sumania Opal (Mrs S M Clarke) … the comments for 2nd above also apply to this girl.

2721. Poodle (Miniature) - Junior Bitch

Entries: 15 Absentees: 3 .. overall a good class

1ST 15712 - Eikenberry Eye Catcher (Mr J Osborn) Well this was difficult. Three lovely bitches all typical of the Breed Standard & all well presented .. really splitting hairs here. Lovely head & eye. Correct neck leading to good shoulders & a cobby body. Good tail set & carriage & well presented. The more she moved the better she got. Should go on to bigger things.

2ND 15706 - Minamia Wish Upon A Star (Miss K Mcgreevy) .. Very pretty & correct but a little reserved on the move today.

3RD 15721 - Kimedee Hot Love (Mrs K Reeve-Kettle) .. again excellent Breed type but handler moved her a little too fast today which more noticeable in profile. All three worthy of “bigger things”.

RES 15689 - Holsyi Got Envy (Miss L H Hyslop)

VHC 15664 - Michandy Love of The Game (Miss K Collier)

2722. Poodle (Miniature) - Yearling Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 2 … another good class ..

1ST 15744 - Volgarus Candid Clara (Mrs J Wells) Beautiful young Cream girl with the most lovely head. She has perfect almond eyes & gorgeous expression enhanced by correct ear set & a good chin. Lovely neck leading to good shoulder angles & a cobby body with correct slight hollow So well balanced. Rear angles matched the front & she moved round the ring with reach & drive. Could criticise one point but her virtues outweigh this. Her dense thick coat was presented beautifully & her clever handler certainly got the best out of her today. Really liked her. Well deserved RBCC & should make up..

2ND 15733 - Donaska Pussy Galore (Mrs A Thirlaway) .. lovely Brown girl .. slightly more petite .. but not dainty. Totally balanced, well made & correct. Lovely head & expression, with good ears & chin. Super body shape & angles Her coat is a lovely texture & is well presented. She performed well today (perhaps not the charisma of winner) & well deserved this placing. Lovely to see a good Brown girl in the ring (sorry !!) Has every chance of making up.

3RD 15669 - Chesterhill Glamazon (Mr M R Davidson) well presented black girl with nothing to dislike .. a little reserved perhaps but has not been out much I understand. Everything in the right place & I could say unlucky to meet ! & 2 today. More outings & she will get there I feel.

RES 15720 - Donavika Poison Ivy with Joleena (Miss N Priestley)

VHC 15738 - Somanic Limited Edition for Bielcee (Mrs K J Walsh)

2723. Poodle (Miniature) - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST 15648 - Donavika Dear Darlin (Mrs W Batey) this Black girl is very nice. Lovely balance & proportions. She has a good head with well set ears & good chin. In good coat which was well presented & she showed herself to advantage. A quality girl indeed.

2ND 15709 - Coolaulin Guilty Pleasures (Mrs D Moore) .. this Black was a bit bigger than winner but still under the measure. Well put together & moved & showed well.

3RD 15735 - Brightest Hoku (Miss J & Mr R Tofts & Simpson) … I felt this this Brown girl was slightly long cast but other than that not much to dislike. She moved & showed well & deserved her place here today.

RES 15730 - Bonita Renaissance Glorious Bloom of Albaruska (Imp Ukr) (Dr O Smith)

VHC 15658 - Ysabelkid Surprise Gift (Mrs J Talbot)

2724. Poodle (Miniature) - Limit Bitch

Entries: 11 Absentees: 2 .. a pleasing class of Miniature girls

1ST 15683 - Minarets All Fired Up with Bondor (Messrs A S & E Smith & Wisniewski) Well this Black certainly has the WOW factor. Lovely head & expression, needless to say ears are well set & of good length, correct eye shape & has a chin. Lovely neck on good shoulders with correct return of upper arm bringing elbow under withers. Lovely topline with slight hollow & a fabulous rib cage with well set tail. Balanced in height to length & stands on lovely feet. Her total quality far outweighs her one “if”. She was shown in fabulous coat was presented to perfection. She came alive on the move & is a credit to her breeder/handler. So glad she came today & well done to her owners. .BCC .. loved her.

2ND 15700 - Calmaric in for A Penny (Miss C A Lister) another quality Black girl .. has all it takes to do well. Nice make & shape & totally balanced. Well presented. Doesn’t do herself any favours & my notes say “just fluffed it on the move”.

3RD 15653 - Sculbrook Queen of The Night (Miss F A Brook) another quality bitch of good honest type & although she moved well her outline was just lacking in the final nod. Close to 2nd though.

RES 15707 - Tinkersdale Destiny Sent to Minamia (Miss K Mcgreevy)

VHC 15751 - Lotsmoor Sunshine JW (Mr P A Young)

2725. Poodle (Miniature) - Open Bitch

Entries: 11 Absentees: 1

1ST 15748 - Ch Surprise Surprise Starianna (Miss S White) .. did like this Black girl. Out of a smaller mould but so well put together. Text book construction of body & limbs. Add to this a lovely head, a good coat & correct action on the move. Nothing to dislike at all & should produce soime lovely puppies. Pleased she came today.

2ND 15703 - Ch Arrowflight La Belle Du Ball (Mrs H Lunnun-Turner) A black girl full of quality & loads to like. Have seen her move better than she did today

3RD 15726 - Ch Meadowfair's Law An Order (Miss D Sims) .. a Brown girl of lovely type again. Everything correct, good angles & balance, cobby body & correct tail set. Moved well in all directions. Pleased to have the opportunity to judge these three - with bitches like these there is hope I feel.

RES 15678 - Ch Darmistic Absolut Glitter (Miss S & Mr H Hall & Spoors)

VHC 15692 - Sleepybrook Go Ur Own Way (O Keenan)

2726. Poodle (Miniature) - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST 15701 - Calmaric One for The Money JW (Miss C A Lister) a Black girl - perhaps slightly long in back but an honest bitch of good type. Moved soundly but need more enthusiasm.

2ND 15732 - River Starlight at Tatalena (Mrs L A and Miss L Tate) a very pretty Red girl. So well balanced but rather small. Lovely to look at & go over. She was well presented & did everything to please her talented handler.

3RD 15655 - Jozari Initium Novum Jun Ch (Ms Brown) a Black girl of reasonable type – not concentrating today.

RES 15657 - Hosha Skyz Da Limit at Ysabelkid (Mrs J Talbot)

VHC 15685 - Tarquas Box of Tricks (Mrs L Hosking)

Ron McAuley (Judge)